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    email to sms - sms to email S'est terminé left

    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed. Hello, I am trying to set up a Inmate Service for federal inmates serving time in the Bureau of Prisons. I am looking for assistance on two projects we would like to have worked on and I'm hoping you could help me. The BOP uses an email system called CorrLinks

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    email to sms - sms to email S'est terminé left

    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed. Hello, I am trying to set up a Inmate Service for federal inmates serving time in the Bureau of Prisons. I am looking for assistance on two projects we would like to have worked on and I'm hoping you could help me. The BOP uses an email system called CorrLinks

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    Coder Programmer S'est terminé left each inmate to get their own SMS phone number (thru Google Voice) for their loved ones to send and receive messages to/from. Essentially we want the email to get converted into a text message. The loved one will receive the phone number assigned to the inmate and will send a text message to that assigned phone number just as they would to any

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    Hello ) I need to convert a article related to "Indian politics" -- from text to audio ) I need a voiceover artist to do the job -- and not a text to voice software ) The article is a total of 1250 words Thanks !!

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    ...Functionality + Required Topics Demonstrated: You must demonstrate the following working concepts within your app to pass. UI components: E.g. Labels, buttons / image buttons, text input / checkbox / radiobox, etc. The more you can demonstrate, within the normal functioning of your app, the better. You may end up making your own UI components, and that's

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    Binary to text to sound S'est terminé left

    I want to take binary code from a project and convert it to text. Then i want to take that text and run it through a voice modulator. I want you to make software to turn the binary to text and make a voice modulator.

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    Email system for blind S'est terminé left

    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be used by blinds for sending mails using interactive voice response system IVR which is used to convert text to speech and speech to text so that they can effectively communicate

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    Im looking for someone who can build and create for me a windows software that can convert text to speech in a scary and threatening voice.

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    €9 - €26
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    Mobile development S'est terminé left

    ...wanted to develop an Android app and I need help from a software developer to help me develop the app. in my next paragraph I'll be explaining the features of this app Number 1 so the front end of this app will be a simple text to speech feature Number 2 on main screen the topic / heading of the text will be visible under various categories. the user

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    Write some software -- 2 S'est terminé left

    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed . I want an application to convert voice to text, then allow a search for specified words or combination of words, then will text the two sentences before the word and after. So will text 4 sentences.

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    web developer S'est terminé left

    ...project create and develop new software by combining existing [se connecter pour voir l'URL] Character Recognition, or OCR, is a technology that enables you to convert different types of documents, such as scanned paper documents, PDF files or images captured by a digital camera into editable and searchable data. [se connecter pour voir l'URL] software for handwr...

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    Write some software S'est terminé left

    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be [se connecter pour voir l'URL] application. This application need to convert voice to text and compare the text and equate it to a number and send it serially to a Bluetooth device. The voice to text should work without the internet. There are 30 voice...

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    ...folder%2ccptx We use the below software applications to do the work. 1. Adobe Captivate 2. Adobe Premiere Professional or Adobe Premiere Elements 3. TextAloud text-to-speech converter 4. Audacity Audio editor 5. CrazyTalk facial animation software 6. Adobe Media Encoder If you have different software you would rather use we would be willing

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    Lead Generation Specialist S'est terminé left

    ...- Results & Detailed oriented, high achiever, organized, and systematic. - Basic to advanced understanding of computers, various software programs and navigating the Internet. - Confident telephone voice. Key Activities & Duties: - Set daily and weekly goals. - Track all key business activities. - Measure conversion ratios and meet performance

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    I need two Small software applications that can beat the Interactive Automated Response, and convert the voice to text and text to voice while it is playing, and get me a csv report, will provide more detail on contact, Happy Bidding, Projects will be assaigned based on previous rating and success percentage, these are urgent basis, and i have

    €26 - €220
    €26 - €220
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    Bygg en hemsida S'est terminé left

    ...Fill in the Blank, Matching, Likert Scale & Short Essay * All possibilities are available to starts your questions with images, Flash video and audio, including voice-over, text-to-speech, etc * You Can use math and science symbols with the equation editor to create quizzes for Math, Physics, and Chemistry. Make your quiz more challenging

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    I wanted only female people to convert our text to speech without any software naturally. I have the script ready,1750-1800 [se connecter pour voir l'URL] is needed for kids/children mobile e-learning projects (Learn Animals,Learn Fruits and Vegetables, Learn Colors etc.). Text will be provided to you in word file which you have to convert in wave file. ...

