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    I want someone to help read the google analytics data of a website and advise interpreting the data and possible reasons for site exit or not purchase. etc Needs to be professional and explain the reasons behind user actions.

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    ...footer text to display. This process should continue in a loop until the first method returns none at which point the UI should indicate that the process is complete and exit. If the exit key is pressed, the second footer line should change to a text input field and the focus should be put here. The user should be able to type here until enter or return

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    We have a site that requires a wordpress expert. Here is a list of the following things we need to add. 1. Sales page. See the attached file for the design. We do have the PSD file The sales page has two options for purchase. One is an ebook, and we will need a shopping cart added to the site to accept paypal [login to view URL] second option is a subscription

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    ...automated trading program (from here and out the EA) that works on the MQL4 platform and be able to automatically dicede when to take a trade, the size of the trade and when to exit a trade. The program would get all the needed information. Such as stock prices, charts ens. this ea will run on a 1 day graph. basically i want a ea that trades using

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    Am o aplicatie facuta cu appgeyser trebuie doar: - scos butonul de about - sa functioneze butonul exit, respectiv back din dispozitiv - facut sa functioneze splashscreenul

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    ...desktop 2) Check for the existence of a usb microphone plugged in 3) If no microphone then prompt user to plug one in. 4) If microphone present then run another application / exit 5) Gives user the option to copy predetermined file from point (a) to (b) 6) config file for # 4 and # 5 microphone is determined to exist by using the following command

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    3 offres directly. -> Enter button should bring up a channel guide as a dialogue window and D-Pad buttons should navigate in the dialog with enter to select channel and back to exit dialog back to playing video. Full source code and compiling instructions for Android Studio will need to be supplied. Some links that might help.... App should be similar

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    looking for someone to create: A youtube intro video - 5-10 seconds long, just displaying in a creative way the channel name to go before all videos. A similiarly styled exit video that will be 8 seconds long and just say 'Subscribe now' in the centre, followed by 5 seconds of text at the top saying 'Here are more videos you might like to watch'

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    32 offres for android , this app has 8 pages : two are the main pages and the rest are subs, I attached the images of the planning of this app, the main page has two entries ( main page, about us ), the main page starts with the cities of Iraq listed as grid view in rectangle , the cities that have content should be enabled to click on, otherwise the button

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    ...and changed since opening) When saving unnamed file, make sure a name is chosen. Save As: save the currently open file under another name (enabled if file is being edited) Exit: Check if the file has been changed and ask whether to save it. When saving unnamed file, make sure a name is chosen. Bonus functionality (5% of the project grade): Add “Open

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    4 offres should be flexible in order to rearrange blocks with a wysiwyg editor for ease of management and additional pages made from blocks at later dates. I think <5 specific page designs would do. These Being: - Home - Services - About - Blog - Downloads The project should include Graphic language developed to remove the need for image-heavy

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    NEed someone to make me a script that when visitors leave they website they got a new page opened for another website.

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    ...line to say: "Please remove OneDrive before continuing". If the user clicks OK again, it will hold that message unless the user clicks Cancel. Application should then exit. If registry key does not exist after the user clicks OK, then launch [login to view URL] and any arguments we gave to launch this winforms application. If winform application

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    11 offres the process of preparing a business plan for my Blockchain consulting firm, I want some experts to provide a couple of pages write-up/valuation details on the below. 1. Exit strategy for a IT Blockchain consulting firm with a projected revenue of £5 million by 2022 2. Business valuation of this company. Financials attached. I want the write-up

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    1) RESUME LATER and REVIEW INCORRECT/ REVIEW DIFFIC...questions of that test with Test Completed flag. but user should have a button to END TEST from report). (Like in test report the EXIT button should be converted to EXIT TO RESUME LATER. And new button added END TEST & EXIT. Need to get this fixed in a day. Please provide fixed price quote.

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    O objetivo do programa é proteger o pendrive para que os arquivos não sejam deletados / proteção de gravação e não ativo se sem proteção -Um botão SAIR. DISKPART LIST DISK SELECT DISK "X" ATTRIBUTES DISK SET READONLY ATTRIBUTES DISK CLEAR READONLY EXIT -Fornecer o código font...

