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    Professionnel Photoshop S'est terminé left

    Enlever un tatoo d’une photo je veux que le tattoo soit retiré du bras

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    Trophy icon Trouver un logo S'est terminé left

    Je recherche un logo en lien avec mon entreprise dans l’esthétique qui s’appelle chrysalide, je pratique la dermopigmentation correctrice c’est à dire que je tattoo des aréoles mammaires, j’efface les cicatrices, vergetures et fais des soins pour les rides, taches, acnés.... je précise que je souhaite des couleurs douces ( rose, violet, vert, bleu) je reçois essentiellement des femmes. une fois que le logo sera validé il y aura ma carte de visite et plaquettes à créer ensemble. Je vous propose 50 euro pour la personne qui aura trouvé le logo idéal.

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    Trophy icon Logo pour Li-AnaHata S'est terminé left

    ...mystical atmosphere and in the colours blue-night, silver, dark grey and a touch of turquoise. I have made a sketch of what I would like to wish for in attachment. It is important that the full moon in the centre looks like a full moon with its play of light and shadow. I would like a modern, fine and geometric style like a dotwork tattoo. As for the name "Li-AnaHata" it is important that the dot of the letter i is a crescent moon. I'm putting you a picture of a design that is in the image of what I'm looking for. Je souhaite un logo pour mes cartes de visite et mon site internet. Mon activité est en lien avec les soins énergétique, l alignement des chakras, etc. Je souhaite quelque chose dans une ambiance mystique et dans les colo...

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    Dessiner un tatouage S'est terminé left

    Tattoo est un dessin reflète la personnalité de chaque personne pendant le tatouage de son corps comme il est devenu à la mode pour toutes les personnes

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    Dessiner un tatouage S'est terminé left

    j'ai actuellement un tattoo de 10cm sur l'avent bras de mini mouse j'aimerai continuer sur le meme theme dessin animer avec des motives très fine et subtil

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    Tattoo Design S'est terminé left

    Je veux refaire ce tattoo avec le nom de mes enfants devant et derriere la tête du cheval. Donc, Cédrik -(tête du cheval)- Dylan J'aimerais que la tête du cheval soit réaliste et reconnaissable. J'aimerais que l'écriture soit semblable à l'image. Dans le même style que le moniteur cardiaque. merci!

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    Tattoo Studio Web Development 6 jours left

    I'm in need of a skilled web developer to create a website for my tattoo studio. The domain name and all the content for the pages are ready. The task involves dragging and dropping onto the web builder site and working on various color scheme options. I'm seeking for the design to be artistic. Key Requirements: - Design and set up contact form - Develop portfolio - Include artistic design elements Ideal Skills & Experience: - Experience building websites for creative industries - Knowledge of modern web builder tools - Ability to incorporate artistic design elements - Proven track record in web development - Contribution to my website review and final touches To be considered, please provide examples of your past work.

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    Rx Tattoo Care SSM month 4.

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    I'm planning to utilise Google Ads to amplify my tattoo studio's local presence and generate more leads. The ideal freelancer wouldn't just be proficient in Google Ads; they'd also have prior experience in our specific industry, understanding the nuances of the tattoo studio market. Key Responsibilities: * Set up and optimize Google Ads campaigns to drive lead generation effectively. * Understand the local market and target the campaigns to maximize reach within the selected geographies. * Continuously monitor, analyse and optimize campaigns to ensure maximum ROI. Ideal Skills: * Expertise in Google Ads * Experience in the tattoo studio market or similar industries * Strong grasp of effective local targeting strategies * Excellent in data analy...

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    I'm in need of a talented graphic designer to create a minimalistic, medium-sized, tattoo image. The concept involves a heartbeat leading into a flat line, followed by a semi-colon, and then another heartbeat. Below this, I want initials of my wife and two kids done in a clean font. Some aspects of the project include: - Ability to create a smooth transition from different elements of the tattoo - Work off provided samples for inspiration - Deliver final files in both PSD & Illustrator formats as well as PNG/JPG Ideal candidates should have experience in graphic tattoo designing and a good sense of minimalistic aesthetics. Proficiency in PSD and Illustrator is a must for large scale printing.

