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    CRM Update 3 jours left

    Larval Based I am looking for a freelancer to update my CRM platform, Dealski, with specific features related to lead enquiry management. There are no customization...specific features related to lead enquiry management. There are no customizations or integrations required for this update. Ideal skills and experience include proficiency in Dealski and a strong understanding of lead management and automation. The freelancer should also have experience in CRM updates and be able to provide recommendations for optimizing the platform. Work is 3. Replace the Autotrader API Code so leads can come in automatically 4. Fix the webhooks so enquiries can come in from unbounce Two little jobs But the hope is you can take on more work to develop this CRM Such as email and whats app int...

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    Automotive Website Development S'est terminé left

    ...talented and experienced web developer to create a brand-new website for our automotive business. Currently, our website is hosted at and managed through the third-party service, Cardealer5 (). We want to migrate away from Cardealer5 and have full control and ownership of our website and its backend system. Currently, once we update, add or delete cars on the backend of cardealer5 it then updates that automatically on the following third-party websites: 1. 2. 3. 4. (facebook marketplace) 5. Responsibilities: 1. Develop a new website under the domain with a

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    IF YOU WANT THIS WORK - PLEASE RESPOND SPECIFICALLY TO THE ISSUE, how you will address it, and how soon you can do it. I WILL DELETE ALL AUTOMATIC responses Some websites suddenly stopped loading. such as autotrader, etc some are working such as I tried other browsers as well. I tried proxy settings - I checked the net card It still won't work Thank You

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    Ninjatrader add Code Snippets S'est terminé left

    Looking to add functionality to the Footprint Autotrader supplied here: which is based upon the Footprint indicator here: FREE 7 DAY TRIAL AVAILABLE HERE: The project is in 2 parts. I am looking to get part 1 done for a fixed price and then after testing provide a specification for Part 2 which is the major part of an autotrading strategy based upon Part 1 and a lot of additional context related coding. Please quote price and time for Part 1. A successful completion of Part 1 will lead to the same coder doing

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    I need footprint Indicator with various settings one of the settings Delta row in the bar shoud be used for semi auto Trader. That’s mean i need a separate section for criteria ( delta row) if the delta row fulfilled the criteria order should be placed. When i see interesting place i hit the semi auto trader long or short when the criteria are fulfilled (delta row) i need entry take profit and stop loose in different ways.

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    I am seeking to create a private party car sale website that will rival the likes of Craigslist, , and Autotrader. These websites are known for their user-friendly interface and the number of cars for sale, but I believe that my website can offer something different: a sleek, modern design and a more refined user experience. As a client, I am looking for a web developer who is skilled in creating high-quality, visually appealing websites. A background in UI/UX design is a must, as I want the website to look and feel professional and trustworthy. I also want the website to be easy to navigate, with clear categories and intuitive search options. In terms of functionality, I want the website to be able to handle large amounts of data, with fast load...

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    Build a private car sale website S'est terminé left

    I am seeking to create a private party car sale website that will rival the likes of Craigslist, , and Autotrader. These websites are known for their user-friendly interface and the number of cars for sale, but I believe that my website can offer something different: a sleek, modern design and a more refined user experience. As a client, I am looking for a web developer who is skilled in creating high-quality, visually appealing websites. A background in UI/UX design is a must, as I want the website to look and feel professional and trustworthy. I also want the website to be easy to navigate, with clear categories and intuitive search options. In terms of functionality, I want the website to be able to handle large amounts of data, with fast load...

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    Hi we have build are own algo for trading but when we have automated it , we are receiving an error in it we are trading on Binance , we need help in solving that error.

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    Hi all, We are looking for someone to post car advertisements on online sites like facebook marketplace, Autotrader, and other sites. It is remote work so you can login remotely and I will show you exactly how you have to post ads. Thanks

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    Project Car S'est terminé left

    ...for an online car-selling company. When you go onto Autotrader etc. it's very 'boring' so need a clean, simple, elegant website. The difference between this webpage compared to others is the interaction, being able to customise your future car to your specification. What do I mean - for example, BMW AUDI etc. have a 3d car configurator on their website, where can you change the alloys etc. so a 3d render of the new desired car like Forza. So, if you found a car you liked, e.g MK 6 Golf, however, you wanted the GTI wheels, tinted windows, and upgraded sound system, you can click 3D mode which opens a view where you can add additional specifications and the user will be able to see their additions. How to search, like all other website...

