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    Replica L.L.C., a litigation support and imaging company, requires a stand alone application to create DII files for Summation iBlaze ([se connecter pour voir l'URL]). A DII file is a simple text file that helps Summation populate its database and link images and text documents together for search and retrieval. The structure of the DII file contains between 3 and 5 lines of code and a listin...

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    Platform: RedHat linux, PHP4, perl5.6, mysql This is what we need: We have 13 domains. Each domain has 3-7 DIFFERENTLY FORMATTED html tables. Each table contain Investment Performance data for different investment option. Example: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] We want to create a file containing data and place it in secure, not public, folder. (Please see attached text file for sampl...

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    FLOW OF SITE Create small simple site which provides: 1)Login/password page 2)Order page - (using the coded login,) accesses photos from specific photo assignment folder and then provides custom display page to allow customer to order photos - Allows customer to click on image to enlarge - Pressing PURCHASE button for each photo adds the image code, print size, order quantity, and price to a cart ...

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    Bookstore.ccp S'est terminé left

    This is for a class project so I would need the code to be very basic and simple. Title:Bookstore Description: the information that must be maintained for each book in the inventory. The following information will be stored in the ?[se connecter pour voir l'URL] inventory file for each book: · Title (50 characters max.) · Author?s last name (30 characters max.) · Author?s...

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    Multiple Supplier Management: Batchout and assign magazines to suppliers. This includes the correct formatting. +You will need to create templates for earch supplier using the supplied formatting for exporting orders + Complete Backend Management of Suppliers Select whether a magazine is a gift or not, and specify a gift message and gift address. Currently you can only send one order to one addres...

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    There are three simple exercise for good c++ programmers. But I need the first exercise done and given to me as soon as possible for time reasons and evaluation purposes. The 1st exercise is zipped and can be downloaded. The winning bidder will be e-mailed the other 2 exercises as soon as the first exercise is completed and submitted to my e-mail address. I'm offerring $10 with a bonus $5 if ...

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    graphical representation S'est terminé left

    A file, say File A, contains a number of sets of data calculated by an optimisation program. The location of the file is created before the optimisation starts by creating a new folder. This file has extension of .cep, .fep or .ifep that can be opened by using notepad. A VC++ program has already been created to accept the data from File A in order to produce a new txt file that contains value of p...

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    Automatic create folder and sub folder against category table: This table is in foxpro. Please look at the attach file to understand the tree structure. This three field make the tree structure: CATEGORY is category code, DESC is category description, PARENTCAT is the parent category. First level have " " PARENTCAT, by point to the PARENTCAT you will know what level you are in the tree. ...

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    Graphic s Specialist S'est terminé left

    We are currently looking for a graphic specialist to assist us with a fast deployment of a recently commissioned site. The site is for an established Car Dealership that is expanding in to the Car Import business. A domain name has been acquired and we have constructed an ASP based site for delivery of dynamic content. We are seeking assistance in the following areas: Header frame:Logo requi...

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    We require a method of hiding from a user (ie in explorer or common dialogs etc) the contents of fixed storage drives. This method can be either software or policy based (in the case of 2K/XP). And must have the following functionality: * any install process must be silent. * folder exemption list. * toggle on / off (without reset). * uninstall process (if required). * does not otherwise effect th...

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    Install shield S'est terminé left

    Immediate opportunity - we are looking for someone who has experience building a complete Install Shield program (desktop icon downloaded from cd which will take the uesr straight to the appropriate folder on their workstation). Cost is a consideration. Fixed price required - please contact me (Lucy) with costs and timescale.

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    €181 - €271
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    fonts protection program S'est terminé left

    we have some fonts and need to protect them from being copied ,so we need a program that :- -our fonts cant be used unless the cd is present. -the fonts can not be copied by any mean either from dos or windows even if the cd is present. -the fonts can not be seen in the system fonts folder but they can be seen from system programs like ms office,or any program that deals with fonts. -if some one t...

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    1. Select and apply current and emerging standards in the development of server based Web solutions. 2. Integrate Web server and Database functionality. 3. Deploy Web technologies for state and security management. 4. Describe and implement enhancements of server function to extend Web site service. WEB Based Message Board Outline You are required to produce a CGI/WEB based application that implem...

