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    J'aurai besoin d'une librairie se connectant à un backend existant (dotnet 5 - ef core - ASP.NET Core) permettant de gérer l'enregistrement en temps réels d'un artboard, à la manière de ce que fait Figma (:~:text=Figma%20lets%20you%20go%20offline,over%20a%20new%20WebSocket%20connection.). il s'agirait de faire une sorte de LWW (Last-Write-Wins-Element-Set) adapté aux technologies précités. plus de détails sur demande.

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    mettre en marche le mode multiplayer de base

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    I'm looking to develop a mobile game referred to as 'Game 1'. This will be a unique, engaging platform that will captivate users with its multiplayer functionality and in-game currency system. Key aspects the freelancer will need to handle include: - Multiplayer Integration: The game should allow users to interact and play with each other in real-time. - In-Game Currency System: The game must contain an internal economy, where players can earn, spend and collect digital currency that is used to enhance their gaming experience. Ideal Skills: - Experience in multi-user game development. - Knowledge of creating in-game economies. - Ability to create engaging and user-friendly interfaces. - A solid understanding of the mobile gaming market and user experienc...

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    Poker Game Development 6 jours left

    ...create an engaging and immersive themed poker game with a multiplayer mode. I want players to have the option for challenging others directly as well as being randomly assigned opponents. Key Features: - Multiplayer Mode: Players should be able to engage with multiple opponents in a competitive poker setting. - Direct Challenge and Random Assignment: I'd like a mix of both direct challenge and random assignment features to keep the game dynamic and interesting. - Themed and Immersive UI: The user interface should not just be functional but significantly contribute to the thematic aspect of the game, thus enhancing the overall gaming experience. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Game development & design - Experience with multiplayer gaming platforms - Stro...

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    ...create an engaging and immersive themed poker game with a multiplayer mode. I want players to have the option for challenging others directly as well as being randomly assigned opponents. Key Features: - Multiplayer Mode: Players should be able to engage with multiple opponents in a competitive poker setting. - Direct Challenge and Random Assignment: I'd like a mix of both direct challenge and random assignment features to keep the game dynamic and interesting. - Themed and Immersive UI: The user interface should not just be functional but significantly contribute to the thematic aspect of the game, thus enhancing the overall gaming experience. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Game development & design - Experience with multiplayer gaming platforms - Stro...

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    I'm seeking an experienced game developer who can design an engaging and robust casino betting game for both iOS and Android platforms. Your key responsibilities and skills should include: - Proficiency in mobile game development, with a portfolio that includes casino-style games. - Capability to integrate real-time multiplayer functionality. - Expertise in iOS and Android development. - An understanding and experience with popular mobile game engines and programming languages. - The ability to ensure optimal performance and responsiveness of the mobile game. The end product should be an intuitive, captivating casino betting game that can offer users an interactive gaming experience with their peers in real-time. Bonus points for the designer who brings creative ideas to en...

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    ...developer to help port my PC racing game to the Nintendo Switch platform. With gameplay features that include realistic physics, car handling and a multiplayer online mode, the project will require a freelancer with a diverse skill set and experience in porting games. Key Tasks: - Understanding the PC game code and structure - Special emphasis on physics engine and multiplayer functionality - Fluent translation of game mechanics to Switch platform Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in programming for PC and Nintendo Switch - Experience in game porting, with focus on racing genre - Sound knowledge of game physics coding and online multiplayer systems - Strong understanding of the Nintendo Switch hardware and software capabilities. Ultimately, I am looking...

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    I am searching for an affiliate partner with interests in the gaming industry. The focus of our partnership will be driving sign-ups for a PC gam...affiliate partner with interests in the gaming industry. The focus of our partnership will be driving sign-ups for a PC game targeted toward teens aged 13-17 in Japan. Key Responsibilities: - Promote the game and drive sign-ups. Payment Structure: - For every successful sign-up, you will receive $1. Key Game Features: - The game features an immersive storyline, high-quality graphics and multiplayer functionality, which should be the main points in your promotion. Your success in this role will be measured by the number of successful sign-ups you drive. This is a great opportunity for those with the skill to influence young gamers...

