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    Electrical Engineering S'est terminé left

    conception des parties commande des systèmes industrielles (FPGA , Microcontrôleur , automate programmable industrielle , Arduino .....). conception des schémas électriques.

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    Je travaille sur la programmation d'une imprimante 3D sur Le FPGA, je voudrai avoir de l'aide, Mon projet consiste a Controller 3 moteur pas a pas pour dessiner sur un sol mobile avec un moteur au milieu pour envoyer de plastique fondu

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    Altera FPGA PCIe card S'est terminé left

    Altera FPGA PCIe card main chip: Altera Cyclone IV CGX functions: ADC/DAC, PCIe 1.1 x4, DDR2,

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    FPGA design S'est terminé left


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    We have an existing VHDL project that implements various memory protocols that runs on a Lattice FPGA (MachXO2 LCMXO2-4000HC). The FPGA is used as a high-speed data bridge between an ARM based microcontroller and a connected memory device (using SMC). This project is to expand the existing project and add support for the eMMC protocol and eMMC Flash memory devices. For testing, we have acquired various 64GB devices that are available on Mouser and DigiKey. Basic functionality is required: reading/writing/erasing with legacy speeds and 1,4,8-bit data bus. Project can be extended to include additional modes / features. The project is in Lattice Diamond, and written in VHDL. All work must be done to the existing project. And tested using exported bitstream binaries. Note: if ...

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    I am in need of a freelancer who has solid intermediate-level expertise with OpenCL and Rust programming. Key tasks involve: - Writing OpenCL kernels - Implementing parallel computing algorithms - Debugging existing code and ensuring it functions as desired The eventual goal is to yield fully functional code. Your ability to navigate and improve upon an existing system is imperative for this project's success. If you possess the required skills and the capability to handle the necessary tasks, apply now and let's transform my vision into functionality.

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    ...that runs on a Lattice FPGA (MachXO2 LCMXO2-4000HC). The FPGA is used as a high-speed data bridge between an ARM based microcontroller and a connected memory device (using SMC). This project is to expand the existing project and add support for the eMMC protocol and eMMC Flash memory devices. For testing, we have acquired various 64GB devices that are available on Mouser and DigiKey. Basic functionality is required: reading/writing/erasing with legacy speeds and 1,4,8-bit data bus. Project can be extended to include additional modes / features. The project is in Lattice Diamond, and written in VHDL. All work must be done to the existing project. Note: if you want to make a bid, please respond with your previous experience with working with eMMC devices or extensive F...

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    I'm in need of a specialized expert to carry out an implementation of the NTT (Number-Theoretic Transform) module on a Xilinx Artix-7 FPGA. The main objective of this project is to enhance computational performance. Key requirements include: - Proficient understanding of FPGA programming, particularly expertise in the Xilinx Artix-7 platform. - An in-depth experience in Number Theoretic Transforms. - Ability to develop a highly efficient, low latency, energy-efficient implementation that significantly boosts computational performance. Please only bid if you feel fully confident in meeting these requirements. Your expertise in this niche task will be highly valued.

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    I have a simulation in Python/CuPy of electrons in a wire that I want to translate into Rust (or Vulkan, or OpenCL, or CUDA, or Julia or fix the Python so it uses far less memory, maybe calling PyCUDA) and make a major modification. The simulation calculates the coulumbic forces between all pairs of electrons every delta-t and then after that uses the force to calculate the new positions and velocities. It also outputs a graph showing the density of electrons at each slice of the wire at each delta-t. From this I can see how fast a signal is propagating down the wire in the simulation. I have tried to allow for the propagation delay between the electrons by using the velocity to estimate where the electron would really have been back in time and calculating the force from tha...

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    As an FPGA expert, my project demands crucial implementation and testing of FPGA-based systems, along with adept troubleshooting and debugging of FPGA designs. Primary Tasks I wanna create a loop on my board to send data from pins and receive the data on other pins to test my code, I wanna make sure the data is transferred and received properly coz its serial data. if the data received equal to certain vaule ( the value i serialized before sending ) then LED is on, or use a method to display the received data. I am also forwarding 2 clocks that i need to receive at the same frequency they were set in the input. Critical Skills - Proficiency in Verilog - Prevailing experience with Xilinx FPGAs Ideal freelancers will possess substantial experience using Verilog for ...

