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    ...signed. See [se connecter pour voir l'URL] We have an Excel 2003-based application and now need a subroutine to produce the signed http request. This project should be very simple for any VBA programer familiar with AWS. The programmer will need to create a free Amazon Web Services account in order

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    MS Word VBA S'est terminé left

    ...different versions use it. This is only a high level specification the detail will be provided once the we get approval to proceed. Basically it is a Word document with VBA code and the functionality is required to include : - Password protected, enabling response fields only to be edited. - Add/Delete buttons for table rows - Sub-sections to

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    Correct Summary Query S'est terminé left

    there is a query "count" that is not summarizing data in the table correctly. Fix the query must be a fix inside the query no vba nothing like that .... there is also added "true count" query for lets say 76+ days you will see its short by 15 days ... why ? why is "count" query not able to capture everything?

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    Hello I need posting in these languages: English, Ger, It, Sp, Dutch, Por, Pol, Rom, Greek, $ 0.05 for 1 post Details in the attachment Happy bidding

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    VBA/macro: xls data into ppt S'est terminé left be able to program the macro to copy the excel data row from a single file and have it placed on each individual slide in the ppt. The ppt will have to have a new slide inserted for each b/c it starts off with just the first slide. So there has to be a macro that inserts a new slide and copies the excel row in the specific location and then inserts

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    7 offres be able to program the macro to copy the excel data row from a single file and have it placed on each individual slide in the ppt. The ppt will have to have a new slide inserted for each b/c it starts off with just the first slide. So there has to be a macro that inserts a new slide and copies the excel row in the specific location and then inserts

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    GetDataFrpmRP S'est terminé left

    ...the race id and the race date, I want to retrieve every piece of data found on the 7 horse lines, from the NO column to the RPR column. The data must be retrieved using Excel vba . I want to retrieve the code. ## Deliverables Some columns include 2 pieces of info, for example the NO col contains 1and 6: 1 and 6 must be retrieved in distinct

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    VBA Excell Form S'est terminé left

    I have a spreadsheet in excell and I am looking for someone to quickly build me a VBA form so that I can view and input information on to a table (table already created). There are 10 column in the table, some of them on the form need to be view only, whicls other need to be linked so that when I change data on the form in transferes it to the table

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    ...the latest version of Excel and MS office 97-2003 Requirements are already in the spreadsheet.. How to rank the scores of the gymnasts by age group and add up all around scores are already in the spreadsheet. Those rules are in the spreadsheet and it is expected that you will be able to understand those rules from the excel spreadsheet. Thanks

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    The macro will copy non-blank cells that a user will input and paste them in a separate sheet on the next available blank row. The macro will be VBA to be used in Excel. ## Deliverables The input sheet will be the source data. The rows of information in the input sheet will only be copied if there is data in the "Qty" column. The rows that have

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    ... The coder will view the MS Access program as it runs and reproduce the SAME product running under VB6.? The following additional work is required as the original VBA source code will NOT work in VB6: - populate combo box drop downs which are used as a 'Search' for values - MS Access Grids which are automatically populated in MS Access

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    Need Excel vba script written to test and see if changes have been made on a user form and change a command button on the user form to state a change has happened. On someof the userforms I have as many as 120 text boxes and some I have a combination of text boxes and comboboxes.

    379140 MS Access Expert S'est terminé left

    ...customized to meet the needs of my company. I am a proficient user of MS Access, but do not master all the controls available. Therefore I would need someone with knowledge in VBA for Access. The DB structure is ready, I only need to work out some forms, queries and reports that require expertise in Access. Simple forms using Wizzard not enough. A 10

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    378884 Excel + some VBA S'est terminé left

    Hi, I have an Excel file to be designed, which would contain 2 sheets with tables of some data (see example attached). Main difficulty of this project is it has to be interactive - each column and row will have dropdown right near it's title (like a filter) where by selecting an option it will change corresponding column/row values using some

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    VBA modification and form as discussed

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    VBA Code in Excel S'est terminé left

    Project task is produce VBA code in Excel (Excel 2003 /XP environment) to analyse data from workbook held in same directory (workbook is dynamic - extra rows of data frequently appended - columns stay same). For each classification of a filter criteria in a column(as that shown using standard autofilter drop down selection for a column - filter criteria

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    This is an excel model that: - organizes raw materials requirements for manufacturing - organizes orders (entered by user) - organizes input costs of raw materials (entered by user) - keeps track of historical order history and raw materials pricing -calculates cost of finished product once it is manufactured based on database of raw materials

