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    80135 php mod for dadjrock S'est terminé left

    Please dont bid.


    A fully integrated web site for a geographical community. Suggestion is INVISION POWER BOARD for forums, along with SQUIRREL MAIL for web mail access. Phase one must include: Site login with unified access to auctions and/or classifieds ads, web-mail, calendar and event notification, site customization, and user forums. Basically, this means INVISION fully loaded with all ad-on modules, and SQ...

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    Interactive Calendar S'est terminé left

    I am looking for an interactive calendar. I want this to be place where a person can check the availability based on date and then be able to reserve services from that person with a form that they fill in. A good example of what I looking for is at I would like this same idea. I want to be able to port this to different people (customers) very easily. I would also like to have a page wh...

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    I need a reservation system for a boat that can handle 16 people per trip. I would like a calendar that is clickable by the day to show trips for that day and also how many reservations there are. I would like the ability for each user to register with requiered information then be able to use thier name and a password to register on subsequent bookings. I need the reservations to be secured by CC...

    80215 forum mod S'est terminé left

    forum mod on an excisting script. very simple!

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    Fix Appointment Book S'est terminé left

    Add recurring appointments: I have already had the basic form created by another coder who did not complete the project, and need some things changed and need this to be functional. You should look at the database and make necessary corrections as I think some reserved names such as date on tbl_appointments should not have been used. Also it was formatted as text and should probably be formatted a...

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    I want a clone of the website [se connecter pour voir l'URL] which is a database driven site written in Coldfusion. I want it cloned in ASP - not Colfusion. The layout can be changed to improve navigation and functionality. There are a number of additional features that need to be quoted for. Additions are in associated file. You will need to register to see the full extent of the features cu...

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    80226 script mod./fix S'est terminé left

    I need the unsubscribe funtion fixed in one of my script must know MySQL and CGI I could eventually get to it myself but I just dont have time and it needs to be finished now. Do not bid if you cant finish this immediately(within hours)...or if you cant provide me exact details of the fix...I need to know exactly where and what was changed! I will choose someone quickly, please be r...

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    Contact Management System S'est terminé left

    "Contact Management System" program in Visual Basic 6.0 for a university level class. The program is to be completed in 4 seperate parts, to be turned in at different times over the course of the class. Each part, however, is to build, and add to, what was done previously. Requirement: Create a CONTACT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM in Visual Basic 6.0 that will query and retrieve information from a ...

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    80266 vBulletin expert S'est terminé left

    Hello, I have a fresh vbulletin forum installed on my web space. I would like you to: Customize and mod the board: A professional but simple look. PM me for example sites. Create a logo/header: I have an idea in mind, it will include a very small amount of animation (flash?) Write a referral/incentive mod: There are similar mods that would probably just have to be tweaked. I want a referral...

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    PocketPC Calendar Control S'est terminé left

    Create Calendar Control Using the Compact Framework and VB.Net using Graphic methods used for cave man Hank in the following GotDotNet samples page: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] Full requirements and description is in the attached Word Document. Please review before bidding. Thanks, Anthony Loera ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as we...

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    80341 Freelancers 2.0 mod. S'est terminé left

    Hi guys. Need small modification for FreeLancers script ( by [se connecter pour voir l'URL]) Here is what have to be done: Only project creator can view profiles of programmers who have paced bids on the project. All other users as well as registered webmasters don`t have permissions to view any user profile. Please programmers who has worked with this script before. I you don`t have ...

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    80352 Freelancer 2 mod S'est terminé left

    Were using freelancer 2 for a unique business. What I need is that the projects can range over $10,000. We feel that it is unfair to charge the freelancer 5% for the larger amounts. What we need is to have the program charge a progressive %. Example would be if the poject is $1.00 to $2,000 it would charge the freelancer 5% if $2,001 to $15,000 it would only be 2% and so on. Thanks Bob

    80360 Calendar Event S'est terminé left

    I would like to have a calendar event done. For more info please look at the zip file attached. Also the programer can change or improve the calendar to make t user friendly. Any suggestion is welcome.

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    We currently have a complete flash site that is complete except for a little bit of coding of forms. The forms include a newsletter, guestbook, contact form, and calendar. All these forms must be in flash and use ASP for the backend. You must have good skills in working with forms within flash. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as com...

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    Simple Order ASP System S'est terminé left

    Simple Order Total Per Office Per Day ASP Report on SQL Server Current Manual System using Excel spreadsheet to be replaced . . . will be provided to programmer Data Entry Screen 1: We already have a login database for all the offices, users and users’ e-mail set up. The programmer could simply add a drop down field to the form with the following rights: 1 ??" administrator of order sys...

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    Outlook Script S'est terminé left

    Outlook 2002 VBA Script Overview: I am looking for a VBA script that will automatically: 1. Convert several public-folder calendars to HTML (as in the the save as HTML function in Outlook) and save each to a particular directory on the local machine. 2. FTP each saved calendar to a specific directory on a web server. Specifics: This script should run at a scheduled time (daily). There are a total ...

