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    Hi. I have set of Shear wall for 35 floor Structure that needs Reinforcement Takeoff. Including Shear Wall, Link beam. I have concrete Detailed Qty with each level. Quick turn around freelancer required.

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    The Chemical/Material specialist: Will sign an NDA related to product information. Will establish testing procedures for a specific application of dilatant(shear-thickening) fluids and will be expected to provide evidence for a go/no go decision based on the physical properties of possible materials. Will identify suitable membrane materials to contain

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    ...collaboration methods. NOTE: - 10,000 words Project - All the details are attached , other information such ( supported document about our company PDO, and others ) will shear it with you latter. Dates Project Surgery 1 (18, 19 and 20 Sep2018) - Done Project Surgery 2 (16, 17 and 18 Oct2018) Project Surgery 3 (13, 14 and 15 Nov2018) Project Submission

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    I am trying to create a spreadsheet that returns the minimum cross sectional area of a bolt for infinite fatigue life (in shear and axial load) and I am not convinced that my working is correct. I need someone to go through my maths and check for any mistakes I have made in rearranging to isolate the cross sectional area, and also check that my formulae

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    Project for Miguel Angel C. S'est terminé left

    Hi Miguel Angel C. I need some work done with respect to a shear wall. It is an interior wall in a 3-story, 50k sf building in Washington State. The wall is 2x6 studs, with 1/2" ply on both sides. My need is to create an opening in the wall, and then reinforce with external steel to restore lateral load resistance. Is this something you could help

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    ...the following details o Details of CFD setup and used methods/ parameters for simulation / material constants /number of nodes o Plots showing the tensile and shear stress in the EPDM structure o Deformation of structure o Pressure distribution in and around the EPDM Structure o Numbers of iterations done for the results

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    I'm designing a wood frame structure and would like...frame structure and would like some help in determining the reaction forces for the two attached problems. When the reaction forces are determined, draws the bending moment and shear diagrams. I would like to see the calculations and diagrams on paper, represented by steps taken to achieve results.

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    ...mystery shopper account . can go to any shop and give feedback with pic and locator and save answer 2. manger account can see the result of the questionnaire by graphic can shear the result with pdf and email 3 visitor ; it use by manger to allow any one to access to the result of mystery shopper need some one can help in Arabic language so

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    ...strokes Add Text Use drawing tools from the tool panel to design your own icons to use in the diagram. Icons are simple visual representations of things that are generally more complex. Click here for an example. Depending on what type of diagram you are planning to create, you will need to design icons on your own to use in your diagram (as in the “thumbs

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    Structural composites S'est terminé left

    I need to create an excel spreadsheet for composite laminates to provide instant return provide mechanical properties for that specific layup, it also needs to include basic PASS/ FAIL scenarios for specific loading conditions i.e. flexural, tensile, shear under given weight. I have started the spreadsheet and can provide as a starting point.

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    I need an expert in structure analysis and abaqus software to help me in simulating a several models of concrete reinforced with FRP to validate an experiment data. the model have to be simulated under specific conditions.

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    I need to make corrections to a code in Matlab that calculates displacement or drift using T.H.A. method. The model is a 4 floors, 3D frame with 4 columns with shear hinges and 4 undeformable beams per floor. The results have to be consistent with the same model in CSi Perform 3D software. I would like a civil or structural engineering background.

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    19 offres in Donohue (engineering).PDF if they are accurate. Beam should be recessed in 12” ceiling as much as possible. 2. Windows on each side of fireplace (I believe this is a shear wall so hopefully you can figure out how to do this inexpensively) (*Use Revit file, different than PDF) 3. Addition of 4-panel slider 144”W x 96”H (*Use Revit file, different

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    Monte Carlo Simulation to be done for polymers

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    ...32' span using a steel beam across lanai area below rafters. Also pocket doors need glu-lam header sizes . braced wall calcs are required for each exterior wall and interior shear wall areas per plans attached. foundation footing sizes also needed. provide drawings at 1/4" = 1'-0" architectural scale when completed. architect engineer structural building

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    Details can be found here: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] The calculations to be done can be found in the folder titled "instructions" while the other folder has relevant files

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    Help to develop matlab code for THA S'est terminé left

    I need to make corrections to a code in matlab that models shear joints on a column in a multistory 3D frame, one bay per side using T.H.A. method. The results are being verified in Perform 3D.

