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    Bonjour, recherche developpeur C embarqué sur ESP32 pour application de visualisation et graphique et wifi embarqué. Pour plus de détail me contacter

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    Petit programme en C pour esp32 S'est terminé left

    Projet personnel : on a plusieurs led que l'on veut allumer à des moments différents L'esp32 reçoit les informations du moniteur série (image), il faut parser le JSON qui contient la configuration (date, heures, minutes, box= led) , l'enregistrer sur une carte SD (liaison SPI) pour ensuite executer les configurations au moment voulu. Un accompagnement en écran partagé me convient aussi

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    Bonjour, je suis sur un projet utilisant un Arduino, écran I2C et une interface iot Tuya. Mesure de 6 valeurs analogique, et 4 entrées digital 4 sorties digitale. A envoyé/recevoir sur l'écran 16x2 et sur l'interface Tuya. Mes connaissances étant limitées j'ai besoin des services d'un développeur m'aidant à continuer le développement du programme Arduino et de la communication vers la puce tywe3s Tuya. Je dispose d'une documentation.

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    Codez un logiciel S'est terminé left

    Faire le dialogue d'un accéléromètre LIS3DH en i2c et un uc STM32l0. L'informaticien a l'obligation de résider en France.

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    Bonjour. 40075 est une association 1901avec pour objet la pr...thermostaté. Le tout étant minuté, séparé en plusieurs étapes. Nous avons crée un prototype qui n'attend maintenant plus que son application Python. Un raspberry Pi sera utilisé pour gérer la partie logicielle et informatique. Les sorties GPIO seront donc utilisées pour entrées et sorties. Je cherche un codeur en python qui sache gérer : - Python, - Tkinter, - GPIO Python, - 1-wire et I2C, - Notions d'électronique appliquée., Le processus lui-même est déjà pensé, les bouts de code python assez aisés à trouver, ne reste plus qu'a assembler le tout !...

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    I already set up this project and running well (ESP-Now protocol, senders in deep-sleep mode, receiver works as a webserver in softAP mode, etc). In the attached photo you can see an ESP32 break-out board working as a sender. The main issue I have is the small range of all that (only around 15 meters)

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    ESP32 Firmware development - modify a to make it works with multiple receivers on multiple input pins.

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    Contact only if you already have OTA CODE ESP32 BLE and flutter code. I need OTA with ESP32 BLE through FLUTTER APP.

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    Hello,i am looking for guys who could implement drone navigation control, sensor fusion,task allocation, collision avoidance and data sharing between drones for my project for my project. The sensors include GPS, multiple lidar Sensor (i2c line), HD camera etc. The ideal processor platform on the drones would be FPGA running linux on it and connected to multiple sensors. I would reveal more details via chat. The freelancer should propose their idea via chat. Only the control algorithm needs to be designed and implemented.

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    ...advert data is working. Only I am nog able to send dynamic values for this one: completeRawAdvertisingData[] = {0x02,0x01}; So need the sketch changed so I can send both 0x02,0x01 (if motion) and 0x01,0x02, (if no motion) See code below: #include <ArduinoBLE.h> //************** #include <LSM6DS3.h> #include <Wire.h> //Create a instance of class LSM6DS3 LSM6DS3 myIMU(I2C_MODE, 0x6A); //I2C device address 0x6A float aX, aY, aZ, gX, gY, gZ; const float accelerationThreshold = 1.5; // threshold of significant in G's const int numSamples = 60; int samplesRead = numSamples; //******************* BLEService myService("fff0"); BLEIntCharacteristic myCharacteristic("fff1", BLERead | BLEBroadcast); // Advertising parameters should h...

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    Hello guys, I am looking for skilled FPGA programmer who could implement machine learning (object detection & classification) of tiny metal objects etc on a FPGA SOM module. The FPGA will detect object using data from high resolution camera's (not less than 720P) usb port/camera interface,lidar module (atleast 6 sensor) & ultrasonic sensor module (atleast 7 sensor) i2c line and will be connected to servo motor and BLDC motor ESC. The FPGA should output in low latency H.264/H.265 format with AES 256 encryption/similar. More details will be revealed via chat. The freelancer is free to choose an ideal cost effective FPGA SoM module for this task. Please don't apply if you can't complete the task or unsure about your capacity to match the development tas...