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    Similar to Yahoo Mail and Hotmail including pop3, stmp and imap 1. Runs as a small icon on your system tray. 2. Can run as a service on Win NT or 2000 or be loaded with Windows 98,2000 XP startup. 3. Supports unlimited number of accounts. 4. Supports SMTP authentication. To protect server from unauthorized use. 5. A fully functional server: it relays the messages directly to Mail exchangers, bypas...

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    ASP Database Error Message S'est terminé left

    We have developed a complete online database-driven website. The website works properly under 5 of our production Windows 2000 Server, but it doesn't work on our client's Windows NT 4.0 with SP6 server. We have made sure the IUSR_Computername is set to full permission. We have tried DSN and DSN-less connection. We have also tried the TEMP folder solution, but none of them works. Error me...

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    Emailing Software S'est terminé left

    I am looking for an email application silimar to PMMAIL 2000. To get a better idea of what I am aiming at, please goto their site and download the shareware. [se connecter pour voir l'URL] I don't care what language it is in as long as all I need is the [se connecter pour voir l'URL] file. And it must work for win95+ and linux. Basic features such as: Send, receive, delete emails....

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    Data Manipulation S'est terminé left

    Pulling data from one file and making three different files. Start with an [se connecter pour voir l'URL] file with (x,y) demensions and create a [se connecter pour voir l'URL] file and two .art (top&bot)files. I would also like the ability to use a multiplier to increase (x,y), in the [se connecter pour voir l'URL], size. I would like to be able to select the .asc file, then fi...

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    I'd like to add to a larger application, the ability to open a "post-it" note into which a user could type free text (e.g., to help them remember things they need to do). The notes would appear if they clicked on a menu item such as: New Sticky (mnuNewSticky). Users would have the option of printing, deleting, or saving the notes to a text file in the same folder as the larger app, ...

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    ASP/HTML/ULTRA DEV Page S'est terminé left

    I need a ASP/HTML page developed in MacroMedia UltraDev with a recordset and a repeat region with two additional fields - one for quantity and one for select or not. When selecting products and quantities then on top of the page I need a total (total price and quantity) and on the selected product line total price to update automatically and instantly (if 2 selected in qty. then the line total equ...

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    Auto Sync S'est terminé left

    Auto Sync - I want a program to automatically Synchronize any folder I want on my computer with any folder I want on my laptop. For Example, if I have a folder called 'Year 2 Project' on my laptop, and a folder called 'All Projects' on my desktop, I want the program to automatically copy all the folders from one to the other (there will only ever be a one to one relationship), ...

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    IPTC Copier S'est terminé left

    I need a Windows application that will copy all of the IPTC header information from one set of image files to a second set of image files with similar names. As an example, say I have two folders, each containing a set of JPEGS. Some or all of the files in these two folders have the same names. I would need to be able to choose the source folder and the destination folder, and then have the progra...

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    I need a simple script wich have two main functions. 1. Upload a file to a pre-defined folder and print the info from the upload form to a TXT file (database). 2. List all files in a spesified folder, arranging them in a simple table, sorted by upload date (newest on top) and showing the info stored with the file, and a download link to the file. - I want all functions in one script file called...

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    Data Transfer S'est terminé left

    i have a database i wrote in VB6. i need to be able to transfer data between two computers via direct phone line after dial-up(NO INTERNET!) i would need to be able to insert the name and location(s) of the files to transfer. the files would be data, maybe some text files, and possibly an .exe.(mostly data)the option to transfer ALL files within a folder would also be a plus. i would need a non-us...

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    Flash for wedding album S'est terminé left

    We need a FLASH application with the following characteristics Must resemble a wedding album like the ones in the attached pictures It needs to have a nice looking animation that resembles the turning of pages in a real album It's made up of an introduction page that has some text information. When the user "turns the page" it will display a series of pages that contain the album�...