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    ...**Character Customization:** Allow players to personalize their avatars extensively. - **Multiplayer Mode:** Support for numerous players to interact and roleplay together within the game world. - **In-Game Currency System:** Develop an economy where players can earn and spend in-game currency relevant to the simulation activities. **Type of Simulation:** The game should primarily focus on roleplay, enabling players to create and live out virtual lives within a robustly developed environment that could involve elements of city-building, virtual jobs, and interactive role-playing scenarios. **Skills and Experience Needed:** - Proficiency in Roblox Studio and Lua scripting. - Experience with developing multiplayer games. - Ability to implement in-game currency and economy ...

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    Chess game for Multiplatform 5 jours left

    I'm looking for a talented developer to create a chess game for the web (PWA compatible) with a focus on online multiplayer functionality. This project aims to deliver a seamless and intuitive gaming experience to chess enthusiasts around the world, enabling players to challenge each other in real-time matches. **Key Requirements:** - **Platform Development:** The game must be developed for the web, ensuring compatibility across various browsers and devices. - **Multiplayer Functionality:** Core to the project is the online multiplayer feature. Players should be able to match against others, have a rating system, and possibly even tournament modes in the future. - **Technology:** Flutter shall be used for web development along with PWA setup and cross-platform e...

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    Mobile Slots Game Development 5 jours left

    I'm looking for an experienced developer or a team to create a cutting-edge mobile slots game with a focus on modern and sleek visuals, online multiplayer features. This project is going to be on both iOS and Android platforms, aiming to provide users with an unparalleled gaming experience. **Requirements:** - Expertise in mobile game development specifically for iOS and Android. - Strong background in incorporating online multiplayer functionalities. - Proficient in creating modern, sleek graphics and user interfaces. - Ability to optimize performance for mobile devices. - Experience with in-app purchasing and integration of third-party APIs. **Ideal Skills:** - Familiarity with Unity or similar game development engines. - Strong understanding of networking principles...

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    ...captivates players with its engaging gameplay but also offers an unforgettable online multiplayer experience. Here's what I'm looking for: **Game Development Requirements:** - Experience in PC game development, with a portfolio showcasing previous action games. - Proficiency in game engines such as Unreal Engine or Unity. - Ability to implement online multiplayer functionality, ensuring stable and secure connections for players worldwide. - Creative mindset to help design compelling game mechanics and levels that keep players engaged. - Knowledge in coding, specifically in languages suited for game development like C# or C++. **Ideal Skills:** - Strong background in action game design. - Experience with online multiplayer game systems. - Solid programmin...

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    ...apps across multiple devices like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, or PlayStation VR will be highly appreciated. Despite the ambiguity of the app's focus, there are certain features we'd be keen to explore: - Interactive Environments: Regardless of our final goal, we want our VR app to explore the possibility of interactive environments, ensuring a highly engaging user experience. - Multiplayer Support: The potential for multiplayer participation might be an exciting avenue to explore, depending on our final project direction. - 360-degree Video Playback: While not mandatory, the ability to incorporate 360-degree video playback might bring an additional level of immersion. Your ability to work creatively and flexibly given the vagueness of the brief is crucial. I look ...

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    ...backbone of real-time multiplayer gameplay. For this, I am seeking a skilled freelancer with a deep understanding and expertise in Photon Unity integration to bring this project to life. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficient in Photon Unity, specifically for mobile platforms - Experienced in implementing real-time multiplayer game mechanics - Knowledgeable in networking and optimizing game performance for mobile devices - Comfortable working with Unity for mobile game development **Requirements:** - Integrate Photon Unity to enable real-time multiplayer gameplay in the mobile app - Ensure smooth and responsive gameplay across various mobile devices - Implement efficient matchmaking and game session management - Work closely with the de...

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    I'm seeking a skilled developer to create an advanced game engine tailored for first-person shooter (FPS) games, with compatibility specifically for the Windows platform. This project demands a sophistic...high-quality graphics and complex game mechanics. - Experience in game development, particularly in FPS. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficient in C++/C# and DirectX/OpenGL. - Strong background in 3D graphics programming. - Familiarity with Windows platform development. - Previous experience developing game engines, preferably for FPS games. - Understanding of physics, AI, and network code for multiplayer games is a plus. I aim to collaborate closely with the developer to ensure that the engine meets the specific needs of my project, offering players an immersive gam...

