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    Virtualization of a MacOS on my Windows computer in order to be able to test an application in Xcode development from my windows. Virtualisation d'un MacOS sur mon ordinateur Windows afin de pouvoir tester une application en développement Xcode depuis mon windows.

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    I need a professional who can set up a Proxmox server on Hetzner, running on Ubuntu. Key tasks: - Install Proxmox VE 6.3 onto Ubuntu - Enable Virtualization Management - Configure and ensure the server is running optimally Ideal skills and experience: - Proven experience setting up Proxmox servers, particularly with Ubuntu as the operating system - Good understanding of Virtualization Management - Familiarity with Hetzner servers would be advantageous. I look forward to seeing your bids and working with a skilled professional in this field. Please include any relevant past experiences in your proposal.

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    ...and reliable solution to regularly backup less than 10 virtual machines (VMs) hosted on my ESXi and Proxmox servers. The backup destination will be an external Buffalo storage device. Although I skipped the question about specific security protocols, a knowledge and understanding of common security protocols is essential. Key Skills sought: - Comprehensive understanding of ESXi and Proxmox virtualization platforms - Experience with VM backup processes - Ability to set up automatic, regular backups - Familiarity with data security and protocols - Knowledge of Buffalo external storage devices. While no specific security protocols have been identified for implementation at this time, the chosen freelancer must be adaptable and able to align with potential security requirements in...

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    ...collaboration and code management. ### Collaboration and Communication: 1. **Project Management:** - **Azure DevOps:** For project planning, tracking, and collaboration. 2. **Communication:** - **Microsoft Teams:** For real-time communication within the development team. ### Development Environment: 1. **IDE:** - **Visual Studio Code:** A comprehensive IDE for .NET development. 2. **Virtualization:** - **Docker:** Containerization for easy deployment and scalability. ### Quality Assurance: 1. **Testing Framework:** - **NUnit and Blazor Test Frameworks:** For unit testing in Blazor. 2. **Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD):** - **Azure DevOps or Jenkins:** Automate the testing and deployment processes. ### Security: 1. **SSL Certificat...

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    Using the azure rest api, assign a user in another tenant (Tenant B) the role Desktop Virtualization User, using an already created User Managed Identity within a managed application managed resource group in Tenant B Crucial Points: - I have access to the Azure portal for Tenant B - There is no specified documentation to be strictly abided by, thus freelancer must be highly experienced and flexible in the use of API documentation - The User Managed Identity has already been set up Ideal skills and experience: - Excellent understanding and experience with Azure and REST API - Experience in roles and permissions assignment over Azure REST API - Keen attention to detail and a strong ability to troubleshoot any potential issues Looking forward to your expert assistance on this proje...

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    Trophy icon VirtuNet Systems Logo Contest 19 heures left

    I'm seeking the perfect logo for my company, VirtuNet Systems. VirtuNet Systems is a leader in virtualization technology. We provide scalable and efficient virtualization solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our products enable organizations to streamline their IT infrastructure, reduce hardware costs, and increase agility. With VirtuNet, our consumers can embrace the power of virtualization to optimize their operations and enhance productivity. Color and Style: - I am receptive to all color schemes. - The style must be well-crafted; feel free to demonstrate your creativity and play with styles as long as they adequately represent my company. Timeline: - This is an ongoing contest with 7 days to give creative minds proper time to brainstorm and bring l...

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    Secure Cloud Virtualization Setup S'est terminé left

    I am seeking an experienced freelancer to configure PfSense with Open Nebula for a cloud computing project. The goal is to enhance network security while ensuring efficient virtualization across multiple servers. This setup is crucial for the seamless operation and security of our cloud computing environment. **Requirements:** - **Configuration of PfSense:** Implement it alongside Open Nebula to create a robust cloud computing platform. Experience with PfSense is a must. - **Network Security Features:** - **Firewall Rules:** Set up comprehensive firewall rules to protect against unauthorized access and threats. - **VPN Setup:** Establish secure VPN connections for remote access, ensuring that our cloud environment is accessible yet secure. - **Intrusion Detection Syst...

