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    Voice Messager S'est terminé left

    ...that wants to keep contact with its customer. The aim is to send all customers a recorded message automatically via normal phone call. - The sw should receive an excell spreadsheet with fields like name, phone number. - the sw should be able to save several *.wav files and the user should be able to choose from it. - the sw should be able to dial

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    Excel-like numbers database. S'est terminé left

    1). 23 43 21 14 25 36 -> 23 43 21 14 25 36 23 43 21 14 25 36 -> 23 43 21 14 25 36 Column A Column B Column C 2). A Microsoft Office like column management. Excel like spreadsheet. 3). A column mixed with B column. On C column the mixed numbers. - 23 43 21 joined with 12 25 36 into one sequence 23 43 21 14 25 36. A column can have up to 7 numbers. B

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    A simple MS Access database with an Excel spreadsheet interface for a jewelry retail store that will allow it to keep track of sales and maintain inventory, and generate reports based on inventory that is available, sales per period, and so forth. The specific fields of the Access database and the entry/output functionality of the excel spreadsheet are

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    Simple QTP Excel Spreadsheet S'est terminé left

    ...Queuing Simulation add-in for excel, available from: <[se connecter pour voir l'URL]> ## Deliverables 1. A fully finished and workable excel spreadsheet completed by using relevant QTP formulas. 2. Completed in the necesary time frame. 3. Questions fully completed in excel spreadsheet. The problem and questions

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    Simple requirement. I have a contact list in Excel format that I want to display on my website. However, I don't want to display the entire list at once. I want a page (I think in PHP though CGI also acceptable) where the user initially sees a list of counties (UK-equivalent of US state), automatically generated from the County field in the Excel

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    I have a system I currently use for creating tournaments in Yahoo Pool Leagues. It uses a combination of an Excel Spreadsheet containing information which compiles a URL wich is then submitted using a simple Macro. I want to develop this into a programme which will accept a text file of tournament names and then allow the user to customise the

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    dll for tradestation2000i S'est terminé left tradestation allows this, but unfortunately cannot accurately calculate more than 7 decimal places, the formula i made in excel works prefectly as it can do up to 30 decimal places. I am able to supply the excel spreadsheet, and also the easy language code for this formula. The "lookback period" i want for both data sets is to be a variable however

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    1) I have an Excel spreadsheet ([se connecter pour voir l'URL]) that needs to be converted to OpenOffice v1.1 or StarOffice v6.0. This is a fairly simple project as OpenOffice/StarOffice will do most of the work (conversion) for you. -"[se connecter pour voir l'URL]" has Objects, Marcos, Forms, Modules and Command Buttons that will all need slight adju...

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    We need a simple two-way utility (to be called the ADU) that will assemble and disassemble delimited text files that conform to our specification. There will be no user interface to ADU. It must run as an executable that can be run from a batch file with command-line arguments. The ADU will serve as a component of the import/export subsystem of our

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    Line Drawing Graphic S'est terminé left

    A simple line drawing similar to the example attached, but drawn from scratch and with the modifications described. Please let me know if clarification is needed. Please provide examples of earlier work. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2)

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    I require a spreadsheet which will collect specific information on stocks from Microsoft Investor website and save it in a tabular format with the ability to update this information frequently on a weekly basis. Details of the project: I will have the stock symbol in one column which will be used to reference data from this site. http://moneycentral

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    Easy School project S'est terminé left

    ...on betting and odds variants. What I need is very simple, but beyond my capabilities using Excel!! I have attached an excel spreadsheet that outlines what I need done. Essentially it is generating as many different variations as possible within certain parameters. I have added red tags to some excel boxes to give you more description of what I need

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    ...certain fields and I want the ability to to import a text file or excel with the records into the program, then after I have collected the pictures and linked them to the members record I can save the database back to a textfile or excel spreadsheet, whichever works best. Must include simple search and add functions.. I am using an EZONIC USB III camera

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    I wish for the following attached spreadsheet that tracks actual and projected project labor used on site to be replaced with an MS Access 97 database. (This database will be eventually converted to Office XP so could You please take ease of conversion into account for this design although this is a lower priority than userbility and stability)

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    Excel to Web Based Program S'est terminé left

    This is a simple project if you know what you're doing. I'm not extremely savvy with technical languages, but I know enough about programming to know this is a NO BRAINER for the right person. I need to take an excel spreadsheet template and have someone program an interactive web page/site to allow users to plug in some numbers and have the results

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    Simple Chart ActiveX. S'est terminé left

    **Updated Request change price catagory** I want a simple chart OCX control which does simple column charts and scatter charts just like Excel. I have included a spreadsheet with the example charts. I want to be able to add the control to a form . I need the following properties and methods. PlotXValue PlotYValue SetColorX ( use OLE color

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    ...create new contacts, checking for duplicates and update the existing contact. I'm looking to import data submitted in emails into a database. Process: create Template for simple email or Advanced for free form email Map tags that appear next to each data field in the email and point the data field to a field in the database Using some kind of

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    Data Miner S'est terminé left

