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    Tron LightCycle S'est terminé left

    J'ai besoin de créer (rapidement) un grand stycker d'un light cycle de Tron. Le film de Disney de 1982. Idéalement se rapprochant de l'image que je vous joins. J'ai besoin d'un vue de profil du light cycle (voir ). J'aimerais recevoir le fichier en Illustrator CS6 maximum.

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    Tron Trx 8 jours left

    Proposal for Tron Trx dapp on tronchain.

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    Hi guys Looking for a web3 blockchain developer that can create and deploy private blockchain and dapps project. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT DEVELOPMENT OF CRYPTOCURRENCY. Only bid if you have done web3 private blockchain before. Example project: NO AGENCY NO COMPANY SCAMMERS PLEASE STAY AWAY YOUR TICKS WONT WORK ON ME

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    Tron blockchain based smart contract Front end Admin Integration and automation ROI project Details and functions as per whitepaper attached

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    We need a video created that showcases the unique skill set of our company that manufactures and programs arcade games. The video will be used on our website so it needs to be optimized. We would like the video to be a mix of new futuristic atmosphere and retro classic during the video arcade era. A mix of the first Tron and Second. We will provide footage of arcade screens, gameplay, menus, features, highlights, buzzwords. We will require all project source materials at the completion project. We will not extend deadlines once they are set. We will not increase the amount agreed to. Do not bid, unless you have read the entire project scope and viewed our website. Do not bid a low dollar amount and then want to discuss a different price. Please have examples

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    ...looking to build a non-custodial (self-custody), multi-chain, wallet with on/off ramp for fiat. I'd also like an integrated DEX/exchange/swap feature where we will charge a transaction fee (not sure if I would need to set up a separate treasury function to collect and store these fees, etc?). Happy to hear suggestions on collecting fees. Also, I'd like this wallet to be able to connect to other Dapps/protocols as well (not sure if this would need to be integrated with existing tech to do so, ie, WalletConnect or something similar?) I'd like this multi-chain, as many chains to begin with - happy to take your advice here. My plan would be to start somewhere and build this out over time. Longer term plan would be to build out a "Pro" version for institution...

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    Smart Contract developer on XRPL S'est terminé left

    I'm looking for a smart contract developer who has good experience on XRP network. I'm going to build some dapps on XRP network. If you're also good at Front-end work, it's great. But currently, looking for a XRP network expert.

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    In this project you will create an execution wrapper for decentralized exchanges. You will be using web3 and Python (please suggest a different approach to increase execution time) Your task is to create a wrapper to interact with DEXes (possibility to buy, sell, provide liquidity and remove liquidity) It should include any EVM based chain - iE Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Tron, etc. Also you should include as many exchanges as possible. Please provide a list of exchanges you propose to integrate when applying for this project. Some DEXes are copy pastes of Uniswap - all of them should be integrated. there should be 3 methods: 1) place_order(chain, dex, market, quantity, buysell, ...) 2) add_liquidity(chain, dex, market, quantity, ...) 3) remove_liquidity(cha...

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    In this project you will create an execution wrapper for decentralized exchanges. You will be using web3 and Python (please suggest a different approach to increase execution time) Your task is to create a wrapper to interact with DEXes (possibility to buy, sell, provide liquidity and remove liquidity) It should include any EVM based chain - iE Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Tron, etc. Also you should include as many exchanges as possible. Some DEXes are copy pastes of Uniswap - all of them should be integrated. Exchanges to be integrated: Ethereum: Uniswap, Sushiswap, Curve, Balancer, Dodo Binance Smart Chain: Biswap, Dodo, Pancakeswap Polygon: Quickswap Avalanche: Pangolin, TraderJoe, OopenOcean Optimsm: Perpetual Protocol Harmony: Defi Kingdoms, Defira the...

