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    atmega328p-pu standalone , arduino nano pinout

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    I am looking for someone who can assist me in designing an all-in-one solution for FPV racing drones. The deliverable will be a single PCB consisting of the following board functions: 1) Flight controller utilizing an STM32F7*** microcontroller with a pinout compatible with a betaflight unified target (specifying the appropriate pinout for the firmware betaflight configurator) 2) 4-in-1 ESC capa...

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    Design a controller for an elevator, with the following specifications: • elevator can be called to any floor, by a button on each floor • elevator can be sent to floors by 3 buttons in the elevator • sensors (button) on each floor indicate if elevator has arrived, or is passing by • indicators on each floor and in the elevator of present elevator location (3 LEDs) • order...

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    stm8s programmer S'est terminé left

    i am searching stm8s003f3 programmer simple project detects logic and starts a timer 5sec-10minuite using dip switches.

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    Hi, I need to get a head start on the electronic design for an L1/L2 GPS tracking device with onboard IMU sensors with RJ45 Ethernet and microSD controlled by single STM32F407 (VG - 100LQFP should suffice). Specs: - 4 Layer FR4 board with standard specs on e.g. PCBWay/JLPCB. 0603 SMD minimum passives for prototype build unless absolutely necessary to go 0402. I anticipate the design will fit i...

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    We want a Sensor based Controller Card for Automated Sanitizer Dispenser Machine, Card should be robust and economic too, We need Pump to start when Hands detected and dispense the Sanitizer, if Hands are in Sensor proximity range for longer time then Dispensing will cut-off automatically at preset duration which should be adjustable between 200ms to 15 Seconds using a potentiometer or preset, The...

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    Basically we route signals from the connectors to our slice modules and also to a pinout for our controller. High speed HDMI and A818 lines need to be matched length to 20 mils. We are hoping to get a Quote for PCB layout. If there is any additional information you require please don’t hesitate to ask and I will do my best to supply it. PCB dimensions: ~14.125 in x ~10.75 in PCB Connectors:...

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    Need an Engineer to design the circuit schematic and PCB layout for a Single Board Computer that uses a Rockchip RK3399 SoC. This board will use a Linux based OS and will be used for multiple deployments/applications. This board will need to be very similar to the Raspberry Pi, Rock Pi 4b, RockPro64 and have a 40 pin GPIO that has the exact same pinout as the Raspberry Pi. Board will need to have...

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    Hello, I'm need a code for ESP32 where data has to be acquired from sensors (without errors and any spurious signals has to be ignored) and sent to the cloud server. Using ESP32 Wroom, the pinout is free to be used, an oLED display is to be added, working in the same bus as the other I2C devices. (Pin 4 and 15 on ESP32 Heltec for example) Data read from the sensors has to be double-checke...

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    ublox C099-f9p base and rover setup S'est terminé left

    You must know all about the config settings on the ublox C099-f9P module Configuration of Odin onboard radios for base and rover comms Provide correct Pinout for rover to pixhawk connection You must have a good understanding of the following ublox software Ublox c-Center For base and rover configuration Ublox s-Center for base to rover comms Then provide a pinout for rover to pixhawk connectio...

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    Hello, I currently use Arduino Nano's loaded with GRBL to control CNC machines. I use the Arduino Nano GRBL shield v4, it works on 5 volts. I want to use STM32 blue pills in its place. I already have the GRBL code for the STM32 blue pills. I require a Schematic and PCB design, basically a pinout conversion board, using the components in the pictures in the file section. I also would like Blue...

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    Trophy icon STM8S003F3 I2C communication S'est terminé left

    I have 2 boards of MB1008A, one is master and the second is slave, I need to have I2C communication between them. the task is to write FW for this communication.

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    Design and Layout a PCB - STM32 S'est terminé left

    I need a board developed which will read a few sensors and communicate to other boards through a CAN bus. The sensors: Two piezos, and I will need a low pass filter with cut off frequency of 300Hz on each piezo. I need a digital potentiometer to me connected to each piezo in parallel to adjust the piezos sensitivity. Two contact switch triggers One touch sensor (aluminium foil) Requirements: MCU...

