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    Hello Sigma, am Samuel by name, Ugandan by nationality age 21. I would like to have an entertainment website featuring the country's music industry.

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    ...which exception occurred. For example: ... } catch (AlreadyClosedException closedException) { [login to view URL]("Connection to AMQP service is lost."); } catch (ConnectException connectException) { [login to view URL]("Connection to AMQP service is lost."); } ... 6. Unneeded computation in loops. There may be unneeded computation in loops, where you call a m...

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    ...years Cloud native Microservices > 1 year Rest API development > 3 years Spring Boot > 2 years Desirable skills include: Elastic Search Ansible DevOps Google Cloud Platform AMQP Please send your CV to apply. In order to be considered demonstrating the you meet the criteria above...

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    Требуется программист, который: 1. Проектирование, программирование, отладка кода 2. Работа с PHP, JS, Jquery, HTML, NATS or AMQP 3. Работа с версткой (интеграции верстки на сайт) 4. Написание API 5. Подключение и поддержание работоспособности сторонних сервисов 6. Обеспечение конфиденциальности данных о клиентах компании 7. Проектирование БД 8. Обеспечение

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    ...years Cloud native Microservices > 1 year Rest API development > 3 years Spring Boot > 2 years Desirable skills include: Elastic Search Ansible DevOps Google Cloud Platform AMQP Please send your CV to apply. In order to be considered demonstrating the you meet the criteria above....

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    ...someone who knows Programming in Python and would be willing to explain few pages of code for me. It's simple code but I don't know much about programming. The code is test of AMQP protocols to communicate with RaspberryPis. It does a test on speed, messages/second, lost messages etc. I just need brief explanation to be able to do a report for school

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    Responsibilities *Architect and develop systems to meet technical,...*Strong emphasis on modern Python and Django best practices *Experience in designing OOP application architecture *Experience with Celery and distributed task best practices (AMQP experience a plus) *Data processing experience (PANDAS, numpy, strong list comprehension skills) a plus

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    Hey my project is in starting stage , project is in starting stage , they are designing a java service to get the customer information from JMS through rabbitmq . It uses springboot integration with rabbitmq (AMQP). I need a support to build a simple spring boot service which will consume the information from queues in rabbitmq from my demo.

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    We,are connected with amqp via a node server and the provider sends us data we are updating,inserting in our mysql as needed. It does work but sometimes it is throwing us errors like "Error: ER_PARSE_ERROR: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'HT/FT' AND

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    Hello I would like to do a comparison of different communication protocols, so far i have chosen AMQP and OPC UA, i would like one more. I have two RaspberryPis and a PC and would like to establish a communication between them. RPI-A should send a massage to RPI-B and RPI-B should respond and send a massage back automatically . It would be nice if

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    This is an interview with an Ugandan journalist. Please transcribe the audio recording into properly punctuated English sentences.

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    We are looking for a freelancer with knowledge about cyclos and how it works. The freelan...need (in backend) to know in real time about this event. If he does something other – we need to know about it. It does not matter how the message will be delivered (webhook or AMQP or other type of protocol) but we need to get it and process it in real time.

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    Experienced python ...-Update to run as a service. -Able to run 24/7/365 without interruptions. -Very well documented code. -Able to log errors. -Able to handle any exceptions. -Processing Bottleneck AMQP protocol. -Have a Cron to monitor the status of the service and restart it if necessary. Terms. payment after 15 days of completion and testing.

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    Seeking a skilled VA, preferably with Ugandan background, to assist with various web research and writing tasks. Please provide an example of your english writing. Any experience with Policy and Logistics (Legal policies, strategic documents) would be highly regarded. Also please indicate your availability

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    Greetings, We,are building our new node.js s...firebase admin sdk which are already installed we have sucessfull connected to the service provider and recieving messages ,problem is when undefined messages are comming the amqp is closing the [login to view URL] have to treat the undefined on the server [login to view URL] one hour job who knows what they are doing.

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    Our data provider gives us data from rabbit mq server...rabbit mq [login to view URL], have to consume that data by using node.js amqp client .You job is consuming the data provided by our data provider by installing the node.js amqp library & listen it on a port on our server. we have the pseudo code given to us by the provider but that is in php amqp library.