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    Create a detailed guide on how to crypo mining using hardware of different tokes to obtain TRX Tron Rewards, the guide must include PoS Staking and Node Validation Cloud also to obtain TRX

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    Solidity Smart Contract S'est terminé left

    Developing a Decentralized Applications (DApps) incorporating the features of smart contracts in blockchain In this task, you will develop a decentralized application with required smart contract(s) and deploy it on blockchain. You also need to create necessary front-end interfaces (as applicable) to interact with the deployed smart contract(s). The application allows a number of friends (maximum 10 and minimum 3) to start a new company. All of the friends must contribute an equal percentage of investment for the company and one of them becomes the manager of the company. Whenever the manager of the company needs any thing to purchase for the company, he requires the approval from his friends. If the manager receives the positive approval from at least 50% (of the total number of fr...

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    Hey, developers! We have been working on some proejcts about cryptocurrency such as Dapps. Thus, our team is looking for a senior full-stack developer who is strong in frontend. You can get into our team's business and can work for a long-term if your skillset is verified. Role: remote Rate: $8 -15/hr Woking hours: full time, over 40 hours per week if possible on weekend. Stack: js/ts, frameworks(react, vue, next, angular), material ui + styled components, & , github/gitlab, figma/adobe xd Beginning is half done. If you're interested in it, plz contact us. Thanks

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    swap dapps S'est terminé left

    Hi Daniella Almira Clarissa T., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    I need a 3D design for a game S'est terminé left

    I'm needing a 3D model for a world I'm doing in vrchat it's a hotel look that is Tron and cyberpunk appeases that has multiple floors that has a stadium and a dance studio and some bars as well

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    Slash is a decentralized payment protocol, capable of connecting to third party decentralized financial DApps via smart contracts and automating the token conversion process via smart contracts. Website: Slash supports: -4 types of blockchain protocols. -More than 1400 different tokens. -There is no need to swap the currencies in a decenralized exchange. -Easy QR code creation. -You can easily request crypto payments in stores, for menus, receipts, or for any EC site. We are currently looking for ecommerce developers as resellers or distribution partners, on an independent basis. Developers are required to implement Slash as payment gateway for the projects with their customers. It is very easy to set, and supports several platforms, still we prefer one of the following

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    Crypto Casino Project S'est terminé left

    Need a crypto casino script made for me. It needs to support BNB Chain, Metamask, Coin98, Tron Wallet, google account, Telegram ecc. It needs to have multiple casino games (Rock-paper-scissor, Dice, Limbo, Crash ecc.) It needs to support multiple cryptocurrencies. It needs to have bets for sports games, odds making and such And many more features. Example of a competitor :

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    We are building an NFT-based staking game on the Ethereum blockchain. We need a solidity developer who has proven experience building reward systems. We have the NFTs live already, with a staking contract. We need a front end that enables users to interact with various contracts (more details will be provided). We require gas eff...front end that enables users to interact with various contracts (more details will be provided). We require gas efficient and otherwise optimized smart contracts. We are hopeful this project will allow us to get additional funding for greater functionality build-out and subsequent projects. The quality of your work will directly impact this. Need Experience with: ・Metamask wallet integrations ・Dapps ・Staking mechanics ・Raffle ・Frontend (React / Java )

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    I find someone who can fix issue. S'est terminé left

    I have site using Tron but site have some issues. It is small issue and you have fix it in a one day. You must be a expert.

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    Market Reseach for dApps (Ethereum) S'est terminé left

    Market research required for 10 dApps (Ethereum) infomation required includes Company Information, financial information, funding details, major activity, process expertise, achievement, products & solutions provided and other related information.

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    I need someone to help me to deploy a smart contract to tron mainnet. I have tried few times but still failed, kept shown error FAILED deploying TronMX. You lost: 235.592 TRX.

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    Creation of a dapps to rent these nfts on polygon

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    Brochure Designer Needed S'est terminé left

    ...(DSL) is the developer of Web3 applications with its own stable coin, 2 exchanges with partners and multiple NFT platforms. We can build your own Ecosystem. What is own Ecosystem? Own Ecosystem consists of two parts: 1. Management of users data using 256 bit encryption and blockchain. 2. Own payment gateway which allows immediate payment with digital payment tokens. What can DSL do for you? 1. DApps Development  2. Smart Contract Development  3. Smart Contract Audit 4. Data Security  Why hire DSL for your Web3 projects? 1. Certified Fintech Company  2. 24 hours development team 3. Great Support Team 4. Many Case Studies to explore What is DSL trying to solve? The Problem Every year personal information of website users are stolen and sold illegally. Da...

