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    Develop a system for fine-tuning LLM models using LangChain for Alpaca and OpenAI. The process of Fine-tuning is to be made simple for the customers Have experience in machine learning and natural language processing and a strong understanding of software development principles. Design and implement a system for fine-tuning LLM models using LangChain for Alpaca and OpenAI.

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    I need the python and OpenAI coder for multiple jobs. Details will be discussed.

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    I am looking to develop a project that will involve using OpenAI with trading charts for price prediction. The code will be implemented on Tradingview, and OpenAI will be the AI to be used. Moreover, the type of charts that will be used will be line charts, bar charts, and candlestick charts. Thus, this project requires the use of OpenAI and charts to predict current real-time crypto prices. This will involve using the latest technologies and the results that will be generated need to be as accurate as possible.

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    This chatbot is not a regular chatbot. You need to build a dental chatbot. So, you need to parse the dental website and get the site's content. And chatbots should only work in special areas such as dentistry. For example, if a user asks a question about something other than dentistry, "I can't answer because I'm a dentistry chatbot." Please contact only those who have rich experience in c...chatbot is not a regular chatbot. You need to build a dental chatbot. So, you need to parse the dental website and get the site's content. And chatbots should only work in special areas such as dentistry. For example, if a user asks a question about something other than dentistry, "I can't answer because I'm a dentistry chatbot." Please contact only tho...

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    Create an Apple Mail Extension application that uses OpenAIs API to help auto-suggest text while writing text while writing or replying to an email. The tools should work like the following: Can be triggered manually using a shortcut (say command+space) The prompt sent to the model includes the email thread you're responding to. If the email chain is too long it needs to be truncated. Can complete entire emails ACCEPTANCE CRITERIA: Self contained Xcode Project, that runs after configuring OpenAI API Key. Bounty hunter must have experience working with Xcode and Mac projects. Ideally with Mail. UX should me minimalistic. Can be a simple menu or system buttons. Code is not publish, should be shared. Bounty Hunter must be professional, meet deadlines and respo...

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    Create another plugin for sites who is going to use this news Add Rest Endpoint to provide news (as alternative method if webhook is not working properly) Add Admin UI and functionality to add sites to send news via Webhook Add background task to rewrite news via OpenAi

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    We are seeking an experienced AI Image Generation (GPT) API Developer to join our team. As an AI Image Generation (GPT) API Developer, you will be responsible for developing and implementing AI image generation algorithms and models using GPT APIs and embed it to a photo editor. Design, develop and implement AI image generation ...of AI image generation models Keep up-to-date with the latest AI image generation technologies and trends Participate in code reviews, documentation, and testing of AI image generation models Communicate project status, issues, and solutions to team members and clients I am attaching a video to demonstrate. Please apply if you have experience in developing GPT applications using DALL-E or other OpenAI APIs. video link :

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    I've spent hours on it and i've hit a wall using html & javascript doesn't work npm and webpack doesn't work

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    I want to make a simple deploy of a OpenAI Whisper model in AWS sagemaker. If possible use Lambdas and end points. Something simple and quick. lets user any sound audio file for it. I want to estimate costs for this deployment. Freelancer must have an AWS certification.

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    1. Changes on OpenAI form: 1.1. Replace default question for OpenAI form for both English and Swedish. 1.2. Add "Förstärk texten med emojis" macro to the OpenAI form. 1.3. Display active auktion for auktion filtering by default and add show all checkbox which show all the auktion for filtering 2. Go live the changes for /starter and filter pages. etc.

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    I am looking to build a very basic website that summarises documents using the OpenAi api plug in.

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    OpenAi - ChatGPT api specilist 4 jours left

    We are developing and application where there is some api connection with open ai. Which is specially designed for our customer to generate automated answer over chat session and KB. If you are familiar with open ai please apply. Thanks

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    I have a python code that integrates with OpenAI API turbo gpt3.5. The code allows for the embedding of local files in a folder called "docs" so that the chat interface will be domain specific. I am currently using Gradio as the chat interface but would like a custom-built interface based on my Figma design. What i will provide: 1. Figma file 2. Current code zip file i have What needs to be done: 1. Building of front-end interface according to my Figma design 2. 4 main views of front-end (will explain next section) 3. Document referencing source link - when a question is asked, the bot will use the documents in the folder "docs" to get answers, when the response is generated we want the bot to list at the bottom from which document it pulled the info and whe...

