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    ...about the role of unions in the twenty-first century in the US; include the following: •Analyze the impact of historical context on union-management relations. How does historical context provide clues as to the direction of union/management relations? •Analyze the role of labor unions in contemporary American business and...

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    Marketing Postcard S'est terminé left

    We are a cooperative CUSO that provides core processing to credit unions. I am looking to have someone design a postcard for distribution to our markets that highlights our data analytics and dashboard capabilities.

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    We are a union that represents professional union staff. We are based out of Long Beach, CA, and are also known as The Staff Union. Some of our favorite Unions use a circular pattern or wheel -- see attached files. Something similar, incorporating a beach or city skyline would be great.

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    We are seeking a successful email writer to work on a series of email campaigns over the next several months to introduce our company and services. We want to develop an email campaign to coordinate with a national schedule of HR Conferences to engage those potential clients at conference via booth engagements, meetings or even develop breakout session

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    I would like to market GICs specifically to those in the medical field (doctors, dentists, nurses). We offer guaranteed GICs being offered through banks, trust companies and credit unions.

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    CRUD with Grid interface PHP S'est terminé left

    ...frameworks. General System Requirements 1. Grid system must be able to get files from more than 1 table (complex joins and unions) and be able to edit them. The audit(history logs) table will also be edited upon editing the main table. Export via xls/csv/pdf as well. 2. Import xls/csv into system (For batch creates/edits) Developer must have their

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    Need CIO, CTO, CEO emails for prospecting of 75 unique banks and credit unions in Texas, USA. Use any method you want, but delivery will be an excel (xls) with First and Last names, Title, Organization, email and phone #s. Need this to be 99% accurate. respond with price and delivery time. Thanks

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    Tutorials for C Programming S'est terminé left

    We are looking for few talented people who can create the tutorials for different chapters of C programming for our website [se connecter pour voir l'URL] List of chapters 1. C Introduction 2. Environment Setup 3. Program Structure 4. Basic Syntax 5. Data Types 6. Variables 7. Constants 8. Storage Classes 9. Operators 10. Decision Making

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    internet research S'est terminé left

    research community based organizations, city planning board member background, building permits pulled, unions specifications working in specific cities

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    Call all the small banks and credit unions in Volusia County Florida. Find out if they will talk to me about a home mortgage loan. Call using Skype or other free phone service. Call during business hours in the USA Eastern Time Zone (same as New York City). The script and list of banks are attached. Calls should take no more than 5 minutes each

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    Resourcing and Talent Planning S'est terminé left
    VERIFIÉ provide written responses to each of the following seven questions: Question 1 Your organisation is based in two different countries (the UK and another country of your choice). Write a short account which briefly assesses the labour market trends in each country. In your account, briefly explain the significance of tight and loose labour market

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    Trophy icon Develop a Logo & Business Card Design S'est terminé left

    Develop a Logo and business card design for "Fundraising Guru" A Brilliant Way to raise ongoing funding for non-pr...Logo and business card design for "Fundraising Guru" A Brilliant Way to raise ongoing funding for non-profits, charities, schools, churches, hospitals, police associations, unions and athletic clubs. email: fundraisingguru1@[se connecter pour voir l...

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    PBA is the ecosystem platform to enable the next generation of community-based commerce. We will create a SaaS PLATFORM which connects credit unions, community banks, affinity institutions ( Amins-university alumni, AAA, ) and their field of membership ( customers/buyers) and small local businesses*( sponsors/advertisers/retailers ) enter into a win-win-win

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    Scrape data at this URL about 50 UK trade unions across 5 web pages: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] And insert into the attached spreadsheet

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    Sales and Marketing S'est terminé left

    I need some help with selling something. he or she sells and oversees ...selling something. he or she sells and oversees securities transactions for customers of banks and credit unions. Their primary job responsibilities are to explain, sell and execute banking securities products, and serve as a liaison between the bank and its securities customers.

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    I need career profiles written for 3 careers in the UK- Recruiters / Recruitment Consultants Accountants (Digital) Marketing Manager Related experience of the career you're writing for and experience of the UK job market would be ideal, but someone without experience willing to research the role thoroughly would also be suitable. You will be required

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    Career Profile Written S'est terminé left

    ...of words: 800 Information for the blog/website: We provide career advice Description of every page: I need career profiles written for 3 careers - *Recruiters / Recruitment Consultants *Accountants *Marketing Manager You MUST have related experience of the role you are writing for - to be considered for the job you will need to send a message

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    Hire a Ghostwriter S'est terminé left

    Describe the changes in the workplace that led workers to organize and form unions in order to improve their working conditions, pay scale and laws affecting children and women ( at least 1/2 page include details and examples where appropriate to show understanding)

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    essay writing S'est terminé left

    Essay related to Employment Relations and Trade Unions Describe how, and critically assess why, the nature of industrial action has significantly altered in Britain since the mid 1980’s.

