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    We are looking for somebody to build a windows-based application for us that integrates with our online web-server. Basically, the application should launch itself on startup and maybe sit in the systems tray but also have a user interface (sort of like outlook express). The point of this application will be extremely simple - it will check for content updates on our website linked to a specific...

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    Live Support Script Enhancement S'est terminé left

    We have acquired the rights to a Live Support script (similar to PhP Live Support) that needs debugging and requires additional features. Here is what we require: 1) Sort out the problem when initiating a chat request. 2) Add better Traffic & Footprints functionality 3) Better operator to operator chat support ??" ability to transfer calls 4) Add "Party is typing" Notify 5...

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    Automatic Email checker S'est terminé left

    I need a automatic email checker and remover program . I had already seen something similar on the web but that works only if we have pop server information but I need it to work with all the email servers even with free email accounts also like Rediff or Yahoo or Hotmail. I don't know it is possible or not so I want your suggestions coders , if it is possible then while bidding kindly let me...

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    Hello, I need help preparing for an exam. The sooner these could be delivered the better, because I really need to spend a lot of time studying! What I need specifically are the following: **A Simple Client-Server Web Application:** Write a java web application that is composed of a client and a server; a client sends the Movie Name as a string in the Request object to the server, t...

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    I purchased a cgi script that will allow visitors to upload images to my server. I have created a form that also collects information about these images. The script is setup to notify my when the form has been submitted. What is needed: I would like the cgi file modified to email me with the all the information that is collected from the form. The form can be viewed at: [se connecter pour voi...

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    This project requires expertise in perl/cgi & mysql. Familiarity with the smarterscripts freelancers script is helpful but not required. All modifications are to be made to version 2.5 of the freelancer script. I will own all rights to all modifications to use on any or all sites that I may have, or create for my own use or resell. The modifications required will completely replace the [se c...

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    am currently managing over 100 website most hosted on different servers, some on servers i manage. I do not have a tool the notify me when any of the website are down, unless someone tells me, or me logining. please recommend or design me a basic tool that can proform the following 1) ping webserver, must be pinging port 80 - every 5 minutes or so 2) notify me if server is down - via e...

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    Unfortunately I accepted and paid for a coders work before I fully tested it and now I find that it does not fully work. Since the coder has not responded to my emails, I am hoping that someone else can help me. What I require is for someone to fix the following with my PHPNuke 6.5 module Trivia-Links. 1> The module is susposed to allow me to use a link to invoke a new window containi...

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    Training Registration Web Page S'est terminé left

    I would like a new section added to my web site. I don't really want anything done on the rest of the site right now. This new section would be for customers to see what classes we have available and when they are going to be given. It would also allow them to register for a class. It should be database driven using MySQL. All coding should be done in PHP. I would like it to display a calenda...

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    300229 Simple File upload script S'est terminé left

    My customers need to upload a image file from my website. The script should: rename file by adding a number and customer name to file name ([se connecter pour voir l'URL], [se connecter pour voir l'URL] etc...) only alowe certain filetypes for upload. set a maximum file size for upload. notify me by email when customer upload files. redirect customer after upload to another URL

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    HTML Form Validation JavaScript S'est terminé left

    Need homework help fast. Need by 1pm EST Sunday the 16th. I have a Web page with a few entry fields including email address. It works fine. I will send you the page and you add JavaScript in the page that gives a pop-up dialog that will notify the user if the email was entered incorrectly. It should be based on it making sure the at sign was used (I can’t put the at sign in the bid reques...

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    This project is open to a fair bid price. Here are some very descriptive specifications that I'm looking for. I hope it is descriptive enough. This online store will facilitate the selling of tires on the Internet. This program is envisioned to be a total solution for setting up and maintaining an online tire store. Customers will be able to purchase tires from this online store with their cr...

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    Require Errors Fixed In PHP Module S'est terminé left

    Unfortunately I accepted and paid for a coders work before I fully tested it and now I find that it does not fully work. Since the coder has not responded to my emails, I am hoping that someone else can help me. What I require is for someone to fix the following with my PHPNuke module Trivia-Links. 1> The module is susposed to allow me to use a link to invoke a new window containing a...

