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    Delphi Drop-Drag Component S'est terminé left

    Modify the existing Drag & Drop Component Suite VCL library to handle accepting dropped OutLook messages. This is a freeware component library - source code can be downloaded from <[se connecter pour voir l'URL]>. The scope of this project would be to add a function that would accept a dropped object from OutLook and expose the elements of

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    Drag &amp; Drop in S'est terminé left

    hi Coders I am looking for a way to incorporate drag and drop feature in my app. how it works? user be able to select an image which is displayed in the picturebox then darg it on to the mainstage then be able to drag another image and try to place it over that image and then basically capture the screenshot and save it into the db. Its

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    ...combine the ease of use with the UPS Worldship Software and FedEx shipping. There are no readily available programs or vendors that offer the ability to enter shipment details and print shipping labels for the user's choice of multiple carriers. I own a *very* small shipping retail store, and would like to enter the necessary details required

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    Take an existing JavaScript "mm_menu" (created by Macromedia Dreamweaver), and optimize the code to reduce the file file size. (To speed up page load times). The existing code is 36,132 bytes, I think it should be possible to get it down to around half that. I want you to do everything possible to reduce the file size, but not change how it works at all. **I am in a hurry,...

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    PLEASE READ THE ATTACHED MS WORD FILE WHICH DESCRIBES THIS PROJECT IN FULL. Urgently need a web application or script (ASP, PHP, DHTML, PERL or whatever) that will create and manage a dynamic art gallery that displays images of works by different artists. The script should display a page of works by each artist that are displayed as thumbnail images which can be clicked to display a larger...

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    ...visitor places the mouse over one of the images in the already existing navigation, a menu should drop down from it, listing the areas within that section. The code for this must be modular. We will need the ability to add/remove links from the drop down, as well as change the style of it (font color, sizes, etc) should the need arise. Technical

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    ...need a custom shipping module done for osCommerce ( [se connecter pour voir l'URL] ) MS2 version Integrated with the following contribution [se connecter pour voir l'URL],1333/page,2 The contribution itself has already been installed and an extra field in the database has been created. Here are the criteria for the shipping calculation:

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    Outlook Drag and Drop S'est terminé left activity related to projects. Email generated from the base application automatically stores and logs that data. What I need is code that will allow the user to drag and drop an email from Outlook to a control within the application that can then log the dropped email information in the database. The specifications for this project will be to assign

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    This project requires modification of two perl scripts to add Paypal buttons & pass shipping total The first script reads a flat text file (MS access)and returns a table with an "add to cart" button for each item. 1. Pass weight based shipping total to Paypal Shopping Cart at checkout 2. Modification to use same .cgi file to open different text files

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    I'm looking for an app written in VB6 which will: Read a list of .JPG filenames from a file and display them on an on-screen workarea as "slides". Allow the user to drag-and-drop or highlight-cut-and-paste the "slides" from one area on-screen onto another area of the workarea. In other words, reordering the slides. Save the filenames of the user-modified

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    A program that allows the user to drag and drop an email from Outlook or Outlook Express, and can process that message into a format where it can be sent using the Legitima TSmtpRelayServer component. Must be able to handle embedded graphics. For the purposes of this program a hard coded list of recipients is fine. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and

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    I need someone to devellop a working program that will allow the user to electronically submit large quantities of tracking numbers to shipping companies' online tracking sites. Currently the sites allow only up to 3 tracking numbers to be submitted at a time. I would like to be able to enter 100's of numbers (easily cut and pasted from the user's files

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    Very simple! I need a web site, with more or less 10 pages. Design should be nice but doesn't really matter, this is gonna be a new site, so now I'm only interested in being able to work it. I will be selling used laptops, go [se connecter pour voir l'URL], and see their site, something simmilar to that. My inventory is gonna be very small, so it should all fit on the first page. No...

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    drag and drop print files S'est terminé left

    Using C#: 1) The program needs to start up displaying a list of prn files. 2) Then, the user needs to have the ability to Drag and drop it to a printer icon and have it start printing. This would be the same as a copy to lpt1 in DOS. Also, if the print job is double clicked before being dropped into the printer icon, A prompt should come up with a certain

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    Dynamic Drop Down S'est terminé left

    Here's an easy one. I use MIVA Merchant software, and its search page sucks. I need to customize my search this way: Dropdown A, lets say: Brand Upon selection, Dropdown B shows proper models for Brand. Then the submit button simply sends the search query string of A + B to the search engine of my site. I need this to be modifiable easily, as I expect these 2 dropdowns to have close to a 1000...

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    I currently have a smartscript that pulls the feed from. - [se connecter pour voir l'URL] - [se connecter pour voir l'URL] - [se connecter pour voir l'URL] I am wanting to drop ePilot & Add I am not wanting upgrade my version of smartscript. My website is I will want you to test it on [se connecter pour voir l'URL]...