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    I'm a media person and I want to interview some terminated workers from Cook Colliery. interview some terminated workers from Cook Colliery. Before that, I have some issues that need the help of a local person. It would be better if you are a dismissed worker yourself or you are from the local Worker Unions, such as the CFMEU or Unions ACT.

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    ...led to the need for unions and how good employee relations might prevent the need for organized labor. Use your own research. Include 5 to 6 references. American English I have also provided supportive documents Tips: Assume that an organization is already unionized and you have interviewed the HR Manager(make them up). What are the conditions

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    ...words The essay must address the following questions. · What roles can management, unions and the state play in making work more satisfying and participatory? · Is it possible to reorganize work so that it becomes more satisfying participatory? · Can the goals of humanistic work-reform be reconciled with...

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    ...Arrays Introduction Multidimensional Array in C Arrays & Functions Strings in C String Functions Structure Introduction Structure and Pointers Structure and Functions Unions in C Pointers in C Pointers Introduction Pointers and Arrays Pointers and Functions Memory Management Bit-Fields Macro Preprocessors Type Casting Recursion Variable

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    Study about how to form a group of companies unions or groups or consortium or alliance or the best form around the world how to build a group of profit or non profit organizations The study should cover all possible ways and comparisons and pros and cons and legal and business effects and consequences and advantages and disadvantages and benefits

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    Hello - I am in the process of compiling a master contact list for my company. All the contacts on the list work for Credit Unions or are in the Credit Union industry. The excel spreadsheet has 6 fields: email address, first name, last name, credit union name, state the credit union is located in, and title of the person. All of the li...

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    Write a Book S'est terminé left

    THE Credit Unions North and South of the Canadian border have for more than 30 years destroyed communities, people's lives, businesses, families, bankruptcies, credit reputations, children life-development, sports and activities, children's futures, personal health and utter devastation. These animalistic lawbreakers and offenders and villains and

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    ...Paper Question: What is the impact of de-risking on credit unions in a small Caribbean country? Sample size: 17 participants Questionnaires - 2 types: 1- for credit union personnel (total of 10 questions) 2 - for regulators (total of 6 questions) need coding and analysis in NVIVO urgently and SPSS. need completed within the next 3 hours as its a small

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    Business Analysis S'est terminé left

    Im looking for someone to publicaly source the annual reports of 5 Canadian, 5 American and 6 Australian Credit Unions and produce a common spread for analysis. Specifically looking to include, profit/loss, balance sheet, ratio's.

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    Hire a Web Developer S'est terminé left

    ...our existing core PHP based website. You will be working with our UI/UX and front end team in making the necessary changes and adding features. This is an ongoing project and we are looking for some one to work with us long term. To apply for the position you must be available to work at least 25 hours a week and meet the below criteria: Please post

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    Write a Report S'est terminé left

    Here's the description of the paper and the course description for the writers reference, I can also share the pdf version of the textbook if that would be helpful. 1) Course Description: Applies economic theory to labour markets. Topics include labour force participation, hours of work, investment in education and training, worker mobility, demand

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    Trophy icon Design a Logo S'est terminé left

    I need a logo for RegulatoryData, LLC, which is a Software as a Service (SaaS) business dedicated to providing financial institutions (US Banks & Credit Unions) access to aggregate analytics from regulatory financial data (UBPR, FPR, Google, etc.) and others on their financial institution and other financial institutions for comparison, analysis, and

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    Research Writing S'est terminé left

    Choose only two, of the following long answer essay questions. Apply one of the theoretical approaches such as Unitarianism (soft or hard HRM) , Pluralism or radical perspectives (Marxism, labour process theory, Radical Feminism) to develop your analytical/critical argument and provide recommendations. As a guide approx 500 words Include

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    Critical Reasoning 2 S'est terminé left or evidence to the contrary. Based on your readings, research, and experiences as well as your study and consideration of the Exhibit above, select and analyze one issue that is now in the national debate, on health, education, climate change, role of the US foreign policy, United Nations, undocumented workers, or unions and the minimum wage. I...

