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    Python coding on astrophysics questions

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    ...the West Midlands region for 2017. This was down to his outstanding efforts to change his life for the better. Read all about his epic journey today From Afghanistan to astrophysics - orphan's incredible journey [login to view URL] ...

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    Im trying to make tshirts. I wanted drawings like comic characters, but of polynesian people, warrior, etc

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    I need some graphic design. Looking for a custom super hero look with Polynesian influence

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    We extend hearty welcome to all the note-wort...hearty welcome to all the note-worthy personalities from around the globe, who have their mind and soul into the research of Astronomy, Astrophysics and particle physics, to the 4th International conference on Astrophysics and Particle Physics scheduled to be held in Chicago, USA on December 03-05, 2018.

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    I would like to be presenting my somewhat daring project coming from the hands of a layman of physics and astrophysics, in which the main purpose would be to send radio waves to space, through a satellite placed in a strategic place above our atmosphere, but it would not be a simple radio signal. It would be a more refined and powerful signal generated

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    Trophy icon Kauai Segway Logo Ended

    ...Kauai. "Kauai Segway" Please take a look at our current logo we use for our parent company. You can modify this or create something new. Hawaiian style is similar to Polynesian. Consider bright colors, orchids, flowers, and "wooden" letters. However, all designs will be considered. This logo will be used on hats, shirts, websites, business cards

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    I would like to be presenting my somewhat daring project coming from the hands of a layman of physics and astrophysics, in which the main purpose would be to send radio waves to space, through a satellite placed in a strategic place above our atmosphere, but it would not be a simple radio signal. It would be a more refined and powerful signal generated

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    ...Co-Writer/Dialogue Writer Collaborate in writing upcoming Bollywood feature film. Genre: Suspense/Sci-Fi Thriller Parth (An ISRO scientist) uncovers a multiverse with his astrophysics and theoretical physicist genius—hoping to find a world free of hatred and pain. (Reg. with Screen writers Assoc. Mumbai) Qualifications Imagination, and passion

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    25 offres be, included are Santorini, Northern Lights, Mexico, Jaipur City, Pink Bermuda Sands, Fuji Gardens, Eiffel Tower, Belize, Great Wall of China, and anything adventures (Polynesian women dancing with fire, zip-lining, a girl jumping into an ocean, skydiving, climbing a snowy mountain, riding atv's in the desert, etc) throughout the video. At the

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    ...must showed with an added creative visual. There is a story behind the logo that needs to be communicated. 1- Andalusian culture (in the middle): origin of the brand 2- Polynesian/hawaiian culture : Origin of the surf. It is the beginning of the wave. 3- African culture: Mother of all cultures that support all other civilisations. 5- South American

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    I need a logo designed. We need a fun Polynesian themed logo created using attached examples must be in vector format

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    Hi All, Working on a project for a package of 3 to 5 books of about 8 pages each. These are educational and in the Samoan (Polynesian Island in the south pacific) language. Illustrations will be of a child showing us in separate books 1-Family 2-school 3-friends. I also want create a poster size alphabet with pictures of each letter and the use sound

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    ...package design for our Maui Wowie and look forward to seeing your design! PLEASE USE THE DESIGN I HAVE CREATED (ATTACHED) AND MAKE IT BETTER. We want to emulate the Polynesian and Maori tattoo aesthetic and have a bag that almost looks like it has been tattooed. This bag should feel connected to nature and the ocean and feel organic. It also needs

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    Have you studied astronautics and/or astrophysics? Do you know all about how sounding rockets work? Are you able to look at new concepts for rocket engines and almost instantly decipher if they will work or not and what their pros and cons will be? If so, then please read on! I am an entrepreneur who was born and raised in New Zealand

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    Hi everyone, I am planning a road trip around the world and help local people with sustai...A journey to save the planet in other words. The idea is to design a logo illustrating that project in a single glance. I precise that i am from french polynesia and if one could add one or two polynesian symbols that would be perfect. Thank you and good luck

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    Hello, we are a small business looking to finally have a logo to put to our name. We already...We already have a concept drawn up but it needs to be reproduced in digital format and it may need a wee bit of developing to give it that wow factor. The logo concept has Polynesian designs so it would be great if you have experience in that area. Thank you

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    Have you studied astronautics and/or astrophysics? Do you know all about how sounding rockets work? Have you ever looked at current rocketry methods and thought of a better and even cheaper way? If so, then please read on! I am an entrepreneur and investor who was born and raised in New Zealand. I am looking to embark on my own private

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    Please note I will shortlist freelances who provide links to RELEVANT experience ONLY. We need a tribal design logo based on a picture and bespoke lettering for a new project. I have concept (think exciting / adrenaline sports) and sample idea but need to develop. This is intended to be first round to identify parties who we feel comfortable working with and invite 10-15 to provide logos ...

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    ...includes Snapbacks, Baseball Caps and Bucket hats. The majority of our clients are sports teams and business and also schools. Many of our clients are based in Pacific or have Polynesian background, therefore we are using a lot of traditional patterns in our designs. Our new designer needs to either be familiar with these customs and patterns or at least

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    I have a 4 pages science popularization article from the new scientist, i need someone with good knowledge in astronomy/physics to make : 1/ a short abstract 2/ a powerpoint representation Criteria : 1/ Wriite to a public that have no knowledge in astronomy or physics, so you need to explain things very very simply 2/ The slides need to be tastefull, with some animation to explain some p...

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    Trophy icon Defend Aloha Shirt Ended

    Design a shirt with a 'Ukulele' combined with an 'AK47 & the words "Defend Aloha" in a Hawaiian/Polynesian font. The design should be simple but powerful. The shirt will be Black with UkuleleAK47 in White & "Defend Aloha" in white too.... Drawing below is getting close to what we need but needs help. We want the riffle part to look more like t...

