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    I require a very large terrain, made correctly (world partitioning) in UE5 for a cruise missile simulation game I am making. It should be at least 100Km x 100Km - it does not need to be overly detailed but it should be made correctly using a mesh/height map etc. It needs decent lighting and distance fog so the "edges " cannot be scene or a skybox that mirrors the style of the terrain. Ideally a mountainous region. There will bee extra work after this such as enemy and ally base design etc but that will second to the "base" world.

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    I want to use this map in Blender (Quake Live Map): -delete the skybox and entities (maybe in GTKradiant) -export to file which i can open in Blender. #30 Euro for this map to open in Blender #80 Euro for teaching me how to do it (Chat/Teamspeak/Discord - German & English)

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    We need multiple "simple" but realistic skybox renderings (cubemap!!!) with following settings Sommer: 1. early morning with hell sunrise and less clouds 2. noon with sun staying high and less clouds 3. afternoon with sunset and less clouds 4. night with moon, stars and less clouds Autumn: 5. early morning with less hell sunrise and more clouds as Nr. 1 6. noon with sun staying middle high and more clouds as Nr. 2 7. afternoon with sunset and more clouds as Nr.3 Winter: 8. early morning with darker sunrise and less clouds as Nr. 5 9. noon with sun staying low and less clouds as Nr. 6 10. afternoon with sunset and less clouds as Nr.7 All together 10 high resolution images with skyboxes in cubemap format. An exmaple for a cubemap and the kind of images we need is att...

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    We need multiple "simple" but realistic skybox renderings (cubemap!!!) with following settings Sommer: 1. early morning with hell sunrise and less clouds 2. noon with sun staying high and less clouds 3. afternoon with sunset and less clouds 4. night with moon, stars and less clouds Autumn: 5. early morning with less hell sunrise and more clouds as Nr. 1 6. noon with sun staying middle high and more clouds as Nr. 2 7. afternoon with sunset and more clouds as Nr.3 Winter: 8. early morning with darker sunrise and less clouds as Nr. 5 9. noon with sun staying low and less clouds as Nr. 6 10. afternoon with sunset and less clouds as Nr.7 All together 10 high resolution images with skyboxes in cubemap format. Here i an exmpaple what a cubemap is and what kind of images w...

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    We need an expert in the QT framework. To help us complete our OpenGL C++ render engine. It has already been started but we need a QT expert to continue it. We also need to integrate OpenSceneGraph into our QT renderEngine so we need someone who understands how to use openscenegraph or someone who can learn fast by reading the openscenegraph documentation. We will need someone who understands volume rendering and knows advanced Opengl and GLSL

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    ...display-shelves and racks with sneakers, sports-clothing and apparel. These can be stock assets, no need to manually model t Specifically: Shoe racks and shelves with sneakers Racks with tracksuit or training jackets Designing the look and feel for the place; Setting up materials, textures, lights, in line with the moodboard I’m looking for a day and evening lighting setup. Selecting a few skybox images for the outside environment Timeline I’d like the work to be done this week, starting tomorrow (Tue. 26/04 - Fri 29/04) Budget I’d like you to provide a quote based on the supplied briefing Process Please provide a few examples of relevant work you’ve done. Preferably worksamples are provided as a Quest-apk. If you don’t have that, ...

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    ...and experience in modding the Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, and whom also have experience with OpenMW, or are willing to learn both in order to develop a game with this open source engine. The OpenMW engine can be found here: What technologies does OpenMW/OpenMW-CS use? OpenMW is built with various open source tools and libraries: Programming language: C++ Graphics: OpenSceneGraph (OSG) Physics: Bullet Sound: OpenAL GUI: MyGUI Input: SDL2 OpenMW-Launcher and OpenMW-CS both use Qt for their GUI. Morrowind’s scripting engine was reimplemented and improved. The ESM/ESP and BSA loading code was written from scratch, but with much help from available community-generated documentation. Likewise, the NIF (proprietary 3D mesh) loading code was written with the help of availab...

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    I need an NPC villager daily routine system for a 3D stardew valley type game. I have a day and night cycle with time and days of the week (using the "azure sky dynamic skybox" from the asset store, it comes with a calander system with days of the week) so it will need to be integrated with this asset There will be around 40 NPC's in the town, each of them needs a routine for each day of the week, that can change depending on conditions such as if it's raining or what season it is (rainy days and seasons will have a different routine) I need the structure to be able to make the routines myself, so I need events to fire at 15 in game minute intervals. For example, at 9am NPC walks out of house and goes to sit on a bench outside, at 9:30am they walk to the groce...