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    ...QGC to control underwater drones. A first task would be to send the IMU data from the robotics cape to the QGC using the MavLink protocol and display the physical orientation of the drone. Later we need to be able to close loop control up to 8 thrusters via ESCs (PWM) with IMU feedback, interface various equipment via UART (CAN driver, RS485 driver) and integrate additional PWM controllers via I2C. See the attached image of the high level architecture. You will be assisted by an english/german speaking control systems engineer. Description of the robotics cape for the Beaglebone Black: !board-features Documentation for the API: Source Code with examples:

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    Hola, Tengo una esp32 conectada a un modulo led rgb, también tengo un calbe conectado a uno de los pines. Hice un codigo que cada vez que toco el pin, el led prende el color que deseo que prenda: si toque el cable 1 vez se prende el verde, si toque el cable otra vez se prende el rojo, si toco el cable nuevamnete se prende el azul y si toco nuevamente el cable, el led se apaga y vuelve y repite. La idea es conectarlo con los skill de amazon para que cuando le diga a Alexa que cambie el color, lo haga, y si lo toco con el cable, cambie según como lo describí arriba. Los cambios de color deben almacenarse en una bd: debe ir la fecha y el color que cambió. Gracias

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    I want to learn completely about Handling and programming MCU peripherals. Driver development from scratch for GPIO SPI I2C USTART Programming for microcontroller Writing frivers for STM32 GPIO USTART

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    Arduino help needed 3 jours left

    Hello developers I need help setting up servo motor with ESP32 s2. Will discuss more details in chat. Thanks.

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    get 3 ADC inputs and 1 I2C sensor into the module: https://www.amazon.de/LoRaWAN-Entwicklungsboard-ASR6501-Consumption-Intelligent-siehe-abbildung/dp/B07ZH7NL38/ref=sr_1_3?__mk_de_DE=%C3%85M%C3%85%C5%BD%C3%95%C3%91&crid=1L0TLV6QKD8MK&keywords=cubecell+dev-board+v1&qid=1669797214&sprefix=cubecell+dev-board+v1%2Caps%2C80&sr=8-3 into in Europein frequency data only 1 per hour for low power demand. later in next order program extension to irrigation control like:

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    Hi Deep K., Hi Deep K., I'm looking for someone to help me with my project I'm doing on an ESP32 using WIFI AP and ESPNOW with a WEBSERVER interface 1. Communications of all ESP32s from the ESPNOW network to each other on events such as trigger input. 2. Communications between ESPNOW network and Webserver on a MASTER ESP32 now it only works in one direction so the master sends signals they execute but I have no tracing of the execution. 3. Interfacing with Android smartphone APP you should help me receive external inputs via WIFI server and respond to the execution of the required processes. Kind regards Philip

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    ...Embedded hardware components to be provided/used: ESP32, ZigBeePro v3 - Device communications: Bluetooth (Device setup), WiFi (WAN telemetry), ZigBee (mesh network) - Programming requirements: C programming, Arduino IDE, TCP/IP, HTTP/JSON, experience with GraphQL (API endpoint) *** ADDITIONAL PROJECT DETAILS *** - Refer to our Request for Quote for more detailed information regarding this firmware project, which includes user requirements, technical requirements and other specifics for the purposes of you to understand our requirements and project scope in order to accurately quote: - Refer to attached file "ESP32 FOOTPRINT" and "esp-32-yd_schematics" to understand

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    ...application (React Native app) where they operate the device (get sensor reading, open/close valve, start/stop pump, ping device to check if it's online) and then via mobile app UI interactions, commands are sent to the Gateway (via Web API) before being broadcasted by the Gateway on the farm so the intended device receives this instruction *** TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS *** - Hardware components: ESP32 + Digi XBee 3 PRO (2.4 Ghz Zigbee 3.0) - Device communication: Bluetooth (Device setup), WiFi (WAN telemetry), ZigBee v3/Xbee (mesh network), MQTT/JSON - Development/programming requirements: C programming (required), Arduino IDE (desirable), experience with GraphQL (Web API endpoint), AWS IoT (MQTT broker) *** ADDITIONAL PROJECT DETAILS *** - Refer to our Request for Quo...

