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    ...take place on a date set by the administrator. The admin feature should allow for this to be changable by the admin (i.e. setting the date opening and closing time) b. The images, after they have been voted on will be on a predefined page where the rating and biographical information (age, location, nationality, etc) can be seen. c. Members receive

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    Book Price Comparison Engine S'est terminé left

    ...Amazon, and other merchants. - Buyer will provide all HTML code and images necessary. - The code and the entire engine MUST be fast and powerful enough to handle thousands of daily visitors. Constraints - None Future Possibilities - If all work is completed satisfactorily, then buyer would use the programmer again to add merchants to the price comparison

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    Software Box Creation S'est terminé left products and/or ebooks. These boxes must have very high-quality images. I am not interested in boxes created with Armand Morin's generator software because the graphics are typically fuzzy when edges are smoothed. I also can do that myself. I really don't care what software you use...Flash, Director, Canoma, Photoshop, etc., as long as they are high

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    Setup ISP S'est terminé left is Kyle Leissner, and I am planning on starting a new dialup ISP. I have just bought the domain names [se connecter pour voir l'URL] and [se connecter pour voir l'URL]; these will be the domain names I will use for my new ISP. I am looking for a very experienced programmer, not some kid who just learned how to program last month. Here are my requirements: • Have succe...

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    Image modification program S'est terminé left create a site that sells web images. I need a program that creates thumbnails, color borders, and copyright markings on the images I am selling. I need a program that does the following: -Selects the images in a certain folder. I will need the standard Windows browse button to select the folder -Resizes the images(optional). I will on need a horizonal

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    77165 Ghost Write My eBook S'est terminé left

    ...ebook. All rights to the ebook will be released to me. This ebook needs to be in a pdf format once complete. It should be around 50 to 75 pages, maybe more. It can include images, I do have an outline in mind, see below. I can provide some of the content but you will need to format it to fit the ebook. The subject will be about freelancing, using online

    Web Flash Label Desiner S'est terminé left

    ...rectangle on the page to simulate the label. The user will then upload 2 images. One which will be visable when the label is stuck to something. The user will then click on a button marked peel off. The label will then graphically peel off on screen and show the second image. The normal use for this label is serial numbers for computer equipment. The front

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    Go Fish card game(simple) S'est terminé left many players are playing the game(1 ??" 5 other players). The computer now plays as the rest of the players. I also have a list of Use Cases for clarity on how this program should operate. Will provide card images for the GUI as well. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source

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    e-book compiler program S'est terminé left

    ...generator should have at least 100 to 200 different templates available. Templates meanings image designs etc.. Ecovers should have a book, report and software box images available. The images should come in 3d rotational positions. It would be nice to have a .pdf generator incorported so that anyone can save the ebook into a pdf file to ensure it runs

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    ... You can keep the text and the images the same, Where it says chack rates, I need a different button. There areabout 22 pages of html but it can be done very quickly. There are many sites that can be copied and there is no problem with copy wright as the text is supplied by a third party and we have the license to use that information. If someone can

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    Online web site builder S'est terminé left

    ...few variables like images, base color etc.. that customer can select (please take a look at [se connecter pour voir l'URL] for example) [se connecter pour voir l'URL] can add site name and can upload their site logo. [se connecter pour voir l'URL] can add their custom links [se connecter pour voir l'URL] can add images and their text to the site pages. [se conn...