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    Setup Java11-Tomcat9 on Oracle VM S'est terminé left

    ...Connectivity:** The VM must be configured to connect seamlessly to a database on the host machine which operates on Windows. Knowledge in networking and database connectivity is essential. - **Security:** Setting up the VM with best security practices in mind. Ensure that the connection to the database is secure. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in Oracle VM VirtualBox and virtualization - Strong background in Java, specifically with setting up and managing Java 11 applications - Experience with Tomcat Server 9 setup and configuration - Expertise in Windows operating systems and cross-platform networking - Knowledge of secure database connectivity practices This project requires attention to detail and a high level of expertise in both Java application deploymen...

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    Efficient Server 2019 & VM Setup S'est terminé left

    ...**Setting Up a Windows-based VM:** Efficient creation and configuration of a virtual machine running on Windows within the Server 2019 environment. - **Snapshot Management:** Implementing a robust snapshot strategy for the VM, considering its importance for data integrity and recovery. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in Windows Server 2019 administration. - Strong experience in virtualization technologies, specifically Hyper-V for Windows-based VMs. - Knowledge in configuring Remote Desktop Services with a focus on security. - Previous experience with backup and snapshot management for virtual machines. This project is ideal for a freelancer who is detail-oriented and values the importance of a secure, well-functioning server environment. Your expertise will ensu...

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    24 offres it benefits large corporations in addressing their IT security challenges. - **Achievements and Client Testimonials:** Showcase our accomplishments and include compelling testimonials from our clients, to establish credibility and demonstrate our expertise in the field. -**We deal in Cyber Security, Network, Data Centre, Collaboration, Backup & Storage Infrastructure, Cloud Management, Virtualization, System Integration Services and IT Facility Management. This project is more than just writing a profile; it's about creating a connection with our target audience by telling our story in a way that resonates with them. If you're someone who can bring our company's strengths to life through your words, I'd love to work with you....

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    Global Travel Hub Creation S'est terminé left

    ...collaboration and code management. ### Collaboration and Communication: 1. **Project Management:** - **Azure DevOps:** For project planning, tracking, and collaboration. 2. **Communication:** - **Microsoft Teams:** For real-time communication within the development team. ### Development Environment: 1. **IDE:** - **Visual Studio Code:** A comprehensive IDE for .NET development. 2. **Virtualization:** - **Docker:** Containerization for easy deployment and scalability. ### Quality Assurance: 1. **Testing Framework:** - **NUnit and Blazor Test Frameworks:** For unit testing in Blazor. 2. **Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD):** - **Azure DevOps or Jenkins:** Automate the testing and deployment processes. ### Security: 1. **SSL Certificat...

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    I'm seeking a dedicated IT professional to configure a virtual active directory with two servers utilizing Microsoft 365 technology. The selected candidate should be proficient in: - User and group management in Azure and Microsoft 365 - Implementing virtualization in SQL Server and IIS - Utilizing SQL Server Integration Services and Power BI On-Premises Data Gateway - Creating and managing an active directory Additionally, the ideal freelancer should know how to deploy a directory that meets basic security requirements. Proven experience in creating and maintaining secure directories is a must. This is a critical project, and we are looking for experienced freelancers who can provide solutions with quick turnarounds. Enclosed the reference to the expected configuration.

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    I'm seeking an experienced IT professional to configure a Proxmox server using a Windows operating system. The tasks include: - Setting up the server for various functions - to act as a virtualization host, a storage unit, and a network services provider. - Customizing the configuration to meet the requisites of running 1-5 virtual machines. The ideal candidate must possess a strong familiarity with Proxmox software and a deeper understanding of virtual machine operations. Proficiency with Windows OS is a must. Experience in network services provision will be advantageous.

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    Master SysAdmin: Linux Focus S'est terminé left

    I'm looking for a system administration expert who can help me in my learning path **Key Skills and Experience**: - Linux system administration - Networking configuration and troubleshooting in Linux - Security measures and vulnerability mitigation on Linux systems - Virtualization technologies (VMware, Gitlab, Docker, Kubernetes) I look forward to embarking on this exciting journey with a skilled and passionate guide.