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    BçtmiKZ Logo Competition S'est terminé left

    BçtmiKZ is an up and coming company that is teaming with Knowledge Magazine. BçtmiKZ focuses on the Electronica sector of music. Its main areas of interest are Drum & Bass, Hip Hop, House and techno but all other types of music are welcomed. No, it isn’t another Magazine; nor is it another online magazine. What we need is a logo; we are asking all you up-coming artists to design ...

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    PHP PAGER S'est terminé left

    Im looking for some 'simple php code' that will have 2 parts. 1. First part: Person on my webpage can enter the Name E-Mail and short message. 2. Second part: I have a basic Admin page I can log in to and recieve the message . When the message is recieved in my admin page will notify me with a soud and a visual notifyication 'Ballon Hint' . I will need the informat...

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    299801 document management website S'est terminé left

    a program is needed relatively fast to accomplish the following: -user login -user levels (standard, admin, and god) -file upload and storage (preferrably files are stored in mysql database) -ability to store file in specific folder or create new folder (if you have the permission) -ability to view listing of files by folder -search by file name or creator or the contents of the file depending on...

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    Textbook Software S'est terminé left

    I am interested in a textbook exchange program in which: Sellers would register and would be able to post books. Sellers would enter in the Title, Author, ISBN, Condition, Price, Edition, and Other Comments. Search results would appear in a simple table format with Title, Author, ISBN, Condition, the rating of the seller (sellers are new until they have 5 ratings). Clicking on any of the prev...

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    SysTray Video Clips S'est terminé left

    We require a systray application that will allow the user to receive the following: We provide weekly tax tips in text and wmv format. We want the users to be able to notified of the new tip and view the tip from within the systray. 1. Scrolling text display that is pulled from our web site. The view size (within the systray) must be customized and have the ability to be turned off. ...

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    Registry Watcher S'est terminé left

    I am developing an application to watch and then notify the windows Registry. That said the app works good . Now i need to add another feature to it. at present it just notifys with sound and on a memo with time and date that there has been a registry change. I need to display the exact location in the registry were the change takes [se connecter pour voir l'URL] if a new key is wrote here ...

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    299183 RTIME script installer S'est terminé left

    I needing a script called RTIME installed on my website. It was part of the Mark Joyner Farewell package. It's requirements are it's server-based, Perl, Javascrfpt, HTML, and MySQl I'm needing the code modified so it will run on my hosting account. I will change the messages, and would like the HTML pages to be called from a subroutine instead of being inside the actual cgi files. ...

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    Ecommerce image server S'est terminé left

    We need a web form that allows users to create a New Account Online with username/password. Users enter email address, first/last name, address and phone no. Data will be submitted to database to create a partial account. The account will be fully updated by administrator after receiving and uploading additional info from the user via postal mail. Administrator will then send email to user informi...

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    I require a script, either in php or cgi with a mysql backend to be developed to allow people to signup and create an account to monitor websites for alterations. A script like this is at: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] however that script only works for one person / one email. People should be able to monitor more than 1 url under their email address. Features should be like script...

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    Need site at [se connecter pour voir l'URL] converted to PHP Version 4 and moved to new server. Conversion includes all subsites and subpages. In addition need the following changes to basic calendar software: 1 ability to set one event for multiple days 2 ability to set event for 1year in future 3 make subsite www.e-community [se connecter pour voir l'URL] scrolling information optional...

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    298716 Dot Project Modifications S'est terminé left

    Dot Project Modifications 1. Remove processing link from below the ticket and from status drop down in the ticket smith area. 2. After the admin has responded to a ticket the client side clicks on view then it says staff follow-up. Please change link from staff follow-up to just Follow Up. 3. Remove the link called internal comment from the ticket area. 4. Check and improve security issues as ...

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    Matrix problem S'est terminé left

    **A.)** Write the specification for an ADT SquareMatrix. (A square matrix can be represented by a two-dimensional array with N rows and N columns.) You may assume a maximum size of 50 rows and columns. Include the following operations: **MakeEmpty (n),** which sets the first n rows and columns to zero **StoreValue(i, j, value),** which stores value into the [i,j] position **Add**, which a...