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    Need someone Expert for ESP32 BLE to optimize our BLE code for Final production produce. We want to ensure flawless BLE working.

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    Code need to work on Arduino IDE with espressif/arduino-esp32 1.0.6 I need to detect a very fast pulse end moment (10-15ms lenght) but since ESP32 takes +200ms to start up, it's must be done from wake stubs 1. Esp32 it's in deep sleep or hibernation mode 2. HIGH pulse interrupt and wake up 3. Wake stub looking for LOW/Falling 4. Wake stub detect LOW/Falling , take the time into variable and wake up as normal 5. Normal operation, print how many microseconds elapesed from LOW time Note: Your stub code must be boot up in less 10ms, otherwise it will not be able to capture the moment from HIGH to LOW Use what ever gpio number for interrupt (DEVKIT-C) Image included for better understanding

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    ...project that I am working on. What I want you to do is to check the files that I have already made using Nextion Editor and Arduino to talk to each other. I'd like you to check them, improve them in terms of looks, operation and help me with what's undone. Basic idea is we have a display and Arduino and we want them to talk to each other all time and make the changes on Arduino side, I also have an I2C based battery fuel gauge IC so I'd like you to help me to track it's SOC as well. If you are someone who has worked with Nextion Displays and can do this, kindly bid. I'd prefer it if you have the display at your end and can test the firmware on Arduino and test the HMI interface on the display parallely. Looking forward to hear from you. If possible, ...

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    Project for ESP32 S&#039;est terminé left

    The project consists in writing professional code to flash into an ESP32 development board. Specifications: The code must be able to make the board perform the following tasks: - Connect via Bluetooth with a phone or other device (laptop or tablet) and configure the wifi settings to let the board connect to the internet. o It must be possible to configure this page with a personalized logo and background - Once the Wifi has been set, the board shall remain connected to the chosen wifi network, and if the connection is lost, it should be able to try connecting again at regular intervals until the connection is restored - If, for some reason, the board freezes or goes idle, it has to be able to reset by itself, looking again for the connection Additional conditions: - The code m...

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    esp32 ota implementation S&#039;est terminé left

    i want to implement ota on esp32 using thingsboard . we need to program on espressif

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    Need small Microchip PIC32 Firmware S&#039;est terminé left

    On the PIC32MK MCJ Curiosity board with MPLAB X IDE Need a small firmware that uploads on the device and displays a menu when connected with tera term When menu is selected initialise and read from GPIO Pins using I2C and SPI Protocols. Only contact if you have worked with Microchip PIC32 Boards and MPLAB X IDE

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    esp32 5$/hour work for many tasks S&#039;est terminé left

    multiple project task based work for long term please specify you agree to 5$/h

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    Mobile application project for Android, work with my custom controller with ESP32-wroom. All nececery data can be set via mobile application. Conection via WiFi.

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    Hi, We already have a working recorder which saves wav files to an SD card (CPU already reduced to 80Mhz). Worked great but we need to lower the power consumption (Now: 30mA). I wish to get less than 5mA. Hardware: Digital mic (I2S or PDM) and SD card connected to a ESP32 I am pretty sure it is possible to record wav files in light sleep mode. Here is what i have in mind using I2S in the example. But not 100% sure if that works: - In light sleep mode the I2S interface writes data from the I2S microphone to a buffer (I hope that DMA or any other memory is accessible) - A timer wakes up the main CPU when the buffer is full which writes the data to the SD card - I2S and the main CPU can't have access to the same buffer at the same time. So once the timer triggered. I2S starts ...

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    ESP32 Expert - EasyEDA and ESP-IDF S&#039;est terminé left

    I am the CEO of PeakProductDevelopment and we are building the IoT system. The prototype was completed. We need the full stack engineer with strong experience in EasyEDA and ESP-IDF to update the existing hardware. The system will be upgraded and the engineer need to work on developing other modules. The product uses ESP32-C3 MCU and TB6600 stepper motor driver. And the firmware is developed by ESP-IDF.

