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    We need a splash screen and icon for a software program we are working on. The software title is 'Polyphonic Wizard' It allows you to add ringtones to polyphonic cell phones. The splash screen would be shown on the initial startup of the software, we have no fixed size but it should be similar to splash screens shown on other popular software. It needs one small space...

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    Hardware ID Class S'est terminé left

    I need a class written in C# that provides the following static functions **without the use of WMI!**: 1) getMACAddress() = Gets the mac address(es) of all the network cards on a computer and returns them in a string array. 2) getHDDSerialNumber(int HDDnumber) = gets the serial number of the Hard drive specified (not a volume serial number! the physical disk's serial number!) 3) getH...

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    5 offres Mac and Linux players S'est terminé left

    We are a streaming radio located at [se connecter pour voir l'URL] and we need our streaming player to work and be compatible with the most popularly used Mac and Linux browsers. The backend system is created and is currently up and running for those with PC's, but we would definately like for our streaming player to work with Linux and Mac as well. Please take a look and let us know if ...

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    Corporate looking web site template S'est terminé left

    Hello everyone! I am looking for a web designer who could create a good looking **corporate** web site that looks similar to these two web pages (by similar I mean navigation and overall look and feel): [se connecter pour voir l'URL] [se connecter pour voir l'URL] In order to place a bid on this project, **please open the attached ZIP file** and read the Word document and have a loo...

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    HTML News Articles Site designed S'est terminé left

    I'm setting up a new opinion based site similar to a news and info website. Periodically i'll write articles and then there will be talkback from readers below the articles. Here's an idea of what the site will be like: [se connecter pour voir l'URL],10738,2909323,[se connecter pour voir l'URL] That site is amazingly ugly and crowded... but it gives you the idea of what i ...

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    We have an Outlook Syncronization system that syncs data between MS Outlook and a web-based contact manager. The system syncronizes MS Outlook Tasks, Contacts, and Appointments. The system consists of a PHP routine, a VBScript, and a component written in C. The system works, but is much too slow when there are a large number of records in Outlook. It can take several hours just to read these recor...

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    SQL Talkback Database for Mac osX S'est terminé left

    I need someone to design (cheaply) a talkback system (kind of like forums, but VERY scaled down - i already use phpBB) for articles i write. I'm setting up a new website that will give weekly opinion articles for people to read and respond to - but i would like responses to be on the same page where the article is written. For an example of what i mean, check out: [se connecter pour voir l�...

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    Wysiwyg webpage editor to be used for customizing pre-built multipages website templates. The templates are designed using mostly html and css (.css external file), a few will also have javascript image rollover(.js external file). Sample of template will be submitted to bidding party. See the following webpage for software details: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] ## Deliverables 1) Complet...

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    Revamp an old website S'est terminé left

    I'd like to redo my old website [se connecter pour voir l'URL] It's got some age on it, and I just want to jazz it up a bit. I would like to use the same colors. ## Deliverables HTML sourcecode. ## Platform IE 5, Netscape, Mac, you know the score. Opera not necessary.

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    WEB SITE DESIGN S'est terminé left

    I NEED A CRISP WEBSITE DONE IN FLASH IT NEEDS TO BE INTERACTIVE AS WELL AS HAVE A GOOD FEEL TO IT. NOT MANY LINKS ARE ASSOCIATED BUT NEES SOME WORK ON IT AS WELL WITH REWORDING. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run condition)...

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    Internet TV Receiver S'est terminé left

    We are developing an Internet-based TV Broadcast & Receive system that distributes its videos using the Overnet. The system is a VB6 client which communicates to a PHP-based website. The initial PHP website is complete - the VB6 client, pictured above, is about 75% complete. The work for this project is to spec and complete the VB6 client. The client: 1. Communicates to the PHP website ...

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    P2P client interface development S'est terminé left

    Our company seeks a developer to create a software that will be able access some of the major peer to peer networks. The software itself will not host a peer to peer network. We are looking to create an interface that will access these 3rd party peer to peer networks. Criteras for the project: 1. The software will be win98/ME/XP compatible 2. A port to mac may be an option 3. We will ke...