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    Trophy icon Original Artwork - Space Game Skybox S'est terminé left

    The project is as follows ------------------------------------------------------ This project is to develop an original 2D artwork of a beautiful space game skybox, must be 100% original in design and be delivered in .PNG, .JPEG, and original project file formats (photoshop, whatever program you use, this project file is required for a valid submission). Feel free to be creative and include stars, consolations, nebulas, far off planets. etc. The following are requirements in the design: x. Must include 6 perfectly square images that will look natural together formed into the inner side of a box x. Must include multiple types of stars, nebulas, distant planets, galaxies, but no close planets. x. Please include 3 sets of 6 for LOW, MEDIUM, and HIGH quality levels. HIGH quality shou...

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    Hello, I a cube map designed (6 images in .jpg format and 2048x2048 pixels). It should look similar to my current cube map but of higher resolution and brighter. Thank you!

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    Build a skybox in unity S'est terminé left

    I want a custom skybox for my unity project

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    Hi, skybox Audio is looking for a graphic designer to push our brand visual boundaries as we develop new products. The ideal candidate would be able to jump in where we are now and start spinning out from there. Some images attached for reference of where we are currently with out brand look. You can also check out If you are a creative driven designer with 3D skills and want to be part of a rising music tech startup please reach out with a sample of your work. Thanks!

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    20 offres Unity 2. A nice looking solar system map 3. A nice looking star map 4. A nice looking shortest path route on the starmap 5. A basic UI which must look clean and nice 6. A solarsystem with spaceships moving from planet to planet 7. Planets with ecosystems 8. A star/sun 9. An asteroid belt 10. Everything should be in "top down" third person view 11. The scene needs a nice looking backdrop space skybox/sphere 12. The scene must look busy and have animations/movements 13. Ability to set travel waypoints using lines (should look clean/cool glowy) for spaceships 14. A simple UI for when you click on a spaceship which details: a) Owner b) Name of ship c) Carry capacity d) Alignment(hostile, neutral, ally) e) Value $ f) Distance (km) ...

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    skybox autopricer S'est terminé left

    I am looking for someone to help me build an autopricer for This program should be able to sync all my events on my skybox point of sale system and scan market prices and automatically adjust my price. it will be great if you have knowledge of the ticket broker world- ticketmaster, stubhub, vividseats, skybox, ticketutils

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    Hello. I have a very simple and little OpenGL 3.3 program that it's nothing but 2 rendered cubes inside a Skybox, as simple as that. This project has the following files(main file, Shader_class, vertices_class, Texture_class, Game_class and a Resource_Manager_class). Obviously I plan to make more stuff with this project in the future but I am having 2 little errors on my "" file in lines 17 and 87. So your mission in here is to solve those 2 errors on "" file in lines 17 and 87 and make a video explaining in English how to solve those errors for me, because in the future I want to know how to solve it myself. So i will save this video for me. The project is already set with

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    I have taken 2 - 360 photo (DNG file dual fisheye) with a Ricoh Theta Z1 camera and need them stitched together into a flat jpg file for importing into Enscape for use as a Skybox. Here is a how-to posting on using the plug in, The images don't need nearly the amount of editing that is described in the post.

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    make custom, bright space skybox S'est terminé left

    Hi, I need someone to make a cube skybox for me. It should be set in space, be blueish and have stars and nebula. It needs to be rather bright, because it is the only light source in the scene. Can someone help?

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    three.js development -- 3 S'est terminé left

    - name avatar - curtain - change skybox (I still need to find a good one) 100€ is just a part of the payment.

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    I would like someone to leverage the skybox api to automatically update prices based on market view listings. The API is public so hopefully it is not a huge job. Best, Sam

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    Unity NDI receiver application S'est terminé left

    I am trying to develop an NDI receiver app within unity using the (klakNDI). I am trying to receive a stream from adobe CC (using NDI tools plug in) but i am un familiar with unity. What i would need is to set a skybox as a receiver and for it to receive the feed from adobe premier/after effects. Feel free to ask me any questions if i have not explained it well enough.