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    asp planning S'est terminé left

    We need a complete web planning/calendar application all based on components - Webcalendar similar to aspWebcalendar 3.0 (we can give you the asp scripts to transform in components) - Task list - Gantt representation (we can give you an component but if rebuilt would be better) - Contacts and links database All the application should be based on, webservices...

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    Reservation Calendar Feature S'est terminé left

    I'm currently writing a Internet reservation application and I'm looking for help to add the following features/functions: 1. When given a property id build a calendar for the current month showing vacancies and occupied dates. There should be links to let them view the next month and maybe a drop down menu to select a new month and year. 2. I would also like a function that looks thr...

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    Must have a knowledge of C++ (for a Poom DLL that is required) and (C# or VB.NEt for everything else in the application) you must have access to the Visual Studio 2003 (Final 'Everett' Beta or better) I am requesting the Mobile Thought Manager PIM, be created from patent pending system created by Brainclone Inc. Most of the specifics for the Application, and Stream Calendar, using the Pa...

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    Exchange/Outlook Calendar S'est terminé left

    There is a free sample app that maintains a group calendar in Exchange by using personal calendars sample code here [se connecter pour voir l'URL] In the dll there is code to collect a url and pass it to other controlls. However that wont work for us becuase it uses the windows domain to bulid the url. ALl we want is to just hard code the url that it passes. It may sound esay buy we just dont...

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    personal organiser 2 S'est terminé left

    Mucked up payment options of last one =) here goes again. I've got the design and header files done in c++, just needs coding up. Simple console based c++ program that stores a list of people and their details in an array and also has various reminders like meetings and birthdays and things. The diary/calendar function will allow the user to record ‘events&' on the calendar. Th...

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    Game Server Startup Script S'est terminé left

    Hi guys, I'm looking for someone who will be able to code a script for me.. here's what i'm looking for. It's nothing big, so i'll give a quick outline for what i'm looking for. I need a script (ASP) that can interact with services on the local machine that it will be installed on (win2k/win2k Adv Serv) using IIS. We're starting a very small server hosting compan...

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    80550 Simple Perl Script Mod S'est terminé left

    I already have a perl script that generates a certificate based on user details entered. Need to upgrade script to also generate an unique certificate number to be displayed on printable certificate webpage. Expect many hits and no duplicates numbers allowed so will require file locking of a text file counter. If counter locked (being updated), script should wait and retry until successful before ...

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    Personal organiser S'est terminé left

    I've got the design and header files done in c++, just needs coding up. Simple console based c++ program that stores a list of people and their details in an array and also has various reminders like meetings and birthdays and things. The diary/calendar function will allow the user to record ‘events’ on the calendar. These ‘events’ could be a meeting, a phone call whic...

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    Modification to the current eCommerce script I am using. You are not making a complete new eCommerce script, you are rather enhancing (writing a module) to the one I already have. The Basic goal to make the stock of a product more definable. You will be supplied all needed source codes. Please download the Zip file included if your interested in this project that includes pictures and detail descr...

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    This is a repost. Former coder thought this was a VC control. I need an coder that has good knowledge of Bitblt, StretchBlt, Transparency and using Device Context. Added Plus with Windowless Control but I can help there if needed. I have an Active X control that needs to lose a picture box to go Windowless Control. I'd like the Graphic code to work from a Class Mod. The point in this to use B...

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    80658 Shopping Cart Mod S'est terminé left

    I have a shopping cart that needs a couple mods done. I need to add more shipping options and another option for the item purchased and for some reason I could never get it to work with the secure https server. The winning bidder must load the program on their server and show me that the mods are done and working to my expectations. Again you must have it woking on your server with the needed chan...

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    I've got 8 guys running around town in trucks servicing customers. I've built a simple relational Access '97 database using a customer table, an appointment table and a task table. Right now we have 8 calendars on the wall...even though the appointment table has the same data. I need the appointment table in a graphical format, preferably with drag and drop for the inevitable resche...

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    80681 Learning Site S'est terminé left

    OVERVIEW: I need the "engine" of a learning portal. Test and worksheet builders will be added later. The teacher or parent will be able to create a test/worksheet and save it to one of her customized folders. She can then print it out in PDF fromate or administer it online. The online verision will be scored and the score is transferred to her online gradebook where she can manipulat...

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    Hi, I really need help to write a simple program to handle Outlook calendar copying between different languages! Here is the following I need help with: A function which handle all the copying between an English calendar and our Swedish calendar “Swedish word for calendar is Kalender??. Could anyone help me with this?? ## Deliverables 1) Source code which handle the problem I have!? ##...

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    Commercial Management 3 S'est terminé left

    This is a report demonstrating the use of a SMART Metholdology for Value Management in accordance with the following details. This should include justification of the criteria chosen, and judgements made and a brief evaluation of the SMART methodology: a) Leeds Metropolitan University [LMU](UK) opened a new Learning Centre (Library and IT fecilities) in September 2000. Imagine that you were the va...

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    Library System S'est terminé left

    THE SCENARIO A university library system stores details of its books according to author, title and classification. Each classification code (which describes books on a given topic) takes the form XX999.999 where X represents an alphabetical character and 9 represents a single digit. Multiple copies of each title may exist. Students and staff may borrow books from the library, provided they are re...

