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    Tron LightCycle S'est terminé left

    J'ai besoin de créer (rapidement) un grand stycker d'un light cycle de Tron. Le film de Disney de 1982. Idéalement se rapprochant de l'image que je vous joins. J'ai besoin d'un vue de profil du light cycle (voir ). J'aimerais recevoir le fichier en Illustrator CS6 maximum.

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    Trophy icon Tron Smart Contract Developer 15 heures left

    We are looking for a skilled Tron developer to join our team and help develop a smart contract for a wallet application. The ideal candidate should have experience with Tron blockchain development and be familiar with BIP 39 or BIP 44 for address generation. Responsibilities: 1) Develop a smart contract on the Tron blockchain for a wallet application. 2) Implement functionality for address generation using BIP 39 or BIP 44. 3) Ensure that fees for all wallet transactions, including sending TRX or any ERC10 or ERC20 tokens, are deducted from a specified multiple accounts assigned in the smart contract, and not from user. 4) Also user need to pay the fees to the contract as an escrow, i.e. user will not pay the transaction fee, the transaction fee will be paid by the ...

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    I'm in need of a developer with experience in building cryptocurrency wallets for both iOS and Android platforms. The wallet must support renowned cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tron. Skills and experience required: - Familiarity with wallets for the specified cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron) - Proven experience in application development for both iOS and Android platforms - Knowledge in integrating exchange functionality within a crypto wallet Deliverables: - A fully functional crypto wallet supporting Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tron - Thoroughly tested application for both iOS and Android platforms - Integration of built-in exchange functionality within the application.

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    À la une Urgent LDN
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    I'm looking for a freelancer experienced in Laravel to help me integrate a payment gateway into my site. The script that must be installed is this: The site where the script must be installed is Key Requirements: - Expertise in Laravel: The freelancer must be able to navigate the Laravel framework with ease to integrate the payment script. - Custom Payment Gateway Integration Experience: The selected payment gateway isn't the usual PayPal, Stripe, or Authorize.Net. Therefore, the freelancer needs to demonstrate past experience with integrating custom payment gateways.

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    Tron Token Creation Contract S'est terminé left

    I need a smart contract developed for the Tron blockchain to create an utility token. Key features and requirements: - The primary function of the token will be to provide utility within my platform. - Users will acquire the token through a giveaway, rather than purchase or earning. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency with Tron blockchain and smart contract development. - Experience in creating utility tokens. - Familiarity with token distribution mechanisms, particularly airdrops. - Understanding of blockchain governance structures is a plus.

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    I'm looking for a skilled blockchain developer to assist in the creation of a Flash USDT that caters to peer-to-peer transactions across various networks. Key Requirements: - The project involves developing a Flash USDT to facilitate secure, real-time, and user-friendly peer-to-peer transactions. - Integration with Ethereum, Tron, and Binance Smart Chain networks is essential. Your role as a freelancer will be to: - Implement a secure wallet integration for the Flash USDT. - Provide a real-time transaction tracking feature. - Develop a user-friendly interface that ensures seamless user experience. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in blockchain technology and related protocols. - Extensive experience in developing and integrating cryptocurrency solutio...

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    Urgent Deployment of Smart Contract S'est terminé left

    I urgently need a specialist well-versed in the Tron blockchain platform. The task involves deploying a pre-existing smart contract. To succeed in this role, you must possess: Extensive proficiency and experience with the Tron blockchain. Prior knowledge and hands-on experience with smart contract deployments. The capability to complete the task promptly. Your primary responsibility will be to deploy the existing contract on the Tron chain seamlessly. No development or modification is necessary - I require an expert who can swiftly and flawlessly handle the deployment. If you have a talent for troubleshooting blockchain challenges and are comfortable with tight schedules, this opportunity is for you.

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    Scellé LDN
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    I am in urgent need of a specialist with deep knowledge of the Tron blockchain platform. The task at hand consists of deploying a pre-existing smart contract. To excel in this, you'll require: - Proficiency and extensive experience with Tron blockchain. - Knowledge and previous experience with smart contract deployments. - Ability to deliver the task as soon as possible. Your prime responsibility is to successfully deploy this existing contract on the Tron chain. No development or modification is required - I need an expert who can handle the deployment swiftly and flawlessly. If you have the knack for troubleshooting blockchain challenges and are comfortable working under tight schedules, this is for you.

