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    Nous cherchons pour l'un de nos client un free lancer pour la réalisation d'un maquette pour une pièces UAV. Il demande que cette maquette soit traduite sur un papier bleu pour la réalisation du prototype. vous trouverez ci-dessous l'image fournir pour ce projet, d'autre pièces suivront si nous accomplissons cette étape. le pri...

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    ...sensors for UAV (GPS with GCPs, IMU-accelerometers and gyroscopes, Compass, Magnetometer, UV beacons, LIDAR, thermal sensor, sonar ranging, infrared Time-of-Flight (ToF), RTK/PPK) • Generate new test maps (indoor hangers) [blender/sketchup] • Develop UI for controlling drones • Off the shelf UAV control algorithms in virtual arenas (For UAV competition...

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    programmer 4 days left
    VERIFIÉ variou industries, primarily the Oil and Gas and the Forerestry industries I require a programmer to work for me that understands swarm theory enough to get open source UAV (Drones) to work together No Coding is necessary for the ROVs as they are not autonomous, but I do require the drones to be autonomous when it comes to the tasks and return

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    My project is about data fusion of two sensors i.e. GPS and accelerometer which will be used for a autunomous UAV. The data fusion needs to be performed in MATLAB.

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    I am the flight directer at Theta UAV. We so large scale photogrammetry and LiDAR scanning to build real world models for engineers and architects. What we need done is the removing of trees, cars, or building from an .FBX file so our clients can drop in the new models of buildings.

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    20 slides of interactive PPT including simple illustration and simple animation, the presentation is about Unmanned Aircraft (UAV). One copy in English and duplicated copy with provision for us to insert Arabic. Need a price per slide

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    A simple app intended for UAV operators where weather, tel no of hospitals and some govermental website links will be included. The app will be freely available to download and will be used for self advertising purposes.

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    ...Datalogger. This datalogger will need to to fly on board a drone / UAV and collect GPS location and commonly used wireless frequencies like 5.8, 2.4, 1k ranges including 900Mhz. This device will help me troubleshoot what frequencies are being broadcasted that are stepping over my drone / UAV operations. During a data collection, GPS and frequencies being

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    Detect and track software based on Nvidia TX2. It's a UAV that carry two cameras thermal & daylight HD.

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    Software programming based on Nvidia TX2 for machine vision to detect & track human and vehicles using thermal camera and daylight color HD camera. The TX2 will be use in a UAV (Unmanned air vehicle).

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    Hello freelancers. I have captured imagery and need to process it. I need someone who can process 472 images and deliver a 2D orthophoto using an automated process like DroneDeploy, Pix4D, ODM, etc. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

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    ...Learn about the latest Trends and Developments In Software and IT • Network with Peers from different Agricultural Sectors • Benefit from practical Solutions for Agricultural UAV- Usage • Discuss the Ownership of Agricultural Data Highlights: • Internet of Agriculture Things • Digitization in Agriculture – Insight into the network World • Utiliz...

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    I am setting up a company to provide service using Drone in India, and looking for a good profile content and website content. Unmanned Systems & UAV related services, writer will have to do research in this area and write.

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    I require a UAV/RC Aircraft to be designed according to my requirements. Furthermore, I would need all analysis data for the design as well. I have to physically build the aircraft after i select the design, so i would prefer the engineering drawings to be easily understandable. Preferred software is Solidworks. This is a profession project, i cannot

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    If you have experience in UAV PX4 software development contact me please.

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    ...the latest Trends and Developments In Software and IT • Network with Peers from different Agricultural Sectors • Benefit from practical Solutions for Agricultural UAV- Usage • Discuss the Ownership of Agricultural Data Highlights: • Internet of Agriculture Things • Digitization in Agriculture – Insight into the network

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    It is a UAV developer company. We are looking for recent mechanical, electronics and computer science graduates.

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    I need an iPhone/iPad app. I would like it designed and built. Here is a scenario: Person buys a drone (online/abroad) Opens our App Registers his UAV (all details including ADHAAR) Uploads police clearance from local Office Gets added to our database of listings This data can be made available to DGCA or any ANS provider Find Drone Piolots:

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    I need a logo designed. Hi, I'm looking for a company logo the name of the company is called rotor 360 and the company utilizes UAV's for inspection purposes mainly wind turbines.I do you have a few ideas however the company's logo is wanting to be professional design and the colouring of the logo is preferred to be white or black with a flash of red in it as the corporate clothing ...

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    I need to do trajectory testing. sample of trajectory instance a circle and then fly a copter to check for the deviation from the waypoints. and tracked positions of the copter.

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    ...Geospatial Solutions and Applications that’s includes: Geospatial Consultancy Services, Roadmaps and Strategies Surveying & Data Acquisition Services: Aerial Surveying, UAV (Drone), Hydrographic Survey, Utilities Survey, Mobile Mapping Geospatial applications Design and Integration, Geoportals Geospatial Intelligence Solutions Geospatial Data &

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    i need a website for R&D company, working in UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles)field. have some videos, photos (nor professional), need person who will create text and website.

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    We need a logo design for our c...customer website. The name of the company is "CustomGimbals". It's a gimbal manufacturer with worldwide shipping. Gimbals are doing camera stabilization when mounted on drones or UAV, It can pitch to the ground too. We need a horizontal logo with white color as background and a square logo. PSD needed after payment

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    create inputs with membership functions for each as well for the output

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    Hi Samiran Raj B., I noticed your profile and would like ot discuss if you are capable of accomplishing a project. I am using UAV imagery for forest applications. I need to be able to use machine learning for plant counting in an area. Is it possible to pick out trees in a clearing and count them?