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    2 offres the process of preparing a business plan for my Blockchain consulting firm, I want some experts to provide a couple of pages write-up/valuation details on the below. 1. Exit strategy for a IT Blockchain consulting firm with a projected revenue of £5 million by 2022 2. Business valuation of this company by end of 2022 based on revenue of around

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    Hi, I am in the process of preparing a business plan for my Blockchain consulting firm, I want some experts to provide a couple of pages write-up on the below. 1. Exit strategy for a IT Blockchain consulting firm with a projected revenue of £5 million by 2022 2. Business valuation of this company by end of 2022 based on revenue of around £5

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    11 offres; b) Each class should have at least two (2) new attributes, one (1) new method and one (1) constructor; c) At least one (1) class contains overloading constructors; Page 2/5 d) Consists at least one (1) overriding method at any level; e) Each class should contain at least one (1) method to set new value(s) to the class attributes or to retrieve

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    We would like to mount an iPad on our exhibition stand and allow visitors to browse a library of images. There is an "About" button which they can touch to bring u...need the facility to add, remove, or edit image/text. When operating, all buttons should be locked out to prevent tampering, except a 'secret' button combination we use to exit the app.

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    ...username/password authentication) - User gets to a page where they can see a link to open content - Content window opens & displays scorm content to the user - User interacts with scorm content to - - View - - Answer an inbuilt quiz - User completes scorm content view & closes window with an exit button - System captures data from scorm over user's

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    I have a scan copy of what is needed just want to have it recreated in a vector format with AI file or PDF I can pull into AI

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    car enter exit system for untiy 3d

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    ...contained in a spreadsheet. The data contains the plate number, entry time (Lane 2) and the Exit time (Lane 1) for vehicles. I need the following; - Duration of stay during a day (Only duration over singe day, no overlap to next day) No duration given if an exit is not detected - Number of repeat visits by same plate in a day, in a week, in a month.

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    ...into graphical presentations. The investors presentation needs to include business plan, pricing strategy and a market entry strategy. The company is scalable and has potential exit points, attractive to investors. The data available is a new global market research analysis. We have a connector which is for the MedTech market. The market research available

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    I am getting this error in Django web application

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    Create responsive slideshow with the slide transition as illustrated in Hero-Slider-Animation.gif. Slideshow should be responsive. Example single [login to view URL] is attached with the 3 responsive sizes. Slideshow will need to be able to auto-play as well has click next/previous. Entire slide should click to a URL. You can use Revolution Slider, or any other jQuery slider that may get th...

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    ...acre commercial development located on a corner lot in a residential area. Please submit a basic site plan showing possible proposed building locations, parking spaces, entry/exit driveways, sidewalks with dimensions. Client is proposing to build a retail shopping center and (plus) possibly a free standing franchise tire store in the corner if space

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    I am looking for a person who can capture the SNI and other required packets from tor exit node, currently we cannot capture sni packets from pmaact the goal is to create a script/module for pmaact to capture such packets also.

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    2 offres • The program runs at mobile startup automatically ( without user interaction) and never stop operation unless the user stop the program operation himself [ by clicking exit] ************************************************************************************************************* *** After program Startup at the first time : The user

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    Remove the entry and exit from video and update with the latest entry and exit for the video Remove a few frames from a video to reduce 1 section in the video People with the related skills set may only apply

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    ...picture (selected from gallery or open camera), gender, birthdate (date selector), location (Geo location feature to auto detect user location) ] Upon login - user profile page (user name & ID, edit biography, show number of fans and followers ) o Income (show amount in dollars which are converted from diamonds, they will be able to submit cashout

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    ...driven program to input the sides and calculate the perimeter and area of a triangle, square, rectangle, pentagon, and polygon. The application should close on selecting the Exit option. Q1. Define a C++ abstract class named shape. The class will have attributes for the sides of the shape. The class will also need the accessor method getSide that

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    I need a program that can pretend as a fake visitor, it have to...minutes, after one mins, the program needs to switch IP and do it again. The whole process would be like this: search the project - visit the project - scroll one minutes- exit So the program needs column for me to assign the project and allow me to setup the start and finished time.