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    Greetings, Our data provider is providing us data that only can be consumed by RABBITMQ host .We want to hire some one who is excellent in rabbit mq client side for consumption of the [login to view URL] place your bids and we will be happy to discuss details with you. Regards

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    Hi Max A., Could you please advise if you can help me with rabbitmq (AMQP) client / dll which would work with Purebasic? There are some open source clients made in C++, but I have zero knowlege of C++ . Ideally it could be dll with PB wrapper but I am open for other options. Best regards, Dmitry.

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    My name is Henry Katongole , the owner and Director at Mumzstore which store was created for the Ugandan market. We are looking at reaching out to the potential market, generating leads and getting people to buy from our Online store. We need the following services below for our Ecommerce store [login to view URL] a) SEO for [login to view URL] product

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    Some to learn me how to config and run simple AMQP 1.0

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    ...are @ Throught knowledge I'm Express framework @ Must have knowledge in Node.js (expert level, you will face interview from that level) @ Microservices and distributed apps @ AMQP , Redis I already had done the application. The new member has nothing to do other than splitting the code and connecting each Microservices. This won't take more than a

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    I am looking for someone to illustrate some creative dictionary definitions for Uglish, a Ugandan style of English for a news story. Here is a list of some of the words: Winter, to mean, intense preparation for exams by revising late in the night. Mpaka last, to mean, until the end. Even me, to mean, me too Overseas, to mean, countries or lands

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    Linux clustering 5 years+ ITC Messaging or ITCM 1 year AMQP 2 year Scripting preferably Python 2 year VLANs and firewalls Qpid, RabbitMQ in a development environment

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    Simulation of nodes using Amqp Protocol and analysis of encrypted packets, increasing the number of encrypted packets processed at fog Gateway than before

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    I need you to write a research article. My name is Paul Kaboggoza, a ugandan potter. I have a lot of folks that I would like to write and publish.

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    The project is an electronic system to direct ambulances using the protocol "AMQP" where the Dispatcher enter the Case information to the system and when pressing Send this information is transmitted automatically to the nearest ambulance to the Case and able to receive this [login to view URL] main objective of our project is minimizing human losses. Provides

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    ...doctors suggested that i should limit my movements. Due t that problem i stopped working and i decided to sit at home and make these bags so that i can earn a living. I'm a Ugandan lady with a physical disability but i don't want to beg. That's why i want to get market if possible from your website. Even this needs movement once in a while while purchasing

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    I n...pear to pear, without brokers and must be AMQP. It needs to be the main control computer on one side, and with the other side it is possible to have more computers that would exchange messages with the main computer. It is also necessary that all computers send to the main computer their status (etc. whether online, whether there is an erro ...)

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    Нужен обычный клиент AMQP на Visual Studio Cpp 2015. SSL коннект. Законнектиться отправлять и получать сообщения, авторизация. Сервер есть.

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    I need you to write some articles. Mark Olweny. I am a Ugandan aged 23 years. Currently pursuing a degree in procurement and logistics management

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    SPANISH FREELANCERS ONLY Habilidades técnicas 1. Desarrollo backend • node.js • MongoDB • Elastic (Logstash, Elasticsearch, Kibana) • Deseable: amqp (RabbitMQ), nginx, arquitectura de microservicios 2. Desarrollo frontend (Angular 2) 3. DevOps/Administración de sistemas • Docker • Kubernetes • GCP (Google Cloud Platf...

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    Senior JAVA Developer (for a betting company, homeworking full time) The Job is: Handlind AMQP messages which coming from a provider. Some part of the data should save to the database and some of them should pass to a socket server. Current state of this project is we have a JAR file which is receiving data from the provider, saving to database

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    I need some one to write about my personal Life history. I was born In Uganda and now I am a Ugandan American based in Boston Massachusetts. This can be about 5to ten [login to view URL] write about the importance of personal development. about 150-200 pages.

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    ...DataAccess layer using Hibernate. Designing Hibernate Configuration and mapping xml files. Doing unit testing using Junit test suit. Implemented the function to send and receive AMQP messages on RabbitMQ synchronously and asynchronously, and send JMS message to Apache ActiveMQ on the edge device. Set up email service sent to the patients by JavaMail. Spring2

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    It's a computer technology support company for Ugandan Home & Small businesses.

