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    Professionnel Photoshop S'est terminé left

    Enlever un tatoo d’une photo je veux que le tattoo soit retiré du bras

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    Trophy icon Trouver un logo S'est terminé left

    Je recherche un logo en lien avec mon entreprise dans l’esthétique qui s’appelle chrysalide, je pratique la dermopigmentation correctrice c’est à dire que je tattoo des aréoles mammaires, j’efface les cicatrices, vergetures et fais des soins pour les rides, taches, acnés.... je précise que je souhaite des couleurs douces ( rose, violet, ve...

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    Trophy icon Logo pour Li-AnaHata S'est terminé left

    I would like a logo for my business cards and website. My activity is related to energetic healing, chakra alignment, etc. I wish something in a mystical atmosphere and in the colours blue-night, silver, dark grey and a touch of turquoise. I have made a sketch of what I would like to wish for in attachment. It is important that the full moon in the centre looks like a full moon with its play of li...

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    Dessiner un tatouage S'est terminé left

    Tattoo est un dessin reflète la personnalité de chaque personne pendant le tatouage de son corps comme il est devenu à la mode pour toutes les personnes

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    J'aurai de besoin : 1-Banner : Je veux de quoi du genre pixel voir mix de Trove /8bit games ( AUCUN MINECRAFT X_X )De plus, je suis un joueur d'overwatch donc si vous avez quelques choses d'intéressant à rajouter hésité pas ! De plus , je main Poppy (skin forgeon ) et Caitlyn ( skin lunar )sur LoL . De plus, je suis un grand fan d'anime sauf de yaoi...

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    Dessiner un tatouage S'est terminé left

    j'ai actuellement un tattoo de 10cm sur l'avent bras de mini mouse j'aimerai continuer sur le meme theme dessin animer avec des motives très fine et subtil

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    Concevez un logo S'est terminé left

    Un logo en forme de ballon de rugby avec un dessin d'inspiration tribal (type maori, polynesien...etc...) La marque Tribal Rugby entoure le logo en typographie "Tribal Times"

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    Tribal areas S'est terminé left

    Web Content finder ,etc etc :.................................................................

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    Bonjour, Je cherche des talents créatifs pour créer des design originaux pour lancer des collections en édition limitée sur des produits sportifs : des manchons de compression mollet. La première collection étant autour du tatouage (tribal, maori, etc).

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    Tattoo Design S'est terminé left

    Je veux refaire ce tattoo avec le nom de mes enfants devant et derriere la tête du cheval. Donc, Cédrik -(tête du cheval)- Dylan J'aimerais que la tête du cheval soit réaliste et reconnaissable. J'aimerais que l'écriture soit semblable à l'image. Dans le même style que le moniteur cardiaque. merci!

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    It will be in a cartoon-like style of 2 guys sitting on a couch / in a crappy apartment. The style would be similar to the original space jam monstars/rick and morty, or any simple cartoon like figures. One guy is tall and skinny with a hardcore mullet and some chains with a bball shirt that has a big spot with a G in it. This guy would most likely be rolling or smoking a joint and one of his cha...

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    Hello, i am looking for someone skilled guy to build up a tattoo design from some pic a have

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    Trophy icon Tattoo artwork design 5 jours left

    Hello, I'm needing help digitizing an image I would like to eventually have tattooed. The inspiration comes from the first trail I ever took my daughter backpacking on in the Appalachians. The RED line represents the elevation changes on this in and out trail so you can see it's mirrored. However, it makes for a decent mountain-scape. The hand drawn sketch i made is a rough idea of w...

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    Tattoo Artwork 3 jours left

    I need a half sleeve tattoo designed. The theme is the interaction between technology and nature. The artwork should be black in color. It needs to have polygonic wolves and lions. It also should have nature (trees, mountains), sacred geometric borders, and the autobots symbol on the inner forearm. The tattoo will primarily cover a bruise on the outer forearm. The artwork contains no text. Let m...

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    Tattoo Skull 2 jours left

    Skull logo with science motion... kindly follow the given link to make a fearful and great design of the skull, the figure of the skull should be on the mouth and that shows the silent... IMPORTANT: the hand doing the "be the silent shhh" move must be on the logo. You can also suggest any types of weapon handle by the skull (or keep the same like on the inspiration image).

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    Minimalistic dress illustrations inspired by popular pinterest tattoo designs .