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    21 offres essential. - **Core Features:** - **Multiplayer Mode:** Ability to race and interact with players worldwide. Should include matchmaking and leaderboards. - **Dynamic Weather System:** Realistic weather changes that impact gameplay and strategy, enhancing the immersive experience. - **Customizable Characters:** Players should be able to customize their avatars, including outfits, snowboards, and potentially skill sets. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in Unity or Unreal Engine with a portfolio showcasing VR projects, preferably on the Oculus platform. - Strong background in 3D graphics and animation, with expertise in creating photo-realistic textures and environments. - Experience in developing multiplayer games, including networking...

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    I'm seeking an experienced Minecraft modder who can create a unique and engaging survival multiplayer (SMP) experience. Here's what I'm envisioning: **My Must-Haves:** - Custom plugins and mods integration - Exciting PvP arenas and scheduled events - A robust economy and currency system that encourages trade and progression **Pay-to-Win Features:** - Exclusive items and perks for players who choose to pay - Accelerated progression system for paying players - Enhanced in-game currency acquisition for monetary contributors **Server Ambiance:** - A theme that resonates with the Classic Minecraft Vanilla experience **Ideal Candidate:** - Expertise in Minecraft server setup - Proven track record creating custom plugins and mods - Familiarity with in-game economies and ...

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    ...gameplay but will rely on a text-based simulation engine, utilizing real-life statistics to influence outcomes. The game will be developed for PC platforms, prioritizing an entertaining user experience that also allows for online multiplayer interactions. **Key Features Needed:** - **Simulation Engine**: Development of a robust text-based simulation engine that uses real football statistics to impact game outcomes. - **RPG Mechanics**: Implementation of RPG elements where players can manage teams, improve player stats, and make strategic decisions. - **Online Multiplayer**: Ability to play and compete against other players online. - **UnReal Engine Experience**: Proficiency with UnReal Engine is preferred to bring this project to life with potential for high-quality visu...

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    Capri's Hidden Treasures 3 jours left

    ...journey through innovative gameplay, design, and technology. **Key Features:** - Character Creation: Enabling players to craft their unique avatars. - Treasure Hunt Trails: Mapped out adventures across virtual Capri, embedded in AR. - AR Integration: For a lifelike experience as players explore and uncover treasures. - Point System and Progression: To keep players engaged and motivated. - Online Multiplayer: For users to compete or collaborate in real-time. - In-app Store: For purchasing enhancements, tools, or clues. **Innovation Is Key:** - Intuitive User Interface: Designed for ease of navigation and enhanced user engagement. - Cutting-edge Technology Use: Utilizing the latest in AR and game development for a seamless experience. - New Gameplay Modes: Introducing novel con...

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    Game Developer - iOS/Android 3 jours left

    I'm seeking a proficient game developer to craft a moderate complexity action game for iOS and Android platforms. My vision for the game includes some special features: - Multiplayer Capabilities - In-App Purchases: - Leaderboards or Achievement System: Ideal developers should have a proven track record in action game development, working knowledge of multiplayer systems, in-app purchase monetization strategies, and implementation of leaderboard or achievement systems. **** Must have experience with in-app purchases, connecting Admob, working with Firebase, Experience working in App store connect and submitting apps for approval in the App store. You or your team. We would like to work with someone who would like to grow with us not just a short term project but a lon...

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    ETS2 Convoy Server Setup 2 jours left

    I'm seeking an experienced freelancer to install and fully configure a convoy server for Euro Truck Simulator 2 (ETS2) on my Linux VPS with the latest version of the game. **Requirements:** - Proficiency in Linux server management - Experience with ETS2 convoy s...each command. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Strong background in gaming server setup, especially with ETS2. - Expertise in Linux server administration. - Proven track record of implementing robust security measures. - Ability to troubleshoot and resolve issues efficiently. I'm looking for someone who can complete this project with attention to detail and a passion for ensuring the best multiplayer experience for gamers. If you have the required skills and experience, please bid on this project. The VP...

