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    DVD to DVD S'est terminé left

    ...your entire DVD movie on to just one disc (No need for 2 discs) Highest Possible Video & Audio Quality Most Supports both NTSC and PAL DVD movies. Like [se connecter pour voir l'URL] Copies will play on your Windows Media Player and Stand alone DVD home DVD player just like regular DVDs! What we need is that the control should be able to rip all

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    ...can do conversion to other formats in future. However for this project, you only need to give me a DLL that can read MPEG I & II file information such as, (1) Compression Format (2) Framerater (3) Bitrate (4) Resolution (very important) (5) Audio and Video Channel modes Only serious bidders please. ## Deliverables 1) Complete

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    Flash Video S'est terminé left

    I need a Flash movie designed for [[se connecter pour voir l'URL]][1]. The movie will include a small avi file or the video format of your choice. The video will be about ten seconds long. I would like the light blue background on the left side of the page to appear to "peel" back allowing room for the video to be displayed. The background of th...

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    postnuke module enhancement S'est terminé left

    ...a module that shows a listing of video's avail for viewing. I need to change it so that I display only 10 per page instead of the current setting of show all on one page. I also need the same change for the subcategories. There is also a way of uploading thumbnails from the video. I need to have either gd, or netpbm added to this so that I do not have

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    ...broadcast a nightly video from a live church service. Helix allready has a way of archiving the files sent up to it for broadcast to the masses. What I need: admin: 1. I need a way to edit the title of the video file itself, 2. move it to a public directory so that people can view the files 3. Add an image to the video itself for later display

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    Streaming Vidoo MLM Business S'est terminé left

    First Project: PWT We are looking to building a custom streaming video service and I will need on going support. I have 4 websites to design and the streaming video will be the largest. I need to be able to stream up to 50,000 Viewer at the same time. I also need to make and entire user interface for charging my customer for bandwidth and pay per view

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    ...requirments online. -CPU speed -Amount of Memory (RAM) -OS -Free Hard drive space -CD-Rom -Dial-up Modem -Ethernet card(NIC) -USB -Screen resolution -Video Card memory Example can be found here: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] This tool will be used for multi products at I don't

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    ...DirectShow graph: Audio Net Source -> Decoder -> Render Video Net Source -> Decoder -> Render I need to synchronize between the audio and the video. Currently, the graph works nice with some synchronization while using DivX and no synchronization while using WMV9 VCM. I need the synchronization to be perfect, no matter what codec i

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    inventory S'est terminé left

    Write an inventory program for a small camera and video store. You must read in the current inventory records from a file, and store the inventory information given in an array of structs. You may assume that it has anywhere from 1 up to 100 items in stock at this time. The first part of the data file, the inventory section, will contain a series of

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    I need a php based code/script that can manage a “fantasy football?? type Football Video Game league. This code/script needs to be able to create random or manual team and league schedules, take stats, confirm game scores, and create playoff schedules / brackets. Also the code/script may use a MYSQL or flat file database depending on what works best

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    Simplicity Adhesive S'est terminé left

    ...have a web site designed that would be based on the information on: [[se connecter pour voir l'URL]][1]. The site would need to support video and have an improved look. I will also want the ability to change the site easily and add additional links when necessary. I will also be looking to change this from a product site to a corporate site....

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    Hello, I need help preparing for an exam. The sooner these could be delivered the better, because I really need to spend a lot of time studying! What I need specifically are the following: **A Simple Client-Server Web Application:** Write a java web application that is composed of a client and a server; a client sends the Movie Name as

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    Video, Audio, Chat server with multi-thread support and several other specific options. Must be scalable; could need to handle 10's of sessions at a time sustained for long periods of time. Must be made with a focus on dynamic creation. Will be used by an intermediate/advanced web developer as a component of overall website. ## Deliverables Web based

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    Novice Programming S'est terminé left

    I am preparing for an exam and need help with specific problems. These include the following four problems (see below). I am most interested in 1, 2 and 4 and I will consider bids for partial work. The simpler the programs, the better, because I am quite new to Java. I am also requesting that any required instructions be included with the programs

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    5 offres looking for an experienced search engine optimization expert to work with on optimization of my site, and later on, on an ongoing basis, to push it forward and maintain rankings. website: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] for the initial project: * need to identify keywords and search terms for the different business categories we are after: geographic

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    High End Dating Script S'est terminé left

    Looking for a [se connecter pour voir l'URL] clone with some addition features found from other dating sites. I need all the features in [se connecter pour voir l'URL] except the voice mail. I would prefer the chat system to be setup the same as I also would like to have the option of video uploads, voice uploads and webcame chat. Another feature I'm...