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    Shipping Manager S'est terminé left was shipped, and how it was shipped. This will need to be done by way of CDONTS (spelling) emails. The warehouse manager needs to be able to add a company, products and shipping methods. He will need to be able to change pricing on products easily and make quick changes to company information easily. He will need to be able to view a company's contact

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    DHTML Drop Down Menu Help S'est terminé left

    Hi, I Need someone who has good knowledge with DHTML to help me with a DHTML Opencube script i have and i need help ASAP.. ## Deliverables All i need the person to do is look at.. [se connecter pour voir l'URL] and you'll notice an error pops up.. when you highlight your mouse over the navigation under the header you'll notice the error pops up once again.. I need someone to have...

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    ...header on this website is currently done in html using javascript for the drop downs. The project requires for the complete header to be converted to flash so as to be more friendly to older web browsers since the current javascript based header is not netscape friendly. The drop down options need to be pulled from a text file that is appropriately delimited

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    Drag and Drop items S'est terminé left

    Im looking for a program where you can drag and drop items like thats in use on [se connecter pour voir l'URL]~derover/taxmaker/ And you must be able to save the end product as ither jpg or a file with the items co-ordinates so that they can be opened back up later on. The program must be easy to add extra items/images into and also text box's Basicaly a lot

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    78480 Drop Down Boxes S'est terminé left

    I need 2 drop down boxes that have categories and area(states/cities. My site is a search engine directory. Instead of people just searching for stuff on my search ebgine I want to offer category and area (states) for them to go also. Lets say they put in Massachusetts in the first drop down ... then they pick Tuxedos .. I want it to go to where it

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    I need an application that adds a drop down list button to Internet explorer. An example of this is the mail button in IE now. When you click on it a drop down list of options appears. There is 6 items in the drop down list. Each drop down list item will be a link to a web address. The exe needs to access an ini file in the same directory that contains

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    ...should save the result page to C:[se connecter pour voir l'URL] file I will then use it to parse out to figure out what the shipping charge is. It is basically automatically completing a 2 part form. The site that would be used is [se connecter pour voir l'URL] The shipping to residence should always be checkboxed yes. The type of service would always be ground. It woul...

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    Multiple Dynamic Drop-Downs S'est terminé left

    I need a script (probably JavaScript) that will have 6 dropdown menus that will be dependant upon each other. So when I select "x" in dropdown 1 the corresponding menu options show up in dropdown 2. I want this to continue until the 6th dropdown menu. I need a button that will navigate to a page corresponding to the option selected in the 6th dropdown. I will be using this script on a we...

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    I'm doing an online appointment by email feature on my website and need a drop down selection for the dates. I only want to allow weekdays (I don't work on Saturday or Sunday). It must also start either two days from today or if today is a thursday or friday it must start on the next monday. The date format needs to be like "Wednesday, March 05, 2003"

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    Windows shipping program S'est terminé left

    I want a windows application able to create a shipping "bill of lading" (bol) in "ship to" or "ship from" format, drawing the required name/address data from a contained database (which has the capabillity to have data added/imported in ascii /tab delimited or direct user entry. This requires fields of *number of pieces *description *weight (sample

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    simple drop down fix S'est terminé left

    I need the fix for a dropdown box on a asp page attached. It works fine what its doing at the moment is when onChange event it goes back to the original selected item rather than the new one which is selected although the corresponding dropdown box repopulates with the correct one and it gets few blank spaces in the dropdown box. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(...

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    ...little late in delivering it to my client because he wants it customized to do a shipping method that seems deceptively simple but for which I cannot find a default or contributed module to acheive this. Here is how he wants shipping to work. Offer 3 methods of shipping: Free UPS ground or USPS priority mail UPS 3 day service= 10.50 Flat Rate Per

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    HTML drop-down menu S'est terminé left

    We need a HTML menu with drop down menus. It can be JavaScript, HTML, DHTML, whatever, as long as it works in Internet Explorer, Netscape/Mozilla and Opera, with good performance. No Flash. See attachment for full description. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of

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    File upload capability for browsers similar to [se connecter pour voir l'URL] where users can drag...all work purchased. ## Platform MAC & Windows (IE/NS) Flexible as to what versions of IE and NS. Solution must be developed in a windows environment and support drag and drop. ## Deadline information Bonus for quick turn around and implementation

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    work with drop down menu S'est terminé left

    My aim is to have a few drop down menus say 3 nd based on the values i select from the 3 drop down menus, a go button should launch the appropriate word document or something else with which i can show information i want to. I have created the drop down menus but i am not able to do the functionality part as to selecting the right document to be displayed

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    ...control (and be resizeable) (the floor plan - but could be other images) 2) Allow zooming and scrolling of this bitmap (flicker free) 3) Allow the placement (drag and drop and via code) of other images (bmp,gif,jpg) on top of this bitmap (furniture) and store the locations and bitmap file details in a seperate config file. and allow the control

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    I need an UPS integrated shipping program. Nature of the project, program needs to be done by or With the given MS sql server database,UPS developer user name, password and integration documentation provided by UPS; you need to get information from database, connect to UPS web servers in HTTP protocol based on XML format conversiations

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    I need a VB.NET drag and drop code that allows a drag and drop source to copy a [se connecter pour voir l'URL] object in a method that allows the drop target (usually Windows Explorer) to save the stream as a file. For example, Outlook Express allows multiple emails to be dragged at once to Windows Explorer, and they are saved with the proper filename without using tempor...