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    AssetLink2 S'est terminé left

    AssetLink is a database based directory for listing assets/services that other people can use. To see a similar idea in action please check Trademe shares similar design ideas in the way it has categories for assets and how you can see details about those assets by clicking on them. AssetLink does not require the auction facilities that trademe has. Each category in As...

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    I buy and sell event tickets in the US. I buy them from Ticketmaster and then turn around and sell them to customers throughout the US and Canada. I have heard of programs that can be developed to get into the onsales for events in advance of the general public. I have also heard of programs that can notify me if tickets suddenly get released for shows or areas of the venue that were previously so...

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    €27 - €4519
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    phone call messenger S'est terminé left

    phone call messenger we want to be able to notify workers that are on the phone that there is a call that is holding and want them to reply with with staic button solutions or a comment what the recetionist or call receiver should do with the call for instance a new call comes in and the person that you are trying to reach is on the phone... you want them to kknow that there is a call for t...

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    More Notify of New Enhancements S'est terminé left

    _DO NOT EVEN BOTHER BIDDING_ IF YOU DON'T HAVE AT LEAST **5 YEARS EXPERIENCE** EACH WITH *PERL, HTML, MYSQL and MEETING DEADLINES. *I will provide a complete and working script to make these modifications and additions to upon acceptance of your bid. Please read the attached .txt file for the list of enhancements I would like in the script. I am completely open to suggestions how to...

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    AOL add-on, logger, color tools IMs S'est terminé left

    Tile IM's (preserving the aol skins) Incoming AIM IMs get automatically sent to Tile like regular IMs Tabs blink to notify of IM response Enter key sends IM message Extended color pallet / fader / wavy IM logger - logs in text or html (.txt or .html) You can specify which SN's get logged automatically Logs get separated into folders by screen name such as; AOL/IM logs/SN_Here to...

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    Office Scheduling Software S'est terminé left

    Need office scheduling software to schedule employees in a real estate law firm for appointments in the main office and outside at client locations. Must have graphical view of schedule by employee, day, week, month, etc. Must have ability to prevent double-booking of employees and time slots. Need ability to notify employees via email of upcoming events. Must be multi-user accessible, up to 10 si...

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    298055 VB Expert required S'est terminé left

    This is a Clinic Management system which has two system that will be netwoked to perform different functions. The Nurse system and a doctor's system. This system has to be stable as a commercial system and will be needing further updates in the near future for further enchancement so I would like the work with a coder who can deliver good stable program and with a vast knowledge of programmin...

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    Birthday Autoresponder S'est terminé left

    I would like an HTML autoresponder (Install on desktop with Icon in system tray) that I can load date and times into. this is a stand alone program or uses MS Outlook express address book. Features include unlimited loaded html documents and or Text message(optional to user) Each contact email may have multiple reminders linked to it ie "Birthday" "anniv" "wi...

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    298008 Online lottery S'est terminé left

    I am looking for a script that makes it possible to arrange a online lottery. The solution must be able to accept payment throught [se connecter pour voir l'URL] and Users should be able to purchas as many tickets as they want and then be transfered to pay with paypal or moneybookers Users will need to enter their e-mailadress and username (no validation necessary) on the f...

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    297958 Passing Values S'est terminé left

    Ok first if you go to [se connecter pour voir l'URL] > click subscribe now > continue > complete order now (will work without any info filled in) > ok > complete order and notify etc... Now you should be on the "Last Step" page where you enter username and password and confirm pw. Now what I want to do is pass the values of the username and password onto the next pag...

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    Data Access form S'est terminé left

    Given an excel spread sheet with approx 30 fields, provide the VB module necessary to; "Add, (Search & Get), Modify, Delete" data in an access database. Excell spreadsheet to be provided (nothing complicated). Modules to be accessed through Macro buttons on the spread sheet (4). All fields on the spread sheet are to be named (not accessed by row-column) The VB is to remai...

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    I need to password protect a web page, need a sign in page with email verification logging features when someone logs into the account email to me to notify me of new customers

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    Design Documentation S'est terminé left

    **The Designs **You need to design part of a system. Two separate designs are needed, one using top-down, functional methods and one using object oriented. High level details must be included for each of the two designs. Low level derails will be very similar for both designs and so only one set Is required, either for the functional design or the object-oriented - the choice is yours. (Functi...

