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    I need a freelancer to add a splashscreen for my application, plus a Google Admob advertising at the bottom of the application that will be permanently visible, the source code will be provided from our depot git. thank you

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    I need a great splashscreen S'est terminé left

    Hi Shahida P., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    Xamarin Forms UI S'est terminé left

    Hi, i need some Xamarin Forms Screens. In fact i want someone to create a xamarin forms project for android and ios with : a splashscreen a login / subscribe screen a main screen a account screen. i just need the xaml design . I'll give more details after. Regards.

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    We need an expert in the QT framework. To help us complete our OpenGL C++ render engine. It has already been started but we need a QT expert to continue it. We also need to integrate OpenSceneGraph into our QT renderEngine so we need someone who understands how to use openscenegraph or someone who can learn fast by reading the openscenegraph documentation. We will need someone who understands volume rendering and knows advanced Opengl and GLSL

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    I have an android application or I want to modify the splashscreen image that I will provide you, a URL because it is a Webview and the icon of the application and its name. Once this is done and the APK file test approved by me, I will provide you the access to my Play Store account to publish it. Thanks in advance

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    Hi there, I have developed a very simple iOS app that is now successfully launched, and now I need an Android version created. I understand the differences between the platforms, and given the simple functionality of the iOS app I think we can replicate it perfectly. My app has the following features: - logo on the splashscreen animates size and alpha before transitioning to main app screen - The main app screen contains the following: -- i. Logo at the top with some static (not dynamic and not likely to ever change) introduction text -- ii. Large button (the design is an image) that opens a modal overlay containing a webview to an external link (with no controls or browser chrome) -- iii. Large pane containing a headline, intro text and thumbnail for a newsletter/ blog post. ...

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    ...needed. Please include links to your published apps on app stores. The actual tasks are below. -Activate Push notification -Update deprecated plugins -Create a wallet -20 seconds timer sound for automatic driver assignment with Acceptance rate, earnings, and ratings -Show breakdown of discount on all order summary (Have coupon - change to Enter code text edit) -Update logo, flatapp icon, and splashscreen for customer, manager and rider apps -Assigned to driver grammar incorrect -Create a support system by integrating Freshdesk on the customer, manager, and rider app -Show estimated delivery time to customer based on rider location ETA + merchant 20 min prep time -Add small order, tips, and free delivery coupon/discount -Allow merchant to chat with customer and customer to chat...

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    ..."cordova-plugin-device": "^1.1.7", "cordova-plugin-file": "^6.0.1", "cordova-plugin-geofence": "^0.7.0", "cordova-plugin-geolocation": "^2.4.3", "cordova-plugin-http": "^1.2.0", "cordova-plugin-mauron85-background-geolocation": "^2.3.5", "cordova-plugin-nativestorage": "^2.3.2", "cordova-plugin-network-information": "^1.3.4", "cordova-plugin-sms": "^1.0.5", "cordova-plugin-splashscreen": "^4.1.0", "cordova-plugin-statusbar": "^2.4.2", "cordova-plugin-whitelist": "^1.3.3", "cordova-sms-plugin&...

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    ...and experience in modding the Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, and whom also have experience with OpenMW, or are willing to learn both in order to develop a game with this open source engine. The OpenMW engine can be found here: What technologies does OpenMW/OpenMW-CS use? OpenMW is built with various open source tools and libraries: Programming language: C++ Graphics: OpenSceneGraph (OSG) Physics: Bullet Sound: OpenAL GUI: MyGUI Input: SDL2 OpenMW-Launcher and OpenMW-CS both use Qt for their GUI. Morrowind’s scripting engine was reimplemented and improved. The ESM/ESP and BSA loading code was written from scratch, but with much help from available community-generated documentation. Likewise, the NIF (proprietary 3D mesh) loading code was written with the help of availab...

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    We have a blogging app that needs a few tweaks and three more feature addition. Broadly the work would be as follows: Main Feature Addition are: 1. Dark Mode 2. Sho...have a blogging app that needs a few tweaks and three more feature addition. Broadly the work would be as follows: Main Feature Addition are: 1. Dark Mode 2. Showing a daily fetched list on a page in table form and adding the page to the menu 3. Showing a daily fetched list of video feed on a page in playlist form and adding the page to the menu Some additional work may include: 1. Setting splashscreen and logo 2. Changing default profile pic on user creation We are expecting delivery in the next few days so the hiring will be quick. Please mention IONIC2022 in your proposal so we know you have gone through the req...