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    I'm looking for an individual with expertise in Altium Designer. This project involves replacing an obsolete Xilinx FPGA with an Altera part. The initial project has been done in Altium Designer. ECAD would need to be done in Altium 19.

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    I'm seeking a proficient professional to work on a project centered around the identification of friend or foe (IFF) signals. The main tasks will involve: - Conducting intricate analysis of signal patterns - Accumulating and processing radar data -Communication done between PC -> Ethernet TCP 100MHz -> FPGA -> receiver I need an expert who can teach me the tasks too. And can guide mye what to read about. - Some DSP and Sampling might be needed. Using Vivado While it's not necessary, previous experience with identification systems is beneficial. Being well versed in radio and signal processing is crucial for this role. The project timeline is approximately one month, so a professional able to deliver in a time-efficient manner is ideal. Availability from the...

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    Custom FPGA Logic Wizard Needed S'est terminé left

    I am in search of a highly skilled freelancer with expertise in FPGA coding to bring a custom logic design project to life in Noida (Delhi/NCR). **Project Objectives:** - Development and implementation of custom logic designs using FPGA. - Ensuring designs are efficient, reliable, and meet project requirements. **Skills and Experience:** - Strong background in FPGA programming and design, with specific experience in either Xilinx, Altera, or Lattice platforms preferred. - Proven ability to develop and optimize custom logic designs. - Excellent problem-solving skills and creativity in designing unique solutions. - Ability to work independently and deliver project milestones on time. **Application Requirements:** - convert LVDS signals to MIPI CSI2. - preferably using...

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    FPGA DSP/Video Processing S'est terminé left

    ...targeting high-speed FPGA applications, specifically focusing on Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and video processing capabilities. My aim is to harness the power of Xilinx FPGAs to develop a complex hardware solution that can handle advanced processing tasks efficiently. **Core Requirements:** - Proficiency in Xilinx Vivado HLS for designing, synthesizing, and implementing highly optimized hardware solutions. - Experience with FPGA programming, particularly with Xilinx devices, as the platform of choice for this project. - Familiarity with high-speed interface protocols and their integration into FPGA designs. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Strong background in electrical engineering or computer science, with a focus on hardware design. - Prior projects or ex...

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    I am seeking a talented programmer to develop an encryption algorithm using Verilog language, which will be implemented using FPGA in Xilinx. Key Requirements: - Comprehensive understanding of Verilog programming and encryption algorithms - Extensive experience in FPGA implementation - Proficiency in Xilinx The ideal candidate should be capable of creating an efficient and secure encryption system from scratch. Your algorithm will be tested for security, efficiency, and performance during Evaluation. Please include examples of relevant previous work in your bid. Thank you.

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    ...for an advanced system design and optimization project targeting FPGA (Field-Programmable Gate Array). This project demands someone who can navigate complex Verilog coding with ease and contribute to significant system improvements. **Core Requirements**: - Profound knowledge in Verilog coding, specifically for FPGA platforms. - Experience in advanced system design and optimization. - Capability to work through complex modules and processes to deliver optimized solutions. **Ideal Skills and Experience**: - Strong background in FPGA-based design and development. - Proficient in writing, analyzing, and optimizing Verilog code. - Familiarity with debugging and testing Verilog code in a real FPGA environment. - Understanding of FPGA architecture and the ...

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    FPGA Programming Expertise Needed S'est terminé left

    ...a professional with extensive experience in FPGA programming to bring my project to life. It's important that the freelancer has a solid background in Vitis HLS, as this is the platform we'll be using. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in Vitis HLS for FPGA programming - Ability to create and simulate test benches - Strong foundation in electrical engineering principles Skills and Experience: - Deep understanding of FPGA architectures, ideally Xilinx - Previous projects involving test bench creation - Experience with simulation tools Responsibilities: - Develop and simulate a test bench using Vitis HLS - Ensure functionality aligns with project goals - Optimize for performance and reliability This project will test your ability to work with FPGA p...

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    Crossing road Game using de2-115 S'est terminé left

    I am looking for an experienced developer to create an FPGA-based game similar to a classic crossing road game with a twist. Required Skills: - Proficient in VHDL programming - Experience with FPGA design and implementation - Familiar with character movement logic - Ability to implement a scoring system into FPGA projects Project Requirements: - Design VHDL code specifically for an FPGA target device - Develop code that allows character movement within the game - Create a scoring system to track and display the player's score -able to score to reach a target and gameover point -able to control the game using fpga or keyboard - able to connect via vga Ideal Candidate: - You should have a portfolio demonstrating previous work with FPGAs and VHDL. ...