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    ...server issues, managing Linux VPS/Dedicated servers across various providers, handling Windows Server configurations, and supporting essential services like web hosting control panels, SSL/TLS, email marketing tools, DNS, Cloudflare DNS, and Virtualization Server setups. Project Overview: The project involves addressing and optimizing various aspects of our IT infrastructure, encompassing Linux and Windows servers, web hosting control panels, SSL/TLS implementation, email marketing tools, DNS configurations, Cloudflare DNS support, and Virtualization Server setups. Scope of Work: Linux Server Support: Troubleshoot and resolve issues related to web servers, mail servers, VPN/Proxy servers, DNS servers, etc. Optimize server performance and security. Implement best practi...

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    Skilled Linux Administrator Needed S'est terminé left

    ...field already and is online most of the day anyways that can handle on average 1-2 tickets per a day on the side of their other regular main duties/job elsewhere. Some of our requirements: - Someone who is atleast around for 8 hours during this time zone: 8AM - 1AM EST/ET (GMT-4) - Extensive expereince in CentOS/Ubuntu and all of its subsystems such as apache, mysql, PostgreSQL, cPanel, KVM virtualization, nginx, installing a server manually from IPMI, complex boot issues, load balancing setups with things like CloudFlare, haproxy, sync scripts, etc. 50% of our clients/tickets/clients use ERP Odoo software we host as well. - Well versed in optimizing high traffic systems and setting up advanced configurations and software for better performance (custom nginx, varnish, php-fpm...

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    Linux Sysadmin Superhero Needed S'est terminé left

    ...specialized hardware is crucial. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficient in Ubuntu and Debian environments. - Demonstrated experience in server configuration, security hardening (including firewall setup), system monitoring, and maintenance. - Familiarity with hardware-specific configurations and optimizations. - Familiarity with XDP Filtering - Experience working with docker containers / virtualization - Strong troubleshooting skills and a proactive approach to problem-solving. - Excellent communication skills to report on system status and coordinate with our team for any required interventions. This project is more than just keeping the lights on; it's about ensuring our digital infrastructure is robust, secure, and efficient. If you're up for the challenge,...

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    I require an expert in the field of KVM virtualization and single GPU passthrough (using the integrated graphics card) for my Dell XPS 13 laptop. The details are as follows: Laptop Specifications: - Make and model: Dell XPS 13 Objectives: - Achievement of effective GPU passthrough on my laptop, using the only (integrated) graphics card, and outputting that display to the laptop monitor (no external monitor). Deadline: - The work should be completed within six weeks from today's date. Ideal Candidate: - I would like a freelancer who has expertise in working with KVM single GPU passthrough - Previous experience with Fedora and preferably similar Dell laptop models will also be required. - Time management skills to ensure the project is completed within the given timelin...

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    I am in need of an experienced IT...a recovery plan to protect vital data against loss or corruption. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in Microsoft Remote Desktop Services - Strong background in network troubleshooting and configuration - Experience in managing software installations and updates within a VDI context - Skilled in developing and implementing data backup and recovery strategies - Familiarity with virtualization technologies and their deployment This project demands a freelancer who can confidently navigate the complexities of a Microsoft-based VDI setup and ensure its optimal performance. Your ability to provide timely solutions to network issues, manage software lifecycles, and secure data within the VDI environment will be central to your success in ...

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    Rapid Server Image Creation S'est terminé left

    I'm urgently in need of a skilled freelancer to generate an image of my Windows Server 2016. This image will be primarily utilized for establishing a testing and development environment. The task needs to be completed as soon as possible. Requirements: - Proven experience with Windows Server imaging - Ability to work quickly and efficiently - Expertise in virtualization technology - Capability to handle potential data migration - fix the vulnerability - upgrade the 2016 to 2019 on physical server steps Skills: - Windows Server setup & management - Virtual machine creation - Attention to detail for precise image replication - Familiarity with common server roles and services Ideal Candidate: - Quick response time - Past projects involving server imaging - Excellent commun...

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    ...on software installations, configuration, and patch management - Maintain our Citrix and VMware environments like automating VM snapshot deletion and launching citrix application, etc. - Required Skills: - Proficient with Ansible and PowerShell scripting - Strong background in Windows server administration - Experience with software deployment and system updates - Knowledgeable in virtualization using Citrix and VMware - The Freelancer Should: - Showcase previous Ansible automation projects - Demonstrate ability to create efficient, reliable PowerShell scripts - Communicate effectively to understand our infrastructure needs I'm looking for someone who can hit the ground running and help us maximize efficiency with state-of-the-art automation tools. Your ex...