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    Simple Popup and Management S'est terminé left

    I need a script mod done for this website: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] I need a javascript writen that will create popups to show each freelancers showcase, like this page: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] ,Thats how the fields will be added to the 'posting page" -- The Page where posts are displayed with have that field added to posts ("potfolio") next to the '...

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    80750 Simple mod to site S'est terminé left

    Need a simple mod to site.

    php - small program mod S'est terminé left

    Require alteration to discussion forum ( version 1.6 downloadable from [se connecter pour voir l'URL] ) using php. Require one additional field to be added to relevant table, field to be called 'closingdate'. Require one additional table to hold specific forum id's or another field in existing table to identify forum id's that are to have closing date. When [se connecter p...

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    80766 Mod to Freelancer S'est terminé left

    I have an older version of freelancer running and was going to upgrade to the 2.0. I have some mods done on the [se connecter pour voir l'URL] script that I also need in the new 2.0 version. I would like to get it done asap. so I may upgrade this weekend so not to disturb the site during the week. Thanks Bob

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    This is a fun project to use simple code for A beginner in Visual Basic 6.0 to understand. Connecting Visual Basic (VB) to Data Files PART I: Create a Microsoft Access database with the following fields: · ID Number · Date Added · Last Name · First Name and Middle Initial · Address (2 lines) · City · State · ZIP Code · Telephone Number...

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    Appointment Book S'est terminé left

    This program is now reposted. The project files are posted here as an attachment. You will be able to see what has been previously done, as well as what does and does not work. Currently the date possibly needs to be reformatted as the user enters the date as text. The date appears on recurring but at the end of the grid and not on the time expected. [se connecter pour voir l'URL] will be abl...

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    Database Calendar S'est terminé left

    Create a link from Access database to Outlook calendar. Query or table containing client, location, start date and number of days (to create end date) and show the results in an Outlook calendar. I need to be able to "drag and drop" in the calendar and have the database changed to the resulting start date. By dragging and dropping I mean I want to use the Outlook calendar to reschedule b...

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    Office Client Scheduler S'est terminé left

    My client offers a service with frequent repeat customers. He wants his clients to be able to schedule their schedule their own visits online. Users would need to be able to set up a new username and password on the site. The clients would then book their own appointments based on what time slots were shown to be available on the calendar for the upcoming months. The doctors would need the ability...

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    Calendar S'est terminé left

    I want a program that displays in the screen a monthly calendar (showing day by day, month by month); between years 2000 to 2010. It should be programmed in C++ (Borland C++ or Visual C++); should have at least two classes and simple to understand. The whole program should be doccumented and the classes explained ( what each of them does). I want this format when requiring information from the use...

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    I need a check all option or just a simple text link that will let me approve all posts, so I dont have to manually check each box to approve posts. I get about 500 posts a day and it really sucks to check each one to approve. It is a php page. Really easy job.

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    This is a fun project to use simple code for A beginner in Visual Basic 6.0 to understand. Connecting Visual Basic (VB) to Data Files PART I: Create a Microsoft Access database with the following fields: · ID Number · Date Added · Last Name · First Name and Middle Initial · Address (2 lines) · City · State · ZIP Code · Telephone Number...

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    I've got a custom SQL Server 2000 database that drives a calendar application in a multi-user environment. The front end is ColdFusion 5.0. The client also runs MS Exchange Server 2000, using Outlook as the client, with Outlook Web Access (OWA) turned on. In a nutshell, I want the two of them to talk to each other. The SQL calendar database has a category of events called "personal"...

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    80904 Mod-ReWrite S'est terminé left

    Requesting modifications to our Apache httpdoc file to create parsed URL's generated by our message boards. I have seen sevearl ways to do this, and am looking for the most effecient, both in cost and results. We are a not-for-profit directory of alcoholism, addiction and mental health resources and want our Message Board URLs indexed by the search engines. Thanks in advance.

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    add below field and option in the signup form and record it as member information in [se connecter pour voir l'URL] and can be viewed and update by member and admin panel [se connecter pour voir l'URL] SITE INFORMATION website url field:1,2,3,4,5(can be filled at most 5 site) website [se connecter pour voir l'URL] INFORMATION Payment Method:Check PayPal egold(select menu) PayPal ...

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    I need a script that will give me a web front-end to input performance dates (it's for a music site). I need to be able to have several fields (date, venue, ticket cost, etc) in this, and display it on a main page (not by month, or week, but the complete list). I need the dates that have already passed to stop displaying after they have expired (after a time that I can set stipulate myself). ...

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    I need a php script and 6 mods installed.

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    Very Complicated Game Engine S'est terminé left

    We need a coder for a certain period of time to code a game engine for us. What is involved is basically a game. We can do models, maps, etc. We just have so many ideas that our brains can't grasp the right C++ code to use it. This involves making a custom game engine. Basically we are making a Dragonball Z standalong game which it will be a MMORPG. Any help would be appreciated. NEW- YOU SHO...

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