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    Trophy icon Design me a tattoo 4 jours left

    I would need a desing of a tattoo (to be done on inner forearm). the tattoo has to include somehow 3 or 4 letter L I like geometric tattoo and Mandala and ornamental but I would appreciate also an inspired artwork not in these style. We have 3 sons and that has been quite tough to face for me and now I´m very glad of the life I live. I don´t want a too strong / heavy / fully / dark / c...

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    Tattoo design 1 jour left

    Hi, I need someone to design a forearm tattoo for me. Must be very high quality and experienced.

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    Update cosmetic tattoo website Studio conceal ([se connecter pour voir l'URL]) use this as a guide as we have similar services Theme: gold yellow, black,white Use business keywords Install google analytics Blogs area( that I can easily update myself) Mobile user friendly Pop up window “are you candidate?!” Update display photos Please include your work that you have done ... Than...

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    Character animation 11 heures left

    I’m looking to animate a logo/character - traditional animation and/or 3D (Gecko/Geico) we will want to produce a welcome animation (website, social) and a number of 5-10 seconds “stories”. The logo/character consists of a green and black upright crocodile wearing a tan and black straw hat with a black and red ribbon around the crown. The crocodile is also wearing a burgundy an...

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    Design me a forearm tattoo S'est terminé left

    I’m looking for someone to design me a forearm tattoo. Must be an exceptional graphic designer as this is going on my body for life. Ignore the budget. Rate will be discussed later

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    Tattoo design S'est terminé left

    I already have two tattoo on my leg and i would like to unite them by have a full leg sleeve designed. The design should be hand drawn unique and original.

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    Trophy icon Tattoo Design 3 jours left

    Hi, I am after a unique tattoo design that is to be inked from the wrist to the shoulder and possibly more if required over the shoulder to the chest. The tattoo is to be in dark tones and shading no colour required except for the use of the natural skin tone beneath, I will try paint the picture in words for it to come to life flowed from pen to paper. If some colour is required then we can work...

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    Tattoo design- Family crest S'est terminé left

    Hi there I'm looking for a tattoo to be designed of my family 'McLeod' crest, a simple google search will reveal several different examples of the bulls head with motto 'hold fast' I like the classic look but looking for it to be very slightly stylized/modernized. I do not want the 'belt' type surround- Just the bulls head, flags etc, and 'hold fast' m...

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    There is a very important sentence I need translating, from English to Greek. It will be used as a tattoo. So no errors whatsoever.

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    Trophy icon Tattoo design for half chest and half sleeve S'est terminé left

    I'm looking for a cohesive full color design for a tattoo that will be on the left side of my chest and half sleeve on my left arm. This is a project for me to put something beautiful on my skin after a bilateral mastectomy from breast cancer. I'm looking for a mountain design that can represent three major mountain types and also aircraft to represent my military service in the Air Forc...

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    Tattoo design S'est terminé left

    Need a minimal trippy tattoo design. Not very detailed, not involving a lot of geometrical figures. something new and not from the Internet

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    Timli mp45 S'est terminé left

    I need a designer logo who represent the tribal population, the people who live in the village, they have their own local folk dance , And they also keep spear, bow, and arrow as a weapon

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    logo design -- 2 S'est terminé left

    Logo design for Inkoperated Tattoo & Piercing

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    The Kasike Brand -- 2 S'est terminé left

    I am in search of a designer to create two different designs for a Tshirt. One design being a Tropical Design ( can include the wonders of the Bahamas, I am from the Bahamas) One design being a Tribal Design ( the work Kasike mean King ot Prince of an indigenous group theses were the pre-columbian tribal chief in the Bahamas) Once you contact me I wil share some images

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    Trophy icon Design a tattoo - 30/08/2021 07:47 EDT S'est terminé left

    I want somebody to design a tattoo like the picture. I like the design but want something unique.

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    Digital image S'est terminé left

    I need someone that can turn this tattoo image into a digital png for me so I can use for a logo. I need this done immediately.

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    Trophy icon Cover/Logo design for a Fitness Challenge! S'est terminé left

    POW!* BAM!# It's the One Punch Challenge! And as the name suggests I need something that's gonna POP and grab eyeballs. The challenge is to help couch potatoes bust out their lazy states and into an active energized one by taking 1 tiny small actionable step at a time. Throwing that 1st punch! The product behind this challenge is the boxing reflex ball ( see attached images ) The cover...