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    Text to Voice Conversion. S'est terminé left

    We wanted only native American or UK people to convert our text to speech without any software naturally. This is needed for our e-learning. Text will be provided to you in word file which you have to convert in wave file. Also send your voice Sample as per attached document. Preference will be given for clarity, accent, emotions pitch and clarity

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    ...want a software ( wordpress plugin) The summary of what i want it to do is: extract and convert a web page text and image(s) to HD video, when i put any web page url in the plugin. The detail functions should include the following: 1. Putting any web page url in the plugin . 2. Extract the web page content (text and image) and convert them

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    i need to find the software needed to run a playlist of video files to be streamed online. This is for a Non-Profit Broadcasting system. We are trying to convert our very old standard video system that relays on tapes to be changed all the time to a fully computerized system. We have all the IT knowledge needed, but just can't seem to find a good

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    The software should be able to do the following: 1.) Should be able to convert text to voice (audio) 2.) Publishers and Writers to publish their books in text format and the software to convert it to audio format. 3.) The software should also be able to allow users to subscribe to any of the audio books archived on the platform for a fee...

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    Voice to Text Software S'est terminé left

    I want to software like that voice convert to text with source code. Its can be use unicode.

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    News Site Text Reader App S'est terminé left

    Using data from existing websites and text to speech software the application will allow users to listen to articles that are published as text. The app will need voice activation, text to speech, web reader and web connection via wireless or 3G. The app will recognise links in the form of headlines and convert them to audio for users to hear. After

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    Software Developer that can create a TTS ( text to speech , Text 2 Speech ) software on a desktop application for both Mac and PC. Applicant must be familiar with Text 2 Speech Software. We are looking for someone that can create an automated text 2 speech software that is capable of exporting audio. The software will need to take a po...

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    I am looking for some software that can convert phone calls to text for a call center. I already have voice to text software however looking to get some software made that can be plugged into a voip phone system and start recording when staff say a phrase.

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    ...posting is for the design is for a simple application in javascript / php (or other java related language). The app is web based (not for download) and will use AT&T Watson Voice Recognition API. [se connecter pour voir l'URL] One of the highlights of this project is what you will be working with the

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    6 offres here. After the mp3 file is saved, the software should convert this sound file into text file using anything like Microsoft voice speech api, sdk etc. it should correctly recognize the words in voice file and return me those in some text file. in PART 2, if I feed a text file to your software, it should make its sound file su...

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    I need a voice recognition app that will read through a series of .wav files and convert them to text. I am specifically looking to translate and categorize 25-30 distinct messages. All messages that did not fall into the 25-30 messages I'm looking for would be categorized as 'other' and do not need to be fully converted to text. This applicat...

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    ...developer to create the following software program/website service available for PCs: 1. First thing software/website will do is convert youtube videos to MP3s, you can utilize this site here: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] 2. After MP3 is created, software/website will automatically convert the MP3 to text using software such as: [se...

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    6 offres Now rather than reading it, I will like you to using any audio software to make the book to be an audio book so that I can listen to it repeatedly. I am a busy person and I believe that this is a much more effectively way of studying. So what type of "Text To Speech" software do you have? I need something that is quite clear. I have about 8 of

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    Hi there I am looking for someone who has a good voice preferably a female voice who can change text to speech for a call center. I am not interested in people who use software, so i am looking for someone who is willing to record voice from written text using your own personal voice. The format accepted is wma, wave or mp3 I need this do...