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    Create token on TRON (TRX) network S'est terminé left

    We are seeking a skilled blockchain developer to create a custom TRON (TRX) token that incorporates a range of advanced features and functionalities. The ideal candidate will have experience with TRON blockchain development and a deep understanding of smart contract programming. Features Required: Mintable: The token should be capable of creating new tokens to be added to the total supply. Burnable: It should allow tokens to be "burned", effectively removing them from the total supply. Pausable: The contract should enable transactions to be paused, a crucial feature for emergency or maintenance purposes. Permit: Implementing EIP-2612 permit function for allowing spending of tokens via signatures. Flash Minting: Ability to mint tokens temporarily within a transacti...

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    We are seeking a skilled blockchain developer to create a custom TRON (TRX) token that incorporates a range of advanced features and functionalities. The ideal candidate will have experience with TRON blockchain development and a deep understanding of smart contract programming. Features Required: Mintable: The token should be capable of creating new tokens to be added to the total supply. Burnable: It should allow tokens to be "burned", effectively removing them from the total supply. Pausable: The contract should enable transactions to be paused, a crucial feature for emergency or maintenance purposes. Permit: Implementing EIP-2612 permit function for allowing spending of tokens via signatures. Flash Minting: Ability to mint tokens temporarily within a transacti...

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    ...application (DApp) on the Tron Network. The project aims to cater specifically to cryptocurrency enthusiasts, providing innovative functionalities and seamless user experiences within the decentralized ecosystem. Responsibilities: Smart Contract Development: Design and implement smart contracts on the Tron Network to facilitate various functionalities of the DApp. Token Creation: Develop and deploy custom tokens on the Tron Network tailored to the requirements of the DApp. DApp Development: Lead the development of the decentralized application, ensuring smooth user interactions and intuitive interfaces. Ideal Skills and Experience: Proven Experience in Blockchain Technology: Demonstrated experience working with blockchain technologies, preferably with hands-on ex...

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    Tron Network Blockchain Project S'est terminé left

    I'm looking for an experienced blockchain engineer to develop a series of functionalities on the Tron Network. The main goal of the project is to build a decentralized application (DApp) specifically aimed at cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Responsibilities include: - Smart contract development - Token creation - DApp development Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proven experience in blockchain technology - Proficiency in Tron Network specific development - Strong understanding of smart contracts - Prior experience in DApp development Please only apply if you have relevant experience and a portfolio to showcase your previous work in this field.

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    I'm searching for a skilled team with experience in creating robust blockchains similar in functionality to Ethereum, Tron, or Fantom. My main focus for this network revolves around these three important pillars: * Decentralization * Scalability * Smart contract functionality Ideally, the network should come with these specific features: * Token creation and management * Smart contract development * Cross-chain interoperability The programming languages required for the job are Solidity and Java. You're expected to have substantial experience and expertise in both of these languages. In essence, I'm searching for professionals who can breathe life into my vision of a network that merges the independence of decentralization, the breadth of scalability, and the pra...

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    Trophy icon Logo Modification Re-Design S'est terminé left logo leans towards a minimalist style and I would like to maintain this while making slight enhancements. The primary color scheme should be similar to the "Tron" logo. Any freelancer bidding on this project should have: - Experience with minimalist design - Strength in harmonizing colors and stylizing fonts - Understanding subtlety in modifications - Prior work with brand and logo modernization The perfect fit would be someone who can make small effective adjustments while preserving my logo's simplistic beauty.

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    I'm seeking a talented artist to draw an outline of a specific character, focusing on clothing, accessories, pose and body language. Key Requirements: - Emphasize the clothing and accessories, rendering them in a casual style. - The character's pose should depict a specific action or...movement. Ideal artist skills: - Expertise in character design and drawing - Ability to accurately depict casual attire and dynamic movements - Delicate attention to detail, especially regarding clothing, accessories and body language. Overall, I’m looking more for an outline of Ares in the image, maybe using gray lines with red to pronounce the lights on the suit/triangle disc on the back. The Tron is the character I’d like, the outline is a reference/suggestion to the tone ...