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    I need some Graphic Design S'est terminé left

    I need several infographics created based on the following items: Facebook Guide for Credit Unions Yelp Guide for Credit Unions Some general data to be incorporated - Key CU Data # of Credit Unions who are on Facebook # of Credit Unions who are on Yelp 95% of Online Adults 18-34 are likely to follow a brand online in 2015 - facebook influenced

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    ...I have an Excel spreadsheet with five tabs. All the headers are already setup and the first row of each sheet contains an explanation of what kind of data should be entered under that heading (i.e., under the Location header, it would say "City"). The purpose of the spreadsheet is to help analyze the Texas construction market. Let me go over w...

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    ...I have an Excel spreadsheet with five tabs. All the headers are already setup and the first row of each sheet contains an explanation of what kind of data should be entered under that heading (i.e., under the Location header, it would say "City"). The purpose of the spreadsheet is to help analyze the Texas construction market. Let me go over w...

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    SCOPE: We are looking to contract the services of a professional individual or market research company to undertake strategic market research. We concur with an initial macro level framework scoring of proposed sectors/areas, followed by deeper analysis in the areas selected to identify market trends; industry analysis; competitor analysis; buyer behaviour

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    Information Tesla S'est terminé left

    I need: - Product description of Tesla Model 3 (half a page) - Vision of Tesla (half a page) - Mission Tesla (half a page) - Environmental information regarding Trade unions in Tesla's market (half a page) - two parts of a PRESTCOM analysis: Economic, Social for Switzerland (half a page each) References cited should be listed!

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    Presentation S'est terminé left

    Question 1 Your organisation is based in two different countries (the UK and another country of your choice). Write a short account which briefly assesses the labour market trends in each country. In your account, briefly explain the significance of tight and loose labour market conditions and how organisations position themselves strategically in

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    We want you to contact Slovak student councils and communicate with them in Slovak language on our behalf. Our product is [se connecter pour voir l'URL] plagiarism checker. Your task will be to contact student councils and ask if they can provide us any promotional/advertising services. For instance, newsletter sending, FB posts, articles, etc. You will communicate with them proactively - sen...

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    essay S'est terminé left

    The assignment is to write a 1,000-word essay on one of the following topic areas: a. Skills/wages/technology/inequality/bad jobs b. Manufacturing/industry/service/retail/finance c. Labor/unions d. Professions e. Gender/Race The paper should be based on 4 academic journal articles.

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    Research Writing S'est terminé left

    hi there, We have two research projects studying about the EU industrial relations. We prefer writers from UK or EU who have strong knowledge about the EU. Please have no political perspectives caused by the Briexit in our research projects. 4000 - 4500 words each. Please pick a topic you're most familiar with. 1: How are EU principles of

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    ...employed by The Canberra Times as a Political Correspondent for their newspaper on a temporary contract. You are to write three articles on three current political issues. The Canberra Times wants to see if you are worth hiring on a permanent basis and these articles are part of your probationary period. Remember, you are writing these articles for the broader

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    Trophy icon Design a Brochure S'est terminé left

    The brochure is for a project based on the Annual conference of the National Union of Students, UK. It is a conference for 150 presidents of student unions across the country. Three way folded, something simple but inspiring is the main goal. I don't want to include that much information, just a simple introduction and the Where, When, How of <...

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    8 propositions in the USA. I would ideally like to find a bank that only has physical branch locations in the state of New Mexico. So I'm looking for someone to help me search the internet to produce a list of banks located in New Mexico. In addition to simply finding banks in New Mexico, I'm also looking for some specific information about the banks. All

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    ...complex that do not like me living here. I have had 4 attempted break-ins, and been protested in which I have on video survelience . I have contacted the police they viewed the videos but could not catch the people responsible. I need to get a house out away from this area, preferable rural. I have done nothing to these people other than being a christian

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    Hello, I would like you to do the following work for me. You should look at the countries that you have interest the following information. First Search: Distributors and importers of the following products: OBS: you should search distributor of each product, product by product. • Bearings (80) • Grease (50) • Chain (50) • Tire (80) • ...

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    I am looking for a CSV report with the business name and headquarters address for 100 credit unions headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Please make sure the address is separated by street, city, state. So i know this is not a bot reply, please use the word pickle in the bid or else you will be ignored. Lastly, please let me know any other features

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    Search the Web for Something S'est terminé left

    ...on the following: Must be from the following areas in Southern California: Anaheim, Irvine, Costa Mesa, San Clemente, Temecula, Hemet, Carlsbad, Escondido. The following industries are required Medical (hospitals, biotech), law firms, small-medium credit unions. This is for a cyber security consulting company offering professional services. The contacts

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