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    I am looking for a freelancer to create a vector database connected to OpenAI LLM and Pinecone, as well as Langchain. The vector database should use MySQL, Azure, or Oracle. The data should be stored in the cloud storage and integrations with OpenAI LLM and Pinecone should be included, with the possibility of extending integration to Langchain if needed. The deliverable should include a fully functioning vector database connected to OpenAI LLM and Pinecone, as well as possibly Langchain, depending on the requirements. Custom vector database and host it on Pinecone to allow connectivity to OpenAI GPT 3.5. The primary goal of this project is to fine-tune the data and enable users to interact with it conversationally. The successful candidate will have a deep un...

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    ...experience in systems such as hypothetical AI systems for autonomous vehicles and OpenAI research Proficiency in programming languages like Python, R, Julia, and frameworks like TensorFlow, PyTorch, Scikit-learn, and Hugging Face Transformers Expertise in data preprocessing and cleaning using tools like Pandas, NumPy, OpenCV, NLTK, and Hugging Face Datasets Proficiency in feature engineering techniques and tools, such as Featuretools, Scikit-learn, PCA, and OpenAI API Experience with model training and evaluation using K-fold cross-validation, GridSearchCV, RandomizedSearchCV, OpenAI Codex, and Hugging Face Model Hub Familiarity with transfer learning and pre-trained models like BERT, GPT, ResNet, VGG, U-Net, OpenAI GPT, and Hugging Face Pre-trained Models Ex...

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    30 offres official Islamic books, allowing users to easily access and reference them. Additionally, the app will use OpenAI GPT-3 technology to provide users with accurate and comprehensive answers to their questions about Islam. To bring this idea to life, I am seeking an experienced developer who is familiar with both mobile app development and the OpenAI GPT-3 technology. The developer will be responsible for building and launching the app, as well as integrating the OpenAI GPT-3 technology and ensuring the app is user-friendly and accessible. Key requirements for this project include: Experience in mobile app development for both iOS and Android platforms Knowledge of OpenAI GPT-3 technology and its integration into mobile apps Experience with API developm...

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    Content writer 3 jours left

    Hello and thank you for considering me for this interview. My name is Hetvi and I am a freelance language model trained by OpenAI. As a freelancer, I understand the importance of being self-motivated and disciplined. I work tirelessly to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in my field and to continuously improve my skills. I am committed to providing high-quality work to my clients, and I understand that communication and collaboration are key to achieving successful outcomes.

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    I am looking to hire someone to help me load a php Laravel script in DigitalOcean. This will be an Ubuntu operating system. I need to install a php: The domain needs to be configured, including ssl certificate, forced redirect to https, and cron. The instructions are detailed in the link: You must also install the smtp service, from mailgun.

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    PFA an AI writing tool coded in PHP. This is based on GPT-3 tech from OpenAI. I want to use this code to build and publish a Chrome Extension.

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    We are looking for a React/Gatsby developer with experience in openAI. We have two projects for you 1) Create an integrate to OpenAI that works on our website 2) Redo our website which is based on Gatsby (React) Experience with privacy laws such as GDPR is a plus, but not a must. Thank you! Dan

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    Need php function Generate_MCQS (theme, nb_question_to_générate) Main call this function using openAI API GPT3.5 and 4 With same results that attached file when using same theme. Input : given theme (string); nb_question_to_générate (number) output (echo) : MCQs with multiple options (same results that when i use chat GPT - see attacheg file)

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    Project Scope: OpenAI Embeddings-based Context API for ChatGPT on AWS Objective: Develop an API on AWS using Lambda and API Gateway that accepts a user message and details about a database containing context. The API should return the relevant context to be sent to ChatGPT, based on the user's message. Description: The project involves creating an API that uses OpenAI embeddings to compare text blocks and determine their relatedness. To achieve this, a website parsing system will be developed to extract text content from client websites and break it into paragraphs or smaller text blocks. Embeddings for these text blocks will be generated and stored in a database for each client. An AWS Lambda function will be created to handle processing user messages and context ret...

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    Need an engineer who is well versed using OpenAI And hugging face API to build fine tuned models with proprietary data.

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    ...create a simple chat interface that integrates with the OpenAI API. The interface should resemble a basic chat application, similar to WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, where I can send text based messages and receive responses from an OpenAI chatbot, using my own OpenAI API key. Requirements: Develop a basic chat interface that allows me to input text and receive responses from the OpenAI chatbot run locally. Create text field in the source code where I can add: a. My OpenAI secret key b. Model engine (e.g., "gpt-3.5-turbo") c. Text assign a role (e.g., "you are a therpist, help the user" or "you are a friendly AI assistant, help the user"). Deliverables: Complete Python source code for the chat interface and integrat...