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    I'm looking to build a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange website utilizing PHP and yii2 framework. The exchange should support multiple cryptocurrency pairs: Bitcoin/Ethereum, Bitcoin/Litecoin, Ethereum/Litecoin, BTC, ETH, USDT, and TRON, PerfectMoney. A vital requirement is the support for diverse payment methods including bank transfers, cryptocurrency, and PerfectMoney. Key platform accessibility targets include the CIS countries, Iran, Turkey, and Azerbaijan. Here you can see a lot of exchange website and get ideas: Ideal freelancers should possess: - Proven experience in PHP and yii2 or laravel framework development - Understanding of cryptocurrency exchange operations - Knowledge in implementing secure payment methods

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    I need missing HTTP API method "DelegateResource" - (documentation link - ) to be added to the GitHub PHP Library - New function should send available ENERGY or BANDWIDTH resources available from STAKING2.0 from staking address to another specified address. If You previously worked with the "iexbase/tron-api" Library from GitHub it shouldn't be a problem. Waiting for Your reply.

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    I'm in urgent need of a highly-skilled developer who can create a secure and efficient Telegram bot. This bot should enable trading of cryptocurrencies across multiple blockchains, supporting Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Bitcoin, and Tron. Key features I need developed: - Robust Security: The bot must guarantee the security of all transactions and data. - Efficient trading: The bot should flawlessly enable cross-blockchain trading. - Fee Collection: The bot will collect transaction fees that will buy back and burn the supply of a specific token. The ideal freelancer for this project would be someone with strong skills in bot development, blockchain technology, cyber security and expertise in the aforementioned blockchains. Prior experience in creating similar...

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    I'm currently experiencing some trouble with my Tron wallet - both on desktop and mobile versions. An unauthorized permission has been mysteriously placed on my wallet, using the multi-signature option, restricting my ability to fully control the movement of my funds. I am not certain how this occurred, as there have not been any noticeable suspicious activities on either device, nor do I recall accessing a dubious link or downloading a potentially harmful app. This being said, I am looking for a highly experienced developer who can: - Investigatively determine the potential source of this breach - Successfully remove this unauthorized permission from my wallet Ideal Skills and Experience: - Previous proven experience with Tron wallets - Understanding of multi-signatu...

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    Tron Wallet Development S'est terminé left

    looking for Tron app developer more detail we can discuss on chat let me know if u can do it

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    I need a highly competent Tron app developer to, unfortunately, deal with a malicious multisignature permission that's added to my desktop, mobile, and online Tron wallets. Understanding this issue requires: - Proficiency in Tron application development - Deep knowledge of Multisignature Permissions - Ability to navigate desktop, mobile, and online wallets I've already contacted the Tron support team but found no resolution to this issue. I suspect there was unauthorized access to my device leading to this malicious activity. Ideal skills and experiences are: - Proven track record in resolving similar issues - Expertise in Tron Wallet security - Strong technical and analytical skills to identify potential threats and mechanisms of unauthor...

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    Tron Wallet Multisig Removal S'est terminé left

    I'm seeking an expert in Tron app development to assist me in removing a multisignature permission that has been maliciously added to my wallet. Despite the challenges this has introduced, I still have full access to the wallet's original private keys, which positions me in a place of readiness to tackle this issue head-on. Additionally, I've accurately identified the specific multisignature permission that needs to be eliminated. What I Need: - Guidance on a step-by-step process tailored to removing the identified multisignature permission from my Tron wallet. - Advice on safeguard measures to prevent future unauthorized modifications to my wallet settings. - If necessary, the creation of a simple tool or script that could automate the removal process or add ...

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    would like to create tron crypto token and make whitepage, website, add tron wallet and Metamask Wallet so people can buy crypto from our website. website is ready you just have to add tron and trust/metamask wallet so visitor can connect their wallet to buy our crypto.

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    hi there I am in need of a proficient software developer experienced in desktop application creation, specifically familiar with the Windows platform and blockchain technology. The project requires the development of a blockchain desktop application for Windows. I want a usdt flashing pc software that has the following features: 1- Work on the Tron network trc20. 2- To be confirmed in the blockchain network. 3- To support the differnt wallets especially trust wallet. 4- Can transfer usdt flashing indefinitely. 5- The contract should be original and its decimal number should be 6. 6- It can be transferred to different wallets at least 4 times.

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    Blockchain Java Spring Boot Setup S'est terminé left

    - **Project Foundation** - Set up a basic Java Spring Boot application. - Integrate the Tron Java SDK without any database requirements. use - **Java Version** - The project needs to be compatible with Java 8, ensuring stability and performance.