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    FPGA SoC VHDL Design S'est terminé left

    Seeking a knowledgeable freelancer to implement an intermediate System on Chip (SoC) module using VHDL for an FPGA-based system. Key Responsibilities: - Develop and simulate VHDL code for an FPGA-based SoC module. - Ensure code meets functionality and performance requirements. - Provide documentation and support for testing and integration. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in VHDL programming. - Experience with FPGA design and implementation. - Familiar with SoC architecture and digital design principles. - Ability to write clean, optimized, and well-documented code. Qualifications: - Previous projects involving VHDL and FPGAs. - Understanding of intermediate SoC modules. - Good problem-solving and communication skills. Project Deliverables: - Working VHDL code as per sp...

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    HLS Algorithm Implementation S'est terminé left

    I'm seeking a talented freelancer with expertise in FPGA development to assist in implementing high-level synthesis (HLS) algorithms on the Vitis platform. I have a solid background in HLS but need guidance with Vitis integration. Requirements: • Experience with Vitis platform and HLS technology • Proficiency in Verilog programming • Past work with image, data encryption, or signal processing algorithms. Ideal Skills: • FPGA design and development • HLS algorithm optimization for performance • Familiarity with Xilinx development tools • Ability to write clean, maintainable code Goals: • To effectively integrate HLS algorithms into a Vitis workflow • To optimize algorithm performance on an FPGA architecture I look fo...

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    I am looking for an expert in FPGA design who can help create a SmartFusion2 design with specific features. the designer shall be able to - update VHDL design to control other peripherals integrating in the current design - update the SW on the ARM Ideally, the testing function should use predefined test cases. The main focus of the testing system needs to be hardware testing. Therefore, essential skills and experience include knowledge of hardware testing techniques and familiarity with FPGA configuration, power management, and communication protocols.

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    FPGA & ADC Schematic Redesign S'est terminé left

    I am seeking an expert in FPGA and ADC circuit design. The core task involves replacing the Cyclone FPGA with an Efinix FPGA and a Linear ADC with an Analog Devices ADC on an existing schematic. I have already purchased both parts. The ideal candidate will have extensive experience with: - Efinix FPGA and Analog Devices ADC, - Altium Designer for schematic design and routing, - Gerber file generation. Not only will you need to replace the components and carry out the appropriate routing, but you will also be tasked with ensuring the functionality of the revised design through simulation. An understanding of best routing practices and design validation is crucial for this task. Deliverables include the finalised Altium Designer files and Gerber files ready for...

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    Vivado Verilog Vanguard S'est terminé left

    I require an experienced freelancer conversant in Verilog and familiar with Vivado tools to help expedite my digital circuit project. Efficiency and exp...designs using Vivado Skills Needed: - Proficient in Verilog - Proficient with Xilinx Vivado Suite - Strong in circuit synthesis and implementation - Ability to write clean, maintainable code - Experience with digital circuit design and simulation - Solid understanding of FPGA workflows Ideal Experience: - Previous successful FPGA projects - Proven track record with Vivado IDE - Strong debugging skills If you are a detail-oriented problem solver with the skills mentioned above and have a history of delivering high-quality FPGA designs, I would be thrilled to consider your bid and potentially collaborate with you on...

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    Gostaria de um backtesting para executar em GPU (Placa de video) feito em OpenCL. Já possuo um codigo que faz o mesmo trabalho em Delphi, porem, o desempenho do processamento é muito baixo.

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    TrafficQuest FPGA Design S'est terminé left

    I'm looking for an experienced VHDL developer to create a traffic-themed crossing road game for FPGA, with a keen eye for detail and efficiency in design. Key Responsibilities: - Design and implement a VHDL-based FPGA system - Program player movement controls and responsive gameplay - Develop dynamic obstacle generation mechanics Skills Required: - Proficient in VHDL and FPGA programming - Strong understanding of digital design and signal processing - Experience in gaming or simulation projects preferred The successful freelancer must showcase previous FPGA projects, ideally with gaming applications. Please provide code samples or portfolio links with your proposal.