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    Website to be built - medium-high complexity. A website for personal trainers to advertise themselves (a bit like an online directory) with some complex functions such as calendar integration and booking system (can a calendar be synced across from other platforms that the personal trainers already use?), map and location system (to show location of trainers and list relevant trainers suitable due to location of the user), messaging system, possibly a payment integration system and ultimately cross-link to a mobile application to follow. it will be a website to advertise personal trainers in the UK. They will need a login to be able to upload information about themselves (photo, bio, qualifications, location) etc and some of the more complex functions would i...

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    We are hiring someone to post advertisement on Kijiji and Autotrader under our account. There are 30 ads that has to be posted on kijiji and 15 ads to autotrader and it total it takes 2 hours each time for posting all these ads. You need to delete and repost all of these ads every 3 days .

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    i need previous previous autotrader adverts data

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    Create a Niinja Trader Autotrader S'est terminé left

    Hi. I'd like to have an autotrader created based on a third part indicator (not NT indicator). It's basically enter long/short trades when prices crosses a line in the indicator and setting profit targets based on the upper/lower bands. Please reach out to me for more details. Thanks!

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    Grid Autotrader ? Ninjatrader 8 S'est terminé left

    ( Indicators to Use )) 1. Whole Number / Grid Indicator — Trade Entry / Trade Exit — (Reference) — current price (Stop Order) — Enter Sell= When price touches grid line BELOW current price (Stop Order) (( Exit Trade - TakeProfit )) ((Grid Indicator)) — Exit Buy= next grid line ABOVE entry price — Exit Sell= next grid line BELOW entry price (( Exit Trade - StopLoss )) ((Grid Indicator)) — Exit Buy= next grid line BELOW entry price — Exit Sell= next grid line ABOVE entry price ===== (( AutoTrader Settings )) 1. Contract: 2. PositionMultiplier($): - Automatically adds 1 contract per ($) profit 3. MaxContracts: 4. DailyTP(%/$): (% Of Balance) 5. DailySL(%/$): (% Of Balance)

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    Various pages S'est terminé left

    New Autotrader Connect page for AHQ, and Contact Page for DMJS

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    For our client, we need to link to his website via API. So that the cars listed on AutoTrader are automatically added to the client's site. Project to be implemented ASAP

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    Python api coinbase pro show real time spot /bid/ask price of all alt coin like LINK , SHIBA for an existing autotrader project

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    Amibroker AFL requirement S'est terminé left

    I am looking to automate a startegy using amibroker, attached is the requirement of the system. I need to connect it with my broker zerodha/Angel through paltform like autotrader or algoji etc. Kindly go through it and feel free to message me to talk about it further if you are interested

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    Build a mobile application S'est terminé left

    I need a mobile application for ios and Android. It will look similar to the autotrader app. I will need the function to allow members to upload adverts

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    need build website weight loss planner, need someone build website urgant, need someone build website, need someone build website 2009, website need build seo friendly, need build website, need build website asap, need someone can build website workshop, research teens decision making, need someone build website online store, need quality links website, need build website autotrader, need quality traffic website, build-website-need-quick-turnaround, effective decision-making in project management., role of marketing research in...

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    Hi, I just started a new bussines, I have a marketplace with vehicles and I need somebody to help me to grow up the website with more cars from autotrader or I need to add around 2k cars. Thank you!

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    Need luxury car website designed S'est terminé left

    Need Carvana replica website built. I need a great-looking website without the coding expense. I don’t want to re-invent the wheel. I prefer the site to be built with out-of-the-box plug n play applications/integrations that can be customized to make it look like some of the more prominent car websites. (Vroom, Caravan, Autotrader etc.) Need a website that I can that is user friend that will allow me to easily make changes to once designed. If you have designed “car” websites before, please provide example websites with URL’s. Need quick turnaround at a reasonable price. The budget is negotiable.

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    Project for Matthew M. S'est terminé left

    ... ( SharkTank ) (Wp + Angular ) ( Html5 / Angular ) ( AutoTrader ) Elementor Sites Non Profits ( custom ) ( divi ) ( custom ) ( custom ) ( custom ) https://awg2020

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    Project for Khaled A. S'est terminé left

    ... ( SharkTank ) (Wp + Angular ) ( Html5 / Angular ) ( AutoTrader ) Elementor Sites Non Profits ( custom ) ( divi ) ( custom ) ( custom ) ( custom ) https://awg2020

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    Create auto trader for NT8 S'est terminé left

    I am a professional futures trader. I need a very skilled programmer to create an autotrader that employs standard indicators with simple rules for trade execution. The description of the strategy is in this video. If you want to see it with text, press "cc" on the bottom toolbar and start the video. If you are interested I will send detail on parameters.