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    The concept is simple, integrate a webform, to append user data into a request, to send to OpenAI GPT API and then receive that request, format the request into txt-pdf and provide a download. I can provide the scope document on request. Only looking for experienced React and OpenAI API devs

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    This project is to write 11 articles on the following keywords- 1. ai sales automation 2. ai powered content creation 3. ai writing automation 4. api integration examples 5. what is task mining 6. open ai message generator 7. email tracking api 8. inbox placement monitoring 9. inbox placement tools 10. openai email generator 11. openai text generator

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    I’m looking to work with a developer to create a social media content planning feature using OpenAI. This will be added to our existing SaaS platform. I have a clear understanding of what I would like the feature to achieve, the inputs required by users, what our prompts may be and the outputs required. We’re based in the UK and have designers and developers available to support the project where required. Budget is available and I’m ready to start as soon as possible. If you would be interested please get in touch. Thanks, Rob

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    Hello!!! Please, build GPT-4 model please, with ChatGPT, to run on my dedicated server, hosted at my home. Is based on OpenAI, and it will support image generation, video generation, audio generation, etc. Thank you.

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    We want a chatbot that will handle customer messages online. Desired capabilities: Answering questions about doctors, departments, procedures in a controlled manner. We will connect the chatbot with our server to fine-tune new data. Due to sensitivity of the field the bot needs to stay in topic no matter what and only answer questions about our hospital. Asks for a phone number when needed. We'll integrate the chatbot with zendesk sales.

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    AI expert needed Conclusion left

    A project where we use external APIs(including openAI) to curate content across the internet and build a freemium product. Needing someone who can work on equity basis and have skin in the game. You will be focusing on embeddings and other APIs. We have in-house developers to take care of everything other than AI/ML part of the project

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    ...систему ASR/TTS (например, Google Speech-to-Text и Google Text-to-Speech API). 4. Создать файл Python (например, ) и импортировать необходимые библиотеки. 5. Задать ключи API для Telegram и Google Cloud. 6. Настроить функцию для преобразования голосовых сообщений в текст (voice_to_text). 7. Настроить функцию для получения ответа от ChatGPT (get_chatgpt_response) и подключиться к OpenAI API или другому методу доступа к ChatGPT. 8. Настроить функцию для преобразования текста в голос (text_to_voice). 9. Обработать голосовые сообщения с помощью функции handle_voice, которая вызывает voice_to_text, get_chatgpt_response и text_to_voice. 10. Настроить основную функцию (main), которая инициализирует Telegram-бота, добавляет обработчики сообщений и запускает опрос. 11. Запустить с...

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    Food advisor for diabetics S'est terminé left

    -Image recognition and object recognition in image using openai. - meal adviser for diabetics

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    I have a FastAPI application running on a serverless architecture (Modal) that has a post-endpoint. This endpoint calls the ChatGPT API with streaming. I'm trying to stream the response back to the user using StreamingResponse. Unfortunately, this isn't working and the entire response is sent once ...application running on a serverless architecture (Modal) that has a post-endpoint. This endpoint calls the ChatGPT API with streaming. I'm trying to stream the response back to the user using StreamingResponse. Unfortunately, this isn't working and the entire response is sent once it is completed. I would like someone to help me troubleshoot this who is experienced with FastAPI and perhaps the OpenAI APIs. I've included the FastAPI app code and a test code fi...

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    Full Stack app for students S'est terminé left

    What you’ll deliver: 1. Full stack app developed in reactjs , ant design UI and backend written in Python/Nodejs running on AWS Lambda, cloudfront, s3, api gateway 2. Use different external api for integration like stripe for payment, subscription and openAI apis 3. App needs to be responsive 4. Familiarity with vector database or pgVector will be given a preference. Only experienced developers

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    API with ChatGPT S'est terminé left

    We are looking for a skilled developer to create an API with OpenAI that will take in a phrase as a request and produce a response in the form of steps that are required to complete the phrase. The API should be able to understand the context of the phrase, analyze it, and provide a response in the most efficient way possible. The API should also be able to provide accurate results in a timely manner. The API should be built with scalability in mind, allowing us to easily add more features and capabilities.

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    Hello, I bought a webflow template, and I want to convert it on Shopify and customize it there. Moreover, I want to integrate dalee2 api from openai in my shopify store in the product personalizer (customily). Lastly, when the customer orders, I want that the photo generated be enhanced before sending to the POD company.