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    I'm seeking an electronics expert for a specialized task: creating a control board for an Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) using Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technology. This board will primarily aim for data acquisition, taking advantage of a high-quality 24-bit resolution ADC to ensure accurate and reliable data retrieval. Interfacing will utilize the Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) for its inherent advantages in speed, reliability, and simplicity. Key Skills & Experiences: - Proficient in FPGA design and programming - Familiarity with high-resolution ADCs - Experience in developing SPI interfaces - Understanding of data acquisition systems Your expertise will contribute significantly to the development of a powerful data acquisition tool. Let...

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    FPGA UART Interface Expert S'est terminé left

    ...a talented individual with a strong background in VHDL and FPGA design, specifically with Altera products, who can successfully implement communication interfaces within my project. The ideal candidate will possess a deep understanding of UART protocol and be capable of integrating it with other interfaces. Requirements: - Proficiency in VHDL programming for FPGA - Experience with Altera FPGA design tools - Successful implementation of UART interfaces - Knowledge in LAN and USB communication The scope of the project includes: - Implementing a low-speed UART interface (up to 115200 bps) - Integrating UART with LAN and USB interfaces on the FPGA The right freelancer will have a strong portfolio demonstrating their expertise in FPGA interface design an...

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    High-Speed Convolution Design S'est terminé left

    ...application. The goal is to achieve reduced computational area, power, and time without compromising performance. **Core Requirements** - Implement 4x4 matrix and 2x2 kernel convolution. - Employ kogge stone adder for efficiency. - Integrate vedic multiplier for rapid multiplication. - Ensure system operates with integer value precision. - Target design is for an FPGA using Verilog or VHDL. **Ideal Skills** - Proficiency in FPGA programming. - Strong background in digital arithmetic circuits. - Experience with kogge stone adders and vedic multipliers. - Knowledge of image processing techniques. - Use of Shifting , multiplication and addition in performing 2d convolution - Fluent in Verilog or VHDL coding. - Ability to optimize for power, area, and speed. **Project Deliv...

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    ...implement a 2D convolution for the following image processing applications: edge detection and object recognition. • Core Requirements: - An extensive understanding of 2D Convolution and its application in edge detection and object recognition - Strong proficiency in Verilog programming language • Device specifications: - The 2D convolution algorithm needs to be coded specifically for an ASIC/FPGA device. Prior experience with designing for this platform is essential. This project demands precision, an in-depth understanding of image processing and excellent problem-solving skills. A proficiency in Verilog can significantly boost the effectiveness of the development process. Hence, expertise in Verilog is one of the key attributes I’m looking for. Look...

    €17 - €139
    €17 - €139
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    Project for Ahmed M. S'est terminé left

    Hi Ahmed M., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. We are working on IPv4/IPv6 implementation on zynq FPGA. The Zynq FPGA is connected to an LMS7002M and send the data(audio/images etc.) to another ZYNQ FPGA via ethernet 10/100M.

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    "I need help with designing an embedded system FPGA project. The focus is on device control and monitoring. The ideal freelancer for this would be experienced with: - Designing FPGA for embedded systems - Working with communication modules - Device control and monitoring Competencies in high-speed communication will also be beneficial, as our device interacts with communication modules frequently. Because of the communication modules' complexity, the ability to deliver sophisticated tech solutions is key."

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    We have an existing VHDL project that implements various memory protocols that runs on a Lattice FPGA (MachXO2). The FPGA is used as a high-speed data bridge between an ARM based microcontroller and a memory device. This project is to expand that to add eMMC support, such as typical 64GB eMMC 5.1 devices available on Digikey/Mouser. Basic functionality is required: reading/writing/erasing with legacy speeds and 1,4,8 bit data bus. Project can be extended to include additional modes / features. Note: if you want to make a bid, please respond with your previous experience with working with eMMC devices.

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    ... 6. Documentation: - Create comprehensive documentation for the mining software, including code comments, API documentation, and user manuals. - Assist in training other team members and provide support as needed. Qualifications: - Bachelor's or higher degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or a related field. - Proven experience in developing low-level software for ASIC or FPGA-based systems. - Proficiency in programming languages such as C, C++, or Assembly. - In-depth knowledge of cryptographic algorithms, especially SHA-256. - Experience in the development of mining software for Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies is highly desirable. - Strong problem-solving skills and the ability to work in a collaborative team environment. - Excellent communication ...