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    Arduino Programmer needed S'est terminé left

    I'm working on a project using an Arduino uno, 4 x seven segment display, rtc module. I need code that will count the number of days my girlfriend and I have spent together in a continuous loop the date being 10.12.2017 I've uploaded a sketch of the hardware used and the configuration // pinout is for PCB layout int digit1 = 2; //Pin 12 on my 4 digit display int digit2 = 3; ...

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    Firmware for Digital Clock S'est terminé left

    To provide the firmware for an existing design of a digital clock The design uses an STM8S003F3 8-Bit MCU to drive a 4 digit common anode LED display. The colon of the display is connected to the DP pin of digit four. Time keeping is done with a DS1302 which communicates with the MCU using a two wire serial interface. Control is via 3 momentary push button switches which are multiplexed with the ...

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    pcb arduino nano pinout S'est terminé left

    make arduino nano pinout gerbers, with atmega328p-pu, it has to adapt the arduino standalone including crystal circuit, reset push button, led, and 7805 regulator, input voltage with pads. match the analog digital pins to pinout

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    PCB Design 14 - Altium -- 2 S'est terminé left

    We are changing a simple, rigid PCB. Tasks: -Use Park Assist template and Git repository. -Complete layout using high-speed (1Gbps Ethernet and 2.4Gbps coax) design rules. -Change location of other connectors to suit new FFC pinout. We will provide: - Altium 18 project

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    PCB Design 14 - Altium S'est terminé left

    We are changing a simple, rigid PCB. Tasks: -Use Park Assist template and Git repository. -Complete layout using high-speed (1Gbps Ethernet and 2.4Gbps coax) design rules. -Change location of other connectors to suit new FFC pinout. We will provide: - Altium 18 project

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    An existing DDR3 controller shall be migrated to the following platforms / DRAMs: - 3 times as existing, but different pinout (in total 4 controllers need to co-exist on 1 FPGA) - 2 times to a 32 bit wide 128Ms deep, dual die (2x16bit) configuration - 1 time to an 8 bit wide 128Ms deep, single die configuration for the first configuration, the write & read speed shall be at least 200MHz, 3...

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    ARDUINO MATRIX DISPLAY S'est terminé left

    Part I. Smile and Frown face Part II. Rotating Smile Face 1. Project Description: Connect the 8x8 dot matrix display to the Arduino. Be sure to ensure the mapping is appropriate to match the dot matrix map (diode positions) to the pinout of the Arduino and the pinout declarations in the software (row and column arrays). Complete the interface by mapping the pinouts of the display and Arduino pins...

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    We have existing hardware based on Xilinx XC7K160T-2FFG676 and TI DAC5682ZIRGC25 We want a verilog interface that accepts 32bit axi stream and is capable of speeds in excess of 400Msps. If needed, the internal interface can be 64bit axi stream on half the sample rate, but the external data rate to the DAC must be 400MSps or higher. A 2nd module must contain the SPI interface for the DAC. A sta...

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    First bootloader at custom board based on ATSAMD21E18 REQUIREMENTS: • see the name of the board “3Logger M0” in windows on Arduino Ide ( not arduino zero or similars) • see the usb after programming, like a normal usb • Version of the board for Atmel Studio 7 ( file board configuration ) with eeprom at24C256 anf Flash Spi • All configuration as pinout • File...

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    STM32 Firmware (FreeRTOS Based) S'est terminé left

    I will provide You pinout and config in CubeMX. The MCU is STM32L071RBT. I need a basic structure of FreeRTOS-based code (just an "example") with the following: + Task that will be executed every 15 minutes (The task will read data from UART sensor) + MCU will go to sleep state / low-power mode and power off all the peripherals between the task execution - probably will be woken up by...

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    os: windows 10 / 64 bits application name: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] argument: com<port number> (case unsensitive) Application core (example in attached [se connecter pour voir l'URL] & .h c++ source): The application is a loop based on windows media timer polling the serial port every milliseconds (code example attached, use of timeSetEvent api -> deprecated, to be re...