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    I'm in search of a talented tattoo artist or graphic designer who can craft a unique geometric mandala leg sleeve design. This project has a deadline of within one month, so I’m looking for someone who can work efficiently without compromising on quality. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficient in designing detailed geometric patterns - Experience with mandala and tattoo sleeve designs - Strong portfolio showcasing similar projects **Project Requirements:** - Develop a leg sleeve tattoo design with a geometric mandala theme - Deliver the final design in a high-resolution digital format suitable for tattooing purposes - Work collaboratively with me to ensure the design aligns with my vision - Provide revisions if necessary...

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    Sleeve Tattoo 4 jours left

    Hi Inderjit S., I do have one new one coming up in the new two weeks. Have you ever created imaging for sleeve tattoos?

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    Details as discussed. See the ClickUp document for links to assets and materials.

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    I'm looking for a skilled graphic designer to create dynamic and anime-influenced graphics for my new fitness and clothing startup, Lorrellfits. The scope of the project includes creating a unique and eye-catching log...of my brand, gets the message across and which combines fitness with anime aesthetics and being a black-owned business. Ideal Candidate: - Great understanding of anime aesthetics. - Experience in brand identity creation. - Broad portfolio in graphic design, especially in the fitness or clothing industry. Looking forward to viewing your portfolios and ideas. Please provide relevant samples of your previous work. Let's bring Lorrellfits to life, together! A few pointers that may help with ideas on final design: I have cornrows, sleeve tattoo...

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    Traditional Arabic Arm Tattoo S'est terminé left

    I'm seeking a skilled tattoo artist who specializes in traditional Arabic calligraphy. This particular art form requires not just creativity but also a deep understanding of the Arabic script's aesthetic and cultural significance. Here's what I am specifically looking for: The tattoo: “Helena” written in arabic with calligraphy “Gabriel” written in arabic with calligraphy The design can be creatively written or structured. - **Design Brief:** - The design should embody traditional Arabic calligraphic styles, crafted to be both authentic and visually striking. - The tattoo will be placed on my arm, so the design must be suitable for this area, taking into consideration its visibility and curvature....

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    Undefined Style Tattoo Design S'est terminé left

    I am yet to decide on a specific style for my tattoo. Therefore, I am open to innovative and creative tattoo design ideas from versatile designers. My ideal freelancer will present strong previous work in their portfolio showcasing their tattoo design abilities across various styles, be it traditional, realism, or minimalist. Skills and Experience: -Talent for creative and unique tattoo design -Ability to work across multiple tattoo design styles -Demonstrated evidence of past compelling tattoo designs. Please note: The location for the tattoo on my body is undefined, keep this in mind as it may influence your design proposal.

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    Animated Tattoo Design S'est terminé left

    ...bring my vision for an animated tattoo to life. This project is not just another piece of art; it's going to be a part of me, literally. Therefore, creativity, skill, and understanding of my vision are paramount. **What I Need:** - A unique 2D animated design that can be translated into a tattoo. - The style should be captivating and clearly demonstrate animated characteristics, even though the final product will be static. - Creativity to blend elements of animation while keeping the minimalist approach in mind. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Strong portfolio in 2D animation and static designs that were used for tattoos. - Proven experience in creating high-quality, minimalist artwork. - Ability to interpret my requirements into a visually compelling ...

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    Maori Carving Illustration S'est terminé left

    ...ago, encompasses deep cultural significance I hope to convey through this artwork. **Key requirements & skills:** - *Expertise in* digital illustrations, with a strong portfolio that demonstrates skill in a range of styles, particularly in capturing intricate details and cultural imagery. - *Familiarity with* Māori culture and art forms, especially the traditional aspects like Ta Moko (facial tattoo). - The ability to distill complex designs into simpler forms that retain the essence and stories of the original carving. **Important elements to include:** - The illustration should capture its intricate details in a simplified manner. - While I am not fully certain of the specific story the carving represents, the illustration should evoke a sense of mystery and depth, hinti...

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    Tattoo business logo S'est terminé left

    Hi DigitalArcanum, I was sent your profile by Camila recruiter, one of the staff. She recomended you to create my design. I am after a logo for my Tattoo studio called: Urban tattoo. Can we please discuss the process for working together?

