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    To build a code in Java where in the input will be email header of any email and it will do the email forensic to find if the mail is authentic or not. The source has to be verified if it is authentic email using IP details and various IDs in the email header. Its more of like spam and ham email but for that keywords are used which recognize if its

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    i want someone who knows forensic medicine thoroughly and can help me with newspaper cuttings regarding it & and knows which news comes under which section of forensic. meet up is required. Delhi/Noida ,India candidate only

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    Describe, using expert reports, depositions documents and other materials a gas pipeline explosion photo-realistically that would be accurate.

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    we need to simulate a proposed forensic system applied on data center network which the main attribute of it network is SDN .. the file attached described the whole system .. please read it then make a bid budget is negotiated

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    we need some families with software defined network, mininet environment, protocol tested

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    4 offres already unencrypted. Review the bruteLogin function program on pp. 58 through 59 of Ch. 2, "Penetration Testing with Python," of Violent Python: A Cookbook for Hackers, Forensic Analysts, Penetration Testers and Security Engineers. Make the following changes/additions to the function: Modify the bruteLogin function to use both the passwd and shadow

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    all details will given in chat ... it network is data center network ... it about new protocol ... it network is data center network ... it about new protocol evolution .... the pronciple based on using progrmability feature of SDN network ... the aim is to build forensic system to obtain evidances of threat and attacking source in network

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    I want someone good in cyber security for forensic science

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    Hey Mark, I'm willing to apply for a postgraduate program in forensic linguistics and I need someone to write a personal statement for me, can you help?

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    I'm willing to apply for a postgraduate program in forensic linguistics in Uk universities thus I need a native speaker of English to write a personal statement for me

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    i have binary exe file without source code. this binary is around 10 years ago so i can't found source code. this exe file have some bug . when run on windows 7 it error happened and can't run. can run on windows 8 without error. i guessing this is related with unicode or so

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    We are a forensic DNA testing company based in Toronto, Canada. We offer the lowest price paternity test on the market. We have conducted 1000s of tests for personal and legal purposes. Our in-house web developer is seeking an individual who has experience in marketing to assist with developing our website. Must be able to commit to a few days of

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    Hi, I have some files which I want to be analysed using ProDiscover basic. It is a simple task. Let me know in case you have wor...Let me know in case you have worked with ProDiscover Basic before. Will explain the work in detail. There will be a report also based on the same. ProDiscover is a data forensic tool that is readily available on the net.

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    Need someone to investigate expenditures

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    A drupal website has been hacked (crypto jacking campaign). We are looking for a security specialist to look inside the logs: When the hacked occured; Which changes have been made What was the attack vector Remediation plan Write a report in English Very urgent

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    ... Homicide Studies, 4(4), 364-399. [login to view URL] through the Ages Schweitzer, N. J., & Saks, M. J. (2007). The CSI effect: Popular fiction about forensic science affects the public's expectations about real forensic science. Jurimetrics, 357-364. [login to view URL], naughty computer Lorenc. (2007). Albany law journal of science & technology: Mark of ...

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    Imagine being able to positively impact the lives of high school students considering a career in forensic biology or other medical practice. Each year, m,any graduate without career direction which leads to later disillusionment with life and a host of struggles. You can be a part of changing this! I am creating an alternate reality game to simulate

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    ...and within 3 minutes the Arcis technology has extracted the dna and you can then identify is someone is ill with malaria for example or confirm they are who they are via a forensic test). It's key that the science is understandable for a non scientist and relevant hence why some form of animation or graphics may be key to really show what we have. Another

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    Forensic Expert Help Required With Work

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    4 questions no more than 200 words each regarding Forensic pysology.

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    ...information Consistently identify laboratory and requisition/chain of custody errors and communicate them to the appropriate departments for resolution Work closely with the Forensic Records Team, Client Services Team, and Laboratory Management to ensure all laboratory order requirements are met Perform demographic review on PainComp reports to ensure

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    We are providing an accounting forensic service. I would like an graphical upgrade of our PPT, please see enclosed document. No need to improve logo or background, only graphical content/layout.

