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    Il existe "ismdownloader AVC1" mais il ne fonctionne pas avec le lien que je veux donc je cherche quelqun a coder un autre program pour pouvoir télécharge des fichier vidéo ISM. Je précise que le fichier es n'est pas protégé par ADOBE DRM

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    €31 - €259
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    Write an Android application S'est terminé left

    The Android developer must be working in Montreal (absolute condition!) Mandat de 6 mois temps plein au centre-ville de Montréal pour un Développeur Android très senior., pige. C'est pour un client de l'audiovisuel/telecom. Nous devons soumettre un candidat pour ce Vendredi 17h. Voici le rôle et le profil recherché ci-dessous Si cela vous int&e...

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    PC Game Modification project S'est terminé left

    I created a game modification for a favorite game of mine (Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3) called Elite Counter Terror ([se connecter pour voir l'URL]). I would like assistance in completing several goals I had with the project. I am currently very busy with my work but am willing to pay for those who can help with certain tasks. I have no intention of selling this product, this is simply a ...

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    Software Packer/Encryption Program S'est terminé left

    Are you an engineer with experience using software packers? Have you ever written an encryption program? We need you! I am looking for Software Engineering Contractors with experience using software packers or other obfuscation tools for the creation of our DRM wrapper, and a simple encryption program. The wrapper and executable must meet the following specifications: The wrapper… 1.) Mu...

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    Project for AndreasZwiebel S'est terminé left

    Hi andreaszwiebel, I have an executable for an older game where I need the DRM removed. It has a custom cd check and securom. I'm new to this whole thing and I don't speak programming language, so please have patience with me. Thanks.

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    download DRM video encrypted S'est terminé left

    Hello, please i need download encrypted Video DRM , i think need someone have good experience for python for help me Thanks

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    I am aiming to host VR games and videos on my site, and make them downloadable for customers. I will be either (1) hosting games and videos on my site, or (2) more simply making them available through a dedicated VR hoster like Steam. My videos and games are VR high res up to 4k but not of long duration (less than 5 minutes each) (1) If the videos are hosted on my site I believe I need conversion ...

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    ADULT CONTENT. *** SERIOUS BIDDERS ONLY WITH EXPERIENCE IN MEANSTACK *** Job Requirement: We have a website which will be offering hundreds of videos, uploaded by performers, content makers etc. This will be a subscription based website where a person pays to view the performers page which will have videos, pictures and pay-per-view videos, along with cam streaming. You will be required to ...

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    I got a javascript ejs project that works on postgre and npm framework. The script downloads data from a database (database 1) through an API. It clone the data to a database 2, and when it receive a remote call, it check if the user is present in the database 2. The database 2 is postgresql, and I need to make it be mysql. Plus, the ejs will have to be removed. We don't have a high budg...

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    PlugIn for WordPress S'est terminé left

    Here under there is only an extract. You have to follow all info and instructions that you find in PDF file in attached. DRM Video Plugin for WordPress. Development points To develop a plug-ins for streaming videos, audios, ebooks after making the payment through WooCommerce exploiting the potentiality of AWS Amazon. Insiede the plugin must be present a IAM Policy Check in order to check that al...

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    We want to integration of Video player to about website and mobile application. We sell our courses so we need security of our video content so need DRM ENCRYPTION for videos. my mobile number 8619330133

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    Would like to integrate DRM for the streaming service. DRM , CDN , Player are in place

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    Develop android TV box app Video format will be multicast adaptive bitrate so need player The player must have integration to Wide-vine DRM

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    DRM removal software for videos S'est terminé left

    Software for Windows 10 for convert videos from [se connecter pour voir l'URL] drm with standard mp4 264 encode. Not a screen capture, or streaming capture, but a tool to convert their video format to a standard one, so that will remove the DRM and the video could be played with any video player that supports 264 codecs mp4, without quality lose.

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    Need to setup a server with widevine DRM video stream. I will upload videos and would like them embed them on my website and videos to be protected from download using any software . I can provide server for setting up video streaming. People having any prior experience only need to bid.

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    *** SERIOUS BIDDERS ONLY WITH EXPERIENCE IN MEANSTACK & LAVERAL PROGRAMMING *** Job Requirement: We have a website which will be offering hundreds of videos, uploaded by performers, content makers etc. This will be a subscription based website where a person pays to view the performers page which will have videos, pictures and pay-per-view videos, along with cam streaming. You will be requ...