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    **Project 3: *Streaming Video with RTSP and RTP*** **Requirements:** In this lab you will implement a streaming video server and client. The client will use the Real-Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) to control the actions of the server. The server will use the Real-Time Protocol (RTP) to packetize the video for transport over UDP. You will be

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    Video store rental project S'est terminé left

    A small video tape rental store wishes to have an order entry, inventory control and tracking and tape profitability forecasting system which could optimize the profitability of the store. A customer file which contains the name, address, telephone, credit card# and expiration and a customer number; a tape chekout file with customer number, tape number

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    Beginner programs S'est terminé left

    ...familiar with these titles please contact me immediately. R and R for reading and refreshment and Video Bonanza _I need a programmer who is familiar with this book_ Programming in with Anita Millspaugh and Julia Case Bradley. I need the programs coded using _the exact language this book uses._ For example a radio button is not called

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    Video editing program S'est terminé left

    Hello. I need to make a software similar to this <[se connecter pour voir l'URL]>. A clone between this and Microsoft's Movie Maker. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in

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    €87 - €436
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    MP3+G/CD+G Application S'est terminé left

    ...CDRWin application if you are unfamiliar with what I am referring to) 2) Be able to "rip" VCD video (MPEG1) or SVCD video (MPEG2) into either proprietary video format or to another standard, i.e. AVI, Divx, or MPEG derivative. 3) Data that is ripped will need to be stored on internal hard drive units. 4) Front end interface (will most likely be a

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    MPEG File Splitter S'est terminé left

    MPEG2 Video File Splitter is required. All I need is a function in VB 6 or ActiveX Control or DLL to which I can pass a MPEG2 file name and position from where split is required. It should split this file into two files. MPEG2 codecs are installed on my computer. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form

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    Flash Logo S'est terminé left

    I need a flash logo for my website and 5 banner ads and 5 affiliate ads. The logo is for the website [[se connecter pour voir l'URL]][1] . The logo I have imagined is a talking martini glass. Talking into a microphone. I have attached a file. In this file, it shows the martini glass being interviewed, but I would like the martini glass actually holding a microphone

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    I need a working program that simulates a small video store. It has to have an order entry, inventory control and tracking and tape profitability forecasting system which could optimize the profitability of the store. Customer file contains: name, address, telephone, credit card # and expiration and a customer number. Tape checkout file contains:

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    Audio and Video chat S'est terminé left

    I urgently required live audio and video chat software with secured login feature. Language doesn't [se connecter pour voir l'URL] i need this very soon,So those who have done such kind of work,only need to apply. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Ins...

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    Copy AVI Streams S'est terminé left

    I need a library (DLL) for copy all AVI streams (Video, Audio, etc.) from one AVI file into another one. Also, it should be able to split input stream as well as merge several input streams into one output. All input streams will be same properties (frame rate, sample rate, etc.) as output streams. Also the library has to support any installed codec

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    The current remodel, with problems that need to be addressed is at [se connecter pour voir l'URL] We will need to change the following things about it, as well as the overall look and feel. I want to keep many of the high-impact visuals, though, and the general navigation (functionality, not implementation) is fine. 1) Title page is fine.

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    I need a clone of this Application: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] It's a live help system and I need to create the same product. The service will be offered to our customerr using the ASP business model. Have a look at the above site for a full description of the features I need. In particoular, I need: - Proactive Chat and H...

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    I have about 80 MPEG video clips on two adult websites ranging in size from 10 to 70 megabytes each and I need to reformat them to make them smaller but without losing video quality. Right now we are paying high hosting and bandwith fees because our members are downloading such large files. We are taking bids to see who can go on our servers

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    video across the net S'est terminé left

    Hi, i need an application coded in java that can sit on a server with a capture device (wintv card) and accept incomeing connections from a client. Then transmit the video to the client. There is also need for an applet form to. form the serev i need to be able to control the frame rate and resolution. when the video is sent it should be done with

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    MSN-Type App S'est terminé left

    ...the following functionality: * User authentication * User registration * Instant Messenging, including emoticons, text formatting, change backgrounds * Video/Voice Chat * All IM and Video/Voice Chat SSL Secure * Whiteboard * Send File Function * Ability to push sites * Application sharing * Ability to IM 3 ways (through Invite function)

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    ...(require Full Web site). [se connecter pour voir l'URL] Http://[se connecter pour voir l'URL] Site will be able to accept IPN paypal and [se connecter pour voir l'URL] in order to place the order as monthly fees. Username and password should be mailed to user after he/she. Free trial should be offered (the movie will be protected by time or any method you suggest) ....

    €391 (Avg Bid)
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    Need to find a way to take video from a video capture card and display it on a second monitor. I don't mean put the same image on both monitors but put rather put the video from the capture card onto the second monitor without affecting the primary monitor. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as

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    DATING / COMMUNITY SITE S'est terminé left

    I need a site similar to [se connecter pour voir l'URL] or even [se connecter pour voir l'URL] 1. Add Profiles 2. Send Messages. ( Message can have different design templates) 3. Album -> Protect Individual Pictures 4. Create Card Payment + Paypal Integration 5. Discussion Boards 6. Personal Guest Book and Blog/Journal Feature 7. Events Posting * I ...