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    ...HVAC electrical heaters factory - case study. ( Finned Type and open coil type), For ducts and Industrial Air handling units applications. Starting from the cnc punch and shear, heat element winding and forming (U, W, O, L shapes), soldering, annealing (if required), assembly, and testing. (UL, ASTM, ASME, and ETL standards). No need for costing,

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    calculation forces & reactions, resolution of forces in frames, bending moments and shear forces are introduced.

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    report writing S'est terminé left

    my project is about how a moment resistant steel structure frame behaves or reacts after a post 2. seismic loading analysis ( using response spectrum analysis method ) 3. equivalent static load procedure 4. calculating period and weight of structure 5. base shear of structure 6. geometry building in SAP2000 7. locating columns

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    Problem context: Let's say I'm trying to design a pipe (cylinder) that can stand as much shear force as possible. I'm defining shear force as force that is exactly perpendicular to the pipe, like an upside down "T". So let's visualize the problem as I'm trying to design a pipe, which, if it's suspended on both ends perfectl...

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    Need to calculate shear forces, details and formulas to be provided.

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    Steel detail - shear plates S'est terminé left

    Need a detail to install two shear plates (4 total) in both sides of a web in a vertical I-beam building column. Plates are spaced about 1 foot apart on each side of the web. need: * plate detail (qty 4), * install detail with weld symbol(s). Plates to be the thickness of the flange (1/2-inch). Face of flange to face of flange is about 10

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    ...uploaded to avoid re-uploading the same data more than once (duplication of the same data) There are three modes of plucking namely; i. Hand plucking ii. Shear plucking iii. MTH (Tea harvesting Machine) Each mode of plucking is paid at different rates. (Any changes in the payroll system should sync back to the data collection

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    Crane design S'est terminé left

    My project involves the design of a tower crane for a project. Some concepts that need to be used are shear force and bending moment diagram, load path, stability of structures, method of virtual work, force method and slope deflection method.

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    Web development -- 2 S'est terminé left

    Hi I want to upload my pictures and videos and where people can see like and shear And also members can post On backend I can check my like post and shear detail Similar than YouTube i have very low budget any one interested then contact for more information

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    build me a website S'est terminé left

    I want a personal website where I can upload my pictures and videos and also like option of every picture and video and shear them on any social media website and also where I can private my stuff and only see by those users which I can allow and also user option which can allow user to upload pictures and videos . its like facebook or youtube.

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    Missing data in abaqus S'est terminé left

    the project is creating a nonlinear 3D finite element of a T-beam strengthened in shear with externally bonded CFRP laminates using abaqus software and simulating all the failures. I need help in the finding the right material properties of the FRP and adhesive(E-poxy) such as stiffness, damage initiation criterion and displacement's values. knowing

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    I need help in creating a nonlinear 3D finite element model of concrete beam strengthened in shear with externally bonded CFRP laminates and finding the right material properties of the FRP and adhesive(E-poxy) using abaqus software and simulating all the failures.

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    ...floor plan ,foundation plan Elevation plan need help with this framing sections Structural calculations, braces, shear wall, and all calculations Also cec title 24 energy conversation compliance package: Building envelope design and requirements Heating and cooling calculations The proposed house is an apple valley (unincorporated area) need

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    1. A report showing the outcomes of all questions, i.e. bending moment diagrams, shear force diagrams and deflection diagrams, support reactions. Determine also the position and magnitude for the maximum shear force, maximum bending moment, and maximum deflection of the beam. Include any supporting hand calculations as required by the questions

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    1-Setting application ios swift 3 2-Application mp3 3-The first page consists of f...application ios swift 3 2-Application mp3 3-The first page consists of four readers + button App evaluation 5 stars + button Read more + Banner 4-On a second page button shear application + Banner + Interstitial 6-Links Readers read in application screnshot

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    PhD. Thesis S'est terminé left Dara from Turkey work on my phD thease about beams on elastic foundation with two parametres. It will be about consolidation and its effect on the beam design parametres such as moment and shear force. I considered your paper about the cod was written in Matlab named “EBBEF2p “and made me intrested. I would like to develop a program working with variable

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    The Program/Software is used to analyze and design bridges adopting ETHIOPIAN ROADS AUTHORITY Bridge Design Manual. It is applied to analyze and design the superstructure part of bridges using Slab, T - Girder and Box - Girder structural elements and for the substructure part Masonry abutment, Concrete abutment, Masonry wing wall, Concrete wing wall