    ...provide an option to remember the calculation so that it can be later chosen from a list. b) select one or more subsets of data using one or multiple queries which may be simple queries or queries based upon the results of the summary calculations and calculated fields. I anticipate going through a process something like this: First run a query selecting

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    ...publish a spreadsheet in a web form. My problem is getting the calculations I've used in Excel to be automatic for a web visitor. When the visitor enters their data in the form, they gets instant results calculated by the form. I can create the web page and the form layout, design etc. I just cant get the calculations from my spreadsheet to work

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    MS Excel webservice S'est terminé left

    ...need an Excel 2002 (XP) Spreadsheet which can consume ANY webservice and displays the contents. On opening the Excel spreadsheet asks for the SOAP webservice URL (.asp or .aspx or whatever) and then calls that webservice and displays the results. Don't ask for parameters, just keep this a simple and quick solution please. The Excel sprea...

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    Very simple project that integrates a number of Excel "Sheets" into one Purchase Order Spreadsheet. We simply have a Purchases List (sheet1), that we enter data into. We have a Purchase Order Template (sheet2). We have a Suppliers address template (sheet3). We want to be able to hit a button and then get the system to automatically integrate

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    Excel to Email Program S'est terminé left

    I need a program that performs the following function: Program Function- After working with an Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, 1) I want to be able to go to File, Send To 2) Then choose email attachment. 3) The program should (using the mail server I give you the info for) send that file to the user address(s) specified. 4) When the transmission

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    299153 Class Reunion Script S'est terminé left

    ...This should be quick and simple. I'd prefer PHP/MySQL because my programmer friends say it's better than CGI/Perl, but I'm open to suggestions. I only know how to tweak cgi/perl, so if you do this in PHP, it needs to run by itself without me ever having to touch it. HTML and graphics are no problem for me. I need a simple page with a script (that

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    Excel question S'est terminé left

    A very simple problem for an Excel guru. I would like to accomplish the following in an Excel spreadsheet using the Evaluate method. I have a 3 column range expanding over 100 rows. I would like to take the value from column 1 and put it into some formula in Column 3 (same row) but rather than seeing the formula in the spreadsheet cell, I would

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    With a sample data set in excel (0nly 2000 records). we have to explore and derive some meaning out of the data set. Please quote a price and I will provide the data set ( It is very simple to understand) ## Deliverables 1A. Initial data exploration 1. Identify the attributes, their type (nominal, ordinal, interval or ratio). 2. Identify the values

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    Excel Pivot Tables S'est terminé left

    Spreadsheet Required: I require a functional spreadsheet to analyse data taken from an interactive voting system - with 70 keypads and voting responses of 0-9 possible. The data is currently in the form: Q1-4 Demographic questions (possible responses 1-9, eg 1 corresponds to Norwich, 2 to Cambridge etc) Q5-230 Response questions. These are approx 75

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    ...present the spreadsheet to some investors this week and want to add a little "Sizzle" to the substance. I need a very slick, professional looking front end put on the Excel Spread Sheet so that it no longer looks like a spreadsheet, but both the input screen and the outputs look like a complete software package. It should be clean, simple, yet professional

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    Linking Web to Excel S'est terminé left

    ...problem:- Link Excel to website called [se connecter pour voir l'URL] that contains constantly updating price information. The link needs to update as often as possible and at least every 5 seconds. The link must be automatic and work endlessly. The link needs to update the betfair site by activating the refresh button on the website. There may be a simple solution or

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    ...server, we will check to see if there are any attachments saved for that record and if so, download it. After the information has arrived we will have to update a simple Excel spreadsheet. Full detail of this project is included in word format as an attachment to this bid request. I will need the following: VB code for the client software, ASP code

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    ASP to Quickbooks/Excel S'est terminé left

    ...SQL database I also need to have the data saved into a Quickbooks (QB) database and an Excel spreadsheet. So basically, I need is a simple API to call with a set of data (possibly in an array) that I can post to the QB table of my choice then to an Excel spreadsheet where I will specify the name of the sheet to be created. ## Deliverables 1) Complete

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    I've got a project where I need to combine data from several Excel spreadsheets, and generate multiple files from that combined data. Every month, about 10 or so people email me their monthly reports in Excel. This is a simple spreadsheet with identical columns. Some people would have more rows of data than others. I'd like to take each of those monthly

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    Excel Spreadsheet Work S'est terminé left

    Client uses Excel spreadsheet for tracking products, prices, customers & order details etc - insists that wants to continue to use Excel, however needs more functionality. The job involves linking different pages, columns etc, but the main work is creating a simple 'input form' so that a new 'job' can be added, and amended as required in a si...