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    €451 - €1353
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    I am looking for a programme that compiles applets with the following functions: On correct password input get all jpg/jpeg images on a computers directory, show them to user for cropping, sharpening and auto-adjust levels, resize them to hardcoded new max width/height/compression ratio - save in temp folder with same name (leave original images intact). Get all jpg/jpeg images of temp directory...

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    Get Text under Mouse S'est terminé left

    Need a small application that works like this: Say I have my Safari or IE browser open on a webpage; after opening this application, I would be able to move the cursor over the webpage and see the text contents (one word at a time) duplicated in a small window near the bottom of the screen. As the the cursor is moved over the contents of the webpage, the contents in the small window changes too (w...

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    €27 - €90
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    Conversion of Macromedia Freehand Brochure into Quark 4. There are 260 pages although some are blank and around 60 are just images so the requirement is 200 pages note many pages have tables. This is a small handbook 1/3 A4. The handbook is in Italian and is 20 or so files. This must be a perfect copy all text etc can be copy and paste but position must be perfect. All fonts etc supplied. This mus...

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    Pre naming photos w/ PDA S'est terminé left

    I maintain photo inventories and can take up to 500 photos a day. This takes too much time re-naming photos. I need an application that will allow the use of a PDA (w/ camera or an attached external digicam) to name a photo with my description instead of DSC00144, DSC00145... It also needs 2 modes of operation, 1. simple pre-name, name, next input name... 2. naming for multiple photos i.e. name--1...

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    Seeking MAC Desktop Developper S'est terminé left

    We are seeking a MAC Desktop developper with following requirements -Good Knowlegde about MAC Desktop programming -Works as freelancer in full time -Capable over IM and Voice Chat -XML Soft requirements -Developper works with MS Visual Studio .NET First project will be realisable in about 50 hours. It will be an Contact/Event organisation tool. A prototype in C# for Windows ...

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    €451 - €4509
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    -- Long Description follows, but I think everything has to be clear for you ;-) So it is easier to understand and to code. -- The Goals is to create a Button Control which behaves something like the Button Control of the Mac OS X. See attached image "[se connecter pour voir l'URL]" There is a sample application (referred as "sample") which can be found at: [se connecte...

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    E-mail archive app S'est terminé left

    hi! I need an email archieve software. The idea is this: The target for this application are users of free webmail programs such as Hotmail and Yahoo with limited mailbox capacity and business users who need to better manage their email storage. Archieving wanted emails allow the user to better control their mailbox storage quota. Having identified an old or read email they want to keep,...

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    I need someone to create a acrobat project, simular to the "InvokeCommand" & "stamper" samples within the acrobat 5.0 SDK. Right, I have already made batch sequences that work, and I now need the ability to add thouse batches to a "menu item" and "toolbar buttons". At the moment the projekt is based on 5 different batch, meaning I need 5 button...

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    Image Capture from WebCam S'est terminé left

    Hi all I need some help. I am running Mac Os X 10.2.6 and Java 1.4.1 I need to have this cross platform I need to be able to open a Jdialog, grab an image from a web cam and place it on back on the jframe in a field. Now the thing is that we had it all working using Java for QuickTime on Java 1.3.1. ONLY TO FIND JAVA 1.4.1 has been changed and the calls are now different. I need someone to rewrite...

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    programming new website S'est terminé left

    ************************************* Note from Rent a Coder: This is a new type of auction we are experimenting with called the 'bulletin board' auction. Commenting between both parties as well as contact outside of the site is fully allowed and encouraged...bidding isn't allowed and doesn't occur. There is also no obligation for either party to use Rent a Coder should a tra...

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    This is an easy project that shouldn't take long for somebody who knows what they are doing. Most (if not all) of the code needed is already available for free. I need something that will let users record a 15-second voice clip via their computer's mic and attach it to a mp3 file, at the beginning or end. I also need the option of having that mp3 file edited (via fade out) before it is d...

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    Flash 3D animation S'est terminé left

    We have a 21 page PDF file that our client wants to turn into a Flash 3D for his website. The Flash 3D should be a page turn effect. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 3) Complete ownership and distribution copyrights to all work purchased. ## Platform Explorer, Mac and Win

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    Network Test S'est terminé left

    I need this tool to test the following things: 1.-the communications performance in LAN 2.-the DNS-resolution of a List of Servers (also in a Novell-Netwok-LAN) 3.-Firewalls and proxys (Optional) 4.-it can also include a smal Packet-Sniffer (Optional) 5.-MAC-Statistics (Optional) This should be written in Delphi. For Novell-Netware i have more than 6 Units to help you to implement...