    I am the owner of a very small business selling aquatic goods on ebay and my own website. I am looking for a talented individual to make accounting software to allow me to easily manage sales, purchases, suppliers and products. Please note that I do not have any specific form of current accounting but I can provide a few bits and bobs. I have a clear

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    I want to programatically convert millions of files into a voice reading file, I will want the voice software to be able to use different voice styles for the reading depending on which one the client chooses to download, all this will need to be done by software and programming,no one is personally going to read these items it will all need to be done

    €26 - €220
    €26 - €220
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    This is a web-based video creator software. And my members can use it on their download page and membership sites so that their users can use it and pay them for this software monthly AND for personal use. My members just need to upload scripts into their download pages and membership site's area with one click installation. What I want

    €1322 - €2643
    €1322 - €2643
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    Need more than 1 person - ongoing help in following tasks I have a software product and now need help on a permanent basis (kind of virtual assistant). I also own many websites and blogs for the current product as well the new product that I am building. Task1 - Link building Looking for a person who can help with link building. This is an ongoing

    €26 - €220
    €26 - €220
    12 offres for me and submit each article to YouTube video site. You’ll also send me each video file and YouTube link you create so I can re-submit them to other sites using SeNuke software. First; you need to create a new YouTube account Depending on your asking price, I expect that this should be a long and continues project. I currently have hundreds

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    ...with Articulate Engage interactions Adobe Captivate screen captures Power point presentation Articulate Quizzes Male and female voices with US accent (ATT natural voice or Neospeech or something similar) Knowledge of SAS programming language is preferred but not required. Project description: There will be few sets of quizzes for each

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    À temps plein
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    I run a software company in the name of RAJ [se connecter pour voir l'URL] develop web projects as well as desktop applications. I want to develop a software in , for recognising Gujarati speech and convert it into gujarati text.I also require a rich text editor for entering the [se connecter pour voir l'URL] speech recognition training wizard is requi...

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    Online SMS Gateway S'est terminé left

    ...and perform their functions, sending and receiving SMS messages from any web enabled PC. 2. Integrate SMS directly with business applications, websites and software. 3. Convert text to a voice message. 4. Wholesale bulk SMS pricing (please also provide SMS costs to Australia and other South East Asian countries). 5. User accounts and custom marketing

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    À la une
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    Nonvisual Symbian Access S'est terminé left

    ...multilingual text to speech tointerpret what is on the screen for blind, visually impaired, and illiterate people. ## Deliverables This project is to create a free open source Screen Reading program (Screen reader), for the Symbian Operating system using free open source packages. What is a screen reader? A screen reader is a software application

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    I am currently writing a range of short articles which I will convert into blog posts as well as putting together for a [se connecter pour voir l'URL] topics include things such as:management time management negotiation skills customer service parenting teambuilding MY STYLE I like to write in a conversational style. It is really how I speak. The reader needs to be able

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    ...documented, and all voice recordings need to be stored for later access.? If Respondents? press "1" (for Yes) or "2" (for No)? on their touch tone phone keypad (depending on the question) the system will automatically email? to Supervisor(s) all questions and responses as a text or pdf file, and will also forward the wav or mp3 file of any voice recordin...

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    Voice to text conversion S'est terminé left

    I'll need a software which can convert small wav files into text. It is about a wav file with a 5 digit number spoken by the same voice every time which I'll need converted into text. The software must easily be integrated with imacros from [se connecter pour voir l'URL] for mozilla.

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    Test Web Site S'est terminé left, you will need to perform the following tasks: 1. Record 30 audio files containing speech. You may do this by grabbing audio files off the Internet or recording your own voice reading something aloud (like a book or newspaper article) to an audio file (WAV or MP3 format). The lengths should vary between 1 - 30 minutes, evenly distributed. 2. Upload

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    20 offres SOFTWARE: You will obviously require a PC and some audio software that can slow down audio playback to about 55-60% of original speed to keep up. The files will be in DVF* format(digital voice file) formatYou should have at least dial up internet access to download the audio files but broadband is preferred. * if you need to convert the DVF

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    15 offres mp3 or wav file, analyze it using voice recognition and produce a text file output. The audio file will be an interview with one person asking questions and the other person answering them. This will be an English only application as both parties in the audio file will be speaking English. The text file will contain the contents of the

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