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    White paper must accomplish the following objectives. 1. Describe and evaluate a technology or technology adaptation applicable to a current and/or future communication structure of the Army .It may assist you to identify and describe a particular process or capability set that is in some way operationally deficient, as a precursor to evaluating a

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    ... The UAV is over the port and filming the whole place. The name of the port should be seen in the scene. We can also see there are many ships and containers in the port. And then the scene zoom in to the banner(I will provide it) on the container. (IF there are other words please avoid it.) Scene two: Mobil factory in Bay Town The UAV is over

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    We require a small program to be written that converts file formats between ...program to be written that converts file formats between two ASCII formatted files. The files are basically a list of co-ordinates that are used for a flight plan for a UAV, and we require the co-ordinates to be read and written out in two different ascii formats.

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    We need new business cards, letterhead and email footers...our client’s business needs and are also easy to use and look good. We love new technology and are always looking at how we can use it within our business, from integrating UAV and GPS data into GIS Solutions to using the latest software from ESRI. We also run our own aerial mapping service.

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    Our senior design project is about building a fixed wing UAV for cloud seeding (seed the clouds with salts to enhance rainfall) using remote control. We need an animation for 20 - 30 sec to describe the flight mission. we need it before (30/ April), because the final presentation on (1/ May).

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    Hi, thanks for checking out my contest! I'm excited to find an awesome logo for a new Drone/UAV Services company website. The company name is 'Altair UAV'. The company performs commercial and industrial drone services. These services include - inspection, mapping, 3d modeling, surveying, surveillance. The design should include a logo and also

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    Simple website for UAV enthusiasts (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), ie. toys called drones . The main target, however, is to exists as company, promote and sale UAV replacement parts. For the very beginning just offer, photos, company details, e-mail address for further contact. Logo is made, address is fixed, just web-site required. Budget budget.

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    Hi Manoj, I have a start up business called Aerial Analysis, we specialise in using UAV/Drone to scan and map farmers fields to monitor how their crops are performing but offer other services such as Wind Turbine inspection, Solar Farm Inspections and Telecommunication Surveys. I have spent the last couple of weeks building the website but struggling

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    Hi Ranjana, I have a start up business called Aerial Analysis, we specialise in using UAV/Drone to scan and map farmers fields to monitor how their crops are performing but offer other services such as Wind Turbine inspection, Solar Farm Inspections and Telecommunication Surveys. I have spent the last couple of weeks building the website but struggling

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    Academic writing and research on communication hub aid drone concept risks, regulations and legal requirements what I need 1200-2000 words on the risks of the drone Including but not limited to storage, flight, landing, use Include min 12 references with links to documents/ academic papers 1000-1200 words on the ethics of

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    I'm interested in an amazing seeing for an agricultural drones mainly three different categories (1) Reconnaissance, images videos, mapping, monitoring, health checks, soil test and security. (2) Farm worker spray of fertilizer, pesticides, rodents detection and flushing. (3) Harvest, Logistics, drones,

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    please create textures for mesh uav layouts i have. they will be emailed .

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    ...your cooperate for create a logotype or logo with symbol. We are a new startup will be established 1st in March in Tokyo,Japan. Were developing systems for aviation and UAV. Main function are two, one is Air traffic management system, second is to generate route for them through AI. Please read below. Idea: the design should ,"Not hit" or

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    we have a design of an UAV ,we liked to perform dynamic analysis

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    I would like a logo designing for a new company. The company is called SKYWAY UAV and will provide drone based aerial film, photography and surveying services to multiple industries. I would like the slogan "Aerial Camera Solutions" including in the design. A modern, clean, flat design is preferred using bold colours. I feel that Blue and Grey should

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    I am embarking on a year-long project. As part of the year-long project, I will have to submit a 1) project proposal, 2) interim report, and finally a 3) final report. For now, I am engaging your help for the project proposal. Currently the inspection of underground tunnels are aimed at detecting problems such as cracks or water leakage and assessing whether maintenance is required on tunnel st...

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    I need a logo for a facebook page. I manage a facebook page about legal reauirements for drone us. The logo shoul look modern, stylish, friendly and very professional. The logo should contain a drone. It must contain the german wording “Luftrecht für Drohnen”. It can contain a paragraph „§“

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    Hello, I have another project for you. Now I need something really small. If you are interested in this project please write me, I will send you the specification. Best regards.

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    Trophy icon Logo for drone event Ended

    We need a logo for UAV event. There will be all professional, couple million costing drones, so logo should be nice, professional looking. Name for competition is CAASI, abreviation of Competition of Autonomous Aerial Systems in Ignalina.

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    A simple conversion of an existing Google Sheet to an IOS App to be used on iPads. It is used to capture Drone/UAV flight details and holds approx. 40 data fields per record in a user friendly format. Almost all fields are drop down pick lists. The app will be installed on to iPads to be used across a variety of locations. Ability to access all data

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    Holding company, It call REFORMA INDO MULIA ( RIM ) Company running in IT & UAV ( Unmanned aerial vehicle ) i need great company logo

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    describe and blog latest UAV and drone industry news onto website.

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    I have built my website using Wix and require a wallpaper background for my website. Id like to use the colours blue and Grey but open to other colours if...change my website to accommodate your graphic. Id like to be provided with 5 options to choose from. Do not accept project without reading this first. [login to view URL]

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    Need someone good at opencv to train opencv to detect drones in the air. drones like a quadcopter, hexacopter and octocopter. the classifier should be able to detect the drone in the air and on ground.

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