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    Hello Guys Im searching for a Drawer/Animator to paint me my EP Cover and with an Video Animatiom loop. I in the attachement you can see how I would like it to look like. The backround must be black with smoke around us (me and my Artist Friends Side Profil) and The snimation loop I would like that first scene is black and the next is my friends Head (with ponystyle) appear on the screen and she ...

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    I need a translator for a tattoo S'est terminé left

    Tattoo was done 15+ years ago and do not recall its exact meaning, please translate

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    Tattoo protraitsl -- 3 S'est terminé left

    Hi I need various protrairt drawing of my girlfriend to use for tatoo purposes. I ned some good face shot portraits then full body. I will give u some current tatoos I have seem that gives you an idea what I'm lookimg for.

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    T-Shirt Designs S'est terminé left

    I have been wanting to start my own t-shirt business for a while..paying for the domain for years but doing nothing with it.... I am open to anything really! I love... Faux Pocket designs Tattoo inspired designs Minimalistic Love the idea of tarot card imagary Fun takes on playing cards Cute icon style design I like so many things it is hard to be exact!

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    T-shirt design S'est terminé left

    Hi there, I am looking for someone who can design something similar to the files I've uploaded. With the same name, with lots of tribal tattoos on the warrior. And tribal patterns boarder.. thank you looking forward to hearing from someone. Thanks Vai

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    tattoo S'est terminé left

    Hi I want to get a tattoo of this pic, is there anyway of improving it?

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    Ongoing work for Tattoo Design S'est terminé left

    I have ongoing work related to our previous project 'Tattoo Design'

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    creative design S'est terminé left

    I need a logo design, T-shirt, costume design, banner design, tattoo design, home design etc. I am a designer ane I will try to do my job properly. Ihope you will like my work.

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    Looking for app used to show picture of user if he loose Wight or gain Wight adding tattoo to the part of the body, skin color change, show future age effect 5,10,15,20 years, adding length on eyelash or adding black line to part of the eyes as makeup the app help designers to design dresses change the face of dress from other picture change the background of picture show double exposure on face ...

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    In photoshop I want a rose replacing the characters on a woman's arm. The replacement can not be noticeable.

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    Looking for someone to create an app for the tattoo artists industry to aid in making quicker stencils of images. Images would need to be converted into black and white and would need to halftone the image allowing user to adjust manually the level on intensity. While also allowing user to adjust the levels of black, and light in the image. Allow it to be exported and saved on device. Allow it t...

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    Trophy icon Tattoo design - 20/08/2021 18:01 EDT S'est terminé left

    Hi Folks, Think outside the box Tattoo theme. I am looking for something more realistic than the first image i did attach. This is just to give an idea. I want a brain in the tattoo, and a box of course, the rest don't matter it's up to you! Black and white tattoo, so no color in it please IF you have any question don't hesitate! I will try to comment and rate every entries. Have...

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    Trophy icon Band T-Shirt Design S'est terminé left

    We are looking for a design to go on the back of our band t-shirts. We are a modern Country Rock Band composed of three female singers, two guitar players, a bass guitar player and a drummer. Our logo is a tribal style design (see attached files). The T-shirt will have the SoHo Down logo on the front and down the sleeves. We are looking for a tribal style design to go on the back of the shirt. We ...

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    Trophy icon Looking for two single artwork S'est terminé left

    Hello, I'm looking for two single artwork for my two tracks which will be released soon! I'm a producer and DJ from Switzerland and produce music in the genre House (Afro - as well as Tribal House) On the Artwork there should be my artist name: JOSC (written in capitals or josc) Additionally there should be the track name: BESMA on one / AMADOU on the other Attached I uploaded an examp...

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    I want logo S'est terminé left

    RN combined latter And down side Ronee Tattoo Art

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    Trophy icon Puerto Rican Taino Tattoo S'est terminé left

    Design the best HAND DRAWN Puerto Rico Tribal Taino tattoo. Do not submit google images of other peoples tattoos. This tattoo will only be on the forearm - It is not a sleeve! It should incorporate the essence of Puerto Rico, masculine, Taino, heritage. Something original. if you didn't draw or ink it, do not submit it.

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    Brand logo S'est terminé left

    Hi My name is Craig and suffer with a disease called ulcerative colitis. I'm wanting to raise awareness for the disease as it's very underfunded and unknown. I'm going to be having a full livery on my car (track/race/show car) to help achieve more awareness but would like a logo creating to bring both the car world and Crohn's and colitis together. Ive started an Instagram page...

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