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    We need a on premise email bot for Windows. The bot should send emails to all the persons that placed adds on the website. We need to be able to upload a excel file with ID numbers of the adds into the bot (We exported the ID numbers from the website), The bot should take the first number from the excel-sheet, go to the webpage and insert the number

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    Simple windows form application . Purpose of this application is for automation(whenever the text file exist) to fill the form in another win application. Form contains text boxes and combo box in which value should be edited or fill with the values given in .txt format. Detailed project information will be provided to the awarded freelancer. Miles...

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    I have a service company wanting to take job tracking out of google calendar and into a framework with two views: 1: Windows desktop app or web app for the office desktop where admin staff can add new clients, create a job list for the day 2: An android app where service technicians can see their jobs for the day and post the completed job sheet and

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    ## Deliverables Given a phrase list in a text file, find several valid "crossword formations" inside of a specified grid size (2x2, for example), based on the given data, in a reasonably fast manner. It must work in any Latin language (ANSI). Input is a txt file, in this format: … 2;Shower type;BRiDAL;4306 2;Brunch items;EGGS;129 2;Brunch items;OMELETS;86

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    Send 2 Key codes(SendKeys To Apps) to an windows application and fill the open form .Read the text file and fill the form. Almost all the required information are available in detail for the programmer to start from [login to view URL] lets discuss one to one.

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    Send 2 Key codes(SendKeys To Apps) to an windows application and fill the open form .Read the text file and fill the form. Almost all the required information are available in detail for the programmer to start from [login to view URL] lets discuss one to one.

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    ...of what I want to build. It is a website to show citizens different laws that apply in different areas. I will provide a .kml file (made in Google Maps) with the polygons and the text that is going to show in the info windows (see example). The website will have three different pages (see layout in attached files): 1. "MAP": The map that will ask

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows . Specification InstructionSet is a firm that specialises in the development of software to manage and publish instruction guides (e.g… user guides, manuals and guidelines) for mostly consumer orientated products. Part of their new software system that

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    1 offres myself, very easy job simple Visual basic windows form application reading and writing csv format file about storing items and sending report to other ERP in data text file with CSV format. I have a small storage with some items very standard master data in csv ( , separator) structure but I call file extension .amd (a master data) included;

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    8 offres data from text files into different forms, and select a random theme for the blog. I think python or c++ will do this, but I am not a programmer and I don’t code. Whatever type of program you create, I will need to run it on windows 10 and it should be easy to use without programming knowledge on my part. I will select a csv file with the program

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    ...Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Deep Learning techniques along with mathematical algorithms to optimize the detection of these on an image. The identified objects and OCR text will be segmented using outline boxes and is called the Object/OCR Layout Analysis Template (OCRLAT). The OCRLAT creates an image with overlay outline boxes that can be edited

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    26 offres project sites. It would consist of a form that would be completed and then automatically uploaded in PDF and / or Excel format to our internal server. FORM: The form would include a variety of input field types, including text fields, drop-down lists, and tables. Please see the attached file for a sample of the document that we are currently

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    PyQt4 or PyQt5 application on standard PC (windows, linux, mac) for store informations into sqlite local database. Database will have two table: people and measured values for people. Application have to be localizable - text an UI stored in localized resource files. Application can print defined html with data from measurement table. First

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    ...have a small C# Windows Application that we would like to convert to Java. It doesn't have to look exactly the same, but it should look and work fairly similar and follow the same structure/architecture on the back end. The C# application essentially uses a file reader to access a text/csv file, iterates through every record in the file, map each column

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    I need a design responsive website following the design in the attached file. The final files should be .html and have a folder called"images" with all used images, and I need it to work immediately when copied on our own ftp. I will provide the image(same size as the blue area) and logo(same size as the logo area) and 2 instances for each of the animated

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    JavaFx application on standard PC (windows, linux, mac) for store informations into sqlite local database. Database will have two table: people and measured values for people. Application have to be localizable - text an UI stored in localized resource files. Application can print defined html with data from measurement table. First screen

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    Hi, I have a failed project attempted on another platform for a Windows Form Visual Basic application that interfaces with SQL Server Express 2008. The form design has been created and some very basic programming has been done but the project is unfinished. The project is originally created in VS Community 2017. The application must be able

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    ...drag a file into a list text box and will then create a hyperlink onto a table and store the file on a server HD. It has been working just fine until a recent either Windows update/Access update. It is not just localized on one computer but all computers that have been recently updated are having this issue. Since this VBA code does use a Windows DLL file