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    ...are and Main feature Product details: 0. A profile database for our talent 1. Front page: A form for people to fill in what they need (similar to what we do on Upwork, what I’m doing right now.) 2. AI should now analyze what they wrote, analyze our talents info, and bring forward 5 talents while giving a reasoning as to why it fits their project. Whether we utilize openai or other tools for this doesn’t matter! :-) 3. A register/login for our talent to manage their information. And also a register/login for our users who’s gonna contact the talent via our site and hire them with Stripe/other payment gateway 4. Lots of e-mail/sms notifications. Email/sms notifications to our talent when people contact them, notifications to users when talent contact ...

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    Integration with OpenAI to re-generate title, content, tags, tweet and more

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    would like to create a report using OpenAI on the number of tweets and comments from customers on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, including sentiment analysis to determine whether they are positive, negative, or contain offensive content. The project would require registering the accounts and generating daily, weekly, and monthly reports. If you are interested, please contact me. Upon completion of the project, the code and social media APIs should be delivered, and a testing period to verify the project's functionality is also required.

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    We are building an enterprise system for our company with modern software technologies so seeking a senior developer preferred to contribute to our continuing growth. We work 8am to 5pm eastern time. This is a senior-level role - we are looking for a smart, entrepreneurial developer who can m...growth. We work 8am to 5pm eastern time. This is a senior-level role - we are looking for a smart, entrepreneurial developer who can make a serious contribution to us on both a technical and professional level. Who we’re looking for: - 5+ years experience in Ruby on Rails and Python - Experience working with Vue is a must - Standup and Video call are Must Bonus experience: -Machine Learning/NLP -OpenAI API's Interested? Give us a shout! Please include your experience as part o...

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    I'm looking for an expert who is proficient in programming and AI to create a video using OPENAI based on a given title. this video will be used in social media and will be used by News website for new published article.

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    OpenAi powered Search Engine S'est terminé left AI-powered search engine, optimized for use as a _____ knowledge base. This project will involve using exclusively to scrape relevant data from multiple online sources, index and store the data in a centralized database, retrieve and format the data using OpenAI API, and create a user-friendly interface also using that allows users to input queries and display relevant results. Is the something you can do? Here are some of the specific requirements for this project: - Expertise in and OpenAI API - Experience in web scraping and data integration - Knowledge of natural language processing and machine learning algorithms - Ability to design and develop a user-friendly interface using responsive design and intuitive features - Strong communication skills - example=

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    Data Engineer S'est terminé left

    Hello, freelancers! I am looking for a freelancer that can convert my sample data into csv file that I can train a model using OpenAI. I attached my sample file. The ideal candidate have to convert this file into csv file that has only prompt and completion columns. If you can do it, please send me your proposal with your cost and time estimation. Thanks.

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    Build an MVP app -- 2 S'est terminé left

    We need an MVP creates that is a multilingual property management software that integrates OpenAi to facilitate the translation.

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    Python - ML, NLP, ChatGPT, openAI S'est terminé left

    We have dozens of python projects because we want to focus AI for our social media platform. We are building a social media platform, you must check and download it after hired and you can direct contact us after hired only. The job are : - Developing user interface - Making bots (Script's cost is negotiable, 10$/weekly run it once a week or more) - And more Works may includes natural language processing, NLG, ML, AI, automation, web scraping, tensor flow, etc Long term work Please note, eventually you will get more compensation on the weekly runs than the script, in exchange for the script's maintenance, as long as the bot's expectation outcome are good and perfect. --------------- QUESTIONS : A. Are you willing to work and sticking around for long term? B. Please lis...

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    Ai coder and prompter needed 2 jours left

    Looking for experts on creating apps, websites, automation, chatbots using openai Looking to make unique software that uses AI Customer service chatbots, chatbots that perform functions. Looking for experts in prompting AI also. I'm looking to basically create a team of AI coders and prompters. They would need to be adept in python and ai, dataset prep and training, prompting, advanced prompting, infrastructure creation, mobile app dev is a +++ , full stack is a +++ (react, node.js) for web: Laravel, Vercel. Automation skills for websites and ecommcerce websites are a +++ But if not the basics are fine, need AI people who know their field and have time to dedicate to creating tools for the ecommerce industry

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    Would like to hire developer who has vast experience who can integrate OpenAI'';s ChatGPT with my wix website page For showcase i have added my web page . Make response ASAP

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    Integration with OpenAI to re-generate title, content, tags, tweet and more

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