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    Tron crypto currency S'est terminé left

    - create random tron wallet address(step 1) - transfer tron between wallet address - get wallet amount with wallet address - convert hex to base58 and base58 to hex for tron wallet address - smart contract to get tron on random address(step 1) and transfer between 2 default address - check transaction status - check transfer is done with transaction id

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    Hi, i need to make a simple app or script to check multiple balance and transaction in crypto like in tron network or ether network.. after that print the result as csv

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    Tron Node sync issues S'est terminé left

    We set up new node for Tron. Some how it is getting stuck in various blocks. Need an expert who can fix the issue quickly. this will be the first task however many more will come.

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    Hi! I am looking for a developer in order to collaborate with me to build a company focus on blockchain. The services to be performed are: - Create or adapt a Web3 - Create a DAO - Create functional and correct contracts - Create Dapps Pay terms to discuss.

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    Fix issue in TRON PHP API S'est terminé left

    Hello, I'm trying to make send transaction from account to account using the private key but i'm always got error: class : Validate TransferContract error, no OwnerAccount. Github:

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    Blockchain Developer S'est terminé left

    - Create dApps on 4th generation BlockChain networks (Polygon, Solana) - Design, develop, test, and deploy ERC-721/1155 smart contracts - Be part of teams building innovative platforms driven by hybrid Web2 and Web3 technologies - Collaborate with team members to build solutions based on scalable and reusable design patterns - Research and innovate for next-generation architectures - Create functional and non-functional use cases for every solution **What you need** - Bachelor’s degree in information security, computer science, or related. - Proficiency in Solidity, Javascript. - Knowledge in back-end development, algorithms, and data structures. - Advanced analytical and problem-solving skills. - Superb organizational skills and keen attention to detail. - Excellent communic...

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    Exhibition Booth Designer Required S'est terminé left

    Exhibition Booth Designer Required Please see attached. These are the deta...000. 2. NFT Marketplace Development: Usual Price: SGD 50,000, SFF price: SGD 25,000. 3. Exchange Listing: Usual Price: SGD 30,000, SFF price: SGD 15,000. 4. Smart Contract Writing: Usual Price: SGD 20,000, SFF price: SGD 10,000. 5. Smart Contract Audit: Usual Price: SGD 10,000, SFF price: SGD 5,000. Websites: 1. 2. 3. Back: Products and Promotions Sign up at our Dapps and stand a chance to win iPhone 14. Spin the wheel of fortune and get attractive prizes from us. Each website gives you one chance of winning. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. I need it in 48 hours. I need only PSD and PNG format only. NO other formats are not needed.

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    Problem in Node Sync ...Tron Block stuck {"timeStamp":1664197398000,"triggerName":"contractEventTrigger","uniqueId":"2515e08a21213c1c12f3c9d751faeaa7c8b16b5b5acbfe93d9b9c0d1ca519142_1","transactionId":"2515e08a21213c1c12f3c9d751faeaa7c8b16b5b5acbfe93d9b9c0d1ca519142","contractAddress":"TR7NHqjeKQxGTCi8q8ZY4pL8otSzgjLj6t","callerAddress":"","originAddress":"TMaEb751S7ZjEL1fVyXnxR5PDjB9Lpxj9m","creatorAddress":"THPvaUhoh2Qn2y9THCZML3H815hhFhn5YC","blockNumber":44539219,"blockHash":"0000000002a79d53bbb363e28f1e91ff5e46c0d7a180f9474f2fedc72b789c98","removed":false,"latestSolidifiedBlockNumber&q...