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    WPF Functions integrations S'est terminé left

    Sellix integration -Would like to connect the loader to my sellix marketplace --First window after the splashscreen should show up a first dialog where the user must enter his INVOICE ID Once the INVOICE ID has been validated, then according to what he bought, a timer should start Example: If the user bought "7 days plan" he will be able to use the loader for only 7 days, once 7 days are ended, the INVOICE ID popup should show up again Discord integration -In the registration form there should be a discord button that require the user to force to link his discord account to his key --Once the account is being registered, the discord bot that you should build, will give a temp role where for that x time the user will be "VIP" -Post in a specific channel when a ...

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    We already have our responsiveness webpage need to be transformed into android and iOS app with cordova. This project is already started with Capacitor but if you suggest me any improvement we can discuss. Project notes: - a dev already started to create a mobile app for an...a dev already started to create a mobile app for android and iOS into a specific repo with Capacitor (like cordova) - goal is upload on store Android and iOS completed app, before for me for test then for production - push all code daily on github - allow me to run project on my own smartphone/iPad - the site as you can see is fully responsivness so not need to update graphic - we need add splashscreen, notification, login with finger print, 2 time back to close, manage back button and manage offline

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    ...2 cordova-plugin-browsertab: 0.2.0 cordova-plugin-buildinfo: 2.0.1 cordova-plugin-camera: 4.1.1-dev cordova-plugin-compat: 1.2.0 cordova-plugin-customurlscheme: 4.3.0 cordova-plugin-file: 6.0.1 cordova-plugin-firebase: 1.0.5 cordova-plugin-geolocation: 3.0.0 cordova-plugin-inappbrowser: 4.1.0 cordova-plugin-network-information: 3.0.0 cordova-plugin-splashscreen: 6.0.0 cordova-plugin-statusbar: 2.4.2 cordova-plugin-transport-security: 0.1.2 cordova-plugin-whitelist: 1.3.5 cordova-plugin-x-socialsharing: 5.4.1 cordova-universal-links-plugin: 1.2.1 es6-promise-plugin: 4.2.2 Environment: OS: macOS 11.5.1 (20G80) (darwin 20.6.0) x64 Node: v14.17.0 npm: 8.0.0 android Environment: android: ERROR: Com...

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    ...want an app that can be used to send signals (a short text message) to registered subscribers. Signals can be sent to a specific email, and then they are broadcasted to specific registered subscribers. The system should have a way of managing subscribers i.e add, delete or modify subscribers. When subscription expires, it should notify user and there will be no alerts received. Other features Splashscreen, Website browser, Blog, Shop for subscription plans, Help. An web Admin panel can be designed for easily managing subscribers and seeing statistics. Read more in the attachment. Current operation works on WhatsApp as private group. Paid members are added to the private group. When member subscription expires, they are removed. Records on joining date and subscription expiry ar...

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    need change text 2021 to 2022 on 3 pictures 3 files have .psd inside as well Remember! U need to edit this with same correct font (Typekit should be installed), dont change it and same position x,y dont move export format: bmp + psd

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    need change text 2021 to 2023 on 3 pictures 3 files have .psd inside as well Remember! U need to edit this with same correct font (Typekit should be installed), dont change it export format: bmp + psd

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    need change text 2021 to 2023 on 3 pictures 3 files have .psd inside as well Remember! U need to edit this with same correct font (Typekit should be installed), dont change it export format: bmp + psd

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    paySimplex Layout S'est terminé left

    ...dynamic menu, with an example of change being sent with the complete project (Adding or removing at run time) after “onCreate”. - For the screens where we have the bottom menu, use “bottom navigation bar” of the android. - For the animations between screens, it is necessary to swipe to the right side in all screen changes. Specific instructions for project screens. - For the development of splashScreen you need to have an animation like the example of the images shown (Soon to go up rotating and right after you see the text paySimplex with alpha). - For the development of the record in the field date of birth, “MaterialDatePicker” needs to be used. It is necessary to perform the integration with the “mapBox” to make the map screen....