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    ...setting up Docker containers, and importantly, ensuring that these virtual servers are equipped with an API that accepts commands via REST to reconfigure the deployed Docker containers. The successful candidate will design the system to support scalability and efficiency, catering to our evolving infrastructure needs. Responsibilities: Architect and implement an automation system for server virtualization that efficiently divides a server into multiple virtual instances. Automate the deployment of a default Linux image across these virtual instances. Configure and deploy Docker containers within the virtualized environment, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. Develop and integrate a REST API for the virtual servers, enabling remote configuration and management of Docke...

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    ...system administration to install and configure Taiga, an agile project management system, on an Ubuntu server hosted on a Proxmox 7 virtual machine. This is a task-based position with payment upon successful completion of the job. Requirements: Proven experience in Taiga installation and configuration. In-depth knowledge in Linux system administration, specifically Ubuntu. Experience with virtualization using Proxmox 7. Ability to perform installation remotely and securely. Knowledge in network configuration and server security. Excellent problem-solving and debugging skills. Ability to optimize system performance. Tasks to be Performed: Install and configure Taiga on the Ubuntu server. Ensure system security and stability. Provide documentation on the setup completed. Conduct...

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    Almalinux Hyper-V Stability Guru S'est terminé left

    Facing random crashes on Almalinux under Hyper-V, and I need an expert to stabilize it as soon as possible. Here's what I'm dealing with: - Almalinux on Hy...needs a rapid resolution. Your immediate availability will be highly appreciated. Ideal Candidate Should Have: - Proficiency in Almalinux and Hyper-V environments. - Strong background in virtualization troubleshooting. - Ability to diagnose and correct stability issues effectively. - Recommended: Previous work on similar projects with stellar reviews. Deliverables: - Resolve existing errors generated from installation - Documentation outlining changes made and any recommended practices for future maintenance. Please attach examples of similar past work and detail your approach to solving virtualization st...

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    Proxmox/Ubuntu/WordPress Setup S'est terminé left

    I'm looking for a freelancer with expertise in virtualization and web hosting to guide me through the process of setting up multiple virtual machines on an OVH Proxmox 8.1 environment. This project involves the installation and configuration of specific software on each VM ensuring they are fully functional and accessible over the internet. Tasks include: - Install Ubuntu 22.04 Desktop VM for general use. - Set up a second VM with Ubuntu 22.04 and Plesk to host a corporate WordPress website. - Ensure both VMs are configured with internet access via OpnSense firewall and Zenarmor. - Provide detailed steps documenting the installation and setup process. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Proxmox VE and VM management. - Experience with Ubuntu server and desktop environments...

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    I am seeking a professional to finalize the incomplete network setup that needs to be replicated from Ubuntu 22.04.3 to Linux Mint 21.3. I have done about 80% of the work but r...Specific tasks include: - Configuring the network. No remote access as the network is not complete. Ideal freelancer for this role should have: - Proven experience in Linux Mint and Ubuntu system administration - Knowledge in network configuration including firewalls, DNS server and DHCP server - Proficiency in using VMM (virt-manager) for managing virtual machines Your understanding of virtualization platforms, specifically nested bridges, is crucial for this task. I look forward to seeing your bid and working with you to bring this project to a successful conclusion. Do not offer more than the proje...

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    I need an expert to implement on a Linux server within a month. The project entails the following features: - Network Virtualization: Translate my network's IP addresses and endpoint identifiers for seamless service. - High-performance packet processing: Set up an environment that can process my network's data packets with high efficiency and speed. - Traffic Management and QoS: Create a platform that can manage my network's traffic while maintaining optimum quality of service. - Subscriber sessions: I require setting up subscriber sessions using PPPoE and IPoE methods. - Advanced routing: You should have the skills to implement VRF, Static routing, BGP, OSPF. - CGNAT: I need CGNAT with NAT44, NAT64. - Radius Protocol Integration: For this project, you should have t...

