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    Online virus checker S'est terminé left

    ...posting is for an online security checker similar to what [se connecter pour voir l'URL] or symantic offers, where you can do an online scan of: -Computers internet vulnerbility -virus checker on your harddrive It should also provide a results page of what is open to threats, what virus are on the computer etc. An example of what we are looking for is:...

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    Web Content - Computers S'est terminé left

    Description: I'm looking for someone to write 20 creative and informative articles based on a list of different keywords on the subject of "used computers". Article Requirements - These articles are to be used in creating content-rich pages to place on a website for the purpose of improving search engine rankings. - I prefer the articles to adopt

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    Need Professional Software S'est terminé left

    ...or have already created a software that can control all computers in some way such as shut down, freeze, mass update, or anything of that nature. I want quality software which works efficiently and does not freeze my computer when I run it. I would like to program to search for all computers on a network, load them into a list with names and ip numbers

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    Computers proposal software S'est terminé left

    Desktop application must take data from webservice (HTTP POST) and able configure product for further posibility sent proposal report by email, print. Primary is for computer assembly generation. Webservice address is [se connecter pour voir l'URL] login : usertest pass : userpass ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional

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    ...get OSC installed and mySQL data tables populated. While my previous project posting was very elaborate, this posting is much more narrow in scope. This is what I am looking for: 1. A developer/dynamic website expert with ample experience with PHP, mySQL, and OSCommerce; 2. A developer/dynamic website expert who has successfully modified

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    This product should be able to work on Windows (NT, 95, 98, ME, 2000 Professional, 2000 Server, XP, and 2003 Server) and Linux. I am looking for something like a combination of Appwatcher ([se connecter pour voir l'URL](dot)com/appwatcher/), remote assistance software that can work through firewalls ([se connecter pour voir l'URL](dot)com), and a DNS monitoring tool like http://w...

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    ...ASP website that was created for me a while ago. I want this website enhanced so that it can be sold. I need a template that will look attractive and be more functional. An improved CSS needs to be used also. When editing pages I would prefer the rich text editor(as on RAC) be used instead of the current system. Security Issues in the code need to

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    ... check machine for version of windows and save to variable (NOTE: if there are different ways to do the following for either version, then there must be an if statement to do it one way for XP, and another for 2000) 1. Start Internet Explorer 2. Choose Internet Options from the Tools menu 3. Click on the "Security" Tab 4. Click

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    ...tables which has information on new homes for sale in different communities of my metro area. I need a software program that I can install on my company and employee computers that will allow us to connect to my database and search, sort, add, edit and display the results in various charts and reports. A security (password) system is necessary.

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    For this project, you will expand functionality of 4 existing PHP programs. There are 2 user input forms written in PHP and 2 form-processing PHP programs which send user form input as HTML email and a return message back to the browser. There is no database work. The functionality changes will be the same for both sets of forms/processing programs

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    In an Access table are 10 - 15 fields. I want a bound continue form (select) with 4 or 5 fields and a link to an unbound form that is used for editing the selected record. When on the unbound form the save button is clicked not only the record is saved but also a log is written to a logfile. Both forms need to be international usable (all labels

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    ...etc. D) Important cycles for the business or organization: Such as summer, Christmas season, etc. E) Relationship of the network resources to the mission of the business or organization: For instance, CAD department might need plotters or color printers, or the warehouse might need bar code equipment, etc. F) Current security devices and policy in place:

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    ...outlined below. As such, please be sure to include your time estimates in your bid. Also, be aware, that because of the severe time constraints, I will not necessarily wait for time to run out on bidding, but accept the first bid that meets my cost and timeframe. So please, get your bids in quickly. ## Deliverables I expect that the implementation

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    timeclock clone S'est terminé left

    ...the ability to print reports from multiple computers. ( I log in to the server using terminal services or log in to the network as an administrator) so basically while the server software is running as a service, I need to be able to run it on a client machine as well. 3. I need two levels of security, one for an administrator (as it presently exists)