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    ...battle mode. Maybe Clash Royale aesthetic will fit better. - Ability to develop the app with multiplayer and bot-play capabilities - Translation to 8-10 languages - "Responsive" imaging, performance and estructure, focused mainly in NOT the best or the last and faster andoid/iOS mobiles: must be played in mobile with low CPU/RAM resources. - Monetize ideas will be welcome! any ideas you might have (in-app purchases, ads.. etc) - iOS + Android development - Registration with Google+Facebook+Apple (asigning and internal user number/code) - Friends list to invitate and fight against. - RANK: grouped by country and World, by day/week/month/year/anytime. Game Development Skills: Implementing successful multiplayer would be the core of this project, thus having experi...

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    45 offres competition amongst team members. Key Requirements: - Game should be built for a web browser environment. Knowledge of relevant programming languages is essential. - The game genre should be strategy-based, providing an immersive and thoughtful challenge to multiple players. - The game must have multiplayer capabilities, facilitating real-time interaction and collaboration between team members. Skills & Experience: - Experience with web-based game development - Proficiency in multiplayer game development - Strong understanding of strategy game mechanics - Background in creating engaging, user-friendly interfaces - Prior experience with team building or educational games is a bonus. Ultimately, I need a game that not only entertains, but also helps strengt...

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    ...built on Laravel. We are seeking a skilled freelancer to implement several key features to enhance its functionality and connectivity with our casino. The game currently offers a single-player experience but lacks multiplayer capabilities, leaderboard integration, social sharing options, and a betting system. Our goal is to transform this basic card game into a dynamic and engaging platform that seamlessly integrates with our casino, encouraging social interaction and competition among players. Key Features to Implement: Multiplayer Functionality: Integrate real-time multiplayer functionality to allow players to compete against each other online. Ensure seamless integration with our existing casino platform built on Laravel for a unified gaming experience. Leader...

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    ...players can utilize. - **Multiplayer Functionality:** A critical component of this project is the development of a robust online multiplayer system. Players should be able to easily connect with others around the world, challenging friends or strangers to matches. The system must be stable, fast, and capable of supporting a large number of concurrent games. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Extensive experience in mobile and web-based game development, particularly with cross-platform technologies. - A strong portfolio of past projects that includes card games or similar genres, highlighting any innovative features you've implemented. - Proficiency in creating engaging, user-friendly interfaces that cater to a wide audience. - Deep understanding of online multi...

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    I'm in need of a talented graphic designer with a passion for sports Our project entails the following specifics: - **Jersey Design**: The primary focus is on designing team uniforms. - **Color Scheme & Themes**: We have specific colors and themes that we want to be incorporated into the jersey design. The ability to adapt and work creatively within these parameters ...into the jersey design. The ability to adapt and work creatively within these parameters is crucial. The perfect candidate for this job is someone who is not only skilled in graphic design but also understands the significance of team identity and unity that jerseys represent. tshirt design -

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    I am seeking a skilled mobile game developer to transform a classic board game into a fascinating mobile game. Here is what the project entails: - Objective of the Game: The main aim is to 'Complete a Mission.' Therefore, the mobile game should be designed around this theme. - Game Mechanics: The board game maintained in the mobile app. A player turn system needs to be incorporated into the game development. Please note that reward/penalty cards do not form part of this board game. - Number of Players: The mobile game should accommodate four players maximally. Experience in Unity or Unreal Engine, and adaptability in implementing unique game mechanics will be of great advantage. Aptitude in multiplayer game creation will also be considered. Looking forward to your...

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    I need an expert in PHP, specifically with experience in the Ludo Game. My project involves: 1. Gameplay Customization: - The rules will be altered, as well as the dice outcomes. - We'll also massage the movement rules, so experience in this realm is crucial. 2. Multiplayer Functionality: - I am aiming to have the game support up to 4 players. This requires modifications to the existing multiplayer modules to accommodate this feature. Your knowledge and creativity in PHP game development will be highly appreciated, particularly in implementing these changes while maintaining the balance of the game. Thanks for considering this project.