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    Deliver a complete, easy to customize Powerpoint slide deck of 10 slides based on images included here. I plan on building my own deck that I will use in a video course that uses these slides primarily as the template. I will be typing my own text in, changing bullet points, resizing boxes, etc so I want the slides to be made with power point primitives in a best practices manner. That is, I sho...

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    If you don’t know what is DRM OR Widevine or live stream app or Chrome cast, do not bother to bid and DO NOT WASTE TIME. Chrome cast with Widevine DRM sample receiver app. There are sample apps out there on google, you can use google Widevine DRM, I can also help you work along with you, but if you are already experienced that will be great. It should be live streaming app.

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    Music Player w. DRM S'est terminé left

    I need to build an Android application which is a music player that can play encrypted audio (WAV) files. Ideally start with an open source player like Shuttle or RetroMusicPlayer and add decryption of the audio. Here are some additional details on it: 1. It needs to be able to run in disconnected mode as it will not have access to Google Play store or other API services, as it will be used in Ch...

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    Project for Matthew C. S'est terminé left

    Hi Matthew, I look at your recent portfolio and see that you've past experience in decrypting widevine DRM streams and pipe it to FFMPEG. What price are we looking at to develop similar software? Or maybe use your previous work? Talk to you soon, Dito

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    Drm streams restreaming with ffmpeg S'est terminé left

    I want to extracts some app and use the api to regenerate the live streams. drm key extract , re stream Widewine encryption and verimatrix encryption

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    I want to extracts some app and use the api to regenerate the live streams. drm key extract , re stream Widewine encryption and verimatrix encryption

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    Project for Hamid A. S'est terminé left

    Hello, I'm currently looking at your profile, and it looks like you have past experience in media streaming. Is it possible to create modified FFMPEG that takes input from a widevine DRM stream (live video) and remux & transcode to normal HLS/UDP? Thank you!

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    I need to play a DRM (ios) video on a webapp page that uses the Ionic framework. This video should be above a ticket screen at the bottom of the page. The video will contain the phrase "valid ticket" and should play for 20 seconds. When a user tries to take a screenshot, the video containing the phrase will turn black as it does in the Netflix app. It is important that this process be co...

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    Write a bid proposal S'est terminé left

    We seek a skilled professional to assist our team to write a proposal in response to a RFP issued by an international development agency. Your work includes: 1) Write comments showing understanding of ToRs 2) Write a technical an methodological approach to carry out the assignment 3) Write project timeline. Project title: Development and Piloting of a Participatory Local Development Mechanism for...

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    looking for some expert python developer with re streaming experience. we wanted to extracts some app and use the api to regenerate the live streams. akamai token mechanism drm key extract , re stream Widewine encryption please bit only if you have above experience and looking for long term and we will increase the payments depends on the expertise on this matter and availability.

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    I need help setting up an LVDS panel correctly with mainline kernel and mainline uboot. At this point the panel works in uboot and is handed ober to the kernel via simplefb. SO i get an image already. However it lacks double buffering and vsync so i need the panel supported in kernel via drm mode and not simplefb. Should me a minor change in the device tree.

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    JS 2 PDF... S'est terminé left

    Want JS code to be used to Adobe PDF for DRM...

    €157 (Avg Bid)
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    hello there, my friend that used to make scripts for me has stopped doing them for now. im after a individual that will be able to make similar scripts to access drm protected media such as Direct Tv, Virgin go, and more. maybe a php that will read the input and allow it to work regardless of the keys. these will be a per basis needed script and would want to build a good friendship with the i...

    €646 (Avg Bid)
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    Drm encoding Of video S'est terminé left

    I need to convert movies to drm

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    I need someone to make protection for my java file in the form of a hwid check and classloading.

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    I need someone to make protection for my java file in the form of a hwid check and classloading.

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    The this project is to setup an online store where the general public can download to own or even potentially download for rent a film. Also, all actions on the site/store have to appear as taking place within the store - so no re-directs to other sites. One issue that I’m looking into is Digital Rights Management (DRM) to ensure that the content is protected from piracy and if necessary ...

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    Script download video from hotstar S'est terminé left

    Hi. I need someone make script(any language: php, python...) download from video [se connecter pour voir l'URL] You need use Indian IP to watch this video They use drm, fairplay... encryption I need full source.

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    I.mx6 Hummingboard2 Wake up S'est terminé left

    We require to use Debian Jessie on a Solid Run Hummingboard2 Gate, the device uses an IMX6 SOM, we can not get the image provided by solid run, debian Jessie - Mate, to allow the device to enter a suspend mode and resume from awake. Currently Sketch and buster work with this function - but the graphics module doesnt work. for example, we need to be able to rotate the screen to the right, and all ...