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    In need of a program created with Delphi 7 to automate shipping labels program. Data is call from a MS Access database table and inserted into the label printing program. The label printing program can be downloaded at [se connecter pour voir l'URL] If you need more info, please contact me. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable

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    OsCommerce Shipping Modules S'est terminé left Type: Open Source. Need: Develop a shipping module that will allow the administrator to choose what shipping methods will be used, as well as attach to the UPS, USPS, & FedEx XML based servers to determine shipping costs based on weight of the products sold. The user will need to be able to select a shipping method on checkout (based on price quoted)

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    VB Drop &amp; Drag Rework S'est terminé left

    ...the clsFileObjects and the colFileObjects to be removed. The only load function I want to keep in this project is marked with a comment "'keep this here". Make sure that the drop and drag functions work on both treeviews and make sure that I can drag only a parent node from the "filetree" to the "dirtree" while carrying the child nodes along with it

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    I need an order page for custom-made jewelry with a series of drop-down boxes. There are 15 different items, each with 2 to 5 customizable attributes. When the customer selects an item in the first drop-down box, its price should be noted on the form, and the options for it should be shown in the other boxes. Some options have added costs, and choosing

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    I need a experienced XML and ASP coder. If you have done the exact same thing it would be AWSOME and if you have an example already for me, you will be picked immediently! This is what I need: The user enters his zip code, the pacage weight will be 5 pounds in a

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    UPS and FEDEX shipping rates S'est terminé left

    I need someone to implent shipping rates realtime into my business web cart. I do have somewhat knowledge of ASP. There is a website called [se connecter pour voir l'URL] which has XML code for the request and reponse, I am attaching a document on the code and explaination of it. What I need to have done is, have the XML code (in a ASP PAGE)

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    In need of a program created with Delphi 7 to automate shipping labels program. Data is call from a database table and inserted into the label printing program. The label printing program can be downloaded at [se connecter pour voir l'URL] If you need more info, please email me. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form

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    I am writing a VB 6.0 application that needs a good jump start. It will be a front end for a stand alone Windows application. (including pulldown menus, menu buttons, open and save data file capabilites) The application will allow the user to select any of three graphics and drap them to a workspace. The graphics (really they are just simple schematics, lines, arcs . . etc) will be connected with ...

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    81299 Shipping Module in PHP S'est terminé left

    The attachment has details of the project. For further TECHNICAL CLARIFICATIONS ONLY, please contact: Jason L. Youmans IT Director BookSurge, LLC Ph: 843.853.8312 x35 Mobile Fax: 309.423.9558

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    Drop down menu needed for one of the fields in a php form, quick 5min job!!

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    I need a drag and drop feature in a project where the user will be able to drag and drop control to a .net table server control. On drop I need to know the name of the dropped item and also need to know the cell and the row number of the table where the item was dropped. This info will update an xml file. Please reply those who have a great understanding

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    When users are running a VB6 app using the standard WebBrowser they can drag a link to MS Word. It should be simple if you know how but how do we disable link dragging from the WebBrowser in VB6? ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (i...

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    Am working on a web page in FP2002. I need script for a drop-down window that, depending upon the selection the visitor makes from the choices in the window, determines the e-mail address to which the form results are sent when the SUBMIT button is clicked. For example: VIsitor drops down the window and selects Cleveland from the list of cities.

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    Drag and drop for IE S'est terminé left to implement drag and drop capability for IE and maybe Netscape. Have a look at the site to get familiar with the requirement. Not sure if is feasible. As such you have to study if is possible. The implementation has to do the following functionality: Display an icon on the page when the browser support drag and drop. Support dragging from

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    Numbered Shipping Forms S'est terminé left

    I have a client who wants to have his shipping and logistics forms on the Internet. Either he or his customer will login in and fill out a form. When the user clicks Submit, the form is (a)assigned a unique tracking number (sequential assignment beginning at 10000); (b) formatted into html; and (c) e-mailed to my client and his customer. There may be

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    17 offres the following address: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] Right now when it checks out... it calculates shipping, but it is not very accurate. I would like three things: 1. I would like it to calculate shipping by pulling from UPS or Fed Ex variables so that it is accurate. (weight, size, and distance shipped etc) 2. Everything on

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