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    Artificial online market S'est terminé left

    We need an automated artificial market for predicting sales in video games. The idea is to have people guess on opening (month/day/week) revenue dollars for new games. The system will then grant points based on people's accuracy and predictions. HSX is similar the project is to use as an idea of what we are attempting. also relevant: http://www

    €26 - €87
    €26 - €87
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    Web Site Redesign S'est terminé left

    ...I’d like my site to function like are [[se connecter pour voir l'URL]][1] and [[se connecter pour voir l'URL]][2] . I don’t have as many activities and products as these two guys, but the functionality and professional look are what I’m after. Here are some of the things I need: * I want to create and maintain the content myself, but I’m looking ...

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    Hello Web Site Developers, I need a four page web site for my DVDs, Videos and Video Games products. The web site developer must have the knowledge of these products such as new releases, what's hot and should have access to pictures & descriptions of new and best selling titles. The web site will include nice and professionally created logo, back...

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    Software Clipart development S'est terminé left

    We have a software, a kind of multimedia monitoring software, related to monitoring of video and audio streams, etc. You will get a full description after your bid will be accepted. What we need, is a collection of windows icons (about 10), banners (10, gif), logo, and a small website (about 10 static pages). So, the whole job is to create

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    We have a PCI 16 channel video capture card with digital sensors and outputs and complete SDK for Linux. We need software with following functionality: - video and audio multi channel compression and recording - display of selected cameras on the VGA screen - motion detection, configuration of cameras, users... - viewer/searcher for

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    Design My website S'est terminé left

    [se connecter pour voir l'URL] I need website designed with flash entry for graphic design biz. No more than 10 pages with general theme running througn site with creative navagation system and audio in flash entry and on menu buttons. Need logo designed as well for site. Will supply text for site. Need site designed with emph...

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    Parisal S'est terminé left

    We need a system creating which will run as a stand-alone. This system will put an electronic book system on a screen as a double-page spread which will fill a 1024x768 screen. The e-book should have the capacity to fold pages over when clicked. It should also provide a range of additional functionality like search, archive, print, as well as the

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    Database Project S'est terminé left

    i need a database project preferably , one you have already finished.I need it for my database course work. It could be anything video database,hotel database,airlines [se connecter pour voir l'URL] as i said ,if you already have one completed that would give me a lot of time if i need to change the structure of the database. I need it from the ent...

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    Motion video DVR asap S'est terminé left

    hi, I need a Motion detection DVR it should: detect motion video save to harddisk the using codec (user will select from listbox) playback motion detection(i want it to be able to detect motion from playback video) See this link i need some thing very much like this one [[se connecter pour voir l'URL]][1] contact me for more details

    €83 - €87
    €83 - €87
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    Acrobat PDF / Javacsript S'est terminé left

    I need a solution to the following problem..... 1. I use Adobe Acrobat 6.0 Professional to create PDFs. 2. I then use Adobe Encore to create a Video DVD AND use the Encore Option to 'Include a Folder' (which copies the folder content to the DVD root - so I can add files for a PC with DVD. 3. The PDFs are distributed on DVD. The final

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    (1) implement a streaming video client and server that communicate using Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP). and send data using Real-time Transfer Protocol (RTP). Your task is to implement RTSP protocol in the client and implement RTP packetization in the server. **Also ** (2) You will need to take another server class and retify the problem

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    Hardware audit software S'est terminé left

    I need software to audit PC hardaware via LAN. Main requirements and targets: - company's IT hardware auditor on his computer can see all company's LAN computers with their hardware data (RAM, HDD capacity, CPU, video hardware type and other). - client - server architecture: auditor's computer - server and other computers - clients - no requirements

    €379 (Avg Bid)
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    I need an icon designed for a database application I'm developping and a simple splash screen,plus all the application typical icons. ## Deliverables The application is a database for maintaining Video tapes info. Scope of work:- Application Icon + simple splash screen. 1 - all the application typical toolbar icons ,navigational bar, file open ,new

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    Product Flash Intros S'est terminé left

    ...for a company that does custom Flash intros for software products. I have a line of products that I am releasing in two to three months and I am doing Camtasia or RoboDemo video demo demonstrations of each application. I would like to have someone do a Flash demo presentation of my software with screen captures, animation and possibly audio.

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    Casino Gambling Tutorials S'est terminé left

    I need text-based tutorials describing the rules and strategies for one or more of the following casino games: Blackjack Craps Roulette Baccarat Slots Video poker Please specify which of these you can do. Each tutorial should be delivered as a MS Word document. The writing style should be casual, easy to understand, and interesting

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    Dating / Personals Web Site S'est terminé left

    ...other sites I want to create 1. I need it to have recurring billing with Paypal and [se connecter pour voir l'URL] 2. Must have an installer program. It also must work in php & mysql 3. Must have an admin pannel that allows me to change and create membership levels 4. Internal mail system so members can chat 5. Picture, audio and video upload feature. Where members can

    €302 (Avg Bid)
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