    €383 (Avg Bid)
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    The client has a pseudo software that a colleague wrote that seems to work/open the system (Arcturus PixCell II Laser Capture Microdissection Microscope System), but the software is requesting CRYPTO-BOX version with a 25pin LPT (Parallel Port) connector. The connector comes with LCM system and  should be inserted into the computer, and REQUIRED to confirm the authenticity of the system. We n...

    €522 (Avg Bid)
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    Downloading movies and music over the internet in some part of Africa is very difficult due to data costs and internet unreliability. As such movie producers loose alot of revenue as they're unable to reach their target users online. This is why we want to develop a platform whereby they'll be a network of agents that have encrypted movies in their smartphones and can be able to share th...

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    We need someone to build us a unity supported video player with dash/hls and DRM support.

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    Im looking someone good on can create scripts on DRM, HLS or convert DASH to HLS scripts and OSCAM Pairing for IPTV, contact me i will paid with good money

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    Hello, I need to be able to ingest DASH-based live streams that have Widevine DRM (I have URLs for both the stream and the Widevine server), using FFMPEG (or some other tool if more appropriate). Preferably on Linux

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    HTML5 Smart TV Channel S'est terminé left

    We're looking to build a simple HTML5 app which will function as a TV channel compatible with the VIZIO platform. • Channel will have a "live" stream section (not actually live, just a collection of VOD content provided in an M3U8 feed), as well as VOD clips, in various categories, delivered via URLs from an existing CDN which provides multi-bitrate streaming. • Channel wi...

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    Please create a page on my website with the url dicker-reading-method-difference Please use the WPBAKERY page builder to buildout the page Following the layout of other images, secure a pleasant image of children reading with a tutor for the following the layout and design of the banners on similar pages (example page: [se connecter pour voir l'URL]) 1) Using the Document called Introduct...

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    MineSense Server S'est terminé left

    Our business requires a TCP server to communicate with our products for DRM, Authentication, and other related services. We have over 275+ users and want to distribute our software safely and transfer over essential software files that we want to keep safe from reverse engineering. Our server requires a database to store user information that is used to verify and authenticate users. We require de...

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    IPTV PHP DRM S'est terminé left

    looking for a experiences PHP developer with knowledge of IPTV and DRM encryption

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    We make a game console called RetroStone based on allwinner SoC running mainline linux. For this project good knowledge of KMS/DRM system and linux kernel are required. The job to be done : 1 - HDMI audio driver for A20 SoC. Currently not supported (see [se connecter pour voir l'URL] ) 2 - HDMI/LCD on-the-fly switch. The system use several software components : - EmulationStation (ES) (in...

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    We are looking for a team of UX designers to create a B2B marketplace platform supporting end-to-end workflows ranging from service discovery, service publishing, store operations, service orchestration, monetization, account management and billing transactions. The vertical where this B2B platform marketplace will operate will cover the gamut of Digital experiences. Sound understanding of API ba...

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    We are starting up a VoD, and we will like to have a Netflix-like application for Windows. The videos will be downloadable and playback offline without internet connectivity. Note: The videos are DRM protected.

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    Implementación de DRM Widevine sobre linux Kernel Version (SMP) armv7l, procesador ARMv7 Processor rev 0 (v7l) - Cortex-A9, 256 mb ram, posee un firmware basado en Tomato con webserver lighttpd (posee y soportar https con certificado ssl). Actualmente el servidor posee php y mysql. El objetivo general del servicio es reproducir videos sobre el navegador web lighttpd con DRM...

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    Hi. I want the programmer to configure FFMPEG to support Widevine (modified ffmpeg) decryption. I have 1. MPD file by URL (Video URL) - Stream type DASH 2. Widevine License URL - https: // drm .... /widevine/cenc/..../getlicense This bunch can be opened using an online player and view the entire mpd file - [se connecter pour voir l'URL] You need to configure ffmpeg (modified ffmpeg) to ...

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    Senior Cyber Security Manager S'est terminé left

    Job Title: Manager/Sr. Manager - Information Security Job Description: • Security devices review and assessments (e.g SIEM, MDM, DRM, Antivirus, Web Proxy, Firewall, VPN, VA Scanner, DLP, Mail Gateway, Gemalto two factor etc) • SOC Operations management • Project management of key Infosec projects, supplier governance, risk assessment and audit support • Conducting a continuous...

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