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    Add-in to messenger S'est terminé left

    I need a estimate on a plugg-in for messenger. 1. The plugin should have a option where users can choose different mp3, wav, midi songs when someone tries to call by voice. 2. The addon should have a feature that allowes the user to shut down the soung during evenings/nights. For example between 10.00 PM - 6.00 AM. 3. Answering device, when people are away it should record a wave fi...

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    VBScript To JavaScript Conversion S'est terminé left

    I have some a single web paget that has some very basic VBScript that I need converted to JavaScript. I will sumbit the webpage to you and you will convert the VBScript in the page to JavaScript and test that the page works properly. This will probably take less than 25 minutes to complete. If the page does not work, I don't pay. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional worki...

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    Check Scanner to post to web CMS S'est terminé left

    Web basied application (java?) will accept serial port input (port selectable by end user) from a check MICR reader. Information from the reader includes routing number, account number and check number. Account number and Routing number when read will query MySQL database for possible customer account numbers and current balance. If a match is found, a webform will be built to post a payment to an...

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    Fully functional Dating website S'est terminé left

    Looking to produce a fully functional independent dating engine/website. with chat, messenging functions and some more imagination as to what the end product can do once a business relationship has been established.... Database experience and security are but 2 issues alone so if you have no experience in either than I don't think we will be able to use you. ## Deliverables 1) Complet...

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    C# ARP Function S'est terminé left

    I am in need of a simple C# function that accepts and IP address and returns the physical MAC address of the adapter that IP is assigned to. I'm assuming the machine running the function and the remote machine we are trying to obtain the physical address of are on the same network segment and are not separated by a firewall. While ARP may be used to obtain the MAC address, please do...

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    297582 PHP - order form S'est terminé left

    Hi, I have an order form (html) already designed and I need help with some php-coding: - Check so all fields are filled - Log the IP-address - Send a copy of teh order information also to the client (need to be able to edit this message). I need a valid tax invoice/receipt for any work carried out. Looking forward hearing from you, Mac K

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    Infrared remote control emulator S'est terminé left

    Remote control application for handhelds with an interface builder on the PC. The application needs to be able to "sync" configurations with the handheld device. The interface builder should come supplied with a pre-configured set of IR codes for the common models of devices but should also have the ability to learn new codes. This project is needs to be split into two sections: 1) The i...

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    Online photo System S'est terminé left

    Hi, Project: Online photo system For users: register - simple contact form which is emailed. rest of the details like company info etc. The admin gets back to the member . The member pays the certain amount dollars and certain points are allocated to his account. Members: Download images based on point systems (amount paid) Thumnails display 16/ page. diff categories....

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    LAN Analyzer S'est terminé left

    I need this tool to test the following things: 1.-the communications performance in LAN 2.-the DNS-resolution of a List of Servers (als in a Novell-Netwok-LAN) 3.-Firewalls and proxys 4.-it can also include a smal Packet-Sniffer 5.-MAC-Statistics (Optional) This should be written in Delphi. For Novell-Netware i have more than 6 Units to help you to implement all features. ##...

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    CD Installations S'est terminé left

    My company is developing two CDs that will need to have both PC and MAC installers. We can create the PC installers, but we need assistance on the MAC installers. We have used VISE before for other projects, but are not tied to that program if there are others more appropriate. My company will purchase any licenses required for the installation, but will need a programmer to create the instal...

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    Mac MP3 emulator for PC S'est terminé left

    Need a program that allows Mac MP3's which play on the IPod to play on a PC. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run condition) on the platform(s) specified in this bid request. 3) Complete ownership and distribution copyri...

    €90 - €451
    €90 - €451
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    Custom Content Feed(repost) S'est terminé left

    I need a custom content feed for my celebrity content site. The feed will place a "Hollywood Update" feature on subscribers web sites, complete with photos, text and interactivity. My current site is built with PHP, although I did not build it,and know nothing about it. This content feed is rather involved, and I have included a ZIP file to explain it in more detail. In brief, the panel ...