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    ...the data in real-time. If you decide to use an API, it should have high rate limits. The application needs to support ETH, Tron, USDT (ETH), USDT (TRON), and potentially more in the future. For example: /transactions/?chain=eth&wallet=WALLET_ADDRESS should list all transactions for that wallet in ETH and the balance. /transactions/?chain=usdteth&wallet=WALLET_ADDRESS should list all transactions for that wallet in USDT (ETH) and the balance. /transactions/?chain=trx&wallet=WALLET_ADDRESS should list all transactions for that wallet in TRON and the balance. /transactions/?chain=usdtrx&wallet=WALLET_ADDRESS should list all transactions for that wallet in USDT (TRON) and the balance. If you wish to make an offer, please start your response ...

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    Emergency Desktop Cleanup S'est terminé left

    ...will barely stay on with 2 or 3 programs on it. This is costing me probably $20K this week and probably already $500,000 so far. My programmers are all remote right now and my new IT kid is super low level. AVG and several rather serious cyber guys couldn't find the malignancy but I assure it is certainly there my friend! My route my low level it guy is trying to go is using Tron. It keeps killing AVG and Tron though and AVG! I need urgent assistance with a virus that's been compromising my Windows desktop computer for over a month. Here's what I'm looking for: - **Assessment:** A thorough inspection to understand the virus's impact on my system. - **Virus Removal:** Complete eradication of all malicious software from my computer. - **Sy...

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    I need a web-based wallet for personal use. It should have a master wallet and allow for off-chain transactions between wallets. The following features are required: - Currency Management Page: I should be able to manage the following currencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Cardano, Ethereum ERC20 tokens, Tron TRC20 tokens, BEP20 tokens, and Polygon ERC20 tokens. - Wallet Management Page: I want a page where I can enter a wallet name and create a wallet for all supported currencies. - Balance View Page: This page should display the balance of each currency in each wallet. - Withdrawal Page: This page should have a button that, when clicked, transfers the entire balance of all wallets to the master wallet off-chain. I want this system to be built in C# on Windows or P...

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    Looking for someone with deep understanding of blockchain and cryptocurrency specifically nodejs and third party api for educational purposes

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    I'm looking to create a website for Delegate Tron Energy and selling Tron energy and buying tron energy Ideal Freelancer Skills: - Proficient in web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.) - Experience with UI/UX design - Knowledge of dApp Development - SEO optimization experience - Excellent communication skills A keen eye for design aligned with industry standards and a user-friendly interface are paramount for this project.

    €583 (Avg Bid)
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    Looking for someone with experience of nodejs and blockchain

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    Tron Energy Delegation Platform S'est terminé left

    I'm seeking a talented developer to create a robust system that facilitates energy management within the Tron network. This platform will be integral for tracking, distribution, and incentivization. Key Features to Implement: - An intuitive energy tracking dashboard that provides real-time energy metrics. - A secure delegate voting system to elect representatives for managing energy distribution. - A transparent reward distribution mechanism for compensating delegates based on their contributions. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in blockchain technology, specifically with Tron. - Strong background in smart contract development and dApp architecture. - Experience with implementing secure online voting systems. - Solid understanding of energy distribution mecha...

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    Urgent Tron Network API Development S'est terminé left

    I'm urgently seeking a proficient Node.js and developer who can create a multi wallet address system for my project using Tron Network. The key responsibilities include: - Creation and deletion of wallets: The developer should enable the system to generate and eliminate wallets as needed. - Execution of transactions: The system should have the ability to perform secure, efficient transactions. - Wallet balance checking: Users should be able to verify the balance in their wallets with ease. For this project, significant experience in API development, specifically in the Tron Network, Node.js, and is paramount. Familiarity with Laravel and PHP, even if not strictly necessary, would be considered a plus, providing a broader perspective. A deep understanding of wallet

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    I'm in need of a proficient PHP developer who can create a TRX20 transfer API for the TRON blockchain. Key requirements of this project include: - Strong knowledge of PHP as it's the preferred language for this API. - Expertise with RESTful APIs as it's what TRON uses, so we'll be making HTTP requests to the TRON full node to perform transactions. - Significant experience with blockchain technology, specifically TRON. - Top priority is transaction speed – we want our API to execute transfers as swiftly as possible. - No need for specific customizations on this API currently. Skills and Experience: - PHP Development - RESTful APIs - Blockchain Experience (TRON Preferred) - Strong focus on optimizing transaction speed.

