Telegram API is a powerful platform that allows businesses and developers to create bots and implement features that increase the power and capabilities of their Telegram platform. A Telegram API Professional is a developer who has mastered the craft of developing and creating useful bots that can help businesses better engage their users and gather useful data.

Telegram API Professionals have expertise in building scalable, reliable, custom made bots that are designed and coded with the specific needs of their clients in mind. They have a deep understanding of the way in which data flows within a system so they can generate meaningful insights and reactive custom-made bots that can respond to user actions accordingly. They also have the experience to securely store data so customers will feel profoundly safe when using the service provided by their bot or platform.

Here's some projects that our expert Telegram API Professional made real:

  • Creating alert systems for virtual card platforms
  • Developing cryptocurrency trading systems integrated with Telegram
  • Connecting databases to Telegram and creating automated bots
  • Scraping betting odds and generating Telegram bots for streaming data
  • Coding programs for adding selected users to groups
  • Designing incentive campaigns for boosting group channels
  • Writing Python scripts for automating requests from Binance API to Google services
  • Setting up PHP code for parsing group messages and creating page posts

At, our Telegram API Professionals specialize in building custom made bots that add value to your business according to your unique needs. From alert systems, cryptocurrency trading tools, database automation, scraping odds, setting up incentives campaigns, or automating rquestss between external APIs -- our competitive advantage lies in using the best technology to suit your business needs securely while meeting your time and budget requirements. So if you're looking to unlock the power of Telegram API, post your project now on or contact one of our dedicated professionals today.

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    I'm in need of a solution that can give me access to private Telegram channels without the need for an invitation. My primary purpose for this access is to carry out competitive analysis, with the ultimate goal of identifying new market trends. Key requirements: - The ability to track and monitor messages within these private channels is crucial. Ideal skills and experience for this job: - Deep knowledge of the Telegram API and its security measures. - Experience in developing solutions that bypass channel restrictions. - An understanding of competitive analysis and the ability to translate raw data into actionable insights. Your solution should be able to provide me with the necessary data to gain a competitive edge and spot emerging market trends.

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    I am looking for a skilled developer to create a Telegram chatbot that can extract text from PDF, PPTX, and Text files and generate Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) from the extracted content using AI. The generated MCQs should be automatically submitted to a Google Form. Key requirements: - Extract text from PDF, PPTX, and Text files. - Utilize AI to generate Multiple Choice Questions. - Directly submit the generated MCQs into a Google Form make quiz with score. All is using automation platform Skills and experience needed: - Proficiency in Telegram bot development. - Strong background in AI and Natural Language Processing. - Experience with extracting text from various file formats. - Understanding of Google Form API for automation.

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    I'm looking for a skilled developer to create a Telegram chatbot for generating multiple-choice quizzes. The bot should take content from PDF, Text, and PPTX files and use AI to automatically generate questions. Ideal features for the chatbot: - Capable of accepting PDF, Text, and PPTX files as inputs - Generate multiple-choice quiz questions based on the content - Utilize AI for automated quiz generation - Integrate with Google Forms to present the quiz and record user scores Your task will be to set up the chatbot on the automation platform to ensure seamless operations. Skills and experience required: - Proficiency in Telegram chatbot development - Experience with AI-powered automation tools - Familiarity with Google Forms integration - Understanding of PDF, Text, and PPTX f...

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    I need a neural network that has the ability to write scripts for a movie or/and series, the final feature of the neural network, help in post-production. Also, a separate neural network should write lyrics, music bits with minuses, write voice and all this to edit into finished tracks. All this should be integrated into a Telegrem bot, with an intuitive interface for user convenience. . The main functionalities required are: - API Integration: Develop a robust API that allows the Telegram bot to efficiently interact with the neural network. - Data Science Integration: Prior experience in Data Science is essential, as the bot will need to collect and analyze user data. - Experience with Telegram: As the project involves integrating the neural network with a Telegram bot, experience with t...

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    I am looking for a talented freelancer to develop a specialized tool for me. This tool will help me play dice games on Telegram and provide an edge in the game. Key Features: - The tool should be designed to increase my edge when playing dice games. Required Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in programming and game development. - Experience in creating game cheats or boosters is a plus. - Knowledge of dice games, especially craps games, will be a big help. I am looking for a professional who can provide a quality product that will provide me with a competitive edge.

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    I'm in need of a full stack software developer proficient in React and NodeJS, to assist me in completing my already-started project. Already covered areas in the project include interface design and functionality implementation, the challenge now lies in making the deployment consistent, secure, and portable. Key tasks on the agenda include: - Establishing connections with Telegram and Whatsapp. - Utilizing modules for facilitating complete translation. - Implementing payment via Stripe. - Troubleshooting any bugs and working on no-yet-implemented aspects. To enhance the user experience further, the project also requires real-time notifications and performance optimization. Candidates with prior experience in these areas will be highly preferred. It's vital that anyone who...