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    I am looking for an expert to assist with my VMware and SAN storage set up through iSCSI. Its primary goal is for data storage and virtualization purposes. As an individual with intermediate knowledge of VMware and iSCSI SAN storage technology, I need further professional input. Tasks: - Establish an iSCSI connection between VMware and SAN storage Ideal expertise: - Advanced experience in VMware and iSCCI SAN Storage setup - Proven track record with data storage and virtualization projects - Strong problem-solving and communication skills.

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    Docker Druid setup S'est terminé left

    Project Description: Docker Druid Setup Operating System: Mac OS - The Docker Druid setup will be running on a Mac O...the setup. Experience Level with Docker Druid: Intermediate - We are looking for a freelancer with intermediate level experience in Docker Druid. Skills and Experience Required: - Proficiency in setting up Docker on Mac OS. - In-depth knowledge of the latest version of Docker. - Prior experience with Docker Druid, preferably at an intermediate level. - Familiarity with containerization and virtualization concepts. - Strong troubleshooting and problem-solving skills related to Docker setups. - Ability to work independently and deliver the setup within the specified timeframe. Please include your relevant experience and expertise when submitting a proposal for thi...

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    Project Title: Need one blog article written about Hyper V Word Count: 500-1000 words Subtopics/Keywords: I have specific subtopics/keywords in mind Delivery Schedule: Ten days Skills and Experience: - Strong research skills to write an informative article about Hyper V, why it must be backed up and some simple examples of how it is backed up. - Knowledge of virtualization and Hyper V technology. You must use it in your job. - Excellent writing skills with the ability to write in a clear and concise manner - Experience in writing blog articles on technical topics

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    Network Engineer S'est terminé left

    We are looking for an experienced network engineer! Quick thinking, confident and reliable A start-up company overseas, I am looking for you. Experience in Fortinet, Juniper, Dell, Mikrotik products. Experience in virtualization systems such as: VMware, Proxmox and KVM.

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    docker programmer S'est terminé left

    I am look...project. The ideal candidate should have a strong understanding of Docker and be proficient in Python programming. The main purpose of the project is to deploy applications using Docker. Skills and experience required: - Intermediate level of experience in Docker - Proficiency in Python programming language - Familiarity with Docker deployment processes - Knowledge of containerization and virtualization concepts - Understanding of networking and security principles in Docker - Ability to troubleshoot and debug Docker containers - Experience in optimizing Docker performance and scalability - Familiarity with Docker orchestration tools such as Kubernetes or Docker Swarm If you have the required skills and experience, please submit your proposal for this Docker deploymen...

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    Project Title: Recover server on Hetzner with KVM (CentOS) Project Description: I am looking for a freelance...on Hetzner with KVM (CentOS). The server is currently inaccessible with SSH (only KVM) and I am not sure if I have a backup of the server data. Requirements: - Experience with Hetzner servers and KVM (CentOS) - Knowledge of server recovery and troubleshooting - Familiarity with web hosting and server management Ideal Skills and Experience: - Expertise in Hetzner server management and KVM virtualization - Previous experience in recovering inaccessible servers - Proficient in CentOS and web hosting technologies If you have the necessary skills and experience to recover my server and ensure its proper functioning for web hosting purposes, please reach out to discuss furthe...

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    Make me clear devops interview S'est terminé left

    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me with interview preparation for a clear understanding of DevOps. Specific topics to cover: - DevOps tools and technologies - Continuous integration and continuous deployment - Cloud computing and virtualization Ideal skills and experience: - Extensive experience in DevOps tools and technologies - Strong knowledge of continuous integration and continuous deployment - Proficiency in cloud computing and virtualization Preferred method of learning: - Practical exercises If you have the expertise and can provide hands-on exercises to enhance my understanding of DevOps, please apply for this project.

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    Windows Server Architecture for HAA S'est terminé left

    I am looking for a skilled professional to help me with the Windows Server architecture for my project. The primary purpose of this architecture...Constraints: - I have specific requirements for the Windows Server architecture that need to be met. - The estimated size of the infrastructure that will be supported by this server architecture is medium, with 50-200 users. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in designing and implementing Windows Server architectures with a focus on High Availability. - Strong knowledge of server virtualization, clustering, and load balancing techniques. - Familiarity with security measures and best practices for server architecture. - Ability to work within specific requirements and constraints. - Excellent problem-solving and troubleshooti...