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    Job description with correct format is attached. Required skills: - arduino IDE + Arduino Uno + Mega - windows development (vba or java) Project: 1 - develop arduino uno and mega sketches to communicate with a PC thru the usb/serial port, change pin output status and detects changes on inputs. The pin configurations are predefined as inputs or outputs. The sketch manages an internal unsigned lo...

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    VFD model - Frecon FR 100. Arduino - Uno and Mega Draw wiring diagram/ pinout. Write few lines code for Arduino to send command to VFD inverter. Functions: Clockwise Counter Clockwise Brake PWM speed control

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    We are looking for someone that can help us to design the breakout boards for "AFE4490(Pulse sensors)" and " ADS1294RIZXGT (For Heart rate and respiratory rate )" using eagle software. datasheet for ADS1294RIZXGT [se connecter pour voir l'URL] and for AFE4490 [se connecter pour voir l'URL]

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    Hi, I need a ready-to-use image file for Raspberry Pi Zero that will do the following: - fast-boot into a Sega Genesis emulator; - use buttons connected to GPIO pins as a game controller (4 directional buttons - up/down/left/right, and 8 functional buttons - a/b/c/x/y/z/start/mode); - no text/raspberry logos on boot; - show preloaded games list on start-up that lets you choose which game ROM to ...

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    Busco el desarrollo de funciones en .net core para controlar una tarjeta Pimoroni Automation HAT for Raspberry Pi, Requerimos: * Que funcione en Raspberry Pi 2 o superior, Raspberry Pi Zero o superior * Código en .Net Core * Manual de instalación y documentación de uso * Control de todas las entradas y salidas * Control de todos los leds * Debe tener experiencia y enviar func...

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    I have built a custom Arduino bar tender as seen here [se connecter pour voir l'URL] This one uses raspberry pi, I want to use Arduino. I have already built and wired it and can provide a pinout if necessary Arduino controls 8 relays (although only 6 are currently used) Need a two button menu writing as seen in the above video. I have not used LED strips so that code is not needed.

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    Update (or develop) a Windows driver (KMOD) for Display and Touch panel to be installed on Raspberry Pi 3 (ARM) running Windows 10 IoT. Both drivers shall be able to be installed and work as system devices. Below is an example with Adafruit display (similar hardware). Platform: Windows IoT 10.0.16599 Hardware: MPI3501 Display (SPI) and XPT2046 Touch (SPI) - ATTACHED. Attached is detailed de...

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    Eagle 9 PCB footprint S&#039;est terminé left

    Hi We need a high quality Eagle 9.x.x footprint (Symbol + Package) of the Microchip ATSAMV70N20 MCU 100-LQFP. The device datasheet is here: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] The symbol shall be designed as the physical chip (square with pins on all four sides), with each pin named exactly as given in table 6.4 "100-lead Package Pinout" (p. 40 in datasheet) - "Primary / S...

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    A control system board S&#039;est terminé left

    Need a person to:- 1. Design the pcb circuit for microntroller project i have in mind. The circuit will contain:- - 2 Atmega 2560 (5.0 Logic Level) with poly-fuse at power in - Connect the Processors over UART3 - 2 MPU6050 connected over I2C to one of the processors - 1 BMP180 over I2C to main processor with appropriate capacitors and level shifter circuitry - 1 Mag HMC5883L over I2C to main...

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    I bought an SPI 3.5 inch LCD, it is ili9488 based, and it also uses xtp2046 for touch. However, we are not able to get it working. ESP32_TFT_library should work for ili9488, and the LCD has ili9488 in it. We have the sample code (51) from the manufacturer, we suspect special init code or something else. This task requires you to make it work (LCD and touch). So we can use this LCD with...

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    ARDUINO AND NEXTION DISPLAY S&#039;est terminé left

    Nextion display project. Currently using a stepper motor to rotate a shaft. Have attached rotary encoder to display to serial monitor shaft position in degrees. Three revolutions of encoder shaft equals 360 degrees. Code run to Arduino Mega 2560 with signal to D2 and D3 and is working fine. These pins can be changed if necessary. Code will be included. What I would like to do is send se...

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    Design a custom carrier board (based on the available carrier board) for an Android based SOM . OEM the board if available. Details will be discussed after NDA signed. The current carrier board now is fully documented with BOM, schematics. You will work based on these documents The custom carrier board includes : USB 2.0 USB 3.0 Power Unit CSI pinout (camera interface) HDMI pin out Noti...