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    ...narrative over challenge. Interaction: Advanced interaction systems for environmental storytelling and puzzle-solving. AI: Advanced enemy AI for challenging combat scenarios and story-driven interactions. 6. Technical Performance Optimization: Game must be optimized for high-end PCs and next-gen consoles, targeting 60fps at 4K resolution. Networking: Robust networking code for potential future multiplayer expansions or content updates. 7. Development Team Requirements Programmers: Experienced in Unreal Engine 5, AI, gameplay mechanics, and optimization. 3D Artists: Skilled in character design, environmental design, and animation. Visual Storytellers: Experts in cinematic techniques, narrative integration, and cutscene creation. Sound Designers: Experienced in immersive ...

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    3d Ludo App Development S'est terminé left

    Ludo App Development with user friendly menu Platform: Both iOS and Android Functionalities: - Multiplayer - In-app purchases - Leaderboards Timeline: - The app needs to be completed within 1 month Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in developing gaming apps for both iOS and Android platforms - Proficiency in implementing multiplayer functionality - Knowledge of in-app purchase integration - Expertise in creating and managing leaderboards

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    Multi Functional Gaming App S'est terminé left

    Multi Functional Gaming App Platform: Both iOS and Android Functionalities: - Multiplayer - In-app purchases - Leaderboards Timeline: - The app needs to be completed within 1 month Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in developing gaming apps for both iOS and Android platforms - Proficiency in implementing multiplayer functionality - Knowledge of in-app purchase integration - Expertise in creating and managing leaderboards

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    ...flair for developing a cartoon-like aesthetic within an app for engaging user interface. - Ability to develop the app with multiplayer and bot-play capabilities. The developed app should feature multiplayer capabilities for an engaging player-vs-player scenario. Moreover, it needs to feature an advanced bot for solo sessions, offering challenging gameplay for more seasoned players practicing alone. Design Experience: Your portfolio should demonstrate previous experience in developing cartoon-like aesthetics for an app. Past experiences with game development, particularly chess, will be highly prestigious. Game Development Skills: Implementing successful multiplayer and advanced bot systems would be the core of this project, thus having experience in such areas ...

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    Duel & Dominate: Multiplayer Game S'est terminé left

    I'm looking for a talented individual or team to bring a visionary multiplayer game to life across both iOS and Android platforms. The core of this game will revolve around engaging multiplayer gameplay with a competitive edge, empowered by an online leaderboard to track progress and foster a community of gamers aspiring for the top spot. The game's revenue model will primarily focus on tournament entry fees, leveraging the competitive nature to fuel participation and growth. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficient in cross-platform development tools (e.g., Unity, Unreal Engine) - Strong background in mobile game development, specifically for iOS and Android - Experienced in integrating online multiplayer functionalities - Capable of implementing secur...

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    Epic PvP 2D/3D Battle Quest S'est terminé left bring to life an engaging multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) and massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that combines intense player-vs-player (PvP) combat in a captivating 2D pixel art style. This game will be accessible on both PC and mobile platforms, catering to a wide range of players. **Key Requirements:** - **Cross-Platform Development:** Ability to develop the game for both PC and Mobile platforms with a seamless cross-platform experience. - **PvP Combat System:** Implement a robust and scalable PvP combat system that supports multiple players simultaneously. - **2D Pixel Art Design:** Skilled in creating engaging and detailed 2D pixel art to bring the game world to life. - **Networking Capabilities:** Experience with multiplayer gam...

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    I want to make a game that is similar to the YLANDS game on Steam, but differentiated and different so that it is not a copy. I want the main function of the game to be mining. The game will only be single player, I don't want multiplayer.

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    Global 8 Pool Phenomenon S'est terminé left

    ...requirements. **Core Requirements**: - Development for both iOS and Android platforms to ensure widespread accessibility. - Implementation of an online multiplayer feature that allows players to compete against a global player base, fostering an interactive and competitive environment. - A design ethos that reflects a modern and sleek aesthetic, capturing the attention of players with high-quality visuals and user-friendly interfaces. **Ideal Skills and Experience**: - Proficient in mobile app development for both iOS and Android, with a proven track record of successful multi-platform applications. - Experience in creating online multiplayer games, with knowledge of server management, matchmaking algorithms, and real-time gaming functionalities. - Strong design capabili...