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    We are in search of an adept developer to create a sophisticated Telegram bot focused on monitoring SPL20 tokens on the Solana blockchain. The successful candidate will have a proven track record in Telegram bot development and a deep understanding of Solana's ecosystem. Key Features Required: Real-Time Price Updates: The bot must seamlessly provide real-time updates on the prices of selected SPL20 tokens on Raydium. Price Alerts: Implement a robust alert system that triggers notifications based on percentage changes in token prices. Token Selection: Offer flexibility by enabling easy modifications to the token watch-list, allowing for monitoring of multiple SPL20 tokens and adjustments as required. Ideal Skills and Experience: Telegram Bot Development: Demonstrable...

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    Python Telegram Publishing Bot 2 jours left

    I want a professional to program an automatic posting bot on Telegram, so that I can post my messages to all groups on Telegram with the click of a button.

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    The bot should allow users to easily sign up by providing basic information such as theirage, and gender. Peer Matching: Based on user selection, the bot will intelligently match users into small peer support groups (up to 6 members per group). Goal Setting: Users can set personal goals or milestones they want to achieve and share them with their support group. Progress Tracking: The bot will provide a way for users to report their progress and update their status regularly. This could be in the form of simple text updates, photo sharing, or preset progress markers. Group Chat: Each support group will have a dedicated group chat where members can communicate, share their experiences, and encourage each other. The bot will moderate these chats to maintain a positive and supportive envir...

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    I am urgently looking for an experienced Telegram bot developer to create a bot. we need a telegram bot that will pull market data on all tokens from alcor exchange. We need this quite quickly and will need a setup config section for other users to set up in there channel -as the admin i can add any token to it i want from Alcor exchange -The option to add it channels but admin controls to activate it for said channel -channel users able to use commands and add the tokens they want to display -pull data on command - user would type token from alcor and will pull live data

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    I’m looking for a skilled developer to replicate a telegram API and make a custom GPT with the same features. An ideal candidate will have experience in chatbot development, user interface design, and API integrations. Key project requirements: - Replication of telegram bot features - Utilization of custom GPT for an enhanced chatbot functionality - Seamless API integration - A clean, simple user interface The primary objective of this project is to boost user interaction. Thus, it's essential for the final product to both visually appealing and highly interactive. A proven track record in building user-friendly platforms will be highly desirable. I can provide some base code for the GPT but not for the telegram bot - however in the discussions I can share more. this is not ...

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    I'm operating a business with an existing Telegram channel and I'm on the hunt for a Telegram specialist to help me take it to the next level. The key tasks will involve promoting, setting up, managing, boosting, and adding more users to my channel. Furthermore, insights into user interest and behaviour would also be greatly advantageous. Your role will specifically focus on: - Creating a bot to automate greeting new members. This personalized touch gives a sense of community and ensures no one falls through the cracks. - Configuring automated responses to certain triggers. Speedy replies to common inquiries is essential in maintaining a smooth user experience. Ideal candidates should have rich experience with Telegram bots, channels, and groups. A proven track reco...

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    Javascript Interface redesign Company configuration and onboarding system Authentication Open AI integration with WhatsApp and existing ticket system. Telegram, Facebook, Instagram integrations with ticket system and OpenAI agent. Quick responses integration with aforementioned social media and messaging platforms Contacts integration with aforementioned social media and messaging platforms Agents-related features. (Management of Agent accounts, rating) Internal Chat Analytics / Dashboard metrics Schedules PABX setup and integration Billing setup for application instance. Testing, fixes, fine tuning.

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    Hiring technical personnel can achieve complete development of the following code in practice. There may be something wrong with the code below, but there is project direction. pip install telethon Import TelegramClient from Import functions from # Create Telegram client with your API ID and API hash api_id = 'Your API_ID' api_hash = 'YOUR_API_HASH' Client = TelegramClient('session_name', api_id, api_hash) Asynchronous def send_dice(chat_id, dice_face): Asynchronously with client: result=awaitClient(( peer = chat id, Query id=0, id='robot command', silence=false, Scheduled Date = None, background=false, cleardraft=false, hide_via=true, selected=[dice_face] # 1-6 are ordinary dice )) print(result) # Fill in your account mobile phone number and passw...

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    Looking for an experienced Telegram bot coder to build a Telegram Bot for Android. Can customise open source script like or others. 1. To read messages from few public channels as per setting. 2. To identify messages meeting the criteria setting to be forwarded. 3. To copy and forward one field to the channel set. 4. Setting i. Add / Pause / Delete Receiving Channel Telegram ID ii. Add / Pause / Delete Forwarding Channel Telegram ID iii. Set the matching criteria and field to be forwarded. Preference for bidder who have built similar bot or experience in using ready open source.

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    I'm in need of an experienced Telegram bot developer to create a bot with specific functions for my Solana application. You have to provide some proofs in your previous work. Key Requirements: - The bot should have chatbot capabilities for enhanced user interaction. - The most vital feature would be its ability to send notification alerts. These alerts should specifically go to individual users. - Alerts should be triggered by events from my Solana app and must be reliably delivered on a timely basis. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in Telegram bot development. - Strong understanding of Solana blockchain technology. - Experience with chatbot capabilities. - Ability to implement reliable notification systems. Your ability to deliver these specific requirements w...

    €20 / hr (Avg Bid)
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