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    16 offres done described below: 1. The web site contents. The web site contents should include a few slogans as an introduction, brief description reflecting some advantages of use the software, briefly as to how it would be profitable to take advantage of that offer. You can get some idea of the software and approximate contents from the sites listed

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    WEB PAGE S'est terminé left

    I NEED TO REDESIGN MY WEB I DONT WANT TEMPLATES IF YOU USE TEMPLATES PLEASE DO NOT BID!!!! [se connecter pour voir l'URL] ADD 3D ICONS, AND SOME ANIMATION BUT I WANT TO KEEP A CONSERVATIVE LOOK. THE ACTUAL NAME WILL BE CHANGED TO : ADVANCED [se connecter pour voir l'URL] I will like to access a database of current projects, and current clients, and to automatically

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    ...BMP, JPG or PNG file with a file name of the congressional member (e.g. "Feinstein, [se connecter pour voir l'URL]"). Additionally, the extracted file *must* be 98 pixels in height. The original images are larger, thus this will necessitate some shrinking, however the aspect ratio *must not* change. Additionally, all grey parts of the picture (you will understand when you

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    Website Makeover S'est terminé left

    ...listed below is of an adult nature featuring M Rated images. Please visit the Web Site [se connecter pour voir l'URL] I am looking for a person to do a makeover of this tired old site, looking for perhaps a flash banner and a logical menu system Please NO PHP! I prefer the Web Site to be templatised for use in Dreamweaver 4 but if not I can templatise it

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    ...perl, if script would be faster) with a MySQL database backend. (If you think a flatfile would make the script faster and would be just as stable, it's your choice what to use.) Losing a vote/comment or two isn't the biggest thing. I would like to have 2 photos displayed on a page. Whether the photos on the site are celebrities, amusement parks

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    HTML/ebook compiler S'est terminé left

    ...compile HTML files (and associated files such as images) into a single executable file (an ebook). In essence, you have a web site in an executable file. When the file is run, the home page is loaded into a browser. The browser is not a web browser, but a browser created by the software, although it can use web browser technology as its base. So the software

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    ...develop and it must able to run on remote Windows /Unix/Linux client machine. Programming and documentations must follow Microsoft Windows 2003 programming requirements and use MSInstaller. Main features should include: *Core software programs run as system services under Windows 2003 server. *Must support Unicode. *Multi-threading 32 bits/64 bits.

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    ...This is an easy job. I have attached both documents. If you notice in the new [se connecter pour voir l'URL], I have not included the images. I will use Href to load these images in a new Window. I would like you to do for the rest of the images. If you are interested open the document and have a quick look. I am going to give this to the individual who adds 2 s...

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    ...Interface. 3. Need to Add and Maintain "Site Listing" Just like [se connecter pour voir l'URL] Plus with Start and Expiration Date via User Friendly Interface 4. Ability to have a Description, Images, Links to the Site Listing, think of Site Profile meaning, For “Restaurant Site??, we need Address, and Phone Number and all other related Information, along with Coupon...

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    77458 news script S'est terminé left

    ...admin must have a way to make that a link and automatically open a new window. 4. Admin can add an image 60X60pixels to each news story from a drop downlist of pre-uploaded images. 5. When the news is shown on the main page it will need to have the date of the posting (Or Updated date) and must stay in order, the admin has control in the config file

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    ...Languages: Classic ASP,T-SQL (SQL Server2000) The user will post up to 3 images to specified server directory using FileUploads Objects and collections. Error handling is a must. The images are assigned an id appended to a userID and is stored in a table The developer will use the Objects and collections to set restrictions based on file size, file

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    77588 S'est terminé left

    The work required is to build a standard template and navigation theme for Take all the html and shtml pages in the site and optimize both html and images for W3C and all browser compliance and search engine optimization. The work would consist of building a common highspeed and low bandwidth page For Canada then building 13 provincial hispeed

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    Document Viewer S'est terminé left

    ...provided. This will be the front end to the document management systems. The user will use this app when searching for documents and viewing documents. Must be able to view all supported file types by LeadTools Document Imaging Suite The ability to view and manipulate images Must be feature rich utilizing deskew, despeckle features Must have all of the annotating

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    ...maintain the impression and click counts. Show reports. Add/Edit/Delete Vendor, give them access by username/password. Add/Edit/Delete of advertises by Vendors, Verification of ad images by admin. (Please only bombay/pune bidders apply because I cant go far for project development and for payment) ## Deliverables Given by me: 1) Object Oriented Design for