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    Wordpress website S'est terminé left

    I currently have purchased the database to my website from blue host- having one working website using this server, however I would like to create a second website using the wordpress which is linked to the blue host. A Website similar to trust a trader or autotrader. clients that subscribe to the account with a small fee- they then set up there account to display related information to our customer viewing the website. Customers being able to filter on main page specific information to find the correct client for them. From there they will be able to contact them with the email or phone number the client has advertised to the customers.

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    Hi i am an investor & handle couple of demate accounts now i want some tool which can put my orders in all accounts at once . This kind of product already in check below website for your better understanding of my requirement.

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    Forex Alert and Auto Trading EA S'est terminé left

    ...max limit. So if the market reaches 55000 for the 11th time, no trades will be executed. Lot Size, TP and SL are pretty straight forward. 5) If when a trade is opened and has not been manually closed or hit its take profit or stop loss positions, another trade SHOULD not execute even when it hits the alert line again. 6) Inputs should have a default lot size, max trade, tp and sl set to 0, Autotrader (on/off) , Trailing (On,Off) , Trailing Input all in Points. Trail Point, Trail Position and Trail Step. ...

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    Trophy icon infographic sytly landing page design needed S'est terminé left

    ...for sale, this means making it look and run in tip top shape. Then you have to get your vehicle in front of the target audience, whether it is online or in person potential buyers will need to see your car. After you attract potential buyers you have to arrange a showing with complete strangers at random times and locations. It's no fun dealing with Tire kickers and Lowballers. Now comes the Financial part of the transaction. Most buyers need financing options and guidance. People with less than stellar credit need assistance obtaining auto financing. Just when you think you're all done you still need to handle the paperwork aspect. Transferring ownership and registration of sale. The entire process can be very aggravating and time consumi...

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    Build me a website S'est terminé left

    I need a website built where cars from AutoTrader UK and other cars that are for sale from different car sales sites such as all in my website so users can access cars that are for sale on different websites all in my website. I need a contact page as well and a good design as well as a good interface.

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    Ecommerce site for car listing, (Buy-Sell). Example is Autochek and Autotrader

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    Below are the actions that the script must be able to do without fail: 1: go to - must be logged in by user already 2: read data on excel/csv file on below format M5 AUDCAD 13:55 PUT/BUY 1 - Where M5 is time of trade - AUDCAD is FT asset name - Time as per system time when trade is to be executed - PUT/CALL is whether to sell/buy or down/up action - 1 is $ value of the trade 3: when time is data sheet is reached search for the Fixed Time Assets from seach list and select it 4: Update the Time, amount and click Up/down based on data sheet 5: Record the action status in data sheet 5: wait for next time signal and process untill data sheet id comleted, approx 100 records You must review all requirements and create a free account on see what I'm asking for and share snapshots while bid...

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    Utilize the open source resource of CCXT to build an cryptocurrency autotrader with either coinspot or swyftx as an exchange. I have (mostly) developed the mathematic relationships and protocols/strategy for risk analysis and investment choice but have limited coding knowledge, I have enough knowledge to tweak relationships once everything is plugged in so simply getting the system running, pulling API's and functioning correctly to basic strategy is all that's necessary. You are obviously welcome to utilize the bot for yourself as a financial commission bonus. The estimation/intention for the ROI is 3-5% per day. I would prefer to also be able establish line of dialogue to discuss/understand limitations and code workflow of the bot (i.e. so that proposals

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    Setup a product feed from a WooCommerce website that will be used by Autotrader. This can be done by a plugin, if you can recommend - possible on-going support required. Link to details of how the feed should look -

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    App/Web responsive Autotrader app S'est terminé left

    ...connected user brokers via broker api. The autotrader should be able to: set TP, SL, Group TP, Trailing stops (all types based on value or percentage), calculate required balance (in the case of grid systems). The UI should have a charting package that allows for viewing of each pair and the trades that have been executed. Server-side setup and app should exhibit low-latency commands to execute limit/market orders instantaneously to avoid slippage. The backend needs a user db with 2fa utilizing sms and google authenticator (optional). The app will need 2fa with sms and google authenticator (optional). Currently there are 2 strategies that need to be implemented. The first is a tradingview strategy and the other is a strategy the dev will need to implement,...

