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    I need a auto-submit-function for a form I created with the formidable-forms plugin on a wordpress website. I need the following two auto-submit-functions: One on pageload and one onclick (on another form).

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed using PHP. I am looking for a function for GravityForms that allows for a GET parameter of “autosubmit” with value of “true” to automatically submit the form rather than being forced to hit the submit button. Basically, the moment I visit a website such as “[se connecter pour v...

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    Drupal: problem with better exposed filter and checkbox autosubmit not work.(Only with checkbox and multiple selection), i want fix this for a site.

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    Hello again, I need a php script, which I believe should use curl, to submit information to a multi step form on a webpage. The details to be submitted will remain constant. Eventually I will use it on many pages, but they are all identical so as long as it works on one for now that will be fine. I do not want to manually visit the page so that is why I want to use php/curl Contact me for...

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    I wish to submit the form at the following url when an age is selected from the first dropdown menu. [se connecter pour voir l'URL] The relevant php files have been attached.

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    This is an easy 15 min. work to make little extra income for java jquery expert. Below is a script for automatically submitting forms to a MySQL database, but it doesn't work for <select> tags. How can I make this script work for those as well? I have been struggling to include values from <SELECT id="group1" name="group1">has over 100 options</select...

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    Write some Software -- 2 S'est terminé left

    web crawl and form AUTOsubmit

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    Write some Software S'est terminé left

    web crawl and form autosubmit

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    I need to have a simple and fast php script that will redirect randomly but evenly to a couple different urls that i can add, it also MUST hide/blank the referrer. The script should have a csv data upload feature and api. When a rotation is created the system should issue a rotator link. -Traffic is sent to the rotator link -. the traffic will be referrer blanked ( so anyone after this n...

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    I am looking for the below 1) application to clone the website urls which will be entered in the application 2) Self host the generated project and DB in to my server 3) A new link (URL) will be used to open the project 4) once the user enters their data into [se connecter pour voir l'URL] will be saved into the db and autosubmit to the actual advertiser page 5) as the data enters the ...

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    Hello! We're an advertising agency and we're looking for an experienced programmer who can do this quick, special project. Normal Flow: ORIGINAL PAGE -> CHECKOUT 1. User access the page. Page shows a form with fields - name, address, etc. 2. User enters the info in the form - [se connecter pour voir l'URL] 3. Submit info by clicking "RUSH MY TRIAL" button 4....

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    Hello freelancers, I am looking to buy a list of PHPDUG signup/register links ... Please bid for 10k list. Thanks and happy bidding!

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    You worked on an autosubmit form for me a few weeks ago. Some of the cards that are being scanned will be prefaced with E# when scanned. I need that stripped out of the input field before the form is submitted. Is this something you could do ASAP? Thanks! I've uploaded a file with the working script and some comments on the formatting of the input.

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    I'm working on a form that has one field and need to be auto-submitted when a user scans a card with a barcode reader. I have all of the back-end working (database query/results returned), but I'm having trouble getting the form to automatically submit when the data is entered into the field. The data entered with always be the same format: HubLive0000000 (where only the numbers will...

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    create an autosubmit script S'est terminé left

    I am looking for a programmer to put together a simple script to autosubmit leads to a getresponse form. I have a list that I want to load into getresponse automatically without going to the manual import process they have. The script should do the following: 1. When a page loads the script reads from a database of leads (or a simple csv file) 2. The script gets the lead and autosubmit it ...

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    1) Multiple choice for Facets - option to chose 3-4 options from 10 options (Image Example: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] and [se connecter pour voir l'URL] ) 2) Facet API delayed SHOW RESULTS - merge facets as one filter to provide option to apply all facet choice after user click on link Show Results (Image Example: [se connecter pour voir l'URL]) Link to apply filters is ...

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    Hello Freelancers, I need 100 page rank 3+ bookmarking for website's homepage. I will not accept links from phpdug and pligg platforms.

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    I am looking for a web designer to create a [se connecter pour voir l'URL] style social bookmarking web site with full [se connecter pour voir l'URL] ideal person will be an extensive user of digg and other social bookmarking/posting sites and understands all aspects of it. Preferable have created similar site before. *It needs to have all of the features that digg has along with the ...

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    Process: 1. Registration from home page- The user will land on the home page and register like normal and enter email address, UN, and pass. a. We’d like to have the user be logged into the DB after they hit submit but be classified as a “incomplete registration” if they don’t make it through the entire process and don’t end up on the offers page. If they make it ...

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    I have already implemented the type ahead auto suggest which pulls in search fields from my mysql database see here: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] - (type a few letters in the search box next to the map). It looks good, however it does not possess the desired behavior I am looking for: --After results are displayed in the drop down and a result is hovered on - when a user pushes the ente...