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    Icon badge/Splashscreen logo design S'est terminé left

    3D mockup of icon badge splash screen Include all source code Vector Social media kits Etc

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    Esp32 pos upgrade S'est terminé left

    We got an existing POS system thats running on esp32. The system as it is now designed so that a unit is configured on startup via making a wifi hotspot, there you select an amount and amount of pulses for an amount. We now need to add a touch screen to the setup, on this touchscreen a splashscreen is needed. And on click on the screen you need to be able to select an amount and display a qr code. 2nd option must also be added, so that an amount can be set with on touchscreen keyboard. What I imagine in the setup process is that we start by selecting pos type: 1. Normal pos 2. Touchscreen fixed amounts 3. Touchscreen add amount on screen. Your job will be to draw up schematics and add above mentioned upgrades. Payment will ONLY be over freelancer and only when we are satisfied. ...

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    App splash screen S'est terminé left

    I have the app ready need to make a splash screen. App design is ready. I need an animated splashscreen. PLEASE SHARE SAMPLE WORK RELATED TO SPLASH SCREEN. NO PAK NO CHINA

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    Create a simple Android application S'est terminé left

    Hi, I need a simple Android application. Screen 1 - At launch I want a splashscreen image we wait a few seconds 15 seconds and go to the next screen. Screen 2 - After the splashscreen I want the application to display a webview with the URL provided, so that we can browse the website I created and add photos to my forms on my site, so allow the camera. I will provide the Logo and not the application.

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    App to Clinic ERP S'est terminé left

    Create a basic application, which contains splashscreen, welcome slider, login, homepage, search appointments and patients.

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    Flutter rest Api app S'est terminé left

    The app for IOS and Android shall be composed by this requirement : - splashscreen - read qrcode by camera(take from qrcode a number in order to make a query1 by Api rest) - show data from answer query1

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    Looking for a developer which can upload my unity game to apple app store and google play store console with costum splashscreen if possible via anydesk.

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    Build Installer Setup File S'est terminé left

    Objective = i need someone to build the Setup File from the Exe along with supporting files i have, you must use Advanced Installer or similar program and final setup file should have following. The EXE needs to be installed as RUN As Administrator. Desktop Shortcut Start Menu Listing Uninstaller SplashScreen EUA Screen Etc. I will provide the exe and folder which needs to be converted to setup installer.

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    Необходима программа на Qt C++...все органы управления. С руками, типа motion руки Чтобы собрать проект нужно ещё собрать графический движок с открытым кодом. OpenSceneGraph - так называется. Нужно скачать его исходники с гитхаба и скомпилировать все это в библиотеку. Потом уже снова пробовать собрать весь проект RRS.

    €28 - €237
    €28 - €237
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    ...Information on the application React Native 0.63.4 Makes use of react-native-webview Makes use of various native-enabled plugins for the following features Biometrics iBeacons QR code scanning Background timer File Share/File Save We are looking for assistance with the following: Load time + Application Size (both applications) Reduce the initial (or perceived) load time as much as possible SplashScreen takes 3-7 seconds from app boot to start of animation After animation begins, there is still 2 seconds on second run (any downloads have occurred on 1st run) for the webview Reduce the size (of the“merchant” application) (for example eliminating/reducing duplicate feature plugins) Biometrics (“consumer” application) Optimize the load time for Android devi...

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    We are working on a food ordering app... And I need a splashscreen for it

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    Build me Android WebView app. S'est terminé left

    1.SplashScreen A Splash Screen fully white just my logo at center of it. with a tag line - Love Something New. (4 Seconds). App (MatchParent Layout) No titlebar. Just a plain webview app fixed only to my link. Give return false to the external links. or back button. in which our uses can also browse their files and can upload in site. integration - Banner ads at bottommost of the screen. Interstitial every 15 mins of time. My payout maximum will be 550 to 600 Depending upon the quality of work. If you are willing to make this quick webview app within my budget range then only place your bid.