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    Expertise in Linux Administration S'est terminé left

    ...environment. • Perform all tasks with minimal supervision. Requirements: • Bachelor degree or equivalent education • 3+ years of distributed computing operations experience working in a large-scale, complex environment. Financial services industry experience would be a distinct advantage • 3+ years of experience with Oracle Solaris and Linux. • Strong in shell script and good understand in Cloud and virtualization. • Capable of planning and delivering small intra team programs and leading small to medium projects Ability to run deliver small projects. • Strong understanding of computer operations and data center procedures, understanding of ITIL methodologies an advantage • Strong interpersonal, written and oral communication skills, Abilit...

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    I require support to install a Ubuntu Linux VM alongside my Windows operating system through VirtualBox. Here are more details: - Software Used: I chose VirtualBox as my virtualization software, implying I could use the additional understanding of this application. - Linux Distribution: Specifically, I plan to install Ubuntu in the VirtualBox. Experience with this Linux distribution is highly beneficial. - Resource Allocation: The RAM size I’ve decided to allocate is 2GB. Experience with memory management is appreciated. Ideal skills include proficiency in VirtualBox, Ubuntu Linux distribution, and memory management. Existing experience with VM setup, operation, and administration is a plus.

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    I am looking for ...developer to help me design and build a website showcasing the capabilities of Proxmox noVNC. The purpose of this website is to highlight Proxmox noVNC features, particularly: - Remote server access - High performance virtualization - Easy and efficient server management This platform is intended for system administrators, IT professionals, and virtualization enthusiasts. Ideal Skills: Knowledge and experience in website development is critical. Familiarity with Proxmox noVNC is also desirable, as well as a strong understanding of server management and virtualization technologies. Superior communication skills are also required to ensure the project is executed effectively and efficiently. Let's harness the power of Proxmox noVNC and cr...

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    whmcs vps reseller modüle S'est terminé left

    I am looking for a skilled developer to implement a WHMCS VPS reseller module for my business. The main goal of this module is to streamline customer billing and support for VPS reselling. Specific Requirements: - I have a specific list of features and functions that I want the module to have. ...Specific Requirements: - I have a specific list of features and functions that I want the module to have. - The top features I am looking for in the WHMCS VPS reseller module include automated VPS provisioning, integrated billing system, and customizable VPS packages. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience with WHMCS and VPS reselling modules - Strong programming skills in PHP - Knowledge of virtualization technologies and server management - Ability to customize and integrate billi...

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    AWS Cloud Infra Architect S'est terminé left

    ...Infrastructure-as-Code Hands-on experience on development for application and/or infrastructure Hands-on experience on architecting and solutioning highly available distributed systems • Hands-on experience on designing and implementing continuous integration platforms such as Jenkins Enterprise architecture experience for distributed systems, and cloud implementation including network, compute, storage and virtualization • Customer facing skills to represent AWS within customers’ environments and drive discussions with senior stakeholders PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS: • Strong verbal and written communication skills with stakeholders (Japanese language preferred along with English as second language) • Track record of implementing distributed systems ...

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    Design and Development of a 4-port KVM Switch Skills and Experience: - Experience in designing and developing KVM switches - Strong knowledge of hardware and software integration - Proficient in programming languages such as C++ or Python - Familiarity with virtualization technologies - Ability to implement specific features as per client's requirements Project Requirements: - Develop a 4-port KVM switch with specific features as provided by the client - The KVM switch should allow users to control multiple computers from a single console - The switch should support hotkey switching and provide seamless switching between connected devices - Ensure compatibility with various operating systems and devices - The project needs to be completed within a month Note: The client has ...

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    ENARSI Or ENCOR Certified SME S'est terminé left

    ...Graphic Network Simulator-3 (GNS3) 2. Should have knowledge of networking fundamentals, managing and securing network devices, network automation, Cisco router security features, routing and packet forwarding functionalities for MPLS VPNs, network devices, infrastructure security, Software-Defined Networking (SDN), routing protocol operation, authentication and authorization using AAA, and virtualization and its types 3. Should have good command over written English. 4. Should be able to give plagiarism free content. 5. Should be able to write practice papers, mock exams, and scenario-based questions. Please note this is not a development project, it is a content creation project. If interested, please apply asap. Job Types: Part-time, Freelance, Work From Home Contract length...