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    ...common to each form. Each for is for slightly differing types of proposals so some questions do not appear on all forms, etc. I would like a form written in to either Excel or Access. The form should contain all questions but have a selection for the proposal type that will disable questions unrelated to that proposal. Additionally, it is

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    We urgently need someone who will write VBA code for basic functions such as: Save as worksheet to specified directory, filename based on cell content, save as PDF and .xls: Also email to pre-determined recipient. This work is required on 2 work books and is very small project but the work is required today. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional

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    VBA EXCEL MQL4 S'est terminé left

    The task is interesting. I have an excel software that can execute positions into Meta Trader 4 and can import any MT4 data in Excel - perfect to build EAs in Excel. I will need someone to look at 10 existing MQL4 EAs and recreate them in that Excel software. Would prefer coders who will can work during the christian holidays.

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    Convert VBA macro to C# S'est terminé left

    Need to convert this simple VBA macro to C#. Sub ReceiveIt_1234567() channel = DDEInitiate("Service", "Actions") DDEExecute channel, "[SystemEvent(""ReceiveIt"",""User Name"", ""1234567"" )]" DDETerminate channel End Sub

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    Open and fill each slide in PowerPoint file via automation. Each slide will be filled by PowerPoint file via automation. Each slide will be filled by the content of VB6 Text1 Text2 Text3 etc so VB6 interface skills required. Code you create may be similar to VBA but deliverable must be VB6 EXE PRJ FRM etc. ## Deliverables See attached ppt.

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    I have a very simple VBA code I need I just don't know how to do it so posting here; I have several sheets in a workbook with multi-column records. Many of these records are partially identical and need to be merged. Generally this is because one record has values in some fields and the other has values in others. The process is essentially;

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    Hello I need a macro (VBA in Access, no form needed). You have to read many excel books and extrac the information in them, and store this in a table. The path you will search in, is in the table "Path" 1. read "Path" and search all the excel files (xls and xlsx) that contains "*20 A." (for example "072009 [se connecter pour voir l&#...

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    Adding functions and features to a Microsoft Access 2007 database We have an advanced planning system built in Access 2007 that have: - Customer database - Sales support - Input of new orders. We also add each individual article include in the order. Each article has also price. - We have different overviews so we can see the status of all orders. - Package view when to pack and send goods...

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    Jak w temacie. Zainteresowanych prosze o kontakt email lub gg 3304061

    min €3

    we are looking for online or excel system will login into website and enter stuff from excel and gather stuff into excel.

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    WEB SCRAPPERS VBA S'est terminé left

    please ask for info we would like to enter stuff using excel as it will be automated online to login protected website and gather info as well into excel.

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    I am looking for a button will save the sheet as A4 JPEG format... so only need a button on the side to click and it will ask where to save,. i am sending the sample file for demo you can use for your sample to demonstrate. Thanks budget 15$

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    Being that I didnt pay attention in class I need to program a macro in excel that finds and displays variables from different workbooks. Following is the project discription "Use the emailed Excel File and write a VBA macro (assigned to FIND button in the main spreadsheet) that; - reads the 3 Variables: Fluid Type, Temperature and Temperature

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    Fast Job - Luthier Label S'est terminé left

    I need a luthier label. The luthier is Abraham Falcon, located in Lima - Peru and would like an andean theme with macchu picchu and some ethnic border. The designer is free to make suggestions about colors, sizes, borders, cuttings, type of paper, etc.? Mockup needed. Will qualify 10! ## Deliverables No cliparts. all graphics must be done

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    370812 Excel VBA Pivot Table S'est terminé left

    Hello I have a workbook with multiple Pivot Tables. The name of each Pivot table contains the ...if statement, if a field does not exist, then resume next. The form must open with a button. Must run in Office 2007 and XP. You must do it using VBA (open code). Scrow Payment. If you are Excel expert, then this may take max 4 hours Thanks

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    Macros/VBA and Access S'est terminé left

    Hi Need an expert on Excel, VBA, Access and SQL. Small budgeted work but could potentially have steady workflow.I require someone who is avail to commence project now and return completed work in quick turnaround time. Need 3 examples of previous relevant work. Thanks JP

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    €27 - €221
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    ...spreadsheet. What I need: 1. VBA code for the cascading lists (esp for the 2nd one - based on the selection of the first list). 2. On Click of Add to enter a record in the spreadsheet (Kind of data entry form). It's pretty straight forward - nothing complicated. Needs to be done ASAP! Unless you are MS-Excel/VBA expert - don't even bother to

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    ...Essentially a model in Excel requires VBA code to automate it fully. There is an input form which drives the model. New button functionality needs to be added to the form to enable the required code to refresh the model. Once this model is saved an Access table linked to this must be automatically updated and stored. New Data should in Excel must generate a

    €27 - €221
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    Hello I have a workbook with multiple Pivot Tables. The name of each Pivot table contains the word "week" or the word "month". I need you to do a form for year, month and week selection With this selection, you must: 1- fill a cell with selected 2- apply selection in many pivot tables. If pivot table contains the word "week", then you must apply "week&qu...