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    ESP32 Expert - EasyEDA and ESP-IDF S&#039;est terminé left

    I am the CEO of PeakProductDevelopment and we are building the IoT system. The prototype was completed. We need the full stack engineer with strong experience in EasyEDA and ESP-IDF to update the existing hardware. The system will be upgraded and the engineer need to work on developing other modules. The product uses ESP32-C3 MCU and TB6600 stepper motor driver. And the firmware is developed by ESP-IDF.

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    HW op-amp circuit S&#039;est terminé left

    A hardware development is required. Sensor used for input: piezoelectric Microcontroller used to receive the amplified sound: ESP32. Output voltage range: 0-3.3V. Midpoint Bias near V=1.65V Operational Amplifier model: we will define it before start the project. Battery used: 1x3.7V or 1x9V Software to use: KiCad. Any other software for simulate it (for example LTspice).

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    Convert STM32 code to RPI S&#039;est terminé left

    Write a code for implement a digital vacuum sensor with RPi4 I2C. Already exists a ST32 dedicated code, so it could be converted into RPi4 format. Also I have my prior version that doesn't work, and can share for just correct it. Code shall use RPi4's SDA and SCL to get raw data. Attached is STM32 code for sensor. If you're not RPi4 I2C coding expert, please don't bid.

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    desarrollo y ensamble de PCB S&#039;est terminé left

    Aplicacion: Wifi 2.4ghz Datalogger de temperatura y humedad con sensor I2C Temperature & Humidity Sensor (Waterproof Probe) y controlador ESP32 ESP32-WROVER-IE-N4R8. *Caja IP65, de ser posible seleccionar una caja comercial para adaptarle la placa *PCB entra en caja IP54 o 65 , la antena queda afuera de la caja *funcionamiento previsto con baterias. *Antena para 2.4ghz *Botones RST y program del esp32 mediante jumper. *Leds indicadores de encendido, upload, estado *Componentes SMD. *Placa rectangular.

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    Hi I am searching Esp32 programmer on esp tool for programming Connect me first then we will discuss non project

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    I made an ESP32 receiver-webserver program (ESP-now protocol in Arduino IDE) but what is missing from my code is the following: I want when we make a refresh on the receiver's webpage the data to be preserved (imagine that 10 senders for example send each of them just a string as their own id for being recognized by the receiver and a char message like "free" or "duty" which make the corresponding region-square for the particular sender green (free) or red (duty) on receiver's webpage. What now happens is: If I refresh the page all the squares start from green. I thought as a solution: the senders to send every for example 30sec the last message that they have sent but that means the senders all the time are awaken up (via timer) so as to send again the...

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    I2C protocol implementation in VHDL S&#039;est terminé left

    I want to use accelerometer sensor on FPGA, in order to do that I need I2C protocol implementation in VHDL so I can continue my work on the project. I want the module to get the address of the sensor + bit for R/W , and the internal register address of the sensor, and get the data by reading, or write to the register.

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    M2M development S&#039;est terminé left

    Integrate GPRS module in an old project with a specific pcb shape. Input connectors: 1 GPIO 1 termistor NTC 1 UART/I2C

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    ASCOM Device Driver for Dome S&#039;est terminé left

    I require a Device Driver creating using the ASCOM Development software 6.6 with SP1 the driver is to control an Observatory dome with two simple commands, Open & Close the driver will interface with an ESP32 microcontroller that controls the Dome. the program and UI for the ESP32 is completed.

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    PCB with HX711 and ESP32 S&#039;est terminé left

    ...have already created a prototype with an ESP32 WROOM from AZ-Delivery + HX711 Loadcell + LCD + 2 Input Buttons with proven Sourcode for ESP32 and the corespondening PWA-BLE Application. Now I want to create PCB layout to build 10 Prototypes. We just want have everything integratet on a small PCB (without Pinheader from Prototyping Boards) with predefined maximum dimensions: 1 x Micro USB-B Socket for Powering and Programming (wich should overlap the PCB to integrate into housing) 2 x LED-Outs (accessible via GPIO) 1 x Screw-Terminals (for each HX711, with E+, E-, A+ A- ) 4 x Mounting holes 1x I2C Pinout 1x 3.3V / GND Pinout 1x 5V Pinout for HX711 1x 2x16 LCD Display Optional - Connector for LiPo (charging trough Micro USB-B Socket) - I2C Display ...