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    ...and user collaboration. Our expectations: -micro service based software solutions -cloud-based software solutions -message oriented development with RabbitMQ (or other AMQP-based technology) -deployment of software solutions with docker and .Net/Mono -experience in implementing mathematical or statistical algorithms and methods -experienced

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    Build a self syncing microservice based on rockdb. Include a angularjs 2 dashboard. Sync is by amqp. Intent is a nodejs npm module that does most of the work. Must support a two-tier approach. Overcloud and undercloud. Overcloud will run 3 instances of the microserve. And keep data-in sync. The undercloud will one 3 or more instances of microservice

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    ...Memcached<br />-Apache / Nginx / Varnish<br />*Rewriting / htaccess<br />-Javascript:<br />*NPM / NodeJS <br />*Express<br />* Gulp / Grunt<br />-Conocimientos de HTTP2, websockets, AMQP<br />-Experiencia en desarrollo con Linux y GIT<br /><br />Se valorará <br />-Clean code / TDD / BDD<br />-Experie...

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    Children of Rwenzori is a Ugandan-Norwegian is non-profit organization, located in Ibanda, a small village located at the foot of the Rwenzori Mountains in the Kasese district. The organization was founded to help women and children in connection with pregnancy and childbirth, and provide health services to all who live in the district. The site should

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    Create a programme in raspberry that reads inputs and send to server with node.js using websocket and amqp

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    ...executable wrapper with attached Common files and 3rd-party libs. We are using 3rd party libraries: amqp-cpp [login to view URL] Poco [login to view URL] By application flow, it will send amqp mesage to rabbitmq server and get messages from it. This logic is located in Common core and running on

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    ...include, but are not limited to; =WARNING REPORT==== 2-Aug-2016::17:43:54 === closing AMQP connection <0.1292.834> ([login to view URL] -> [login to view URL]): client unexpectedly closed TCP connection =ERROR REPORT==== 2-Aug-2016::17:43:54 === closing AMQP connection <0.22062.743> ([login to view URL] -> [login to view URL]): missed heartbeats

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    ...start the bidding (similar to the features that this HireBee theme claims to offer) Note -You’ll need to add two other currencies to the site/theme (Rwandan Francs and Ugandan Shilling) -The site will be hosted on Bluehost as [login to view URL] and once we’ve hired the right designer we will give them access to our account. -We’ve already purchased

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    my website is i like the fact that just like freelance theres a bird. On my website I have a music note with a heart. I would really like my websi...the fact that just like freelance theres a bird. On my website I have a music note with a heart. I would really like my website colors to be black yellow and red with the ugandan bird

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    Senior ElasticSearch engineer The role is a contract one...ElasticSearch Search relevance tuning Experience developing in a Java or Javascript based language Experience using relational databases Preferred: Node.js PHP MySql AMQP based messaging system (RabbitMQ preferred) Experience working in a SOA / Microservices based environment.

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    I have an HTML5 App using cordova that uses some android native things like: - Java AMQP client lib - Push Notification I'd like to have this done for iPhone environments. I can discuss what exactly are those native things.

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    ...aggregation framework, performance and optimization) * Be fluent in Unix-like environment * Experience in developing / maintenance of HTTP+JSON type APIs Desirable: * rabbitmq (amqp messaging protocol). Exchanges and Queues. Routing protocols. * git/github * Redis * nodejs: Event Oriented Programm. * express framework (nodejs) * Spark, BI and data mining


    ...RabbitMQ node is the STOMP plugin. RabbitMQ configuration for the plugin. Should be possible to setup which Exchange(s) should be able to alter incomming messages (in either AMQP or STOMP). PLUGIN: Should insert a new header 'x-origion-node' with the value set to the first RabbitMQ node name. SEE ALSO: Similar plugin: [login to view URL]

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    Must have experience with MQ Light / AMQP based messaging API. I'm looking to break up a monolithic NodeJS application into a few micro service applications. Fixed price because the learning curve is not on my end.

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