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    ...entication" cordova-plugin-google-analytics 1.9.0 "Google Universal Analytics Plugin" cordova-plugin-inappbrowser 4.0.0 "InAppBrowser" cordova-plugin-ionic-keyboard 2.2.0 "cordova-plugin-ionic-keyboard" cordova-plugin-ionic-webview 4.2.1 "cordova-plugin-ionic-webview" cordova-plugin-smtp-client 2.0.11 "SMTP-Client" cordova-plugin-socialsharing 4.3.81 "SocialSharing" cordova-plugin-splashscreen 5.0.2 "Splashscreen" cordova-plugin-statusbar 2.4.2 "StatusBar" cordova-plugin-whitelist 1.3.3 "Whitelist" cordova-plugin-x-socialsharing 5.6.8 "SocialSharing" cordova-support-android-plugin 1.0.2 "cordova-support-android-plugin" cordova-support-google-services 1.3.2 &qu...

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    We are looking for a freelance to change the splashscreen kernel of a tablet (Onyx boox Max lumi). A tablet can be lent to do the job. At the end of the project we will get the tablet back with a new splashscreen kernel and the procedure so that we can do it again on another identical tablet.

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    Cordova with FacebookPlugin S'est terminé left

    I want an empty cordova project which contains the following plugins: cordova-plugin-androidx-adapter cordova-plugin-buildinfo cordova-plugin-camera cordova-plugin-facebook-connect cordova-plugin-facebook5 cordova-plugin-file-transfer cordova-plugin-file cordova-plugin-inappbrowser cordova-plugin-splashscreen cordova-plugin-whitelist It must be free of UIWebView and be able to archive/deployable to apple store

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    Temos um logotipo em .SVG mas queremos dar vida com a finalidade de fazer SplashScreen com o Logo e fazer animação para Loading com ícone.

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    cordova developer S'est terminé left

    Looking for a Cordova developer for an APP (Android + IOS) to be compiled by Monaca, hybrid app development platform (). Besides the standard plugin (splashscreen, network): PUSH NOTIFICATIONS + BLUETOOTH/WIFI plugin are needed, to read packets from a bluetooth USB key (Bluetooth Android / WiFi IOS). Other features: - Data read and write in a my-sql server (by ajax calls to a nginx server via php)

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    Raspberry Pi build - captive portal S'est terminé left

    Hello, we are company developing control hardware. For this project we are looking for someone experienced in Raspberry Pi. We are working on Raspberry Pi 4 with 7" HDMI LCD USB Capacitive Touch Screen 800x480 px. The RPi build should contain: - continous...(sth like kiosk mode, captive portal) - splash screen and video during system loading - hidden terminal and RPi text procedurs during system loading - local Webserver - local Websocket - MQTT Client installed - Apache server with PHP - access to device via AP/Wi-Fi Client/Ethernet To sum up, the touch screen should display the page hosted on the local server. When starting the device, the splashscreen should be displayed first, and then the video. All text commands must be invisible. The build must have the item...

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    3D programming with OpenSceneGraph S'est terminé left

    I need assistance with OpenSceneGraph (or similar software). I am developing a program to visualize and operate a 3D model of a piece of electronic equipment.

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    Estoy buscando alguien que me pueda diseña el icono para una app, logo y pagina splashscreen con movimiento para ionic con la identidad de marcar entrando todas las fuentes y tipos de letra utilizados. Asi mismo definir el nombre de la marca

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    I need an application from scratch, for news taken via wordpress rest calls. Graphics can be basic from the standard kit. The application must have: Splashscreen. Authentication via wordpress and via firebase. Push notifications. A private section with news only for the authenticated. Total pages: splash, public news, private news, login, register, about. I need the source codes and it must not include proprietary libraries.

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    FluxStore I want to learn how to create splashscreen easy with animation

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    Logo, Splash screen and app icon S'est terminé left

    Need a logo, splashcreen and app icon for my app and website Splashscreen should handle all devices without pixel loss

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    Simple Flutter App S'est terminé left

    We want to develop an Android/iOS mobile application from Flutter. This is a very simple application that displays a list and receives push notifications from Firebase. These notifications are listed and stored in a local database to be displayed in the application. Here are the features of the app : - splashscreen with a logo (to be communicated) - manage a local database with a single table : events (id int(11) AI, status_id tinyint(3), name varchar(255), description varchar(255), created_date datetime) - setting up a Model, allowing you to insert, modify, delete, list events - display an AppBar with the title "PrimoAccesMonitoring". - set up a NavigationDrawer with two links : 1- "list of events display a ListVie...