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    Design a Tattoo - Polynesian / Maori with Invictus Script

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    book is in theoretical physics and astrophysics. It needs english languish review and grammer correction. the book of 320 pages includes math [login to view URL] text is about 150 pages.

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    I have a pattern that needs to be drawn in CAD format in AutoCAD. It is a Polynesian pattern and very detailed.

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    I have a pattern that needs to be drawn in CAD format in AutoCAD. It is a Polynesian pattern and very detailed.

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    I need 5 design of English Bulldog: - Various styles: comic, watercolor, illustrations, polynesian, popart, etc. - Only English Bulldog. NO other breeds. I've attached some examples.

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    I want to write a book on Astrophysics with a touch of religious outlook, not leaving the standard norms, rules and regulations of scientific query and investigation.

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    ...I am not a graphic designer, so obviously do not be too literal with what I have created. I want you to be original. We can base it off of Neil Degrasse Tyson’s book “Astrophysics for People in a Hurry”. Obviously for copyright issues, we need to have it be different (especially the stars). This is just a broad way to talk about it. At the bottom

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    Are you currently studying (or have studied) advanced astronautics or astrophysics? Do you know a lot about the way rockets and space probes work from the materials they are made out of to how they function in the utterly hostile environment of space? If so, then this could be the perfect project for you! I was born and raised in New Zealand

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    Looking for a Graphic Designer - Experienced in Pacific Tribal Island Design, Preferably Polynesian Present in Nice Layout

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    I run a Polynesian Dance academy for children from as 3years to 18years. The classes teaches the discipline’s, techniques as well as the cultural history of Samoan dance which ties into the purpose of what we do which is maintain and preserve Samoan dance or as we call it Siva Samoa. We only have two teachers as a lack of recourses, we are looking

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    I need some help with internet marketing. Reviving and old brand we made popular in 96 reached Polynesian market in western US, New Zealand, Australia and the South Pacific. Looking to bring some cultural aspects but cater to a more broader market ... more urban. Brand is well known to a generation that is now almost 20 years older. Have a huge following

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    ...I own a website that is based on science writings but due to a hectic schedule of mine, I am unable to give time to my site. My blogs are mainly centered on physics and astrophysics. But one can also do psychology or microbiology. I will pay you 60% of the total Adsense earning. I also own a page on Facebook that is related to the website which has

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    I have problem understanding some mathematical calculations related to astrophysics.

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    ...interpret a modern clean look with a tiled Balinese or Polynesian roof design. Consider the “Ground Floor Plan" "Plan of Social Spaces" and others (supplied). Visit the site via Google, the corner of Owen and Spenser Streets and introduce your own unique architectural element onto this corner. Maybe a Polynesian style Bar, to service the restaurant (as shown)

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    Design a logo for a community who wants to ban plastic bags in french polynesia. To inspire yourselves please use the picture attached that represents Plastic bag circled with polynesian symbols. The name of the movement is " Nana sac plastique"

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    I need a 10 page report on a topic related to astrophysics Budget-50$

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    Hello, we are a collective based in french polynesia and our purpose is to ban plastic bag from our beautiful country. So we decided like bali did with his project " bye bye plastic bag" to create our own label too called " nana sac plastique". So the aim of this competition is to design the " Nana Sac Plastique" Label that will be used as stickers

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    Trophy icon Diseñar un logotipo Ended

    I need a logo for my outwear company named kuay. Logo should incorporate the following. 1. polynesian ,maori, geometric style or minimalistic style 2. has to be modern 3. a condor ( chilean native bird) or a bear 4. kuay outwear as a text in the logo 5. preference to have a tree or a mountain in the logo(probably would looks nice as a background)

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    St Patricks theme with Polynesian tatau art

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    ...I am over 40, with normal body (not body building style) man. I have 2 kids, which names should be included in tattoo. Maybe in ambigram way. Generally I am thinking of Polynesian style of tattoo. On my shoulder, not like half sleeve way, because of my job (T shirt must cover it). I need something creative. I can also send some examples which attracted

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    ...we're looking for. Something stick-like or maybe even resembling the kava plant stem (which is very similar to bamboo) The Polynesian symbols in the sketch are there only for placement as of now. Attached is a list of Polynesian symbols and their meanings we've chosen. Please replace the rough draft picks with the symbols on this list. Our rough

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    I need images and frames done with a polynesian theme.

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    ...womens movement, their own profession or the NSW Pacific Community. We are wanting a logo that represents a "Pacific" womens network, hence the inclusion of flowers and Polynesian women in the attachments below. We really like the networking image that is in the shape of a flower or frangipani specifically, as this is a very common flower used

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    I need a logo for a community called "Space Explorers NL". The community covers topics like Astronomy, Astrophysics, Space exploration and Planetary science. I imagine the winning design to have a logo picture relating to Space as well as the name "Space Explorers" written in a nice font relative to the subject. However, it is more important for

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    Hello glendabill. I am working on an academic paper related to astronomy and astrophysics. The work consists on a review of previous research related to planets orbiting giant stars. (it´s not that complicated as it sounds) The thing is, my main language is spanish so i am having hard times writing the "academic way". I need to hire someone who can

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    ...and need a new logo for the specific jerseys to be worn. These are little kids under 8 years old so we want something they will love. The tournament theme is "Tiki" like Polynesian themed. So I would like something with Tiki Guys on both sides of the name FC FIREBALLS. The logo can be all black one color and a full color version would be appreciated

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