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    BE-CAREFUL!! PLEASE READ ALL DETAILS BEFORE YOU BID THIS PROJECT. - C# or VB.Net Windows Form Application. - Full Application ready for use with keygen / activation modules. - Capture photos / Record to database only over/less than the limit. - Can adjust the speed limit (More or less) in km/h - easy menu to adjust and draw calibration any environment

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    ...readable and not compiled, so that they can be easily changed in the future. 1) Modify existing set of scripts: 1.1) create a new account (includes the creation of a user's Windows user for FTP access and user for the IIS application ([login to view URL]); 1.2) creation of the user's root folder ([login to view URL])); 1.3) creation of a new pool ([login to view URL]);

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    ...flowchart. This part should also provide an indication of how the major parameters of these modules have been set. One good way to achieve this is by using screenshots of the windows/dialog boxes presenting the modules’ parameters Run Setup Parameters: Based on the requirements of each specific problem/exercise, you are expected to make decisions on

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    12 offres developed for Windows using C or C++. Implement a well-structured C program to enable a shop to maintain its small items inventory. The item information is kept in a text-file, [login to view URL], of the form: 1007 5 30 1004 4 10 1003 3 20 1002 2 10 1006 4 40 1005 5 50 1001 1 70 1008 6 20 1010 4 90 1009 3 10 where each line of the text-file contain...

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    ...Add extra field to the registration form (drop list) to get the user area where he lives. 4. Add a forget password option, to reset user password and send it to his registered e-mail. 5. Add feature to allow users to register and login using social media accounts (Facebook and Google). 6. Re-design two windows on the app and admin page on dashboard

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    Subject: This is Windows PC application. I need a WPF control inside WinForms form via ElementHost. We are migrating our application from WinForms to WPF, and this is just one of the displays, so I'll need to run it via Interop for a while until we convert all the app features to WPF. Input: There is a remote H.265 1080p+ video stream coming in

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    ...within my budget of 40$ and on time. Following are the tasks and for more details u can go through attached file: Create a Windows Application for the following tasks: Task 1: Create a Form that has five buttons with the following Text: [2*5=10 marks] a) “Create a new bank account” b) “View your account details” c) “Withdraw cash&...

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    ...Visual Basic (2010) application using Windows Application Forms. Zip file attached. If had to run the [login to view URL] in the AmazonSoap sub directory the program executes and works. Visual Basic Version would have: The C# program uses consoles for entering 1 or 2, this would be using radio buttons in a form to select the Item search or Item Lookup

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    Looking for someone to create a SharePoint Online web based form where any user (who has access) in any browser (Chrome, IE) can type a name of a folder and then it will upload the contents of that matching folder on a local network share (SMB) to a SharePoint Online list item as attachments. The files are uploaded to the SharePoint list as attachments

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    I need a Windows Form App written in C/C++ or C# preferably, and I need access the source files (to make future edits) using Visual Studio Express/Community that amounts to: - A single or multi window app that allows a user to input data into text boxes, and with a click of a button saves it to a local database and a text file in CSV format, while

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    ...main screen to use it will be the first screen in the .exe. Make one executable file that includes all directories in one file called ct.exe. The program must work in Windows 7-10 with no errors/issues as one standalone exe. Only use Anaconda (python) 64/bit and Sublime Text 3 or Atom so must also work with this. Make a simple program and GUI using Tkinter

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    5 offres a Windows form application that will allow new users to be added, existing users to login, for users to see a list of other users, and for the users to provide ratings (from 0 to 5) on other users. 4 Files are attached, one word document showcasing the specifications/requirements for this project and two example text files for the windows form

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    I Have a form with 6 text fields, one combo box and 1 field to upload a PDF file written in ColdFusion, need to migrate to .NET, the form send data to few email address. The server is Windows + IIS

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    I want a C# windows forms application used to draw rectangles on pictures. Requirements: [login to view URL] images from a directory and cycle through them left and right by using keypresses. [login to view URL] the current image in a picturebox. The dimensions of the picture box should match the image. The most frequent image value is 1280x720. [login to view URL] rectangles over

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    I would like a Windows based SHA-256 Rainbow Table Generator that can create tables with a max length of 64 characters. I would like this to use a hex character set (abcdef1234567890) and also allow custom characters to be input(maybe from a config file or text box). If possible I would also like this software to search the tables for the target hash