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    NotifyofNew S'est terminé left

    Script Use: Web Application/Server App Script Proposed Name: Notify Of New Script Language: ASP, PHP, similar, whatever works best Script Idea: I transfer a number of files into my client directories on a daily basis and don't always have time to write to them individually and tell them they have new files to download. Script Overview: The script should execute at a predetermined interval...

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    I need a PHP based calendar developed. It will be a data tracking calendar where users sign up, get an account and then enter data from a "data input" form and the data will then be saved to the calender. When the user views the calendar he/she will be able to see the data inputted for each day. The calender will appear just like a regular calender in terms of the layout. The data input ...

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    WiFi Diagnostics tool S'est terminé left

    This project requires that certain data be extracted from a WiFi compatible card 'NIC' (pci, pcmcia, usb) regarding the SSID's currently in range of a, say, laptop computer running win2k or XP, the signal strengths reported by the NIC, the mac addresses, channels and if WEP is present or not. This data, together with other TCP/IP data from the laptop (ip address etc) will be post...

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    HW3 is a threading exercise. I've got the gui part of the applet complete. And the code for one checkbox using a busy loop. The prof prefers using notify/wait to a busyloop. So the implementation should use notify/wait instead of what I've got. Also, I'm including sample code that the prof gave us to count the steps when the thread is running. Screen shots also attached. HW4 is a c...

    297283 Webpage rotator S'est terminé left

    Hi I need an webpage rotator script. The frontend will refresh new webpages within a frame after a designated amount of seconds/minutes. Pages rotate from first to last and then start cycle over again. The script needs admin and advertiser areas. I need ownership of this script. Signup Page 1. Name 2. Email 3. Adress 4. phone number 5. User Name 6. Password The script should email adve...

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    PHP Testing / Quiz Script Creation S'est terminé left

    Coding Friends: I'm setting up a small testing /quiz / skill assessment website. I have installed wpquiz which is one of the best applications out there for the money… free! The website for this application is: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] I originally posted this hoping that a coder could edit an existing script, but the coder got deathly ill and I had to re-post this bid. T...

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    Security Wrapper for Ebooks S'est terminé left

    Looking for a program that can be attached to a pdf file or executable file and act as a security wrapper that will talk back to an online server program (preferrably in PHP using a MySQL database) and check to make sure it is being used by the original purchaser. Also needs to be able to ask for an email address and issue a registration code if this is the first time it is being used on a PC. Wou...

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    elevator controller S'est terminé left

    **This homework must done by Augest 1st (Friday), 2003 before 11:00pm ** You have been hired by the university to build a controller for an elevator in the 10 storied administration building, using semaphores or condition variables. The elevator is represented as a thread. Each person boarding or leaving the elevator is also represented by a thread. In addition to the elevator manager, you wou...

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    296932 Usedcar site clone of .... S'est terminé left

    This is a serious project need to see examples of what you have done on a large scale - no examples then sorry no look in. FOr the right developer this will lead to more projects. I am looking for a clone of [se connecter pour voir l'URL] but also to include motorbikes & boats like [se connecter pour voir l'URL] plus a new car section where dealers can advertise their cars. This wil...

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    296680 ProAutoResponder S'est terminé left

    Needed immediately! I own The MLM Registry at [se connecter pour voir l'URL] Currently I have no way of knowing when a new member joins and I do not have a method of adding their names and email address to my mailing program. What I need is to make it so that when a new member joins, they also are added to my ProAutoResponder program which will add their names and email addresses to my data...

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    Simple Text Chat S'est terminé left

    I want a Text Messenger Details are following: 1) Emotions 2) Chat invitation 3) Text chat without using IP address. That means the Text would first go to the server and then to the other side. 4) When File is transferred, you can use IP addresses directly. That is end to end IP address involved, No server in between. 5) No Security Features required. Please notify the languages you plan to use an...

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    Coding Friends: I'm setting up a small testing /quiz / skill assessment website. I’ve installed wpquiz which is one of the best applications out there for the money… free! I originally posted this hoping for someone to edit the existing script, but the coder got deathly ill. This gives me the opportunity to reposts this and say I would like to entertain the creation of a scr...

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