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    Semi autotrader for Ninja Trader 8 S'est terminé left

    I need a semi auto trader based on simple price action pattern from the last 10 bars ( adjustable how many bars) Simple Button ON / OFF of the semi auto trader in the menu bar. Price Action pattern is a M structer or W structer. Meanig for long i am looking for abc ( a market move up wave a , market come back wave b but didn’t take out the low of wave a , market move up again take out the high of end of wave a, if bar close above the high of wave a than placing limit order.

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    We would like to update our current website, or build complete new website which can take stock feed from and convert to listing on our website. We would also like the feed to go to Facebook and ebay. All this to be automated.

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    New website with Autotrader API S'est terminé left

    Hi All As its my first post, realised that i need to elaborate to answer most of your questions So project is - 1. Website is for advertising cars 2. Vehicles are purchased on site, cash or card machine - no buying online. 3. My adverts are created on the Autotrader Dealer Portal - so I upload content and pics there. API Side 4. There is a nightly batch export of my vehicles and content from Autotrader to a FTP location in this format below : 5. API needs to extract the batch file from FTP once a day - its not a big volume (I advertise 3 new cars average a week) 6. Autotrader API integration : Design & Reference 1. I used WIX to draft

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    Need a website designer S'est terminé left

    Need a website for advertising cars. There is no buying and selling, just listing cars. Cars are bought using cash or card machine on site. I create my ads on Autotrader, so there needs to be an API pulling vehicles from Autotrader to my website. Autotrader provides an API for this.

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    Data organization S'est terminé left

    ...background driven by our passion for mobility, innovation, client success and community outreach. We make buying, selling and owning (or simply using) cars easier for everyone. Touching more than 40,000 clients across five continents, we bring together the best brands and the best teams to propel the automotive industry forward. Some of those team members work for our iconic consumer brands like Autotrader and Kelley Blue Book, while others are creating the future of automotive at industry-facing brands like , Manheim and vAuto. Job Types: Full-time, Permanent Benefits: Dental care Employee assistance program Extended health care Profit sharing RRSP match Store discount Tuition reimbursement Vision care...

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    Looking for a listing platform for people to list boats. Similar to boat trader or autotrader. See links below:

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    Looking for someone to put together a data scraper that can put together comparisons of used car data pulled from: Facebook, Gumtree, Autotrader, eBay and parkers. If it can be put into a piece of software that I can load up and use. It's so I can 'flip' used cars in the market. If this is within your capabilities, please reach out and let me know how long it would take and how much.

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    Online Customer Portal S'est terminé left

    ...application. We already have the website in production as our CRM provider supply this for us. But we are looking to build a custom portal for our customers. Once they have filled out all of their details online to apply for the finance (this is already included on the site) - We want them to be taken to a portal where they can search, select and save car options. The cars would need to be pulled through from site like Autotrader and be able to be saved so that the customer can view them again and are also visible to the sales agents who will be dealing with the customer. We would also like to have other functions on the customer portal - For instance being able to upload ID and proofs such a bank statements or documents with their address on them, again this...

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    Car sales website S'est terminé left

    I need a new website. I need you to design and build it. I sell cars my logo has been designed already. We use a feed from Autotrader that will send my feed to my website aswell

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    ...want to aggregate listings of both kinds of cars. The data should go in the Google Sheet linked below; I've already added a few rows. TYPE OF CAR Corolla: 2012-2014 Toyota Corolla LE with 50,000-100,000 miles Minivan: 2017-2019 Toyota Sienna LE / LE AWD / XLE / XLE AWD and Honda Odyssey EX-L / Touring with 20,000-40,000 miles All should be within ~50mi from Malden, MA 02148 WHERE TO LOOK - Autotrader - Cargurus - Craigslist - Facebook marketplace OTHER DETAILS - Only want up to 5 listings per year/model/trim from each site. So up to 60 Corolla listings (5 listings x 4 sites x 3 years) and 360 minivan listings (5 listings x 4 sites x 3 years x 6 trim). - The same car may be listed on multiple sites - please attempt to de-duplicate listings based on mileage/price/descripti...

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    I am looking for code that will monitor prices via live ticks subscription through reqMktData in ib_insync and submits limited number of limit orders for the markets that get closest to planned limit order. I start a day wit about 80 limit orders for stocks that I generate before the market opens. My target is to fill max 5 long and 5 short positions. The script will monitor tickers that are closer than 1% to limit price. Sort them based on their distance to limit orders (if there is more than 5) and submits limit orders on predefined prices. Script will change limit orders if some other markets come closer to its planned limit entry. The aim is to fill as many pre-planned limit orders as possible (and I do not want to have more than 5 long and 5 short orders in the market). The script s...

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