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    ...specialized in creating logos with a unique twist for my tattoo brand, Painless Tattoo Co. Our goal is to expand our brand's presence into merchandise and stickers that resonate with our identity. **What I Need:** - 5-6 distinctive logo designs. - Designs should mirror the essence of our tattoo brand. - Style preference you be creative... - Each design must be versatile, suitable for various merch items as well as stickers. Our Green color code is: 0ad500 **Ideal Skills:** - Proficiency in logo design. - A keen eye for modern and minimalist aesthetics. - Experience in merchandise design is a plus. - Ability to incorporate tattoo culture into designs. - Comfortable working with tattoo-themed elements aligned with Painles...

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    Traditional Ink Masterpiece S'est terminé left

    ...of a talented and creative artist to bring my vision to life with a traditional tattoo sketch. My preference leans towards a design that embodies the timeless appeal of traditional tattoos while incorporating my unique personal touch. Here’s what I'm looking for: Attached are 2 photos. I want to combine both images into 1 design. Please be adventurous in your design but maintain simple traditional appearance. - **Style:** Traditional. The design should capture the classic charm of traditional tattoos, with bold lines and distinct shading that stands out even in black and white. Maybe some shadowing/shadow outlining. - **Color Scheme:** Black and White. Despite the absence of colors, I am expecting the design to be dynamic and f...

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    B&W Medium Leg Stencil S'est terminé left

    ...medium-sized, black and white stencil for a tattoo intended for placement on the leg. The style should lean towards realism but I'm open to incorporating elements from other styles to create a unique piece. here's what I need: - **Design Creation**: An original stencil design that can be adapted to the curves and musculature of the leg. - **Style Preference**: Although the primary requirement is for the design to be in black and white, infusing elements from traditional or neo-traditional styles to give it a distinctive edge is welcome. - **Size Specifications**: The design should be of medium size, detailed enough to stand out but fitting comfortably on the leg area without overwhelming it. IDEAL SKILLS & EXPERIENCE: - Proficienc...

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    Ultimate Photo Makeover Magic S'est terminé left

    ...exceed professional standards, setting a strong foundation for my marketing campaigns. **Required Edits:** - **Object Removal/Addition:** Strategically eliminate or add elements to enhance the photo's impact. - **Color Correction:** Adjust colors to make the images more vibrant and true to life. - **Blurring Backgrounds:** Skillfully blur backgrounds to focus attention on the main subjects. - **Tattoo Removal:** Carefully remove tattoos to ensure a cleaner look. - **Skin Smoothing:** Achieve a flawless skin appearance without sacrificing natural textures. - **Glamourizing:** Incorporate a sense of glamour ensuring each photo stands out. - **Slimming Effects:** Where necessary, subtly slim figures to achieve desired looks without distortion. - **Overall Enhancement:** Genera...

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    I am seeking a skilled tattoo artist to create a unique design for me. I am envisioning a realistic style, drawing heavily from Greek mythology for the tattoo's theme. Key Components: - Incorporate a playing card, specifically a queen, that embodies the aesthetic of a Greek sculpture. - Maintain a high level of realism throughout the design, ensuring the Queen card feels as if it could be a genuine artifact from ancient Greece. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Previous experience in realistic drawing style - Comfortable with Greek mythology concepts and iconography - Experience with tattoo designs Your portfolio featuring similar projects will boost your application. Help me bring this design vision to life!

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    Traditional Tengu Arm Tattoo S'est terminé left

    I'm looking for a talented tattoo artist who can bring my vision of a traditional tengu tattoo to life, specifically designed for placement on my arm. This piece should embody the iconic style of traditional tattoos while incorporating the unique characteristics of a tengu – capturing its mystical and formidable essence. **Required Skills and Experience:** - Proficient in traditional tattoo styles - Strong portfolio showcasing previous traditional designs - Ability to translate conceptual art into tattoo designs - Good communication skills to ensure design meets client expectations **Design Elements:** - The tattoo should strictly adhere to the traditional style, emphasizing bold lines and vibrant colors. - It should be a stand...