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    hello I have file with exe extension this application written with Delphi 6 or 7 compiler when I run this file for first use in computer displayed form with Three text input and tow clicked button first Input Text needs from me to input Organization Name and second Input Text is disabled and can not input any text but with big number value inside

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    ...Open excel file with history of all lottery results. Search the combination of the 3 or 4 or 5 or X numbers that appears mostly in the file. Choose a sum and get all the X number combination that appears in file. For example look for the 3 numbers that are most popular in table. FORM : Small windows for choosing the excel file. Choose the

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    Windows Desktop Application under Microsoft C# WinForms platform. It'll perform VOIP calls on SIP Protocol and should be able to transcribe audio on the go (by stream audio upload to Google Cloud Speech API). Requested Features . Windows 7 (or greater) desktop application . Basic SIP operations . Register on a SIP Server . Make an outbound

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    ...adding features to Windows WPF/MVVM desktop app The application is a working dynamic forms application to winch new features are to be added. This is a dynamic forms application that displays forms for user to fill and then save data for future viewing or updating. The forms are defined as a sequence of components (like text box, check box, etc)

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    ...our scripts to open windows and go to pages, but many controls are not completed in PHPUnit. We would like, instead, to use the Facebook driver. We also can get it to do basic things, but somethings don't seem to work correctly. We're looking for a basic example in PHP using the Facebook driver that manipulates the attached form and does the following

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    ...aim on one thing ! Extract one information form a free program , which is Opera Browser , i am a security engineer and my team and i , have some suspicions about how Opera browsers . which is the vpn function may collect some private information from the user PC. Now we need to dig inside the binary file [login to view URL] in order to get one info. which is

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    ...each question vary and these are provided at the end of each section. The assignment is to be uploaded to Turnitin as a single Word or PDF file. Assignments submitted in non-printable formats such as a ZIP file or as a collection of images will not be marked. If your scanner produces separate graphics files please paste them into a Word document before

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    I have a Windows 10 program that I need to be developed for macOS from version 10.6 onwards. This program randomly displays some characters in the screen by performing the following tasks: 1) The program has a dialog-box interface to request the user input. This dialog-box has to be modeless and minimizable in the application’s status bar. 2) The

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    ...*Automated re-betting for in play if the stakes were not matched in pre event mode. *Logging all the activity in convenient text files. *Automated unmatched bet cancellation on exit. *Test Mode which records the scenario into a .csv file. (for testing new betting systems) *ability to place single bets or reverse trades with only single mouse click *price

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    ...messages can be sent every day or every hour. 3. I need to be able to choose between: text, image, audio or video messages. 4. The list of contacts should be read from a plain text file. 5. Must be able to use several senders (channels) also loaded from a text file. 6. Must be able to program sendings at a determined hour 7. Reports need to show how

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    ...structure. I would like this software to be developed for Windows using C++. Attached is a pdf that goes in-depth for what I am looking for. A text file is also provided which will be read into the project (input file). # Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program. In executable form, with the source code completed and commented. Compe...

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    ...format is realized in the text form, that is why many web-technologies can be used for having access to API, such as CGI, PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, JSP, etc. Our examples were designed with PHP technology. This technology was chosen because web-applications written in this language can work both on *nix platforms and on Microsoft Windows. This language is now

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    AHT Ended

    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows using C or C++. Aventis Hub responsive web portal system. The Aventis Hub will be used for user management and showing financial data statistics for users by role. This project will be developed in segments and after each segment is done, the user will

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    We have a C++ / MFC Windows application that stores data in a Microsoft Access format data file. we need a C++ function to help with searching for text in the database. The search conventions below are very similar to the Google Adwords search rules so you can consult them if confused. The function should take a LPCTSTR the user has entered

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    ...freelancer modify an existing C# WPF application which transfers text messages and files between windows computers on an ‘Ethernet’ network. The modifications must be made using VS2015 and the working WPF prototype (‘Current App’). The source code of the current app is attached as a 'Zip' file and this specification is attached in '...

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    ... 2. Create a simple form app using Java to execute the modified script and display results in a table. Results of the script should be stored in a file saved on a local disk. Table should have 7-10 columns. Table fields should be highlighted and color coded to present information in a meaningful way to a user. The form should have basic features

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    Subliminal Software I'm looking for a coder for updating my software SubliDesk. Redesign the GUI and make it work on all systems including Windows 10 and Mac. The software is coded with Windows Visual Studio. You must exactly know what SubliDesk is for, what it does and why it is so good. You have to know Wordpress and Visual Studio! What is

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