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    Desarrollo HW con 2G S&#039;est terminé left

    Crear el schematic y PCB para un dispositivo compuesto por ESP32 y MC60 de Quectel. Hay 3 entradas: 1 análogo, 1 GPIO, 1 I2C. Batería externa de 3.6V PCB de una sola capa. La dimensión y formato de la placa ya la tengo definida. Software: KICAD. El entregable es el proyecto completo, incluyendo el BOM de Mouser. Los demás detalles se proporcionarán una vez comenzado el proyecto.

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    Create system with ESP32 and a relay module.

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    Failed to find MPU6050 chip S&#039;est terminé left

    Failed to find the MPU6050 chip I just want to know, where to connect the SCL and SDA pins of MPU6050 in ESP32 C3. And if the code works and shows readings great. But if not I need to know what to do next to get the readings to work for my PCB

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    Help me "translate" this library: from Arduino Due to ESP32 I have few Tesla batteries with the integrated BMS, also the connectors, etc, so I can test the setup in real time. However, I do not have the know-how to port this library to the ESP32. I would need most importantly at least the following functionality: - read each "cell" voltage from the battery module (7S) - read the temperature - read the fault codes (if any) - start/stop the balancing Please read the description on the github page, also there are several hints here: Thanks! best regards,

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    Main Controller PCB S&#039;est terminé left

    We developed PCB Design of Main controller Which is ESP32 base for you .

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    Diseño y fabricación de circuitos electrónicos/PCB. - Programación de sistemas embebidos y microcontroladores (esp32, arduino, stm32...). - Programación de aplicaciones en lenguaje PYTHON y C. - Bases de datos relacionales y no relacionales. - Instrumentación electrónica y laboratorio (métodos de soldadura, uso de aparamenta electrónica y mediciones, interpretación de los datos...). - Tratamiento de datasheets. - Desarrollo IoT: sensores y plataformas CLOUD. - Desarrollo de memorias para patentes y modelos de utilidad electrónica. - Certificaciones electrónicas (marcado ce, compatibilidad electromagnética, grado de protección ip, ensayos...). - Programación de Redes Neuronales (I...

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    ...situation: ESP32-S3-WROOM-1 is to send and receive data via MQTT QoS 1. WiFi: Entry of credentials in the web portal via initial access point (no hard coding of credentials) Protocoll: MQTT with "Quality of Service" 1 MQTT Broker: HiveMQ Data to be sent Publisher 1 (topic: /chip-id/stat/....) 1. temperature value e.g. 22.3°C 2. temperature setpoint e.g. 25°C 3. configuration parameter in piece e.g.: 1,0,-5,2,50,8 Data to be sent Publisher 2 (can be done via MQTT Explorer, topic: /chip-id/cmd/....) 1. temperature set point e.g. 24.0°C 2. configuration parameter in piece e.g.: 1,0,-5,2,23,7 If the Publisher 2 sends changed data, these are to be taken over from Publisher 1. MCU: ESP32-S3-WROOM-1 IDE: PlatformIO VS code Framework: Arduino/RTOS The f...

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    CAN Binary to PWM Conversion Code S&#039;est terminé left

    Need to read two CAN Bus 8 bit binary values and convert to 0~255 PWM value. PWM logic will control two motor systems with incremental resolution ESP32 controller

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    I need to change Teensy 4.0 in my project to ESP32 or STM32F104 (blue pill). Actual firmware is Arduino. My project use external EEPROM, Canbus, few I/O pins, UART for communicate with Nextion display. Please look on code in attachment.

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    Development of a PCB that has one ESP32 one WiFi and one Lora chip. As well as a POE Power supply and a 24V Power supply. Antenna selectable for either the Lora or the WiFi. USB Pin connecter to Programm the ESP. And Pin connector Rails to connect to the ESP Pins (Input Output) Using KiCAD for the Development would be nice but not mandatory. Creating BOM LIst of all Components and checking avalibility on the Market. I attach some samples this is about what we need but this Development does not work and it is not very good made but maybe it helps to understand what we need.

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    ODB2 protocol in Arduino with ESP32 S&#039;est terminé left

    We need to read any car data with ODB protocol and ESP32.

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