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    I am a US Army Platoon Leader and am looking to make a detailed illustration logo for our mascot: the "War Pigs". I found an image online and am hoping to change it enough so there are no copyright issues. I would like to (1) add crossed "Battle Axes" on the back of the Pig (see attached image) and (2) change the color scheme (3) remove the name tape

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    I need a Platoon Logo. Something that has a ghost style theme. It would need to say Ghost Platoon Never Seen, Never Heard. I would like to keep the cavalry them so stetson with cross sabers and on the stetson cross Sabers with the number 2 on it. I would need 3 examples to show my platoon to let them vote on which is best

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    I am trying to create a Platoon logo. I would like so type of ghost wearing a stetson with cross sabers behind the ghost. Around the logo, it would need to say "Ghost Platoon" with a quote "Never Seen, Never Heard"

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    I need a design for a private / internal military platoon that includes a variety of MUST-HAVES according to the enclosed pre-design-versions, although the designer may alter details as long as the basic requirements are still fulfilled. - overall design must be round to fit the production of an embroidered patch - background-less vector files /

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    ...proving their ability as part of own or enemy forces in relations to moves of each other. The actual war being fought will be on Google Earth. It is like a company attacking a Platoon or battalion attacking a company or brigade attacking a battalion or movement or a Division attack. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hardware to be created is like a joy

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    ...nutshell EOH Digital Platoon is a information technology company that provides the following services to our clients: Front-End Development Enterprise Java Solutions Open-Source Based Solutions Mobile Development Adobe Experience Manager Implementations Solution Support Our Culture You are a Soldier At Digital Platoon, we are not traditional

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    the prediction system for the leader platoon vehicle travel time delay.

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    ...experienced character design concept artist to help develop the female game lead for my video game title. The lead character is a strong female african soldier fighting with her platoon across west african colonial outposts against Nazi allys during world war 2. The likeness of the character is very similar to Nadine Ross from the Uncharted series, as seen

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    I need a platoon identity for a military police force of brazil. The local mountain is known as Elephant Mountain so, we want to use it as a reference in the platoon shield. Is required using the three colors that represents the military police force of the country - blue, yellow and red; in this order strictly. We also want the platoon identity in

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    I need a logo designed. Help designing a logo for a t shirt. The logo would be some sort of badge with the following details: FIRE & RESCUE NSW COS 001 B PLATOON possibly also EST. 1887 I would also like it to include some sort of firefighter related image such as eiling hook and sledgeaxe, standpipe, truck etc in the badge. It would be going on

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    Three images that depict the Vietnam conflict through the eyes of an American so...the conflict. Specific directions will be provided, but will be along the following: "U.S. helicopters landing in hesitated forests", "Over the shoulder view of an American platoon moving through the river/jungle". We will ask for rough drafts to ensure overall quality.

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    A vehicle platoon is a group of vehicles that travels in close proximity to one another, nose-to-tail, at highway speeds. A lead vehicle is followed by a number of other vehicles that closely match their speed and manoeuvres to the lead vehicle. In the attached picture we can find on a three lane roads cars are [login to view URL] A is the lead car which is

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    Digital Platoon needs your fresh innovation & concepts to design a rock solid logo. Background: 8 BIT PLATOON ([login to view URL] and [login to view URL]) is rebranding/ed into EOH Digital Platoon ([login to view URL]) EOH ([login to view URL]) is a holding company. 8 BIT PLATOON logo is our culture, symbol and life blood:

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    I need to change the weapons in the hands of the skeleton. I need it switched to a 1911 .45 caliber pistol. Also, I need the re...I need the resolution configure so that this can be used to be printed on large items with out a loss of resolution. The Words "Alpha Battery 2-44 ADA" on the top and "3rd Platoon Gunslingers" on the bottom of the image.

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    Hello! I am woefully unequipped to change the colors on this logo that my platoon needs for its t-shirts. I need someone the alter this logo to look "cleaner" and to also invert the colors so that it can look right printed on a black shirt.

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    The timeline should be responsive (looking good on all screen sizes,) it should pull data from a MySQL database on the go (.sql export of which will be g...description and index. The project after approval should be moved to our server and get tested. Here is a demo close to what we want: [login to view URL]

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    ...clean and natural looking. Our gaming clan focuses on reenactment moreso than clan wars and playing in matches/leagues. We try to portray ourselves as a real USMC rifle platoon in and out of game in all appearances. However, because I like images that do not have a lot of stuff going on, I instead focus on small and interesting details. Here

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    ... Both Marines have the following hovercraft transportation, from most powerful to least powerful: Most Powerful: Battle hovercraft: Qty 1 Field Marshal hovercraft: Qty 4 Platoon hovercraft: Qty 5 Z-Speedie hovercraft: Qty 9 Capture hovercraft: Qty 3 (this boat can capture the gold mine or radio tower as needed) Least Powerful The your Gray Marines

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    ...database. Looking for some pro bono work if possible. Here is what I need done. I need a simple database setup to allow entries for : Name, Rank, Shift Assigned to, Platoon, Start Year. So basically so I can enter the information found on this page... [login to view URL] My plan is to have a entry

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    I need some graphic design. Im in the military looking for someone to design a t shirt for my platoon

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    ...problem. Vehicle Car Airplane Passenger Fighter Bomber SpaceShip 9. (10 pts) Are a Private and a Platoon in an encapsulation or an inheritance relationship? Explain 10. (10 pts) Present reasonable parent and child classes for the class Tree (the kind with leaves). Give a short

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    Red Platoon Mostar 1981!!!!!!!!!!!