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    ...cordova-plugin-facebook4 4.2.1 "Facebook Connect" cordova-plugin-file 6.0.1 "File" cordova-plugin-file-transfer 1.7.1 "File Transfer" cordova-plugin-firebase 2.0.5 "Google Firebase Plugin" cordova-plugin-geolocation 4.0.1 "Geolocation" cordova-plugin-gigya 3.6.2 "Gigya" cordova-plugin-inappbrowser 3.0.0 "InAppBrowser" cordova-plugin-network-information 2.0.1 "Network Information" cordova-plugin-splashscreen 5.0.2 "Splashscreen" cordova-plugin-statusbar 2.4.2 "StatusBar" cordova-plugin-whitelist 1.3.3 "Whitelist" cordova-plugins-cookiehelper 1.0.0 "CookieHelper" es6-promise-plugin 4.2.2 "Promise" 1.0.0 "OpenUrlExt" sevensky-cordova-plu...

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    UX/UI design for an app S'est terminé left

    i want a designer for UI/UX for my app and also the web the important is the profile page the screens for app is login, sign up , profile , history and search , splashscreen and setting *should design to be good for RTL also for a page to run reader the app name is HissTag you can download it , also you can visit the page to see the profile how it looks like https;// kindly before put your bidding check the app and the website if you have any qustions we are available regards

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    Trophy icon Logos for Mobile and Web Application - Horseadmin S'est terminé left

    This app will manage everything around horses. I'm looking for an illustrated theme style. To complete this project I would need: - App Logo Icon - Splashscreen Design (Start Screen of the APP when it boots up) - App Header The App Logo Icon and the Splashscreen should be a vector illustration from the provided horse image. The App Header should be an illustration that fits together with the App Logo and the Splashscreen.

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    170 propositions

    We need an experienced OSG developer to start a prototype application showing same code for both Desktop and cloud/browser. There are a few OSG prototype requirement including tri/quad face facelist display, face-based data color rendering and vertex data color rendering. This is a quick prototyping project. Details will be provided. Please do a quick estimate of the cost if possible. Thanks! For details (as a few asked): the prototype code should read a list of vertex 3D coordinate and a face list of triangle faces from these vertices. It should also read data values associated with each vertex (e.g. from 0 to 100). After display faces in uniform color, the OSG display should show a rendered color of R,G,B (form 0 to 256) based on the vertex data value continuous across faces (vertex-b...

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    P2C Loader S'est terminé left

    Hello! We are currently looking to upgrade our cheat loader due to a recent dll leak Features that are required: - Manual driver mapping with DSE and working for both Intel and AMD processors (1308-20H2 Support) - Loader/Auth server heartbeat system with killswitch if connection is dropped - Forum integrat...Unique loader builds for each user (HWID Based) - GUI and not Command Line based - C++ - Must support x86 and x64 Manual Mapping injection - Full backend made for use on a windows 10 VM, not linux - Proper logging of IP, HWID, Last Login etc for each client connected - DLL must NEVER be on the client's PC in file form, even temporarily. only bytes to be manually mapped etc Nice To Haves: - Splashscreen - Chat box - Support tickets - Cheat status display - Randomize file n...

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    Android and IOS demo app 11 pages S'est terminé left

    3 pages login- splashscreen and sign-up 8 pages dummy content PSD done and avilable. Well document project and PDF available now. I need the editable project in xcode and android studio.

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    10 Small iPhone iPad Mac updates S'est terminé left

    Hello, i need you to make 10 small iphone/ipad app updates from existing source to latest version ios. Universal apps built with Xcode 12.2 for iPhone, iPad and Apple silicon Macs. The budget is up to $40 each for coding updates, screenshots in all sizes, and upload to app store. Must change to new app icon, splashscreen, and some small fixes as needed. I will post escrow. I will release pay per app when you complete upload to app store and provide updated screenshots and send back updated source. Total budget is $400

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    Create webview for my project -- 2 S'est terminé left

    create webite with media location gps loader splashscreen

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