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    I need you to write a report for something. Report about analysis cosmetic broduct for forensic relevant using gc-ms and tlc

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    ...and successors spoon fed to you. In other words, you need to be able to understand how schedules were created and tracked BEFORE P6 and Project were invented. In essence, forensic schedule analysis needs to be a term you are not only completely familiar with, but completely competent in. I have included the PDF of the original schedule provided for

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    based on given case study and scenario, using computer forensic technology to investigate and resolve the issues, finalize the finding and produce a report not less than 3000 words, please be familiar with OSforensic in order to work out this project pls contact me for detail

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    The purpose of this project is to write code that pertains to each of the three main tasks of the forensic process: acquisition, authentication, and analysis. Since the project will require many address conversions, you are also required to write a utility that can convert between multiple hard drive address types

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    forensic report Ended

    i want forensic report see the pic >>> and i want same idea of the word file

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    i am looking for someone who is expert and have strong qualification for the: performing a digital forensic investigation on the USB key that the police collected as evidence. You must have good experience so, that you can provide me evidence in USB for Police purpose thanks

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    I need someone who has knowledge of computer forensics and databases. I've created a database using oracle APEX and need someone to write a 7000 word report.

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    I need someone who has knowledge of computer forensics and databases. I've created a database using oracle APEX and need someone to write a 7000 word report

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    The project are expect to make an appropriate incident response plan for a client network, together with suitable digital forensic methodology. You are expected familiar with forensic, incident response. More detail are listed in the attached document.

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    ...bitcoin is and how it works [login to view URL] and explain blockchain [login to view URL] of bitcoin 4. Know your customer when it comes to bitcoin [login to view URL] when it comes to bitcoin 6. Forensic reports on bitcoin [login to view URL] of bitcoin There has to be many refrences used like 20 supporting your work MOST IMPORTANTLY NEEDS TO BE IN THIRD PERSON.!!! Needs to

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    I have some interference analysis forensic models that I need to convert into R. I learn best by examples so I would like someone to convert 2 macros (BuildReport, batchtri) into R as a starting point. The other thing I would maybe need is an overview of the R environment, composing, debugging, etc.

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    Information gathering Social and nmap 2. Analysing http traffic vs https (handshake and negotiation) 3. iptable and firewalls/snort 4. Network Forensics (Autopsy)

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    I need you to write a research article. About different type of teaching styles that is suitable for computer forensic students

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    2500 word research about fingerprint need an expert in forensic

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    i need someone whos experienced in It security and forensic and knows thing such as snort n map etc

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    We developed a report form using Xcel several years ago and we would like it to be reviewed to see if there are any updates that would be beneficial. We are forensic experts in construction defects cases.

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    To conduct an experiment on andriod and see what artefacts thst can be garthered on a named social media.

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    Looking for a talented, "outside the box" thinker designer to create an unusual yet very elegant design for a company that does digital forensic services. Thanks.

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    forensic lab Ended

    be prepared using Microsoft PowerPoint using the 1. A title slide containing the title, Group number and your full name 2. An introductory slide on the microscopic structure of a human hair, including a. A labelled diagram. b. A short explanation of the main structural elements of a hair shaft. c. The use of animations to present the components of this slide in a logical order. d. Citatio...

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    I need a video forensic expert to enhance a blurred video. This video was taken from a broken CCTV.

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    ... Already given comments on the divorce services   About Renee   The top 3 section has client, testimonials, rennee’s CV looks odd. Also Renee is spelt incorrectly   Forensic resources We can change the photo here. We don’t need renee’s picture here   Marriage & Divorce Assessments Call us needs to be replaced with Call Renee Email our ...

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    Hi, Please see the attached forensic data analysis task. Part-1 due in 48 hours & part-2 in 5 days. Let me know with your best bid. We'll make long term relation with the perfect freelancer. Thanks.

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    my topic will be under forensic accounting area. I want this research paper applied in the Medal-East countries. the pages are between (3-6), and I want you to use a simple language. The table content, references, and cover page are required.

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    I need a new website. I need you to design and build a website for my small business. I need a website built for my computer forensic...will require a logo to be designed and implemented into the website with the general about us and what we do information. Similar to other computing forensic business who offer data recovery, forensic analysis etc.

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    project is to specify forensic lucid into z language. project is already done. all you need to do is to fix latex file, make the basic operators of z language.

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    I want to clear up an image of a person stealing from me. This was captured by my cctv, so i would need help in enhancing the image, so that the person's face is clearly visible.

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