    MS Access VBA work. S'est terminé left

    Changing the appearance of an existing access application including adding new images (supplied) changing labels and hiding certain controls etc. There may be a few small structural changes to tables but nothing too major. Im actually an access developer and at a guess would estimate there is 2-3 days work.

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    Need a vba macro to move information in one column of a worksheet to another worksheet in the same book after it meets 2 criteria. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Deliverables must be in ready-to-run condition, as follows? (depending on

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    I'm pretty good at programming VBA myself but I'm working on some other stuff. - For a guy with VBA experience this should be an easy job! I have to present this code for some co-workers about programming in VBA. Therefore the code must be very flexible and fast, and the use of functions and variables etc. has to be chosen wisely. Code must serve

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    372723 VBA Project S'est terminé left

    I have a multi-sheet Excel spreadsheet that I need to parse. Mainly I put the core data in one field that needs to be stripped into multiple fields plus I used indenting to create the parent/nesting which is also easily stripped. I have a very easy to understand word docs that shows what I need done (I know the steps and logic, just not how to express

    VBnet routines S'est terminé left

    Must have knowledge in VBnet Gridex SqlServer 2000 TSql MSWord object (merge) Reports (prefered: MS report rather than Crystal report) MSAccess (primarily: VBA routines) ADOBD object I am in a pre-qualification process to select a programmer for several small tasks and interested to continue working on several larger tasks in the

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    372183 Ebay API Project. S'est terminé left

    I'd like an Excel spreadsheet coded that uses the ebay API to extract details of auctions in progress using set criteria. I'd like to be able to store multiple searches in a single worksheet (1 search per line) with each search to include the following variables 1) Search Title (User Defined Value) 2) Category (inc Child Categories) 3) Keywords

    372085 SOAP OVH in Excel VBA S'est terminé left

    hi, I would like to convert a script php5 in VBA excel. My situation: I have a formular in html and it is using to send an email. When I click on the bouton "send", the script [se connecter pour voir l'URL] run. [se connecter pour voir l'URL]: <?php $nic="xx123456-ovh"; $pass="ovh123456"; $sms_compte="sms-xx123456-1&quo...

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    VBA Macros (PPT) S'est terminé left

    I need an application written in VBA for PPT. There already exists a specification in German and in English (Translation from German) and about 2/3 of the VBA code. So you must be able to read German. I want you to test the VBA code, eliminate the bugs in it (First Milestone) and afterwards write the last 1/3 of the code (Second Milestone). You

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    I have a user-defined function in VBA for Excel 2004 for windows. However, Excel 2008 for Mac does not support VBA. I'd like to convert the VBA code to Applescript so I can use this spreadsheet in Excel 2008 for Mac. ## Deliverables I've attached the spreadsheet with sample data and the VBA so you can see how it works and test your App...

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    €18 - €22
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    371427 VBA short Word macro S'est terminé left

    I estimate a really good vba programmer can write and test this in 1-2 hours. Starting conditions: MS Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7. Office 2007, or Office 2010. 2 Word documents are open: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] [se connecter pour voir l'URL] I'll try to give a complete description of what I'm looking for – probably over explaining it.  [s...

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    VBA Excel S'est terminé left

    This project involves writing a code in VBA excel that will allow me to connect to a MySQL database and retrieve information. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Deliverables must be in ready-to-run condition, as follows (depending on the nature

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    Hello GAF-Developers, An Excel 2002 application is provided that is based on an .mdb-file. Parts of it should be ported to php/mysql. In a first version a command line php script should print out the same events for a given stock as seen in screenshot1. A mysql 4.1 database with stock information and quotes already exists. All indicators

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    I'd like Outlook VBA code that will parse the order confirmation emails I receive from Amazon, and save them to an Excel file (or CSV is fine too). Attached is a sample text file with the full text of a sample Amazon order confirmation email. There are several items in the order -- I'd like a separate line for each. I'll forward several more sample

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