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I am looking for a freelancer to help me with my project. The skill required is Programming. I am happy to pay a fixed priced and my budget is $250 USD.

A detail Description Follows:

About Us:

AVA , a family-owned business, is the leading distributor of shipping, industrial and packaging materials to businesses throughout North America. We utilize Sales Representatives to showcase our products and services. Customers depend on AVA to build their business — we don't let them down. Each Sales Representative is given a multitude of computer equipment to provide services to our customers.

Our Problem:

Many of our Sales Representatives abuse their computer privileges and spend considerable time on web sites that are not a part of their job duties.

To trap these abusers and penalize them for their action, we devised a system (AVA 201) whereby sales representatives will pay a penalty each time they violate computer privileges.

What we need:

We need a process (a module or script; name is AVA 201) that will lock the sales representative keyboard, display the message in step #2 informing them of the violation, then allow them to pay a $20 fee to release the keyboard and mouse and continue their usual work.

How AVA 201 Module or Script will work:

1. when AVA 201 is clicked, lock the sales Rept keyboard and mouse

2. Display this message on their computer:

“You have violated the AVA Internet Access Rule and must pay

a $20 penalty to free up your keyboard and mouse”

3. Fill their screen with the color yellow but allow the message in step 2 to

still be visible to them.

4. Give them a small popup payment panel to enter their credit card or

bank account information and pay the penalty. Once the payment has cleared,

clear the screen, release the keyboard and show the message below:

“You have paid the required

AVA Internet Access violation fee;

however each occurrence is noted;

the 3rd occurrence is posted in your

personnel file and may lead to

termination of employment at AVA ”.

5. On the payment panel, position the mouse pointer to the first

enterable field. Only allow the mouse to go to the fields they

are to enter when keyboard is locked.

6. Capture and store all the entered information into an Xcel sheet

to use for management reporting. We need to know all the

entered fields to determine when sales repts are using their

company credit cards to pay the fee. The data fields you

need to capture for management reports include:

Fname, Lname, Address, Zip code, card number, card exp date,

card security code, Account #, route code, occurrence date

(mmddyy), occurrence time (hhmmss) and amount paid.

7. When the payment does not clear, still capture the keyed

fields into the Excel sheet and indicate that the payment

did not clear

Additional Requirements:

The module/process must do the following:

1. Run from a domain name like AVA 201.com.

When AVA 201 is clicked the process will execute and

freeze the keyboard and mouse and paint the screen.

2. The AVA 201 Code must work on all platforms. Our sales

repts use windows, Apple and OS type laptops.

3. If agent payment is declined, keyboard and mouse remain

locked until penalty is paid; even if they reboot

4. The Credit card service provider will be provided to you in

the next few days.

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