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    Cryptocurrency Transaction Tool S'est terminé left

    I am looking for a...a groundbreaking piece of software for handling cryptocurrency transactions in an efficient and user-friendly way. The tool must be versatile and secure, accommodating a variety of wallets and blockchain network. Provide me the software where I can generate usdt/btc and send them to any one it should work with all the crypto wallets like binance, trust wallet, coin base, etc. and networks like tron, Ethereum, etc . It should not be any different from normal usdt/btc. It should stay in the network for 365 days. The coins generated should be adaptable, spendable, and tradeable. You will provide me the source code and if any problem arises in near future you should be available to help. I will only release funds after checking the software and verifying all my req...

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    We are seeking a skilled developer with experience in Node.js and TypeScript to design and implement a reliable and secure service for exchanging and transferring various digital currencies across different blockchain networks. This service should be capable of managing currency conversions between tokens and networks such as ERC-20 and TRON. Key Features: Secure API Development: The API should be designed to enable the selection of source and destination currencies and facilitate their transfer to various wallet addresses. Wallet Creation and Management: Ability to create and manage digital wallets for users on different networks. Support for Diverse Networks: Capability to dynamically add and remove tokens and new networks. High Security: Adherence to security standards to pr...

    €113 (Avg Bid)
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    ...Database Model Check: Thoroughly review and validate the database models to ensure they are working efficiently. Front-end, Back-end, and Database Integration: Ensure seamless integration between the front-end, back-end, and database functionalities. UI and Design Enhancement: Redesign the website with a modern, sleek, and futuristic look. The theme should be predominantly blue with a holographic and Tron-like computerish design. Implement professional UI designs, and enhance the dashboard aesthetics by referencing material UI designs, while being mindful of compatibility. Blockchain Feature Hiding: Temporarily hide blockchain features (except Synthron price tracking) to be added post-launch. Responsiveness: Make the website fully responsive, ensuring optimal performance on b...

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    crypto expert S'est terminé left

    Look its easy, im in canada and legislation prohibits me to purchase crypto now, But Im stuck with some crypto I bought before the ban and I need 3$ of TRX to withdraw, Ill send you 10$USD on freelancer if you can send me 3$ of Tron

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    PHP Tron Child Account Creator S'est terminé left

    I am in immediate need of a developer with Tron blockchain and PHP expertise. The goal of this project is to create a system for generating child accounts for depositing and managing funds for multiple individuals. This task requires implementing a system where each user can easily and securely access their individual child account. Ideal skills and experience for the job are: - Proven experience in PHP development - Deep familiarity with Tron blockchain - Familiarity with building secure, user-friendly account systems - Ability to deliver quickly, as there is an urgent need to complete the project Please note: authentication measures for users accessing their account details needs your professional recommendation, as no selection was made earlier. A keen focus on securit...

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    Instant Crypto Transfer Tool S'est terminé left

    I am looking for a proficient developer to build a program that can make instant fund transfers of flash USDT and BTC on multiple blockchain platforms. Primarily, the system should support Bitcoin Blockchain, Ethereum Blockchain, and TRON Blockchain for Binance and Trust Wallet. Key features I am looking for: 1. Rapid Transfers: The tool needs to enable instant transfer of USDT and BTC simultaneously. 2. Multi-Platform Support: The tool should be able to operate seamlessly across Bitcoin Blockchain, Ethereum Blockchain, and TRON Blockchain. 3. High Security: Multi-factor authentication should be utilized, alongside robust encryption of transaction data to ensure the utmost security of transactions. The ideal candidate will have extensive experience in cryptocurrency tran...

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    Tradetron strategy S'est terminé left

    I am looking for a skilled freelancer to develop a Sell Today Buy Tomorrow strategy for the Bank Nifty market on the Tradetron . The ideal candidate should have experience in creating strategies on Trade Tron

    €11 (Avg Bid)
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    We are actively seeking an experienced SEO Specialist to spearhead the optimization efforts for our website, , with the aim of enhancing our organic search rankings. Our primary objective is to secure top positions on search engines, especially for key search queries such as 'Tron Mining,' 'Tron Cloud Mining,' and 'Best Tron Mining Site.' The ideal candidate will possess a profound understanding of search engine algorithms, coupled with expertise in a variety of SEO techniques and proficiency in utilizing SEO tools and analytics software. Key responsibilities for this role encompass comprehensive keyword research, meticulous on-page and off-page optimization, content refinement, and continuous monitoring of website performance. Relevant ...