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    Trophy icon Logo for IT company S'est terminé left

    ...someone who can join me in creating a unique but not obscure logomark within the space of current IT trends such as DevOps, containerization, zero trust and cloud computing, but still have an old school spin on it (such as command line terminal usage, for instance, think DOS and Linux) Pop culture influences that I feel are inspirational when it comes to personal design taste for me: * Movies: Tron, Alien, Moon * General keywords: Moebius, Guilloche, Geometrical, MC Escher Keywords that describe what I would like the logomark to convey: * Linux expertise * Professionalism * Cloud Technologies Consideration will be taken to find someone with a personal touch, interest in the subject matter, and being able to move through more than one iteration of ideas and refine based on feed...

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    Pinksale fork S'est terminé left

    We are looking for one developer with a vast knowledge and experience in blockchain technology to join our team. Initial work will include directly forking pinksale with a complete change in frontend design. Later work will include adding an NFT launchpad and other dapps

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    I want a launch a new token so that need NFT Marketplace |Smart Contract Development | Blockhain Development | ICO | Cryptocurrency | dApps| Website | Mobile Apps. NFT minting coin minting

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    Trophy icon Logotype that will match blog theme S'est terminé left

    Design a logotype () that will match a blog theme & coloring from LOGOTYPE = CUSTOM LETTERS, HAND-DRAWN, NOT READY-TO-USE FONTS I CAN FIND MYSELF IN WORD! IF...can include additional graphic elements related to this). 0. Logotype "Security News" 1. Colors allowed are generally taken from 2. Transparent background 3. Provide output PSD / PNG images 4. Resolution min. 1024 px wide (so I can scale it down). 5. It CAN be multicolor, just stick to the color palette from the blog and colors from 6. I like TRON design (just an idea for you ) 7. MUST BE SHOWN ON FLAT SURFACE, 3D WILL BE REJECTED RIGHT AWAY

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    Project Manager - Web3 Agency S'est terminé left

    Eterstain is an web3 marketing agency helping companies to grow. We manage community building and influencers campaigns for web2 companies entering web3, NFT companies, Defi, DAO and Dapps. You will be in charge of : - manage the collaborations, influence marketing and community management teams - Ensure the smooth running of campaigns - Relation with clients during the campaigns Experience required - Having already one or more experiences in project management - Knowledge of the web3 industry is a plus but not required To be the best candidate for this project, you must: - An ability to communicate clearly - Speak French fluently - Speak English fluently - Determination to meet deadlines in a timely ma...

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    Cryptocurrencies Article Writing S'est terminé left

    I need 1 article about Cryptocurrencies from the following: Ethereum 2.0 Ethereum (ETH) Proof of Stake (PoS) Decentralized applications (DApps) Decentralized Finance (DeFi) What is Public-Key Cryptography? History of Cryptography Symmetric vs. Asymmetric Encryption What is a Digital Signature? What Is Bitcoin? What Is BNB? A Beginner's Guide to Monero Your work must pass my Grammarly plagiarism check and not exceed 6% plagiarism. Immediate delivery will equal immediate payment.

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    Build me a multisig wallet S'est terminé left

    We created a new blockchain with awesome speed and almost free gas fees. We are in the process of creating our dapps and one of the most important dapp is a multisig wallet for eth and bsc. Build the front-end and backend similar to gnosis safe (check internet). One main condition is that there should be one “must” sign wallet and that is the deployer.

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    Sci-fi 3D logo design required S'est terminé left

    Need a sci-fi logo. Futuristic style, like Cyberpunk and Tron. Metallic/3D style foreground. Should be a unique and original icon with a symbol in a hexagon tile. This should be a nice and original design reflecting cyberpunk in some way. Colors desired: in the region of red, blue, purple, green, logo should be fluorescent. Please make the background transparent, each element (Hexagon, background, and foreground text) will be in separate layer in PSD. We will require PSD and PNG formats sent after successful completion with all ownership/commercial rights assumed granted upon delivery. Samples: Hexagon background: Foreground with text and icon background:

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    3D CHARACTER DESIGNS S'est terminé left