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    Flash Intro S'est terminé left

    Flash Intro We need an **extremely high quality** flash intro. We have theme music that is 49 seconds long Intro MUST meet/exceed the quality of these examples: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] [se connecter pour voir l'URL] [se connecter pour voir l'URL] [se connecter pour voir l'URL] [se connecter pour voir l'URL] showlogic site is the style w...

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    eBay Bid-Alert-On-Cell S'est terminé left

    We will like to invite you to develop a program that will track the bidding progress on the popular auction site: eBay. This program pings/alerts by sending an SMS text message to the eBay bidder (ie. the buyer) when he or she has been outbidded. The eBayer can increase his or her bid by replying to the text message with the latest bid amount. The purpose of this system is to allow eBay ...

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    Javascript Vertical Menu S'est terminé left

    I need a horizontal menu written in javascript that can go at least 6 levels deep and is visible across frames. I would like the code to be well commented so that a novice can understand what the various functions do,how to change the color of the buttons, and how to insert text and links into the menu. This menu will be run in IE 5 or higher. Please look at the attached file as an example. T...

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    Microsoft CMS and DMS Expert S'est terminé left

    If you have extensive knowledge of customising and installing MS Content Management Server and Sharepoint Portal Server, I would be interested in hearing from you.

    €180 - €271
    €180 - €271
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    PDA with Barcode reader S'est terminé left

    We have an existing package which can output MS Excel Spreadsheet, and we are developing interface programs to be able to read MS Excel formatted spreadsheets as input to this sw. We want to add the functionality of using a portable computer, with a barcode reader (standard PDA preferred, Palm or Pocket PC, or Sharp Zaurus -Linux-), which can be hot synched from/to the Client PC, with an MS Excel ...

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    3D Automobile Graphic Rendering S'est terminé left

    I need someone who can transform hand sketches of car designs into highly-realistic, 360-degree, rotatable color graphic rendering in 3D representation. Here is an example of some Toyota cars in 3D grahical representation with the aid of Shockwave Player plug-in. Visit: <[se connecter pour voir l'URL]> Then, click on "Accessory Configurator" on the right. ...

    €23 - €27
    €23 - €27
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    We need a manual produced for a new piece of Mac productivity/connectivity software for OS X. The software itself is somewhat complex (I'm not sure how to give a proper estimation of its complexity, but am happy to answer any & all questions.) The manual should be something that could be printed or distributed as a PDF document. The ideal bidder should have experience on the Mac...

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    Custom Webserver installation app S&#039;est terminé left

    Need a custom App that will install the following modules on any PC, be it a Windows / Linux / Mac in one easy install app: Apache Php Perl JSP / Tomcat Python MySql SMTP Server (or any other freely available mail program) ProFTPd phpMyAdmin MySQL-Front A similar project would be: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] I would need a custom control panel for which onl...

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    WiFi Diagnostics tool S&#039;est terminé left

    This project requires that certain data be extracted from a WiFi compatible card 'NIC' (pci, pcmcia, usb) regarding the SSID's currently in range of a, say, laptop computer running win2k or XP, the signal strengths reported by the NIC, the mac addresses, channels and if WEP is present or not. This data, together with other TCP/IP data from the laptop (ip address etc) will be post...

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    play and download MP3 S&#039;est terminé left

    I have some sound files which I need to make available on a html page. An example of what I want is [se connecter pour voir l'URL] This site has an icon to play and an icon to download. Page formatting is not important, but I need suitable icons for users to click on. I can supply the files in RM, RA, MP3 and WAV format. My objective is to allow the user to either stream play or download the ...

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    New Web Template S&#039;est terminé left

    SORRY THIS WAS CANCELLED IN ERROR. This porject is open. I need a sharp, professional web template created for a new site. I am attaching a sketch of a mock up I made in PAINT. The template should look very sharp, and be desgned for 800X600. While this project is just for the initial template, this could lead to a lot of work in the future as the site is developed. Please, no style...

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    Indesign Script Developement (Mac) S&#039;est terminé left

    Replace all .eps images on the current page with their .psd version. Using all the same setting. Other script work and Indesign work also required.

    €180 - €271
    €180 - €271
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