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    server config editor S'est terminé left

    I need a custom script that has two parts to it. The first part is that it will go to the apache configuration file. It will know the location from the scripts own config file. The script will then take all of the variables out and the settings associated with them. It will put it into a layout and allow easy editing of the variables. It will also allow variables not yet used to be added. Once a p...

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    Please send a short quote only for the price in BRITISH CURRENCY only, the proposed technologies used (if any server components would be needed etc) and the timescale for such a site to be undertaken. It would be a help to put the quote price in the message Subject line if you could. Closing date is 1st March 2002. NO ATTACHMENTS PLEASE. Any messages with attachments will not be read or considered...

    €181 - €271
    €181 - €271
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    Wedding Website Application S'est terminé left

    This is two medium sized applications for a Wedding registry website. These applications should have 3 seperate areas. 1. Couple 2. Visitor 3. Master Admin. And MUST be user friendly and esay to navigate. You can see the exsiting application at [se connecter pour voir l'URL] to see how it is currenly laid out. The site uses a Session Variable called the CoupleID that determins what and where ...

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    Window Script Host S'est terminé left

    Script requires one argument should specify a complete path such as a:Test. The script should test the first character in the argument to see if it's an A or a C. Once the drive has been verified, the script should allow the user to choose between files and folders. Use a message box. If the user chooses the folders option, need to test the existance of subfolders within the folder specified...

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    Easy VB program S'est terminé left

    Easy one here... VB Program called "[se connecter pour voir l'URL]" that will be launched at user login (Start Menu/Programs/Start), which should reside on a folder with an excel file called "[se connecter pour voir l'URL]" and an ini file called "[se connecter pour voir l'URL]" and do the following: - If it is the first time the program is run that day...

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    automated updater S'est terminé left

    We have two websites which have model portfolios. We shoot a set with a model, say 300 images in one day. Images are originally 1288 x 960. We then separate the images in 5 different folders, because they are separate clothing and sceneries or separate “themes??. We end up with 5 different “galleries?? or 5 different “themes/sets??. Then we separate the images that came out sidew...

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    I do not even know if this is possible. We currently use Outlook Express 6 for our email client. We receive our orders from our credit card processing company via email. I am able to download the orders(which we do) but they do not contain the field for customer comments. These comments are contained within the email. I would like a program that scans a particular folder in my inbox. (We drag all ...

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    I have written a small ftp program. I need a sub or function that allows me to select a folder, and returns me all files/folders below so i can ftp the stucture from my local drive to the ftp server. I can do the ftping, i just need simple code to give me each directory and files in that dir to ftp and recreate on the server. Suggestions are welcome. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functiona...

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    Ok, we have some clients that want an an area that they can upload images for select clients to download. Here's is what is required: 1. Admin are to create clients & upoad/delete images/zip/pdf/txt for clients(req. multiple uploads) 2. Ability to give each client they're individualized folder/area which is accessible via pass/login. 3. Ability to email client link to area/and pa...

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    GeoCities Like App Needed S'est terminé left

    I want to create a web site similar to what [se connecter pour voir l'URL] does. After the user logs in (I will take care of login screens), he or she will be allowed to see the files in the folder that has been assigned to him or her. Everything in that folder should be viewable (including file attributes) and the user should be able to upload or download files from that specific folder ONLY...

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    I am looking for a program that will detect what the mouse clicked on. This program will have to return what was clicked (icon, folder, toolbar, menu selection, minimize, maximize, combo box, text box, form and so on) the height, width and mouse location of what was clicked will also need to be returned. The Mouse location needs to be the starting point to place a box around the clicked item. Exam...

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    Basically this .exe would run as a service and watch a drive once an image was added to a specific folder lets say "e:ftp" the exe would take that image, create a dup, create a 500 x 500, create a 170 x 170. What it would then do is create a unique name for the file and insert this unique name , the dimensions of the original image and the folder id that it belongs to into the db. WE g...

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    closed - Please do not bid I figured it out. ## Deliverables closed ## Platform closed

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    Links Website S'est terminé left

    We need an ASP and MS-Access driven web site to display links, based on their category. There needs to be an admin page (password protected, the password can be coded into the ASP page because there will only be one admin.) On the admin page, the user can enter the HTML code for their link, and the text to go with it, and choose a category for the link. The page the surfer will see then will searc...