    €175 - €263
    €175 - €263
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    ...cost. As part of these packages, I want to also offer software for document preparation and spreadsheet management. I am aware that there are several cost and free packages that offer the user the ability to create documents and spreadsheets (Word and Excel come to mind), but I will need something proprietary to my company that can be packaged with

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    Excel VBA Question S'est terminé left

    I have written an excel program that opens a userform and prompts the user to fill a few fields, then performs some simple math on these fields. I am looking for a way to fill a table on a spreadsheet based on the what is put in a couple of these fields. Namely I would like to have my columns labeled as the twelve months and my rows labeled as several

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    ...output to Excel spreadsheets. (See sample files attached.) Attached are 3 files that would serve as input to the reporting program. They are what is generated by the optical scanning of bubble sheets used for answers. That data should be used to generate the output report(s) desired which should look somewhat like the 2 Excel spreadsheet examples attached

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    77193 PHP write excel S'est terminé left

    ...html) and is usually used to create an Excel spreadsheet on the fly, downloadable via http. I want it to write an Excel file to a directory on the server. However, when I try to do this, it simply writes an excel file with the right name, but with just the word 'Object' in it, no data. This should be a simple enough job. Take a look at the php file

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    For this job, you would provide: (1) A simple, even trivial, Excel application that requires the linking of 3 workbooks (to make sure that the concept works) (2) The HTML for user access with ASP scripting (preferably using JavaScript as the scripting language)--for this job you need to have only 3 inputs, let's say--such as having the user input "height

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    ...files and each one would need to be parsed in the same manor. This should be relatively simple to do programatically. ## Deliverables 1) Data Parsed and formatted as in the example. This may be in the form of a tab delimited text file or an Excel spreadsheet. 2) Source code for the tool created to do this so that I may validate the logic. 3) Complete

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    Extract Data From Web Pages S'est terminé left

    ...extracted into an Excel Spreadsheet. I have included a file with a [se connecter pour voir l'URL] that gives the specifics. I need an installable program to put on my desktop that will run everyday to perform the neccessary tasks to update the Excel Spreadsheet so I can update the database for the website I am getting built. The concept of this project is sim...

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    Smmple VB app S'est terminé left

    This is a simple app I need within the week I accept your bid. Basically I want a VB app that will do the following: 1. Read a excel file in either: a: a list box (prefer) b: or a textpad type format 2. As a standard this excel file will have ONLY 5 columns. I want to type the data into a text box in VB and have it placed it into excel. Basically what

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    oscommerce catalog import S'est terminé left

    ...attached excel file to the site catalog. I need someone who is able to import the data in the attached spreadsheet to oscommerce installtion. If you do the project to my satisfaction you will be my choosen programmer to do more work on my sites. Please note I am not looking for a program to convery excel into mysql but my task it simple get this excel data

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    Simple Order ASP System S'est terminé left

    Simple Order Total Per Office Per Day ASP Report on SQL Server Current Manual System using Excel spreadsheet to be replaced . . . will be provided to programmer Data Entry Screen 1: We already have a login database for all the offices, users and users’ e-mail set up. The programmer could simply add a drop down field to the form with the following rights:

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    Excel Spreadsheet Frontend S'est terminé left

    I have a rate quoting spreadsheet that I want to distrubute. I would like to create a front end to the spreadsheet that will interface with it but keep my spreadsheet hidden and uneditable. Also, I will want a serial number built to have the frontend disable itself after a specified time to prevent people from using it past a date to prevent old rates

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    Excel into ASP S'est terminé left

    Need an excel spreadsheet converted to ASP. We have a spreadsheet in excel that is updated frequently and daily. We have multiple users who need access to it but we do not have a local server. However, we subscribe to a hosting server that we intend to store the spreadsheet on. The spreadsheet must be converted to ASP and have a login to allow multiple

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    19 offres to a spreadsheet so I think it's possible to do this for this project too. In the very least we need to be able to easily "download" the data in some format. I would really like the data posted to a downloadable spreadsheet simply so we can "search" on entries. The end user interface doesn't need to be anything special. It can be simple. O...

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    Project has two parts: 1) Take emails from excel spreadsheet and put in User table of MySQL database. Develop a email that can be sent to users asking them to update their profile 7 questions. Email will contain a link and cookie that keeps track of user id and email address. Develop [se connecter pour voir l'URL] page that updates user info in MySQL userid table

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    I have designed a VERY simple application in MS Access. The specs changed and I need to convert the application to VB. The database has one main table and about four lookup tables (for location, physician name, etc). On a button-click, the program imports some data from an Excel spreadsheet. I needed to do some calculations on the data and output one

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    Update Profile MySQL and ASP S'est terminé left

    Project Description for Update Profile Project ASP & Description: ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Simple Project. Take emails from excel spreadsheet and put in User table of MySQL database. Develop a email that can be sent to users asking them to update their profile 7 questions. Email will contain a link and cookie that keeps track of user id and email

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    Upload Excel to MSSQL S'est terminé left

    Simple SQL7 db, need to upload data from an Excel Spreadsheet via an ASP page. The data from the Excel file will need to be uploaded from the client to two different tables, using the contactId as primary key. All uploads will be "inserting" new records to two tables in SQL(users won't do it very often). tblContacts (SQL) will receive customer info

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    This is a very quick and simple macro conversion. I'm not sure if this would be a proper request for this web site, but I am looking for someone to convert a Lotus 123 macro to Excel VB. This macro performs several functions, but only 1 of these functions will need to be converted. It is a spreadsheet and this function allows switching between monthly

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