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    Необходима программа на Qt C++...все органы управления. С руками, типа motion руки Чтобы собрать проект нужно ещё собрать графический движок с открытым кодом. OpenSceneGraph - так называется. Нужно скачать его исходники с гитхаба и скомпилировать все это в библиотеку. Потом уже снова пробовать собрать весь проект RRS.

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    Moon Landscape (For Game) S'est terminé left

    Hello! I am looking for an environment based on the moon (including material and texture)! It can be a large landscape (but I would like procedural foliage as well). I also need another model for the moon and the skybox (with the earth view in it)! Please highlight what your expertise is in. Proposals that are copy paste will be disregarded. Must be made to support Unreal Engine and VR optimized (with Steam VR - Vine, Rift, etc...)

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    ...deadlines and consistently communicate/demonstrate progress through Ryver / Skype meetings and e-mail correspondence - An instinct for design, both artistic and practical Tasks will include but are not limited to the following: - Work under the direct supervisor of the studio director. - Animating fully rigged characters in a variety of cutscenes. - Set up and animate space battle scenes within a skybox based on simple storyboard concepts and instructions, including particle and sound effects. - Finish all requested shots by the required delivery dates. TO APPLY: Please send your resume and portfolio (both mandatory). Candidates will be required to interview with the project manager via Skype/Discord. Salary is negotiable based on experience and the strength of your portf...

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    MP4 to a skybox S'est terminé left

    Hello I have an MP4 file from a drone shot that i need to create a skybox view for a program call Enscape. See link

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    3D programming with OpenSceneGraph S'est terminé left

    I need assistance with OpenSceneGraph (or similar software). I am developing a program to visualize and operate a 3D model of a piece of electronic equipment.

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    We need an experienced OSG developer to start a prototype application showing same code for both Desktop and cloud/browser. There are a few OSG prototype requirement including tri/quad face facelist display, face-based data color rendering and vertex data color rendering. This is a quick prototyping project. Details will be provided. Please do a quick estimate of the cost if possible. Thanks! For details (as a few asked): the prototype code should read a list of vertex 3D coordinate and a face list of triangle faces from these vertices. It should also read data values associated with each vertex (e.g. from 0 to 100). After display faces in uniform color, the OSG display should show a rendered color of R,G,B (form 0 to 256) based on the vertex data value continuous across faces (vertex-b...

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    Simple space simulator in OpenGL S'est terminé left

    I need a simple game simulator in space written in C++ and OpenGL that meets requirements: - at least 5 objects (sun, planets, ship, asteroids) - 2 models of lighting (from sun and e.g. ship front or back reflectors) - textures for sun, planets, ships and asteroids - skybox (imitating space sky with stars) - bump/normal mapping - ship animations (by keyboard - up, down, left, right, speed) - other animations (planets rotating around the sun and themselves, falling asteroids) - shooting from ship that destroys asteroids (simple graphics, at least disappearing asteroid) - particle effects - fire from ship engine - displacement mapping used on planets (part of procedural terrain generating, but easier) - creating sphere and translating vertices closer or further from centre of the sphe...

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    Skybox Inspection S'est terminé left

    Visual structural inspection of elevated viewing platform structure at Salisbury Country Club

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    ...starting menu of the game; load/save, settings, options etc. The player HUD (Heads-Up Display); to include an inventory, quest section, settings, interaction button. NPC dialogue, for text and sound to appear when interacting with a talking character. Sound to be minimal, naturistic and simple when travelling on quests, and strong when in important areas/cutscenes. lighting, particles, shaders, skybox and environment rendering to make the world soft and visually pleasing Cutscenes/animation to appear to signify a plot point and move the story further - grandma gives the player their quest - band of robbers meet the player and give them their churchyard quest Sequence of events -cutscene- grandma: find fear <- main quest objective non-quest but direct players with pa...

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    Unity projem için Skybox, Texture, Character grafikleri ve animasyonları gerekiyor.

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    Hello I am looking for someone who can straighten my 360 degree panorama with Photoshop. In the end I need a straight picture in JPG format. The dimensions of the picture must be respected. The picture is for a skybox in Unity. Therefore the dimensions have to be kept because the whole thing is for an environment that should look realistic. The resolution of the file should be 7680 x 3840 as JPG. Best reagrds, Daniel

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    Create a "skybox" for mobile game S&#039;est terminé left

    I need to create a good background for my football game on mobile. I need some ideas but I ultimately want something really stunning and good looking that will help my football game stand out. The reason I'm picking a skybox is it will not hamper the performance of the game. In the image attached you can see the current background which isn't great, so I'm looking for someone who can improve it!