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    In need of an autoresponder, perhaps a program that would run from the desktop. I'm currently using Yahoo email. I need it to look for a specific "number" in a sentence in the body of the emails. It doesn't need to check every email, only emails matching a "particular" subject line. I use this email account for my personal family matters, online signups, etc...

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    This should be a straight forward project. We have a webform hosted in a Optimizepress themed wordpress blog. This for forward information to a [se connecter pour voir l'URL] which is supposed to register the opt in lead into a second autoresponder…and the forward them to the thank you page. The end result is that the lead end up in the Original AutoResponder plus the Coreg Au...

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    Need forum posting bot S'est terminé left

    Need a professional to create a forum posting bot with account creator and email verifier. Must support for proxys and able to add signature text The Ability To Add New Forums and Login Test Checks All Accounts And Shows If They Are Still Valid and Auto Account Creator (With Just A Simple Manual Captcha Fill In Prompt) it must be work on all forums just like( phbb ,vbuliten ,smf,punbb, mybb, wowb...

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    I have two different scripts that autosubmit plugs to websites using the smartplugs and predator cms content management sytems. Scripts are executed via cronjob. There is another script that modifies the information to be used, from a database of plugs. I've tried including all scripts on one page but I get errors, so I'm looking to tweak all three scripts, so ONE cronable php fil...


    Hello i have a Joomla website and Phpdug. I would like to display Phpdug results on my Joomla page. For example, when a user enters a page called Men in Black 3, i would like Phpdug results to show in Joomla Articles.

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    Phpdugg List PR2 and higher. S'est terminé left

    Hi, I need a list of Phpdug Sites WITH A PAGERANK OF 2 and higher. The list should contain more than 70 different Sites. Only Phpdug sites that are online! Regards.

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    Are you able to modify the access app you built to autosubmit the following uisng the APi Onlywire API Desktop App build a desktop app that will pull data from excel files and post them to only wire on a timed interval [se connecter pour voir l'URL]

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    Here's my dilemma to which I need a solution: I need to post multiple ads on Kijiji and Craigslist and update them every day or every few hours so that they stay on top of the page. Otherwise, the ads get dragged down the list by newer postings. The way to keep my ads up the list is to delete the old ones and post the new ones right after that. Why do I need to delete the old ones? Because...

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    We are looking for a experienced software developer to make a script or desktop application that can post register accounts, confirm registration in email and post information to bookmark sites. It must be able to post to: Pligg Sites PHPDug sites Scuttle sites and various bookmarking sites Must be multi-threaded with Must have deathbycaptcha or Decaptcher captcha API solving ability...

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    This service should be able to post social bookmarks to about 3000 social bookmarking sites, about 100 of these are custom CMS but the majority will use Scuttl, Pligg or PHPdug. Anything, any experience doing something similar or whatever please post it so that you will be considered.

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    Please see [se connecter pour voir l'URL] for an example of what I need but note that our software needs to be more simplified. There will be almost 3k SB sites (social bookmarking) that we can post to. About 100 will be on unique CMS but the rest will be on the popular CMS such as Scuttle, Pligg and PHPdug. Account creation module, proxy, and posting. Accounts manager so that users...

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    The purpose of this project is to develop a Windows desktop software from scratch that will make submission to social bookmarking and social media sites 100% automated and easy to manage. Normally users submit their websites by hand to social bookmarking sites, but this takes a lot of time especially if you have multiple sites. This software will solve this problem by making the registr...

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    This is just a pre-filter, I'll need to interview you guys one by one as this is a long term project. Among the important features of the tool: The software will create links on social bookmarking websites platform such as pligg, phpdug, scuttle but also a few good ones such as digg, stumbleupon, diigo, buzzflash, [se connecter pour voir l'URL], A1 webmarks etc. If you know w...

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    Well i am looking for a social bookmarking tool for which can submit my website 1000's social bookmarking sites like Pligg, ScuttlePlus, Scuttle, PhpDug & PublicBookmark Sites there should be page rank sites like digg,stumbleupon,delicious,diigo,faves,reddit,misterwong and many more pr sites 1. tool should support captcha services like (decaptcha ) 2. Proxy 3. account creati...

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    DDL Script creation LIKE [se connecter pour voir l'URL] General Script Features Secure, no exploits or security holes Cheat-proof Topsites with IP logging and customizable Gateway Page Instant hard link exchange system with automatic reciprocal link checking Dead Link reporting system with "deadlink-threshold" for automatic dead link deletion Advanced multi autosubmitter Idi...