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    TGP Gallery Downloader S'est terminé left

    ...developer who can write a Windows program that will have these main functions: 1 - Perform GET/POST requests via HTTP 2 - Display images 3 - Extract URLs and other strings from a page of fetched HTML 4 - Use a tree control 5 - Use a database The basic spec is in the attached doc Cheers! Chris ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s)

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    A PHP database S'est terminé left It's an archive of images, with each image associated to a single keyword. The user will be able to search in the keywords and see the associated image. I want to avoid complete spidering of all the archive, so: 1) image names will a 12-digit random number 2) unregistered users will be able to see a maximum of X images, after that they will be

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    Cash machine S'est terminé left

    ...should include: panel layout, itemised prices, display features, images and sounds. The cash register must be based on a real one to be found in operation on the Hatfield Campus. Your program should accumulate items and display the printed bill results on your PC monitor screen. You must use an Object Oriented Design which will include the key elements

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    CAsh mashine S'est terminé left

    ...should include: panel layout, itemised prices, display features, images and sounds. The cash register must be based on a real one to be found in operation on the Hatfield Campus. Your program should accumulate items and display the printed bill results on your PC monitor screen. You must use an Object Oriented Design which will include the key elements

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    Animate a 3D Snake Fight S'est terminé left

    ...important. 2) Please send a progress report with images as often as possible and at least each week. 3) Complete and fully-functional working files in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 4) Complete ownership and distribution copyrights to all work purchased. I am free to use and/or alter this work in any manner. Credits to

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    PDF creator software for PC S'est terminé left

    I want and easy and simple to use application that converts Word documents into PDF files and translates the web links created in Word to web links in the PDF document. The resulting PDF documents must be compatible with all versions of Acrobat Reader 3.0 and later. It must optimize the Word document based on the "screen" settings in Adobe Acrobat and

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    ...visitors grow. Here are some links to some other street car racing websites so you can see what kind of look I want the website to have, and maybe you can get some images from them to use in your design. [se connecter pour voir l'URL] [se connecter pour voir l'URL] [se connecter pour voir l'URL] Your chances of getting this project will be greater if you can se...

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    ...whereby users can sign up for a free hosting account for use in their ebay listings for auctions. The space (5Mb) will be allocated on the server, but then all files deleted after 14 days. The files would then be linked to like this - [se connecter pour voir l'URL] Features :- Refuse images/files over 100Kb Ability to upload multiple files via

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    ...get 2 - 3 sample page for each website.. One Index page, one other page (like service or about us) and one contact us page. For sample use any dummy text from any sample site. You have to be creative with the images and graphics as this is what makes the site more lively and approvable. In the team you need a php/asp designer, one expert in flash and

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    school website S'est terminé left

    ...photoshop and then develop them in html asp etc with back end databases. The coder(s) need to be creative / artistic and also be able to use flash. They must also be reliable and be able to work to deadlines. Images, colours text etc will be provided on sites. There will be a number of websites to create and develop for the right coder all at around

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    Biology Paper and Project S'est terminé left

    ...presentation itself will include a regular Microsoft Word file. You must attach a Power Point presentation file with graphics and images. On the other hand, some people may not have Power Point presentation program at home. In this case, use computers in the library.) Any presentation should include an outline, a paper, and the sources (bibliography). The outline

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    ...users. Because of this, I can't use any uncommon ocxs or too many new modules or references. I must be able to easily incorporate the new code into my existing data project. The concept is that I want to add the ability to import various scanned files into an Access database. These items will mostly be scanned images of documents and as such will usually

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    Software Boxes S'est terminé left

    ...first is for a program called "Cookie Cutter" that finds and deletes cookies on Windows OS's. Next, I need one for an internet based backup program called "Web Arc". Please use an apporpriate theme for each graphic, i.e.; something representative of cookies and the same for a backup utility. The basic color theme is to be a light bluish color (rgb 75