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    Basic Modules with the EFR32 Mighty Gecko, with specific shape and specific pinout, we will provide initial board project, need to be based on EFR32 Mighty Gecko development board. the module only have the EFR32 Mighty Gecko and peripheral components and optional ( our choise ) FTI UART to USB, no more things on the module. need to base the design on [se connecter pour voir l'URL] system

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    KiCad Library for ESP32-WROVER (I) S&#039;est terminé left

    I need KiCad library for Espressif ESP32-WROVER and ESP32-WROVER-I modules. This should include symbols with the pinout according to ESP32-WROVER datasheet, footprint design with soldering pads, keep away areas, soldering mask, etc.

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    You will need to take our headset and compare it against a plantronics headset for operation on an Avaya 9600 series IP Telephone. Pinout and transmit DB level are to be equal to the plantronics. We have a lot more work to the right person or company.

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    Simple Coding for Raspberry Pi. The project, in a nutshell, is to read three temperature sensors (DS18B20), average the readings over 30 seconds and then apply logic to control 2 relays. Flowcharts have been provided along with a pinout for the Raspberry Pi. A 5" TFT HDMI screen will be used for the graphical output to display the temperature readings and relay states will be required. ...

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    Design simple Arduino shield PCB S&#039;est terminé left

    I'm looking for someone to design a simple PCB shield for an Arduino mega. I'm working on an automotive project with and would like to simplify the soldering work by creating a PCB that I can print using SeeedStudio's PCB printing service ([se connecter pour voir l'URL]). The shield will need to have the following characteristics: -Pinout on the bottom that matches the Ardu...

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    ESP-32 Test lab board e sensors S&#039;est terminé left

    source code for Geekcreit® ESP32-DevKit ESP32. code environment SDK: esp-idf delivery: - simple design connection hardware, pinout board and breadboard to sensors (ESP32-DevKit to sensors) - complete test source code driver or task of each sensor for details about sensors see pdf file attached

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    I have sch file that i need a Gerber file, Schematic ,BOM and write a small program for pic16F and FPGA Microcontroller that controls the board, here is jpeg file for this. you must check my sch and tell me about issue that it has. then after it you can bid to my project and we can go ahead. you should be able to explain about following swapped pins, incorrect connections, wrong polarity, wro...

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    64 ball FPGA breakout board S&#039;est terminé left

    Your task is to create a KiCad library for the part LCMXO2-256ZE-1UMG64C and a KiCad footprint for it. On Digikey it is this part: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] Then you create a breakout board for it, see the attached file [se connecter pour voir l'URL] for an example how it should look like: The FPGA in the center, and then pin headers to break out every connected FPGA pad, and ...

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    PCIe 1x Card PCB Layout S&#039;est terminé left

    Hello, I am a circuit designer that needs assistance from a PCB designer to design a prototype board for a project of mine. If you're only concerned about how to be awarded this project, skip down to the detailed section "The candidate I select must demonstrate." Project Details: The PCB design is for a 196-pin LBGA IC that will have a most of its signals routed to header pins....

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    Part A 1. Design mistakes found in the previous version that need to be fixed a. Need a 100 k ohm parallel resistor across Y1 - equivalently, put the resistor across pins 12/13 of PCM2707. b. Update pinout for debug header P1 to be zig-zag instead of row-by-row. In the schematic it was correct, but in the PCB drawing the header footprint had wrong numbering. c. Change jumper W5 so that it is c...

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    UDP packet data will be sent on port 9090 The packet will be 3 possible states 'W0' 'W1' or 'W2' If packet = W0, then pins 2 & 3 low if packet = W1, then pin 2 high if packet = W2, then pin 3 high Please send the received packet and pinout state by serial @ 9600 also.

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    UDP packet data will be sent on port 9090 The packet will be 3 possible states 'W0' 'W1' or 'W2' If packet = W0, then pins 2 & 3 low if packet = W1, then pin 2 high if packet = W2, then pin 3 high Please send the received packet and pinout state by serial @ 9600 also.

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