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    DDL Script creation S'est terminé left

    General Script Features Secure, no exploits or security holes Cheat-proof Topsites with IP logging and customizable Gateway Page Instant hard link exchange system with automatic reciprocal link checking Dead Link reporting system with "deadlink-threshold" for automatic dead link deletion Advanced multi autosubmitter Idiot-Proof, secure, and automatically retries any failed subm...

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    I need an seo expert that have access to several software. xrumer senuke X article marketing robot bookmark demon or autopligg scapeboox. the best spinner artile network (article rank, UAW) =========================== 1. Pick ONE keyword you’d like to rank for. Some of my sites target a lot of different keywords but I focus one cycle on one keyword only.( 2. Write and post a k...

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    I am in need of an experienced link builder that can provide very high quality social bookmarks for a wide variety of clients. This is a long term opportunity and if you qualify according to our standards, we can give you full-time work. If you pass the interview, you will be trialed for a small amount of work and if you pass the trial, more work will be given to you on a daily basis. **Ple...

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    Google Map by Zip Code S'est terminé left

    Hi, What I need is a form that will take a zip code as input and will display a google map (on the same page) relating to that zipcode area. I need the form to autosubmit so that the map is displayed as soon as the 5 digit zipcode is entered into the form. No submit button. I assume that this would be best done with javascript/ajax. If it can be done with just PHP, that would be even be...

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    Używam CMS PHPDUG Zlecę napisanie kodu wyciągającego z bazy danych określoną liczbę najwyższych wyników "digg'ów" w ciągu dnia, tygodnia, miesiąca, Użytkownik który dodał najwięcej digg;ów i tak samo dzień tydzień miesiąc. Zależy mi na czasie nawet dzisiaj, cena do uzgodnienia. Jutro dopiero po godzinie 22 jak coś odpowiem na gg, moje gg 7287952...

    min €2
    Social Bookmarking Software S'est terminé left

    Hi, We would like to make a Social bookmarking Software, which should have the following features. Project Management Email Account creation. Automatic account creation at various bookmarking sites. Auto Email verification Submission to all the registered website. Spin option for title , description and tags. Support PHPDUG, Scuttle, Scuttleplus and pligg sites Pinging social profile...

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    I'm looking for a script to use in phpdug to block users, bookmarks and tags, to erase duplicate posts, filtering title, to auto-insert iframes and parsing content (external url), when someone make a post. And auto bookmark via rss feed. All this functions in adm panel. Thank you in advanced


    A simple plugin that allows a user to autopost comments they've written to a blog on scheduled date. during writing of a post user write comments - name - comment title - comment body (rich text editor) - comment date (date picker or random) It should show a compact list of comments (similar to how word press displays them) where they can be add, edit, delete this list. The dat...

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    Hello, I need a javascript professional to develop small snippets as per required. Bid only if you are expert in Javascript / jQuery / Ajax. Few examples of needed snippets: 1. Function to get X,Y co-ordinates of Mouse when clicked on an image. The co-ordinates should be absolute to the image. 2. Autosubmit a form only after the page load is complete if a variable was sent to the lo...

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    Private job for you. Here are the materials for this job: video:[se connecter pour voir l'URL] [se connecter pour voir l'URL] pdf: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] image:[se connecter pour voir l'URL] directory: [se connecter pour voir l'URL]

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    Hello, i need a wordpress plugin that will autosubmit new post to these sites: * [se connecter pour voir l'URL] * [se connecter pour voir l'URL] * [se connecter pour voir l'URL] * [se connecter pour voir l'URL] * [se connecter pour voir l'URL] * [se connecter pour voir l'URL] * [se connecter pour voir l'URL] * [se conn...


    Hello Everyone, We are in need of someone to code with REGEX in PHP a Social Account Creator and syndication system. The reason I say REGEX is because it is a lot faster and easier for REGEX professionals to code out these type of projects, so that is a plus! The following CMS platforms must able to have accounts made on them by cron-job, and then have our RSS data slowly fed into them: ...

    €1660 (Avg Bid)
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    No Pligg, Scuttle and Phpdug sites and all site must be PR 4 above We need 300 Social Bookmarks on the most popular social bookmarking sites (Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Reddit...). Once you submit them, you need to provide us with a spreadsheet with the links to the bookmarks so we can verify the URLs. 50% Payment will be made after 150 social bookmarking are posted & verified. ...

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    Hello, i need a wordpress plugin that will autosubmit new post to these sites: * [se connecter pour voir l'URL] * [se connecter pour voir l'URL] * [se connecter pour voir l'URL] * [se connecter pour voir l'URL] * [se connecter pour voir l'URL] * [se connecter pour voir l'URL] * [se connecter pour voir l'URL] * [se conn...

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