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    Create a basic game in C++ and OpenGL using a template I will provide you with. The game should have: Game modelling: - Intro screen showing controls - At least 2 primitive-based game object built in openGL (no meshes) - They 2 can be repeated but must be different - Texture map each shape with texture and texture coordinates, change skybox and terrain features too - At least 3 different sounds synchronised to game events and 1 change of background audio - Basic hud while playing showing score and lives Camera: - Behind the player camera - mesh based objects in the scene. 3 different meshes required - Lighting, at least 2 lights required - special effects like fog and transparency Physics: - Must have gravity, velocity and bounce - 4 basic NPCs with basic intelligence. They shou...

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    3D Modeling for Unity layout/assets S&#039;est terminé left

    We are working with a team to build a 3D application in Unity where users can view content and interact with other users, like a conference or exhibition. We would like to build 3D assets for the application the developers can easily in...Most of the tasks will be modifying and integrating existing assets with some creation of new assets. Immediate project: • Create custom auditorium area based on existing concept design • Create custom meeting room space using existing assets for furniture • Create 8 standardized exhibitor spaces based on existing 3D models • Create 3 layouts of environment (world) • Create or integrate existing skybox images Ongoing/future work: • Additional layouts • Additional exhibitor booths • Create/modify clothing a...

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    See this link for a full, in-depth explanation of what I am looking for, complete with reference images and videos: I need a UE4 skybox created for an UE4 I'm working on. You'll have to work based off of some scientific sketches that are not very artistic. I'm going for something with maybe the slightest sci-fi atmospheric feel to it in terms of lighting/colors, etc. In this part of the game, we're viewing the cross-section of a human biological cell and the skybox needs to depict outside the human cell as the above the horizon and the inside of the cell as the below the horizon. See the attached files for reference images and videos on how others have done this. I had to pull from scientific

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    I need a map made in unreal engine. S&#039;est terminé left long as its not super obvious. Art assets are not provided, but I have no qualms about reusing assets people have created, if it fits the look and feel of what we are going for here. Something like this , for the basline quality and type of environment I am aiming for. This would also need to include basics like skybox, lighting, etc. Im looking for a plug and play environment to get my project started. Once we start discussions. We can go into detail about what specifics I need the environment to have. I have also included a super basic diagram of a trench system, so you can see something similar to what I have in mind, do note this is an example only and would need to be replicated on the opposite side of

    €1434 - €2868
    À la une Scellé
    €1434 - €2868
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    Looking for expert who can create FullDome 4k resolution video. This will be a scene in a TV show. Looking for creative mavericks. VR video 360 Fish Eye Here's how this needs to be done:

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    Assistance with graphic engine S&#039;est terminé left

    ...I would like to discuss a due dates as it is flexible. The functions and abilities being asked for as follows. draw functions to be able to create a procedurally created line meshes(simple meshes), indexed model meshes(complex meshes)preferably loaded from an .h file I will provide, and procedurally created geometry by using a geometry shader. Texture functions needs basic texturing, infinite skybox, and low alpha pixel must be masked by pixel shader light functions to create directional light, spot light, and point light also the meshes need to be effected by light of course. Reflect functions would like to have reflection for metallic objects and surface, but not a must. Miscellaneous functions would like to involve a Stencil Buffer for render rejection for creating decals...

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    Babylon.js Game S&#039;est terminé left

    A page that uses Babylon.js. In this page, what I need to see are the following: A tropical island (large enough to build a city). A skybox. A sun and a light that will move for day & night cycle. A camera in aerial view that will follow a character. A character that is running, walking, jumping and swimming. I need comments for created functions and instantiations. Why functions are needed and what it do.

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    We are a Scottish educational charity and an opensource control app that we had developed to control our 3D shows was previously on the Apple app store, but as it was 32 bit it is no longer available. We now require it to be updated to 64bit, no other updates are required. The app is an ios-based app to display and control osg-files and p3d-files. It supports loading file...from a remote location via http. It also supports forwarding events via the osc-protocol to control other p3d-presentations on other computers. We will require the app to be updated to 64bit to comply with all current App store requirements and be accepted by Apple for the App store. The existing project is currently on Github. Although probably not required a working knowledge of the OpenSceneGraph might b...