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    ...Secure and transparent handling of in-game currency and cashouts. Compliance with legal regulations regarding online gaming and gambling. Smart AI Opponent: An intelligent AI system that can play against users when other players are not available. AI opponents that can adapt to different skill levels. The AI should provide a challenging yet fair gameplay experience. Additional Requirements: Multiplayer functionality with seamless online matchmaking. A scoring system that tracks player progress and leaderboards. In-app purchases and an economy system for buying card packs or customization options. Cross-platform playability, ensuring users on different devices can play together. Scalable server infrastructure to support a growing user base. Deliverables: Complete game design do...

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    Innovative Poker Software Sales S'est terminé left

    I'm seeking dynamic sales representatives to promote and sell our state-of-the-art poker software. Our product boasts a trio of enticing features designed to captivate both novice and seasoned poker enthusiasts: - **Multiplayer Ring Games**: Enabling a real-time poker experience, connecting players from around the globe. - **Tournament Management**: Streamlined organization of poker tournaments, enhancing the competitive spirit. - **Player Statistics Tracking**: Advanced tools for players to track their game progress, strategies, and improvements. - **Crypto Rake back Program: Our reward system can be used by any casino developer and offers real rake back value and a centralized reward store - **Trademarked Games: We offer unique trademarked poker games that can not be found a...

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    Unity Pool Game Physics Overhaul S'est terminé left

    ...requires targeted improvements to deliver a more realistic, 8BallPool-like experience. Frequent users of Unity and Photon would be ideally suited for executing the project due to its specifics. Specific Aspects for Improvement: - Ball Movement: We need to adjust the ball speed for a more real-life mimicking, change the ball spin for extra challenge and fun, and fine-tune the ball trajectory for increased accuracy. - Collision Detection: Currently, the game needs improvements in collision accuracy, enhanced ball interaction for an authentic feel, and fixes on clipping issues that disrupt gameplay integrity. Skills & Experience Required: - Extensive experience with Unity 3D and Photon - A deep understanding of physics in gaming - Past projects involving pool games ...

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    ...DETAILING RELEVANT EXPERIENCE, AND A PORTFOLIO OF PAST PROJECTS. 1. Overview: We are looking for an EXPERIENCED DEVELOPMENT TEAM to create an interactive storytelling app. 2. Key Features: - Dynamic storytelling with AI-driven narratives. - Augmented Reality (AR) features for enhanced user engagement. - Creative puzzle-solving elements for user interaction. - Collaborative multiplayer mode for social connectivity. - Real-time updates for an ever-evolving user experience. - Educational content hub for additional user value. 3. Skills Required: - Proficient in Python, JavaScript, or Swift for mobile app development. - Experience with React Native or Flutter for cross-platform development. - Knowledge of natural language processing (NLP) and machine...

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    Farming Simulation Game Development S'est terminé left

    I'm seeking a talented game designer to create...simulation game on the Roblox Platform. This project demands intricate knowledge and familiarity with Roblox Studio, game design, and a strong grasp of simulation mechanics. The game should encompass key elements such as: - A comprehensive player leveling system designed to reward progression and skill. - An interactive environment that immerses players in the ambience of farming life. - Real-time multiplayer feature that allows collaborative gameplay and social interaction. Ideal freelancers will have previous experience developing simulation games, particularly in farming or similar themes. Understanding of current trending features within the simulation genre will be considered an asset. Please include any relevant past wo...

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    Sure, here's a draft you can use to post your messag Hello Freelancers, I am seeking a skilled web designer who can help revamp my current website dedicated to boosting services for games like League of Legends and other online multiplayer games. The redesign will primarily be done using Figma to ensure efficient collaboration and seamless design implementation. **Requirements:** 1. Proficiency in Figma or similar design tools. 2. Experience in web design, particularly in the gaming or esports industry. 3. Ability to incorporate modern design elements while maintaining user-friendliness. 4. Understanding of the gaming community and its preferences. 5. Strong communication skills for effective collaboration and feedback incorporation. **About My Website:** My website focus...