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    Tic Tac Toe S'est terminé left

    Creat a class TicTacToe. Class contain private dataa 3by3 double array of integers. The constructor should initialize the empty board to all [se connecter pour voir l'URL] 2 player. place a 1 in speified square as player 1 moves and a 2 when player 2 moves. TicTacToe game, program 6.16. This project is again a three-file project ([se connecter pour voir l'URL], [se connecter pour voir l&...

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    MS Outlook Export S'est terminé left

    We need a form in VB 6.0 that can open MS Outlook 2002, open up a folder in Outlook and export all messages in that folder to a MS Access database. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work purchased.

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    Ftp Image Processor S'est terminé left

    I have a photo gallery web application. It uses a ftp applet (unlimited ftp) that allows authenticatd users to upload images to my War Ftp server. War FTP has an Upload Verification Event. When each file successfully uploads it can fire off an .exe or a *.Bat along with arguments In vb 6 i designed an activex exe. The active x exe based on arguments passed gets the path of the image. Processes it ...

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    We need an uninstaller program (cleansweep style) that can uninstall a program itself by removing files, associations, registry entries as well as shortcuts. Any removed program can be backed up so if ever a problem occurs or you need it back you can retrieve it easily. If it's posible, we also need that the program can perform: Move: You can choose to move software from a folder of your hard...

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    Objectives ---------- i need a perl script that can retrive email messages from a mail(pop3,imap) server then extract the headers info and decode the attacments and then save the attached file in a folder and also save all the header info (to,cc,bcc in a access db , i want the script in perl + asp and use <% languge =perl script %> and all in one page see my mail application you will better ...

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    I have a working coupon creator site but I need more features added to it. All scripts are currently installed in the cgi-bin including the database folder. 1) When viewing coupons, users can click on a link under each coupon to print the coupon individually(i.e. Click Here To Print This Coupon)or however you can make this work. 2) I would like to add 2 extra fields for users to fill in when cre...

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    Directory Browsing script S'est terminé left

    I need an ASP script that will provide me with the ability to carry out directory browsing on a website. The script should be able to navigate down through sub-folders with a given directory, but should not provide access the files/folders at any upper level. I would like the folder/files to be displayed in a fairly smart looking table (showing name, file size, type, last modified). The script wil...

    €181 - €271
    €181 - €271
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    ASP Multi user file manager S'est terminé left

    I've not gotten satisfactory bids so I've reworded my request as follows: Please look at [se connecter pour voir l'URL] or see the attached screenshot before bidding. I want ASP code for a filemanager virtually identical to the one on GeoCities...the code needs to show a basic list of your files (with details about the file - time modified, etc) and put an icon beside the file based...

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    ASP Help Desk Email Support S'est terminé left

    We need a coder to take the FREE Help desk application at [se connecter pour voir l'URL] and add email support. Please demo this application online before bidding. The application is very easy and simple. ## Deliverables Need an application that will integrate with the help desk so that users can open a trouble ticket and and correspond to using Email. ALso to save any attachments on a ser...

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    In a terminal server environment (Win NT TSE or 2K) it is not easy to give the terminal session access to a local (terminal client) disk drive, especially when client and server are separated by a packet filtering device. The task is to develop a virtual shell folder using the techniques to extent the explorer namespace (implementing the IShellFolder interface etc.) and thereby adding the local di...

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    I re-wrote a standard EXE application in activeX form, so it could be used with IE from an intranet server. The application is working perfectly on my development computer, but when I try to use it in the production environment, the application doesn´t work. When user accesses the page with the activeX application IE ask if it can be installed and the activeX control appears in the Downloade...

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    List Manager S'est terminé left

    Hello. Since it is becoming very difficult to choose whose bid to accept on my List Manager project, I decided to try this. I hope this is not against the rules of the site. I'm trying to narrow this down a bit. I am attaching a zip file to my bid request containing just one of the routines that the list manager program will do. This will give everyone an idea of what the program looks like a...

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