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    LVDS to MIPI CSI S'est terminé left signals LVDS, MIPI CSI-2 etc. - Familiarity with CSI interfaces and their specific requirements - Board bring-up, prototyping etc. Specific requirements for the project include: - Implementing LVDS to MIPI CSI-2 bridge using FPGA (small fpga like Lattice crosslink or similar) - Ensuring compatibility and seamless integration between LVDS and CSI - In test setup we will be using a block camera with LVDS output and at the input side we will be using imx8m or any other application processor (could be RPi). - We should be able to receive video at the SoC - FPGA should be able to detect different resolutions and frame rate. Then communicate with the SoC. - If possible we will add two LVDS inputs. If you have the necessary skills and experience in this field, ple...

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    €1667 - €2778
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    ...for an experienced FPGA developer who can assist me in creating a Kangaroo Pollard FPGA Bitstream and operating application. Here is the open source code for the program and logic behind the project Modifcation to existing program. During hashtable creation remove/ do not add all potential private keys that follow these rules for every private key No more then 5 letters or numbers of the exact same consectutively .ie fffff, 44444, single key cant have either No more then 6 letters consectutively per key No more then 6 number consectutively per key The private keys in the hashtable cant have any of these values in them . This will drastically reduce the scan space Skills and Experience: - Advanced level of familiarity with FPGA and bitstream development

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    I am seeking a proficient Verilog programmer to construct a PID controller from the ground up to manage a DC motor using PWM. The controller will interface with a Sparton 6 - FPGA and a DC motor driver. The characteristics that should be managed by the PID controller are the speed and position of the motor. The ideal candidate will: - Have substantial Verilog programming experience - Be experienced with PID controller development - Have a deep familiarity with working in Xilinx ISE environment - Demonstrate a high competency in controlling motor speed and position via a PID controller Your work will be key in ensuring the optimal performance of the DC motor in its relevant application. Please only bid if you have the above-listed skills and experience and can deliver a high...

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    RF PCB DESIGNER S'est terminé left

    Hello,I am looking for experienced RF designer to design RF PCB consisting of an Zynq FPGA and an rf transceiver chipset (will be revealed via chat). The design consist of GPS ,wifi module, display ,keypad and power amplifier which the freelancer should select and make the design in preferable 6/8 layer design also requires impedance matching. More details via chat.

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    This unique opportunity involves the creation of a complex 32-channel logic analyzer using FPGA and providing the appropriate Verilog code. - High-Speed Data Capturing: The system should be capable of clocked data capture at 200MHz or higher. - PC Utility: The project includes the production of a suited PC Utility, specifically designed for Windows. This utility should be meticulously engineered to capture real-time data, save treasured data content, and thoroughly analyze vital capture data. - Protocol Interpretation: Essential to the utility's operation is its smooth understanding of the common protocols including UART, SPI, I2C. The ideal candidate will be proficient in FPGA programming and Verilog, with a sound background in Logic Analyzer systems. In-depth pr...

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    verilog fpga programming S'est terminé left

    I am in need of a freelancer who is proficient in Verilog FPGA programming, specifically using the Lattice platform. The purpose of the FPGA programming is for signal processing. Requirements: - Proficiency in Verilog FPGA programming - Experience with ICESTUDIO - Experience of Lattice ICE40 - Deep understanding of vga framebuffers and signal processing Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge of Verilog and FPGA programming - Previous experience with ICESTUDIO - Familiarity with signal processing algorithms and techniques If you have the necessary skills and experience, please submit your proposal.

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    Modify Zynq FPGA Design S'est terminé left

    Modify Zynq FPGA block design from redpitaya

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    Trophy icon FPGA Temperature Reader with Alert System S'est terminé left

    I'm on a hunt for a proficient software developer who can craft a program for me that bonds FPGA cards. These cards will be on my temperature measurement device. Here are some key requirements: - The program should be able to capture temperature metrics effectively. - An integral feature should be its ability to emit alerts - both sound and message via LEDs when the recorded temperature is received. Although the type of sound is yet to be decided, potential alerts could range from an ordinary beep to a melodic tone or even verbal warnings. - Delivery is expected within the next seven days. Ideal freelancers for this job should be experienced in working with both software development and FPGA cards. Additionally, having practical knowledge of temperature measurement...