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    20 offres basically 1:64 scale. • I am looking for images to print as unit insignia for vehicle models and banners. • A unit insignia is a symbol that a smaller unit such as platoon or squadron (or even a larger unit such as a battalion or division) has created for themselves. Examples from the Vietnam war can be found here. Other examples can be found

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    ...either repair our current system or write a new one. The database/table displays various fields that are taken from a particular member's profile such as ID, Title, Rank, Platoon, Squad, Joined Date and Total ATS points. All fields except the Total ATS field are lifted directly from the IPB members database. We need a way for Admins/Mods to modify

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    ...that time I went on a deployment to the Solomon Islands. However, I went as the Radio Operator for a Papua New Guinean platoon for 6 months. The book talks about how i initially joined and then follows into me working with the PNG platoon. A lot of laughs and hearty entertainment and all about how difficult at times it was to integrate with an Army that

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    ...the Solomon Islands for 6 months. The luckiest part was that I was attached to the Papua New Guinea platoon to be there Radio Operator. I wrote a small book that speaks about how i joined and then follows into my deployment overseas with this PNG Platoon. There were a lot of enjoyable, awkward and just plain funny moments working with an Army that do

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    Needing a picture that we could print as stickers and morale patches for pour combat unit. Platoon nicknamed Gorillas (les Gorilles, in french). Our motto : "esprit sain, corps sain". A screaming old gorilla showing teeth with a golden ancre in his hands, full of muscles. On the lower part of the golden ancre web would read the number 21, on the top

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    our name is the voodoo medics. we have some bare ideas. i would like to get it spiced up and ready to have put onto a shirts. im open to ideas.

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    Custom Wordpress project for studios platoon!!!!!!! thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I am in the military and every morning 6 separate platoon commanders gather fill out a "count sheet" which includes a the total weapons we have in the barracks and an attendance roster.. From there, each individual platoon commanders (commanders 1 - 6) turn their count sheets into their boss, who then hand copies all of that information on to one sheet

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    I need a t shirt designed for weghtlifting. My platoon is doing a 1000 pound club which includes bench squat and dead lift. Nothing crazy just something simple that includes bravo company 2nd platoon

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    A video game guild website, where members can log in to view ...and other media for upload. The theme is around the motif of "peppermint" (red and white), and fantasy military (swords, armor, etc). The name of the guild is Peppermint Platoon, so I am looking for something that can marry the two concepts making something whimsical and military like.

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    A video game guild website, where members can log in to view ...and other media for upload. The theme is around the motif of "peppermint" (red and white), and fantasy military (swords, armor, etc). The name of the guild is Peppermint Platoon, so I am looking for something that can marry the two concepts making something whimsical and military like.

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    I have a running EXCEL spreadsheet that needs to be modified. All formulas must be rechecked and/or modified. I have some items/tabs that need to be added and formulas to go along with it. I don't have all the raw data therefore the person awarded this project will continue to work with me in the future as the spreadsheet develops into a master tracking system. I would love to have the abilit...

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    ...information: Name, Rank, current shift assigned, notification preference (app notification,SMS, or email) As and example: John Doe (Name) is a firefighter (Rank) that works on B platoon (Shift) and likes to get notification from app notification,SMS, and emails (Notification preference). Functionality would go like this: I am scheduled to work tomorrow

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    This is a private project for Platoon. We have discussed the details and am waiting on his post. This is going to be a small test project. Looking forward to working with you, Ljupco!

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    My company provides rescue services and I need to track the different incidents we respond to. I have 3 platoons in my company: Platoon 1,2,3. Each day, after a platoon finishes the duty, they will be required to key in the incidents they went to. Need a program to tabulate, filter data and generate reports Generated report can

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    We need a quick logo for a market test. Peloton is a cycling insurance company. the word "Peloton" is French for "Platoon" but is used in English to refer to the main body of riders in a cycling race. We like the attached logo very much because it conveys a sense of both speed / group riding through the trailing dots, and a sense of protection via

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    ...Justice 4) Code Pink 5) Military Families Speak Out America in war 6) Vietnam War 7) Gulf War 8) War in Afghanistan Anti war movies 9) Born on the Fourth of July 10) Platoon 11) The Deer Hunter - Please add 1-2 subheadings within each article. You can choose them by yourself. - Please consider the keywords needing to be implemented in

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    ...corresponding animation on the screen. Additional Deliverable: Eventually, once it’s figured out for 1 car, we’d want to do the same thing for multiple cars moving in a “platoon" according to our algorithm. We would also like to enhance the animation so a "driver" in one car can control his speed and position using a mouse or joystick

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    thank you bid 60 please

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    This is a website design for specific customer platoon. Only accept bid from platoon.

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    This is for the new site we talked about. Thanks!

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    Regarding project discussed.

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