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    Fix Oculus VR Login Error S'est terminé left

    I'm in the process of developing a multiplayer game specifically for Oculus Quest VR. The game is at a stage where it's integrating Amazon Gamelift for hosting multiplayer sessions. However, a recurrent, critical issue has arisen: an SSL curl error occurs during the authentication process of user credentials, specifically tied to our API Key authentication method. I need a skilled freelancer to resolve this issue efficiently. Key Challenges: - Diagnosing the SSL curl error efficiently. - Ensuring secure and smooth authentication of user credentials via API Key. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Oculus Quest VR development. - Strong understanding of Amazon Gamelift service. - Expertise in resolving SSL curl errors. - Experience with API Key authenticati...

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    Isometric 2D RTS Application S'est terminé left

    Greetings. I'm looking for a programmer with a solid understanding of how real-time strategy (RTS) games work to help me create an application that will give me the ability to create an isometric 2D RTS game. The games developed from this application will be for commercial use, so it must support multiplayer and it must be designed to be compatible with Windows and MacOS. More specific details will be provided to the selected programmer, but the ideal game i'm looking to create utilizing this application is a 2D version of Rise of Nations and Dawn of War. Some of the game features this must have are resource-gathering, base-building, in-game weapon upgrades, control of units, Computer AI, etc...

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    I'm looking for an experienced mobile app developer to create an engaging Ludo gaming app with exclusive multiplayer mode for Android. My topmost priorities are smooth functionality and captivating design. What I'm Expecting: - Develop Multiplayer Mode: Primarily, our app is targeted towards multiple players due to the social aspect of Ludo. However, have a toggle function to easily switch between modes for user flexibility. - Implement Additional Features: In addition to gameplay, I'm keen on integrating features that enhance usability and user interaction. These include: * Chat functionality for better player communication. * A leaderboard to boost competitiveness. * In-app purchases for added revenue. Ideal Candidate: Applicants should have ...

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    Android Ludo Game Development S'est terminé left

    ...that stands out in the crowded mobile app market. **Requirements:** - Expertise in Android app development, with a portfolio showcasing similar gaming apps. - Proficiency in Java or Kotlin. - Experience with Android Studio and integrating third-party APIs. - Ability to implement multiplayer features is a plus. - A keen eye for modern, user-friendly design and smooth gameplay mechanics. **Project Scope:** - Design and develop a Ludo game app for Android users. - Include both single-player (against AI) and multiplayer modes. - Implement user account creation and leaderboards. - Ensure the game is optimized for various Android devices and versions. - Focus on creating an intuitive user interface and engaging user experience. Ideal candidates should have a passion for gam...

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    I am on the lookout for a seasoned Figma designer who can bring a modern aesthetic to my custom website. This project entails designing ten distinct pages, each requiring a fresh, up-to-date visual feel. This project entails designing ten distinct pages, each requiring a fresh, up-to-date visual feel. While I won't be able to provide the content, I envision a collaborative process where we determine the appropriate text and images together. Specific Figma features aren't set in stone, leaving room for your expert recommendation on tools like Interactive Prototypes, Design Systems, or Multiplayer Coediting to enhance the final design. Ideal candidates should have a strong background in modern web design, proficiency in Figma, and experience working without pre...

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    ...and user investment. - Leaderboards implementation to encourage competitiveness. - Multiplayer Mode: Allowing users to engage with others in real-time gameplay for a more immersive experience. - Virtual Currency System: Enabling users to make in-app purchases, collect rewards, and gamble on games with a proprietary virtual currency. - Chat Feature: Allowing users to communicate with one another during games, fostering a sense of community and competition. Ideal expertise and skills for this project would include: - Proven experience in developing gaming applications, particularly casino or gambling-related apps. - Exceptional knowledge in Android development. - Familiarity with incorporating multiplayer functionality in gaming apps. - Experience in integrating v...

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    I'm looking for a full stack developer with a solid understanding and expertise in Unity, who can build an engaging online multiplayer gaming website from the ground up. The Main Requirements Include: - Designing and developing an intuitive, user-friendly interface for players - Developing fascinating multiplayer games, ensuring smooth gameplay and solid performance - Efficient handling of any possible technical issues related to multiplayer online gaming Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in Unity game development, preferably with a focus on multiplayer games - Strong understanding of full stack development processes - Creativity in game design and problem-solving skills to handle technical issues - A portfolio showcasing previous rel...

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