    Experience of ROBOT DESIGN IS A MUST. Please send exam...REGULAR DESIGN UPDATES AND PROGRESS ATTACHMENTS. 3d character required in full standing position. The design should be Textured to reflect a robot nature similar to the reference images attached. SIMILAR NOT THE SAME (must be 100% original). The design should reflect a FEMALE GENDER. Character skin texturing and colouring. Silver/Metallic with a mix of neon pink and blue. Some TRON LINES are required in the design. TRON LINES SHOULD BE WHITE NEON (the character is filled with light inside the body). Eyes should be WHITE also. 1x base layer required - nude. 1x clothed required - WHITE VEST, BLUE JACKET, GREY TROUSERS, SHINY GOLD HEEL SHOES. IF YOU DO NOT SEND EXAMPLES OF PREVIOUS WORKS, YOUR BID WILL NOT BE CONSIDER...

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    I need a tron developer S'est terminé left

    Wanted a smart contract MLM script on blockchain fully decentralized

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    Setup Nodes on Numerous Blockchains S'est terminé left

    ...blockchains not listed below. Top priority blockchains on the list: Aion Algorand Arbitrum Avalanche Aurora Bitcoin Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin SV Bittorrent Boba Cardano Celo Chiliz Cosmos Cronos Dash EOS Ethereum Classic Fantom Fuse Filecoin Flow Harmony HECO Hedera Hoo Icon ICP Iota Iotex Kava Klatyn Lisk Litecoin Monero Moonbeam Moonriver Near Neo Polygon Ripple Qtum Shiden Solana Stellar Tezos Theta Tron VeChain Velas XDAI Zilliqa Lower priority blockchains: Acala Alephzero Altair Artis Astar Atheios Bifrost Calamari Centrifuge Chainx Clover Crust Darwinia DataHighway DeepBrain Dock Dolphin Edgeware Encointer Energi EnergyWeb Equilbrium Ethercore IDChain Integritee Interlay Karura Khala Kintsugi Kulupu Kusama Litmus Loom Lusko Mangata Morpher Nodle Palm Pangoro Parallel Petrachor...

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    Trophy icon design me a logo S'est terminé left

    Im after a logo for my company . Company Name: Tower Chain Digital The features/ themes i would like reflected are: Minimalist Futuristic (Tron lines) Greek Key Medieval tower Strong Trustworthy Intelligent Colour scheme Green Black Can have elements of gold

    €269 (Avg Bid)
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    Looking for responsive react/js developers who are familiar with web3 Dapps to help edit a website.

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    Solana Developer Needed S'est terminé left

    We're looking to develop a web app that performs as an NFT token gated DAO. Users will have the ability to make proposals, a...looking to develop a web app that performs as an NFT token gated DAO. Users will have the ability to make proposals, as well as place votes on the proposals. The NFT collection has 3 factions, depending on which faction the user belongs to, they will get access to their specific DAO. Required Experience: - Experience in developing and deploying smart contracts using RUST - Experience in building dApps - Experience generating a customized NFT collection Nice to haves: - Experience in building a DAO platform - Experience in working with NFT collections (airdrops, staking, etc) The goal of the project is to have a working DAO that users will be able to...

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    Full Node Setup for TRON Network S'est terminé left

    Hello, We need setup full node for mainnet and testnet on TRON network. Please contact with me.

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    I need tron api. if you're expert in other payment like paypal then you can do this. check with all my budget is $50

    €73 (Avg Bid)
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    I need tron api. if you're expert in other payment like paypal then you can do this. check i've some more work with all my budget is $100

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    Hi, i need documentation about how to Fork Pancakeswap and Olympus DAO in Tron Blockchain. The documentation should be type step by step tutorial. Payment will be made once it is verified that the documents work correctly. i want to well-written documentation which explained step by step how to fork Pancakeswap (exchange, farms, pools-staking and lottery - if you can include IFO, perfect) for Tron Blockchain. Documentation about how to manage Pancakeswap (add, remove LP Pairs, farms, lottery and pools, draw lottery, set deposit Fee on farms and pools, etc...). Same for Olympus DAO, well-written documentation which explained step by step how to fork it for Tron Blockchain and documentation about how to manage, means it, how bonds works (high level explanation), other co...

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