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    Automated Invoicing System -- 2 S&#039;est terminé left

    ...framework would be php/mysql. The important features are: -The excel sheet will have the values necessary to calculate the invoice. -The excel sheet will have the values for multiple invoices to be created on average between 50-400. -This is an example of how the charges are calculated. Once there is a weight and a value of the item the charges can be calculated like this: The system must be able to let me change rates. The system must be able to store all invoices in a database where we can easily search for it by customer name/invoice number/receipt number The system must have the ability to mark invoices as being paid. It should also allow you to pull a listing of outstanding unpaid invoices. The system must be able to send invoices in batches via

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    I need a logo designer S&#039;est terminé left

    Skybox is a artist management/ digital platform focused on keeping the artist and fan linked wherever they are.

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    I need a openscenegraph expert S&#039;est terminé left

    I am going to build a app by using OpenScenegraph. This app is to show 3D objects from parsing xml file. I hired already a developer and he is building a app now I need a OpenScenegraph expert to support him. If you have a experienc in OSG, please apply Thank you

    €239 - €717
    €239 - €717
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    Sistema Solar (Visual Studio) S&#039;est terminé left

    Project with VisualStudio Objective Implement a solar system using textures from Feel free to load geometry (spaceships, satellites, UFOs) from other sources. Higher grades Points are awarded for: • Milkyway skybox • loading multiple (different) geometries (spaceships etc) • rotation of planets, both around their axes and around the sun • hierarchical planet movement (e.g. moon rotates around the earth) • realistic lighting (i.e. light shines from sun) • blinn shading • transparency effects (e.g. window of spaceship) • normal maps, specular maps • day/night earth texture Correctly implementing all these things will result in a grade of 9.0. For a perfect 10, you need to implement something beyond what we discussed in class e.g. • dr...

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    Work alongside me on a hybrid ansible and python project. The candidate should have a good understanding of English as we will need to communicate regularly. Have good python programming, able to understand and work with APIs easily, have basic knowledge of ansible and how it works. The actual work is 2 parts: - Creating a script which creates a ticket on a software we are using called Skybox security - The next task is to link the remainder 3/4 scripts together Need DONE in a day. Initially will start off with small project. Based on how we work am looking to take on a person on a more permanent basis.

    €13 - €26
    €13 - €26
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    Java OpenGl Expert Needed! S&#039;est terminé left

    Hello, freelancers! I need someone who has some experiences in java OpenGl libaray. If you have demo project including the following items, please bid asap. 1. Eclipse Java Project. 2. 3D model file (obj) loadiing 3. Must include skybox implementation 4. Moving object 5. Transformations ( Transition, Scale, Distortion) I only need demo version. Only man who can or has this, please bid. Thanks.

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    Unity Expert finding S&#039;est terminé left

    I am looking for someone who can help turnaround a project in less than 48 hours. Here i...48 hours. Here is what is needed. 1.) Create a project in unity. Set the base scene using world composer (pluggin) to the correct geographical location (I will provide) 2.) Import two photogrammetry models (.obj and .mtl files). Correctly align these 3D models to the real world. 3.) Import two .fbx files apply textures (i.e. concrete, steel, etc.) (we will need to screen share for this) 4.) Add skybox 5.) Add some assets like tress, houses, etc. to make the scence more realistic 6.) Record video and render some photos of the scene from specific angles (I will provide details). **After you have the scene setup, a video call is needed to make minor tweaks since you might not understand the ent...

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    Oculus VR experience S&#039;est terminé left

    Se requiere un proyecto en unity 2018 con oculus integration que tenga un sky box co...un sky box con nubes y un terrain con efecto de pasto y montañas. Cargar en la escena un FBX como "escenario" y que el usuario tenga una opción en la escena que muestre y reproduzca un video. No se haran pagos ni anticipos sin tener el trabajo terminado. No insistan. Ya se cuenta con el FBX, y el archivo de video. We require a project in unity with oculus integration that displays a cloudy skybox and a terrain with grass and mountain textures. Also, load an FBX in the world as a main scenario, the user need to have an option at the scene in order to display and play a video file.. There will be no payments in advance until the job is done, please not insist We have al...

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