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    Logo Designing for Tattoo Studio S'est terminé left

    I am searching for someone adept at combining text and icon elements to creatively design a minimalistic logo for my Tattoo Studio. The color scheme to be utilized primarily is black. Ideal skills and experience: - Proven logo designing experience - An understanding and proficiency in using a minimalist style in designs - Ability to seamlessly integrate text and icon elements in a logo - A sharp eye for color, specifically black. Your portfolio showcasing past logo designs, particularly those that have incorporated the use of black and minimalistic style, will greatly help in the selection process.

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    ...the business along with Family. Here are some specifics about the design requirements: - Colors: I'm particularly interested in all colors. - Imagery: Given the business profile and my personal interests, I'd like to see the use of particular symbols - an Anchor, Saw, Beer bottle and an Eagle. Along with my naval experience showing something along the lines of submarines and my chief petty officer anchors. Feel free to get creative with how these elements interact with the design. - Style: While I don't have a fixed style in mind, the logo should look professional and intriguing. Whether it's modern, vintage or minimalistic, the design should aim to leave a memorable impact. What this logo to where someone would want a tattoo made out of...

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    ...the business along with Family. Here are some specifics about the design requirements: - Colors: I'm particularly interested in all colors. - Imagery: Given the business profile and my personal interests, I'd like to see the use of particular symbols - an Anchor, Saw, Beer bottle and an Eagle. Along with my naval experience showing something along the lines of submarines and my chief petty officer anchors. Feel free to get creative with how these elements interact with the design. - Style: While I don't have a fixed style in mind, the logo should look professional and intriguing. Whether it's modern, vintage or minimalistic, the design should aim to leave a memorable impact. What this logo to where someone would want a tattoo made out of...

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    I am in need of a digital artwork that mirrors my personal meaning. The concept is a death moth under a crescent moon, designed in a traditional tattoo style. Key Requirements: - Expertise in digital design. - Strong understanding of traditional tattoo aesthetics. - Ability to incorporate personal elements into designs. Artists with previous work in designing tattoo style images will be preferred. This project is very personal to me, so I appreciate attention to detail and careful interpretation of my concept.

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    Trophy icon Traditional Teacup Tattoo Art S'est terminé left

    ...vintage look tattoo design of the supplied teacup. The design should be medium-sized and suitable for tattoo application. Key Project Elements: - Style: Traditional, Vintage look Tattoo Design - Imagery: Centred around a creatively stylized Teacup - Size: Medium scale for clear detail and visibility Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in creating traditional tattoo designs - Strong portfolio showcasing a range of tattoo art - Ability to translate conceptual ideas into detailed designs - Proficiency in graphic design software - Good communication and interpretation skills Project Outcome: Create a tattoo design that balances traditional, vintage style with my personalized teacup image. The final ...

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    Vibrant Traditional Tattoo S'est terminé left

    ...traditional-style tattoo to life in a full-color design. Here's what I'm looking for: - **Design Style**: A traditional tattoo design that stands out, embracing a timeless look with a colorful twist. - **Size Specifications**: The artwork must be designed to fit on the back of my calf, with appropriate detailing for its size. - **Color Requirements**: A vibrant, full-color palette, using rich and lasting shades to make the design pop. **Ideal Freelancer**: - Proven experience with traditional tattoo designs - Strong portfolio featuring large, color tattoos - Ability to work with detailed design briefs - Knowledge of color theories for tattoo longevity Looking for someone who can deliver a bold and beautiful t...

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    ...illustration is integral to the narrative, depicting a prison tattoo with significant importance in a true crime case. Requirements: - Strong portfolio featuring realistic illustrations, preferably with experience in skin art or tattoo designs. - Ability to capture the intricate details of a prison tattoo, ensuring the artwork conveys a sense of authenticity and depth. - Creative mastery to incorporate a female portrait within the tattoo design, crafting an image that tells a story. - Comfort in discussing and ideating based on true crime themes, respecting the sensitivity of the content. - Professionalism and adherence to project deadlines. Ideal Candidate: - Experience with similar projects or a background in tattoo art would be hi...