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    ...program. Initialize the interface (DTR, RTS, 8 data bits, no parity, 19,200 bps). Report all interface status changes. Connect two computers (using a 9 pin serial port cable) and exchange a greeting. One computer must wait for the connection to be made; the other must establish the connection. The messages that are exchanged are to be displayed and written

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    Two computers must communicate with each other (either by using a modem line or directly connecting a "cross over" cable, your choice). The computers must establish a connection (displaying the interface statistics), and start sending messages between the 2 computers. The messages should be displayed and also appended to a text file. *if using

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    I am looking for a way to keep track of cd keys that I have at work. I work with x amount of computers with y amount of programs installed. Each program has a cd key associated with it and x amount of computers will have the same program. what I need is a database that will give me the programs and cd keys installed on the computer I ask about. or select

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    Construct a reliable and efficient news service for users over a network of computers (with only one news group). The service: ------------ Every user can connect via a news client to any one of replicated servers. The news service provides the following capabilities: 1. Login as a user. The GUI-based client mrn needs to login with a user to perform

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    I am looking for a simple program to quickly transfer a time sensitive cookie and probably a webpage also between computers. The purpose of the program is to save me time by allowing me to not have to type in a security word on every computer on the network. Once I have typed in the word on one computer, all the computers reach the screen after the

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    ...then like the application to forward the request to the correct internal computer, based on the configuration settings. ** ## Deliverables >Continued from above For example rule 1 would send users who requested [se connecter pour voir l'URL] to the internal server on [se connecter pour voir l'URL] on port 80. And rule 2 would send users who requested [se connecte...

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    Hello, We are looking to purchase a PayPal, StormPay, Solarpay, Xcompete type clone. We are looking for a company that has already built a system like this already becasue we want to get to market very fast, we are not looking to build this from scratch and we do not have very spicific docs. to do so. We have a software that is built in php that

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    Web App Database S'est terminé left

    Hello, I am looking for a programmer that can redesign from scratch the program I am currently using. I want 2 things. First, I need a database program that can be run on 98,2000, NT and XP. This program will need to be able to transmit and or retrieve personnel records to/from a secure website, as well as being able to back-up/retrieve an individuals

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    ...AssignProcessToJobObject()] As an alternative to the ShellExecute process creation mechanism, allowing us to create a job with some basic security descriptors and then assign hooked ShellExecuteEx processes to this job when requested; The security descriptors needed will be forthcoming… • **Authentication Services** Use a simple flat file to determine user:password

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    I need a Web Site S'est terminé left

    I need a website developed for the domain [se connecter pour voir l'URL] You would be given access to the server. The site would sell some softwares online. It must contain some level of security as we dont want people to just download the softwares by putting a URL in the browsers. The site must be professional and a compelling one. I dont know much about

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    I am looking for a coder that is very familiar with preparing an "Installation" setup program for a vb6 program on several networked computers and has experience with the ActiveX error. Knowledge of DLLs is also important. BACKROUND:I have written a vb6 point of sale for restaurants program which incorporates one DLL program and two INI programs using

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    Logo S'est terminé left should incorporate some 'high-technology' aspects, such as binary digits, computers, satellites, etc as well as various 'security' aspects, such as a lock & key, padlock etc. The image is for a security company, who's name will be disclosed to the succesfull bidder. For bidders interested, please create a sample of your work...

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    PDF security S'est terminé left

    Hello The program that I want developed will add a security file to any file (text, pdf, mp3, jpeg, gif, etc..) that I want to protect. I have developed several projects, currently in pdf, that I plan to sell online. I want to prevent my work from being sent by email, Block all http and ftp requests, cannot be opened by an internet browser, or otherwise

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    VNC Modifications Needed S'est terminé left see a feature you cannot do, please do not bid. ONLY BID if you can do this complete project and also if you can begin work asap. I need to know exactly what you can do for me with this and any other information concerning this project. Don't reply saying you can just do it and thats it - you will be ignored. Thank you. Right now RealVNC supports

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    I don't know if this is possible but I need a function to help me retrieve a remote computer's environment variable in VB using API functions, or built-in VB functions. I don't wish to use WMI or parse the ECHO command from DOS. Specifically I need to read the %username% variable Function/Sub needs to work in NT4.0/Windows 2000/Windows XP. Please only bid if you're sure you can...