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    ... point varry .01 - 5000 target 2 -- 50 % / 100 % point varry .01 - 5000 6. ---stoploss mathod - non / % / point 7. one clik -- show / hid buy -, exit buy - . short -, exit short show butun on the chart and position crent P/L SHOW ON the chart SEE BELOW ATTACHED FILE REGARD SHIV SHANDIT 7004926136 CALL ME FOR QUAIRY

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    I have an existing Android app for wallpapers. It is an Android Studio project. I want 3 minor additions to the app. 1. Exit confirmation message when user closes the app or has pressed back button enough times to exit the app. Currently, the app closes without any message. 2. Add to Fav icon on thumbnails in the Category grid view. The add

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    ...the form. 13. Preview button will appear next to code button. This will hide all the controls on the screen and show the form as it appears by itself. a ghosted X button to exit preview mode. 14. A document describing the project and each file in the project must be supporting. 15. Comments on top of each function are required. 16. The project

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    we are using proxmox 5 in OVH with vRack (3 nodes) I'm having difficulty creating a cluster with proxmox, with some errors, such ...using proxmox 5 in OVH with vRack (3 nodes) I'm having difficulty creating a cluster with proxmox, with some errors, such as: # pvecm add [login to view URL] unable to copy ssh ID: exit code 1 and other quorum problems

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    On The Client Side [login to view URL] a Winform application or WPF application [login to view URL] a built-in browser using the Chrome kernel. When the program runs it should run the specified page(can use CefSharp as a plugin). [login to view URL] include: a)Browse, b)Order, c)Communicate with card readers. It means the card reader can get the amount automatically

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    ...telling the ´story´ of a given wine based on the assets provided above. The tasks includes, but are not limited to: Cutting/improving images/videos Design of dynamic entry/exit using our logo (which can be the same for all videos in the future) Design of 3-4 simply icons representing the tasting notes to be used in the video (always follow the same

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    Design a wordpress exit pop up form for a travel agency that pops up when a visitor is about to exit the website without taking any action. Currently I have a plugin from Suggestion of other better plugins are most welcome. The form should also send the webpage where it popped.

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    ...VB_ProcData.VB_Invoke_Func = "Pn14" If Range("a1") <> "Group No." And Range("b1") <> "Entry Type" Then MsgBox "Please select the data sheet before running the macro." Exit Sub End If Dim mainWS As Worksheet Dim datemin, datemax, currdate As Date Dim kserv, lunch1, lunch2, totlunch, dinner As Long ...

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    ...time. i need one to make small changes on page add catagory and 20+ sample item no need create text or banner just ytou will get small info and you will use google for sample item to add -- so if you make catagory and shipping and payment modules so my worker stagier can start add one by one items to already exit catagory.. so you just need little undestand

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    This Android App will have three different type of users. We have to store registration details in the database from an account and same can be fetched from database in app from different account. Developer team should must have a Graphic Designer who will be able to design wireframe, background UI and can provide all icons for an app. Important: 1. Handle multiple users. 2. User signup an...

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    Need a prototype that will run on my laptop for a backend and frontend. Two sensors, placed at entrance and exit, will upload timestamp and GPS coordinates of detection to backend. Backend will store data in database. Frontend will create region based on GPS coordinates in database overlaid onto Google Maps, calculate time difference between sensors

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    61 offres get a live view of student's travelling in the bus - Tracks movement of their child’s school bus from anywhere - A notification is sent to the parents upon the entry or exit of their child from the school bus, - Parents are also alerted about the expected time of arrival of the bus when the bus starts its journey. Alerts sent via multiple methods

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    basically the financials and the exit and swat need to be re written tot he maximum, the profit and loss statements must be for the pst 3 years and the future for 5 years months to month. Budget - 10 - 30 USD

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