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    Scellé LDN
    €1296 - €2593
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    ...concentration, I have raw data from a rheometer (malvern kinexus lab), and line charts for (1) shear stress v shear rate and (2) viscosity v shear rate. I need help with analyzing the data, and preparing LINE CHARTS for: (Graph 1) shear stress v shear rate - for the additive with different concentrations. Please use different colors to separate

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    ... geometry, types, uses) 3-Literature review on Folded Plates 4-Behavior and working system of Folded plates 5-State of stress and strain in folded plates 6-Moment and shear forces in Folded Plates 7-problem and solution step by step (the problem should be in number and by the differential equation) 8-Result and discussion 9-Conclusion. 10-References

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    redesign and fix web pages S'est terminé left

    I want thses updated so they work properly and look more effective [se connecter pour voir l'URL] [se connecter pour voir l'URL] there will be 2 or 3 more but thses to start with

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    ...connections (in shear only) to Eurocode Standard (EC-3) and the steel connection manual. A example of spreadsheet is given in attachment (Spreadsheet from attachment is in accordance with British Standard). The spreadsheet shall cover the following connection methods: - endplate (shear only) - finplate (shear only) - beam splice (shear, moment and

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    Hire an Engineer S'est terminé left

    A frame is supported on two pinned supports as shown below. The structure must support a concent...kips / in2. Determine the vertical reaction at C (direction and magnitude in kips) by using the flexibility method and virtual work. Complete the analysis and provide axial, shear, and moment diagrams, and a sketch of the deflected shape. 

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    Need to find these ( DETAILED CALCULATION) and typed properly in a word format: calculation of deflections Shear Stresses, Maximum Principal Stresses Failure Plane of structure Will also need a copy of hand calculations. Also, need an introduction, conclusion, and reflection of the findings.

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    Need to find these ( DETAILED CALCULATION) and typed properly in a word format: calculation of deflections Shear Stresses, Maximum Principal Stresses Failure Plane of structure Will also need a copy of hand calculations. Also, need an introduction, conclusion, and reflection of the findings. ===Structure is attached===

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    ...keep track of the contacts and incrementally contact the normal force. In the collideSpheres function in [se connecter pour voir l'URL] the following line: // tangential shear force force += [se connecter pour voir l'URL]*tanVel; would be replaced by something like: delta.x += varis->delta_t*vrs.x; delta.y += varis->delta_t*vrs.y; delta.z +=...

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    I want to add promo code option in the site and after order it should have option to shear on Facebook if any user have sheared on facebook so it will show admin section which user have sheared on facebook ........Please bid only if you can complete this today if you read the project details before bid so must write in proposal 12345......

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    writing paper S'est terminé left

    punching shear stress and finite element

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    Modelling of the total deformation force on a membrane

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    ...(Soil layers) 0-1,5 meters friction soil (gravely sand). Designed Friction angle 28 1,5- 3,0 meters cohesion soil (Silty Clay). Designed friction angle 23 (No info about shear strength of this soft layer of soil) 3,0- 6,0 meters moraine soil (stiff by character). Designed friction angle 32 6,0--- Rock Planned Pile diameter 0,5 meters, Planned Pile

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    BUILDING CONSTRUCTION S'est terminé left


    €13 - €20
    €13 - €20
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    ...GIAC, CISSP, CEH, GSEC, GCIH, and CCE; are Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Cryptology & Quantum Computing Technologists with a long list of capabilities. Our value is shear experience, knowledge and passion for security. We are a top notch team of Cyber Security Experts. I would like to engage with expert, assertive, intellectually curious security

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    Finite Element Analysis and Modelling Using ABAQUS For Tensile Loading, Off Axis Shear Loading, Bending Loading Stress Variation Across Through Thickness Plot, Optimization, Strain Plot Across Path Speedy Deliverable Expected Very thorough analysis expected, results/output can be produced in High Quality ISI/WOS or Scopus Journal

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    Beam Analysis with FEA S'est terminé left

    Objective: To conduct beam analysis to identify max. deflection, determine shear force & bending moment calculations etc. for varying load. 2 studies each for 1.0mm & 1.2mm THK tubes: With and w/o middle support (see pic). Subject: Curtain Roller Tube Material: DX51 steel Load: Fabric and bottom bar weight. Assume uniformly distributed. Varying

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