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    Virtual racing S'est terminé left

    ...race printout list of horse names and small history to show past form would be required. In addition to betting odds to enable punters to make a bet prior to the race. Options for the computer to alter the racing conditions, i.e. snow, rain, random accidents, and general mayhem that can be caused by jockies in the attempt to be the first past the post

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    booking and support system S'est terminé left

    ...functional booking and support system for Beaumanor Hall. Beaumanor Hall is a very large medieval castle estate owned by a council. The council allows the estate to be used for educational support and business conferences with its many rooms and suites. There are also specially formed ICT rooms which provide networked computers and internet access and also run

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    Bulk Email Project - Unix S'est terminé left

    ...your connection only (thread count control 1-100); - lowest prices; - free client software; - simple to use; - you can run many copies simultaneously on different computers; - no port 25 needed (not affected by port 25 blocking ISPs); now, here are the details: We want th program to run on bsd/linux (both) It needs to support DIRECT

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    Daytimer Project S'est terminé left a program to be used by soldiers of the US Army. Here is a similar progject that is what I am looking for: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] Need to have some kind of security feature for copywrite protection that it can not be installed on other computers without getting a registration code. I have some more addtions that I would like to have. ## Deliverables

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    Telesales Rep S'est terminé left

    ...into appointments for our sales team to meet with the sales prospect. The rate of pay is £100 per day, plus performance bonuses to be agreed between the parties. A brief overview of the service is as follows - You can now outsource your entire IT department for only £10 per PC per month. The service you will receive – • Security: Your data will be

    €174 - €261
    €174 - €261
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    I need to have a Visual Basic script written which will expand my self-extracting (zipped) executable module into a customer's computer. Then it will cause the executable module which was contained in the expanded executable to be "installed" in the customer's "RUN" box with the instruction "INSTALL C:". At that time all files, folders, batch files, and exec...

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    Parking Permt System S'est terminé left

    Project Objective -------------------- The objective of this project is to implement an on-line system that will enable students to apply for and receive parking Permits without waiting in line, and improve overall administration of the parking permit operation. The on line system will also streamline service to employees, and will provide improved

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    Web site enhancement S'est terminé left

    ...information and final display emailed to my mailbox for tracking. The site is hosted by [se connecter pour voir l'URL] and has the telnet and other stuff needed to make this happen. All forms and information that is collected and displayed and emailed must be collected through secured forms. [se connecter pour voir l'URL] provides SSL based security to protect the inform...

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    ...EXE's. EXE #1) Host program. This is the program that all the client programs will connect to. This program will be able to broadcast live voice messages to any of the client computers that are connected to it. EXE #2) Client program. This is the program that will connect to the host. The client can send voice messages to the host, but not between each other

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    A Module (Preferred) or Component that will allow for administrative and monitoring tasks over a TCP/IP network. This includes remote control / remote viewing of multiple computers on the network, and would include and remote broadcast. Please note: In this specification, the monitoring machines refer to the machine performing the monitoring and controlling

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    ...assignment for my assembly class. Just a simple encryption program written in assembly ... I don't need anything too crazy, just that it works. Please only bid if you can do this if you can deliver this by 11 pm EST 11/8/01. I know this is short notice but it shouldn't take that long. ## Deliverables Introduction: To protect the security of sensitive

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    3 offres of computers using a WAN. ## Deliverables The format of the report guide line will be as shown below [se connecter pour voir l'URL] background 2 Project background [se connecter pour voir l'URL] background [se connecter pour voir l'URL] [se connecter pour voir l'URL] topology [se connecter pour voir l'URL] transport transport system [se connecter pour ...

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