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    High end WAP dev project S'est terminé left

    ...projects. PLEASE DO NOT BID IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THIS EXPERIENCE! WAP Site would have the following sections 1) Games-1 page 2) Ringtones- Total of 6 ringtones- 1 page? 3) MMS images- Short animations 15-20- 1 page each 4) Black and White Logos- 5 - 1 page each 5) Editorial Content - 10 pages Content: - 2 Java games - 1(MIDP 1) and 2nd for DVD release(MIDP

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    Labeling Application S'est terminé left

    ...savable and re-callable for future use. • Custom designed sheets of labels (label sheet definitions) must be able to be edited and saved as other label sheet definition • To be able to accept input of any information from a “cut and paste?? out of CorelDraw, PageMaker, Word or other similar program to include text and/or images. • Be able to print any number

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    ...of six very simple web sites that are already set up, and for the sites I want to redundantly use: -4 simple web page designs -4 Flash graphics which each use 6 images, dissolves, and fades. All four will use the same simple slide-show concept, only the images will differ. -6 simple interfaces to a PayPal shopping cart. Each site will sell only one to

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    9 offres and within a deadline I have a network of six very simple web sites that are already set up, and for the sites I want to redundantly use: -4 simple web page designs -4 Flash graphics which each use 6 images, dissolves, and fades -6 simple interfaces to a PayPal shopping cart. Each site will sell only one to three products each Site1 will have a

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    ...worked oout which should be user friendly . This is an exporters web application so contains the buyers information ,its products ,images etc I have no obligations for a database you can Use MySQl at local machine , Use Java to connect it make Java Swing Application All I need is the complete setup There are many projects lying ahead. Please give me

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    3D Character Models S'est terminé left

    I will need two full figure, completely animatable models in Maya 4.5. One is a human with a robe and staff. The other is a small (knee-high) goblin. Images are provided. I need these to be smooth but *simple models*, not too heavy, so that an absolute amateur in Maya can animate it easily. Each model needs to be setup for articulate animation. This

    €26 - €87
    €26 - €87
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    ...containing still image sources and compressed/uncompressed audio sources. Images and sounds will be supplied to the interface using filename sources. The library will need to support real-time transitions between two images. Independent panning, zooming, and rotating of the individual images is also needed. Parameters of the slides, transitions, and audio channels

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    website design S'est terminé left

    ...the customer upload an image from his PC to our site… We need to understand what is needed to do this. Our ISP does include SQL databases but we do not have one today. I can use SQL but could not do the development of a DB. Please price this feature as an option Site to be replaced [se connecter pour voir l'URL] Associated site with many more pages

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    ...programming + databse + 1 month of maintainanace (debugging). features we want to see on the website include: #1. We want the website to be simple for us to use and simple for our visitors to use. #2. The website must be able to take memberships and give them a login and password so they can enter the "members area" #3. The website must update its

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    78137 Reference Center S'est terminé left

    ...of each item and have the check out dates and return dates. Some images on items on the userend. it will need to have an account number dtarting at 15,000 and password section forn customers with email verifation, newsletter funtion, email customer when items is check back in. Must use php and MySQL. admin reports need to be most requested items , newletter

    Drag and Drop items S'est terminé left

    ...program where you can drag and drop items like thats in use on [se connecter pour voir l'URL]~derover/taxmaker/ And you must be able to save the end product as ither jpg or a file with the items co-ordinates so that they can be opened back up later on. The program must be easy to add extra items/images into and also text box's Basicaly a lot like the program

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    1 offres view Adobe Illistrator *.ai, vector base *.eps file formats on a VB Picture box. This control must be able to save the vector images in *.bmp and *.jpg formats. Please note these files may or may not have raster images embeded within the file. This control MUST allow us to view both vector and rastor information. Also, we are expecting a small sample

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