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    Realistic Digital Art Creation S'est terminé left

    I'm seeking an experienced digital artist who excels in creating realistic digital artwork. The objective is to create a piece of digital art for personal use. Key requirements for this project are: Willing to work with me on creating a tattoo design, can provide detailed pictures that I need layered and edited. Realism Superior skills in digital painting, Creating hyperrealistic digital art, A proven track record of delivering high-quality art projects, Openness to constructive criticism and flexibility to adapt to stylistic changes. Please include samples of your previous works, preferably those that reflect a high degree of realism. Let's create something beautiful together.

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    Trophy icon Couple's Tattoo Design with Initials S'est terminé left

    I'm in need of a unique tattoo design that represents the bond between my boyfriend and I using our initials. Specifically, the design should include: - Two 'T's, cleverly worked into the design - Incorporate a heart, a lock, or both - Not be overly feminine I will be positioning the tattoo on my lower back, while he will be wearing the matching tattoo on his chest. Creating two designs that work in both areas without compromising the design would be ideal. Since we skipped the question about the preferred style, we are open to all creative ideas. However, remember to keep the design balanced for both genders. We would love to have the design ready within a month. Ideal skills and experience for the work in...

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    I'm looking for a proficient Photoshop expert who can seamlessly edit an object out of a photo. Key Task: - Remove the nose ring completely from the subject of the photo. The successful candidate should have: - Significant Photoshop editing experience, specifically with object removal. - A keen eye for detail and precision, ensuring the final image appears untouched. - Demonstrated ability to respect and maintain the natural colors of the photo remaining unaffected during removal process.

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    ...have a more two-dimensional shape, but will still have details that make it appear more realistic. Desired Features: - The illustration should focus on the caracal's head and neck only. - Achieve a profile view perspective, showcasing distinct features of this species. (Teeth, intimidating pose, distinctive ears). - Black and white illustration; ideally without color as its purpose is to be a tattoo. Caracal head should be oriented to the left (the caracal’s right) when viewed as it’s going on my left shoulder and will be facing forward in relation to my body. Ideal Freelancer: - Significant experience in combining realistic and cartoonish styles in illustrations. - A solid understanding of animal anatomy will be a requirement to accurately produce the desire...

    €185 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm seeking a skilled designer to help transform a traditional style tattoo sketch into a black and white digital template. Date actually needs to be the 30th. Key requirements include: - Mastery in rendering traditional tattoo styles into digital art. - Expertise in creating black and white digital designs. - Deliver a medium-sized final product (between 15 to 30 cm). Ideal applicants should have previous experience and a portfolio showcasing their abilities in creating digital tattoo designs based on specific guidelines. This project requires precision and attention to detail while maintaining the traditional tattoo aesthetic.

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    Who can make the similar application to that

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    I'm looking for a highly skilled Photoshop expert to assist with a unique task. Here's what I need: - Replace Playboy model Nina's face with mine in a particular image - Edit my rib tattoo onto her side on the same image - Edit date and text on playboy photo End result should make it seems as if it's me in the image, not her. You should have a great deal of experience with face replacements and tattoo editing in Adobe Photoshop. The final design should be delivered in JPEG format. If you're up for this unique and interesting job, I'd love to hear from you.

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    I'm looking for a highly skilled Photoshop expert to assist with a unique task. Here's what I need: - Replace Playboy model Nina's face with mine in a particular image - Edit my rib tattoo onto her side on the same image - Edit date and text on playboy photo End result should make it seems as if it's me in the image, not her. You should have a great deal of experience with face replacements and tattoo editing in Adobe Photoshop. The final design should be delivered in JPEG format. If you're up for this unique and interesting job, I'd love to hear from you.

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    I require a proficient web developer with a good understanding of modern website design. The website is for my personal tattoo business and must encompass the following: • A modern aesthetic that is clean and user-friendly. • A portfolio page with a simple list of images showcasing my works. • A bio section detailing a bit about myself and my business. • A submission form for customers to submit tattoo inquiries quickly and with ease. Ideally, you should have ample experience in web design and understand the aesthetic I'm going for. Knowledge in image management for the portfolio and submission form creation is crucial. I’m looking for someone capable of creating a website I can build and expand upon in the future.

    €23 - €46 / hr
    Urgent Scellé
    €23 - €46 / hr
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    Tattoo design -- 2 S'est terminé left

    Hi, I would like to cover up my tattoo. I would lie to replace it with the picture in the attachement. I would like that the boat is on the shoulder and that waves cover up the previous tattoo. Location of a tattoo is from the elbow up.