    €86 (Avg Bid)
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    85 offres

    We are seeking a highly skilled and experienced SEO expert to enhance the online visibility of our website, Our goal is to achieve top rankings on search engines, particularly when users search for specific keywords such as 'Tron Mining' or 'Tron Cloud Mining,' and 'Best tron mining site' The ideal candidate will have a proven track record of successfully optimizing websites for search engines and driving organic traffic. Requirements: -Proven experience as an SEO specialist with a successful track record of improving search engine rankings. -In-depth knowledge of SEO tools and techniques. -Strong analytical and problem-solving skills. -Up-to-date knowledge of industry trends and algorithm updates If you a...

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    Dapp for Crypto S'est terminé left

    Project Title: Tron Dapp Development Overview: We are looking for a skilled developer to create a Dapp on the Tron blockchain platform. The Dapp should be a web application that incorporates both token creation and smart contract development. Requirements: - Experienced developer with knowledge of Tron blockchain platform - Proficient in web application development - Strong understanding of token creation and smart contract development - Ability to meet tight deadlines and complete the project within 15 days Skills and Experience: - Solid understanding of Tron blockchain platform and its functionalities - Proficient in web application development languages such as JavaScript, HTML, and CSS - Experience in token creation and smart contract development using ...

    €452 (Avg Bid)
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    Our team is looking for a skilled blockchain developer who has experience in developing for the Tron TRC-10.20 blockchain platform. Ideally, we would like a developer with expertise in this platform, however applicants with intermediate-level experience may be considered. We are looking to have our project completed in two to four days. If you believe you have the relevant credentials and experience for the job, please apply!

    €79 (Avg Bid)
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    Trophy icon Logo Design for a project S'est terminé left

    Logo Design for a project called Eternal AI. I will attach 2 images that we would love for you to get inspiration from. One is the infinity symbol, a very modernly designed, and other one is from Apple's...are here to show you what we like, but we want you to be original with our logo design. Logo has to be original and look top-notch, and it doesn't have to look like the images we attached. Also, we want you to add wording "Eternal AI" to your final work. Color theme - Blue. We encourage you to use all various gradient ideas and all shades of blue. We are open to suggestions. Preferred style: TRON, something like the third attached image. Let the best work win! PAY ATTENTION TO THE ATTACHED IMAGES!!! IT HAS TO BE A LOGO. DON'T APPLY WITH JUST A NAME,...

    €92 (Avg Bid)
    556 propositions

    ...a skilled developer with experience in Tron or other cheap gas fees blockchain platform to create the Dapps. and connected to trust wallet Specific Features: - Smart contracts: The Dapps should include smart contracts to automate transactions and ensure transparency and accuracy within our MLM network. - Decentralized governance: We would like the Dapps to have decentralized governance features to enable efficient decision-making and consensus among network participants. - Tokenization: The Dapps should support tokenization to facilitate secure and seamless transactions within our MLM ecosystem. Blockchain Platform: - We have chosen Tron as our preferred blockchain platform for the Dapps. Therefore, we require a developer who is proficient in Tron and has experie...

    €893 (Avg Bid)
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    UNIVERSAL BASIC INCOME S'est terminé left

    ...AND THE PLAN TO SAVE THE WORLD Everything done needs to be documented and shared on Github for public usage. I am also looking to add some kind of api with GITHUB on how to send and share some amount of UCOIN to any developers uploading code for humanitarian projects being uploaded for public usage. Github code link This should work on both Ethereum or Tron blockchain or any blockchain available who wants to participate Contracts address DETAILS PROJECT 1. User Registration and Verification: - Users register on the UCOIN platform by providing their details and verifying their identity

    €997 (Avg Bid)
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    I am looking for a skilled developer to build a wallet for the blockchain platform and provide API integration. The ideal candidate should have experience with blockchain development and API integration. Specific requirements for the wallet include transaction tracking and multi-signature functionality. Whi...preferred API for integration, I am open to suggestions. The developer should be knowledgeable about different API options and be able to make recommendations based on the project requirements. Overall, I am seeking a developer who can create a secure and user-friendly wallet for the blockchain platform, with the ability to integrate with an appropriate API. Currently only applicable for TON & TRON, but also flexible for more. Please look at tasklist to see what are...

    €689 (Avg Bid)
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