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    Trophy icon FPGA Gateway Program for Temperature Measurement S'est terminé left

    I am looking for a skilled software developer to create a program that connects FPGA cards for my temperature measurement equipment. This role involves designing a program that is compatible with the Windows operating system. To develop the connection effectively, a solid knowledge of VHDL, Spartan 3 boards and C++ programming will be required. The ideal developer should be comfortable working with a basic command line interface. The main focus is on functionality, not graphic aesthetics. To be successful, both the functionality and security of the program must be prioritized. Key essentials for the job include: - Deep knowledge of VHDL - Knowledge of Spartan 3 card. - Know C++ programming. - Experience with command line interfaces. - Ability to ensure security and error checking...

    €18 (Avg Bid)
    2 propositions

    I am looking to hire an individual who really understand this subject. should be able to solve any problems related to this subject. communicate and be able to write good programming and simulation designs.

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    It's gonna be a 40-minute presentation. The points you need to encapsulate: 1. Describe the construction of the external cavity diode laser in detail 2. Specific description of applications of ECDL in many areas 3. Detailed description of the whole process: ECDL--quantum repeater(need detailed description)--converter--Labview--electronics(FPGA) Requirements: Must have an academic background in quantum physics or quantum communications Must be proficient in using labview Must have relevant research experience and provide proof

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    Fpga basys 3 S'est terminé left

    Hi I have a basys 3 and I want to create sine wave then to apply a FFT (with IP FFT) and the data to be transfered through UART to a serial port in a real time form. Please is it possible this and which will be the cots?. 115200 bauds, 50Hz sine frequency. Cheers, Nikos

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    Xilinx Vitis hardware developer S'est terminé left

    We are seeking a highly skilled and experienced Electrical Engineer to join our team. This role focuses on leveraging the Xilinx Vitis framework and extensive FPGA expertise to design, develop, and optimize high-performance systems for our bleeding-edge prototypes. Our prototypes will support dynamic deployment of our software to chipsets of various manufactures. You will be supporting our team in building and designing our prototyping lab where we plan to use Xilinx FPGAs for rapid prototyping various configurations of our software and hardware platforms. The hardware you will be developing will be used in configurations that allow dynamic deployment of various AI/ML models to operate in this new architecture. We have tested two generations successfully and we’re read...

    €23 - €92 / hr
    Local À la une Urgent Scellé LDN
    €23 - €92 / hr
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    Digital Design Project-FPGA S'est terminé left

    Digital Design Project-FPGA We are looking for a skilled FPGA designer who is experienced with Intel platforms. The main function of the FPGA design will be UART communication using FPGA SOC. The project needs to be completed within 1 week. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge and experience with Intel FPGA platforms - Expertise in UART communication - Familiarity with digital design principles and methodologies - Ability to meet tight deadlines and deliver high-quality results - Excellent problem-solving and debugging skills

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    Project help S'est terminé left

    I am looking for a programmer to help me with my project. Programming Language: VHDL Timeframe: ASAP Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in VHDL programming language - Experience in developing and implementing VHDL designs - Familiarity with FPGA programming - Strong problem-solving skills and attention to detail - Ability to work efficiently and meet tight deadlines Project Details: - The project involves developing and implementing VHDL designs for a specific application. - The programmer will be responsible for coding, testing, and debugging the designs. - The project needs to be completed as soon as possible, so the ability to work quickly and efficiently is crucial. If you have experience in VHDL programming and are available to start immediately, please submit your prop...

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    need to develope ip core fpga S'est terminé left

    I am looking for an experienced FPGA developer to help me develop an IP core for signal processing using the Smartfusion2 FPGA. The desired functionality of the IP core is signal processing, and the required performance level is medium. Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge and experience in FPGA development - Expertise in signal processing algorithms and techniques - Familiarity with the Smartfusion2 FPGA platform - Ability to optimize performance for medium-level requirements

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    labview fpga S'est terminé left

    I am looking for a LabVIEW FPGA expert who can assist me in designing and implementing a data acquisition system using specific hardware. Hardware Requirements: - The candidate should have experience with the specific hardware that I have in mind for this project. Project Purpose: - The primary purpose of this LabVIEW FPGA project is data acquisition. Program Assistance: - I need assistance with creating the entire LabVIEW FPGA program for this project. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in LabVIEW FPGA programming. - Experience in designing and implementing data acquisition systems. - Knowledge of the specific hardware that will be used for this project. - Strong problem-solving and troubleshooting skills. - Attention to detail and ability to meet ...

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