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    I am looking for a freelancer to enhance the performance of my Proxmox cluster on Hetzner (don't panic but it is a piece of crazy art cluster). C...problem. the real problem is: that the internet is very very slow on the VMS. Specifications: - My existing Proxmox cluster has mid-range specifications. Workload: - My Proxmox cluster primarily handles web server workloads mainly Cpanels. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Extensive experience in optimizing Proxmox clusters and resolving internet performance issues. - Strong knowledge of virtualization technologies and Proxmox. - Expertise in troubleshooting and optimizing virtual machine performance. - Familiarity with Hetzner infrastructure and network connectivity. - Previous experience in enhancing web server performance on Pr...

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    VMware virtualization Expert in NSX solutions 1. Port filtering of the servers. 2. Activation of the filtered policies during the customer's preferred downtimes. 3. Preparation and submission of a UAT (User Acceptance Testing) checklist for customer approval. 4. Implementation of any necessary corrections or amendments to configurations based on UAT feedback. 5. Final testing to verify the success of any failed or amended UAT checklist items. 6. Creation of as-built documentation. 7. Knowledge transfer (KT) sessions for the customer's team. 8. Acquisition of the Work Completion Report (WCR) from the customer for NSX. 9. Regarding the port filtering SHC had a communication matrix taken from the firewall. However, due to the installation of new servers, cli...

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    We are working on a hardware automation project, we need to record all mouse and keyboard movements and replicate them, without using any script or software. In practice, the board (Raspberry or similar) will have to record the mouse and keyboard, an...record all mouse and keyboard movements and replicate them, without using any script or software. In practice, the board (Raspberry or similar) will have to record the mouse and keyboard, and the pins of the board will have to physically interact with the keyboard keys and the mouse in order to replicate the movements as if they came directly from the keyboard and the mouse WITHOUT Emulation/Virtualization. We need to record these movements and save them to an SD card or similar to be able to edit them before we can replay them in t...

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    I have two machines working with Windows XP, at 600km of my officce, have VNC connection to both machines. Need make 2 VM for backup reasons. It one of this fails and don't have a backup, can be a problem. Then.. The project is make 2 virtual machines in remote, and be able to deploy both of them in my local computer.

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    I would like to possess a list containing numerous malicious IP addresses. My objective is to monitor the network traffic through my Network Interface Card (NIC) and identify whether the source IP addresses passing through the NIC match any entries in this list. If a match is found, I intend to block the traffic using a "reject" command in the server's IP table. Conversely, if there is no ...list, I aim to remove it from the server's IP table block list. To facilitate the lookup process, I prefer to employ the Trie algorithm. I would like to read the list containing the malicious IP addresses from a path and write a log whenever it blocks a new IP in server's IP table. The server is Ubuntu 22.04 and the installed python version is 3.10.12. The server is running as ...

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    I have a veem backup of vsphere vm and want to migrate that vm to xenserver Requirements: - Experience with VMware vSphere and XenServer virtualization platforms. - Knowledge of the migration process from VMware vSphere to XenServer.

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    MacOS Sonoma Virtualization S'est terminé left

    I am looking for MacOS source to install in windows virtualbox. I need to work on MacOS so I am going to install MacOS in my windows OS If you have MacOS source to install in windowsOS, please reply and you should have experienced in installing MacOS in windows kind regards

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    ...and setting up for testing several Laravel systems. Additionally, I need to configure access to desktop systems and Excel, and ensure shared folder access for documents and photos. Server Specifications: HP System x64 with a Xeon E-52680 2.7GHz processor and 16 logical threads 128 GB RAM Primary disk of 2 TB Secondary disk of 500 GB Specific Requirements: Virtualization: Configuration of at least 8 complete VPS using virtualization tools like Docker or VirtualBox, with the possibility of easy management and expansion. aapanel: aapanel installation on each VPS for simplified management. Applications: Installation and configuration of Chatwoot, Whaticket, and up to 4 Laravel systems for functionality testing. Remote Access: Setup of secure remote access for desktop system...

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