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    Epic Realistic Back Tattoo S'est terminé left

    I'm in search of a talented tattoo artist to bring a large, realistic statue design to life on my back. The work must capture the intricate details and majestic essence of a statue, seamlessly adapting to the contours of my back. **Specifics:** - Style: Realistic Representation (Roman statues) - Placement: Entire back area - Size: Large **Ideal Candidate:** - Proficient in realistic tattoo styles - Experience with large back tattoos - Portfolio showcasing detailed work - Comfort with in-person consultations - Professional and hygienic practices **Goals:** - Create a striking visual impact - Ensure longevity and clarity of the design - Reflect my personal inspiration in the art **Next Steps:** Please provide samples of large, realistic tattoos you&#...

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    Fantasy Boudoir Facemorph S'est terminé left

    ...conveys an authentic and natural look. Key Requirements: - Advanced photo editing skills to achieve a lifelike face swap. - Proven experience with realism in manipulated images. - Keen eye for detail, ensuring natural lighting and shadows. - Discretion and respect for personal privacy and image usage. - able to combine elements to make it appear part of the original picture such as , jewelry, small tattoo of a name added in addition to face swap. Ideal Skills: - Expertise in Photoshop or similar editing software. - Artistic sense to maintain stylization of the boudoir theme. - Experience with portrait photography editing. - Creativity in executing realistic image transformations. I'm looking for a talented and very discreet freelancer to help me turn this vision into a ...

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    Cartoon illustration S'est terminé left

    I'm looking for someone do design a cartoon illustration thats final product will be placed on to a soft enamel pin. this explains what we are making: Please be a real designer / artist. Dont use AI or weird filters. I will not approve the work. the deliverable from you would be an image file that mattes the below format: Maximum file size is 524288KB, file types are bmp, gif, jpg, jpeg, jpe, jif, jfif, jfi, png, wbmp, xbm, tiff I would also like a high-resolution image of the design. I want to do a play on the Beware of Dog sign with a house cat. I've attached an image of the cat. I'd like the cat to be snarling/looking rabid. I'd also like the words "Beware of Cat" on a tattoo-like scroll. Here are some samples:

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    I'm after an artist to help me transform my existing tattoo into a digital image. Here's what you'll need to know: - The tattoo is full back tattoo of a Japanese style. I want the final product to be as exact as possible but also open to suggestions on enhancing it digitally. Included a photo from 6 months ago, there is some more color and detail added since then. - Adobe Illustrator would be my preferred software for the job as it allows for scaling without losing quality. However, I'm open to hearing your suggestions if you believe there's a better way to achieve what I need. - I'm hoping to have this project completed within a month. So please ensure you can commit to this timeframe. Ideal skills for this job would include strong...

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    Rx tattoo care PPC month 2 S'est terminé left

    Month 2 PPC

    €139 (Avg Bid)
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    Egyptian Style Tattoo Design S'est terminé left

    I'm seeking a talented artist to create a unique, black and gray design for me. I love the Egyptian hieroglyphics art style, but want to do my own thing. I have a picture of one that I really love, I just don’t love what it represents. I have a picture of the Ba-bird attached and I love the art style and everything about it but I would like it if instead of the ba bird it was a macaw Desirable skills and experience: - Strong sketching abilities, particularly in black and gray - Ability to capture client's vision and translate it into a custom design Please include examples of your past work related to Egyptian art/tattoo designs in your bids.

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    ...applied to the hand. I will be hosting a small family gathering of five females at home in Point Cook, Melbourne. Here are the specific skills I'm looking for: - Strong portfolio showcasing intricate traditional henna designs - Past experience with creating small henna motifs on hands - Expert understanding of how henna interacts with skin - Skillful application ensuring clean lines and clear design - Patience and precision are key - must be able to do home visits Previous experience with traditional henna motifs is necessary, and references would be preferred. Your portfolio should display a variety of traditional designs with varying complexity. The motif will be simple and applied on a hand, so expertise in hand henna designs is crucial. Looking forward to seeing ...

    €40 (Avg Bid)
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