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    ...can run per month basis. It is also a very easy job. Hardly it will take 2-3 hours work per week. Excellent opportunity for Part-timers. My niche is Occult, Paganism, Black Magick etc. Second Part will be paid on hourly basis. If you understand the whole project clearly, then only you may bid. Please mention separate price for both parts. Your bid price

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    ...a young, vibrant company. IS THERE A WAY TO INCORPORATE the '3' INTO THE DESIGN? Maybe a third eye. THREE EYES? key words are: BLACK WHITE URBAN MAGICK INDUSTRIAL STYLE MINIMAL UNIQUE ATTITUDE FRESH This is something open to interpretations. The company will be producing video and digital creative content but also branching

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    Simple PHP script which: Coding in PHP Using PHP / Image MagicK (unless any better PHP scripts) 1) Takes Input file small image [login to view URL] 2) Trims it / Cut the white around the edges 3) Double the image Horizontal, FLIP it Horozontal (makes this easy to tile, no obvious join lines) 4) Double the whole

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    ...parameters. For someone good in mongo, this should be a matter of few hours only. Please check the attached files and when you are answering to my job post, please return the 4 magick words in the first line of the file [login to view URL] Looking forward your bids!...

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    I need someone who helps me to create a mongoDB aggregation pipline. I tried on myself, but mong...create a function in my app and send the user and the feature as parameters. Please check the attached files and when you are answering to my job post, please return the 4 magick words in the first line of the file [login to view URL] Looking forward your bids!

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    Description 1) Develop an web page on CoreUI f...framework documentation: [login to view URL] Other Tools: ● OpenCV: [login to view URL] ● Numpy: [login to view URL] ● PDF Miner: [login to view URL] ● Image Magick: [login to view URL] (Constrained Based Algorithm to figure out where the line is at)

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    Need someone to script and code various mathematical formulas in text files.

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    Freelancer must have expertise in the following: 1. Code Igniter 2. Image Magick 3. PHP Please provide quote for custom design of the attached mention website with the following: New custom website design. New look - website to look modern. Mobile responsive. Functionality the same (upload files, preview frames, payment etc). Content same

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    Task: Build a software where a user can post an image to o...displacement map. 3) Lastly, the third layer is the top layer. We will provide a rendering of the product with the specular reflections (if any), and a mask. We then need Image Magick to distort the image according to the displacement mapping and combine it with the other renderings.

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    Hello, I am looking for someone to teach me how to install imagemagick and magick++, and any installation in general, how to deal with the dependencies, etc. on Debian.

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    I am looking for someone to : - install imagemagick and magick++ on Debian - explain me how to install in general on Debian (dependancies, ...)

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    ...recommended) Cleanness of design I also want minimum plugins that slow down the speed. Menu: Obviously, change the top menu to a new deign. Also, I want to rename Order Magick page to Buy Spells... Orthography: I would like to transform current PlutoCraft orthography to the example in here: [login to view URL] Font, sizes, etc

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    Hi, We need someone to install incron - monitory folder changes and image magick - create multiple copies of the uploaded image to a folder and output it to a new folder. Need this to be done through TeamViewer. Experienced devs only! Regards,

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    I need a logo designed. Simple illustration design of stars in a jar. Authentic and stand out. Company is called Sweet Magick.

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    I am launching a website for a new tradition in Magick (esoteric research and divination using the Tai Hsuan Ching and New Stone-Star Tarot under development). I require an attractive wallpaper-like graphic (at least 1600 x 800 in size) which conveys the power of magic in Words, Technology, and the mysterious Tai Hsuan symbol. To fit my design aesthetic

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    ...Theres a tradition of mages in the rpg called Euthanatos intimately devoted to death, destiny and karma. Their sigil has an ohm-like symbol. They Draw upon a prime sphere of magick called Entropy which has a symbol shaped like a 4 with an arrow through it. A tattoo with the ohm-like symbol as the dominant shape with a norse style tracing the entropy symbol

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    23 offres the site isn't working properly. Please help with restoring the original which I understand is possible but I've not been able to do. I also need to set up with Click Magick to track Pay Per Leads using a software called List Profit Generator. I don't want to try either without further guidance so if possible please could you either guide me

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    I need some interesting articles written in a friendly tone about Witchcraft, Wise Men and Wise Women, Magick and the nature of Paganism. I require 10 articles written in a blog post format. Articles need to be provided in plain text with no formatting. These articles are to be written in a friendly tone catering to an audience who may or may

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    ...started, but it just needs refined at this point. Please only respond or quote us after you've reviewed this project. Here's what we've done so far... [login to view URL] Items still needing to be done. 1. New backgrounds sized for the different screens [login to view URL] 2. Skin the search box to look exactly

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    ...structure and substance of the text Please take into consideration that I make some spelling errors on purpose due to my choice and here is an EG: I spell magic with a 'K' so magick, magickal, magickally I spell some animals within my world different bird I spell with two 'R's so Birrd I spell wolf with two 'F's so Wolff just to name a few!

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    ...Platform, Amazon Webservices (AWS)
 Client Bootstrap, jQuery, A JAX, JSON, CSS (Sass or LESS) Library Apache Tiles, Apache Shiro, Image/Videos/Docs Process Libraries (e.g. Image Magick) and Document Parsers (e.g. Apache Tika) Building Maven Testing Selenium Webservice RESTful, SOAP...

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    We use a program called image magick from [login to view URL] to resize the images. Some of our menu display thumbnails are not proportional in size. I need to have them display as more uniform sizes.

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    We have a logo which is now 10 years old,...and refresh the old logo.. need sophisticated modern logo we specialize in fabrication and installation of Natural Stone Countertops and Quartz . The company name is Magick Marble & Granite Attached are the logo and the name of the company and this is the old website [login to view URL] thanks

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    We are looking to generate multiple images on our serve...install any program/script as necessary. We can do it in flash/ canvas and set it up that we setup a template in flash and use URL to dictate text and fields. Or we can do Image Magick etc. WITH YOUR BID: Mention if you can : curve text break text into lines add images to background

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    We are looking to generate multiple images on our serve...install any program/script as necessary. We can do it in flash/ canvas and set it up that we setup a template in flash and use URL to dictate text and fields. Or we can do Image Magick etc. WITH YOUR BID: Mention if you can : curve text break text into lines add images to background

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    We are looking to generate multiple images on our serve...install any program/script as necessary. We can do it in flash/ canvas and set it up that we setup a template in flash and use URL to dictate text and fields. Or we can do Image Magick etc. WITH YOUR BID: Mention if you can : curve text break text into lines add images to background

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    Integral Magic(TM) is a new system of esoteric science which provides a new way to integrate I Ching, Astrology, Tarot, Numerology, Sacred Geography, and more in a comprehensive fashion. Its symbols are the Tai Hsuan, an ancient Chinese symbol depicting a trifold unity to the Kosmos (not just Yin/Yang, but Yin/Yang/You), and the Lo Shu Magic Square, another ancient Chinese symbol which depicts...

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    I need a T-Shirt module for my website. I currently have upload modules for coffee mugs, phone cases, ...T-Shirt module for my website. I currently have upload modules for coffee mugs, phone cases, clocks, pillows...etc... now I want t-shirts. You will need to know image magick and php and opencart 2.0 My opencart has been highly modified.

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    The title of the blog: The Integral Cauldron Themes: magic, magick, technology, spirituality, wholism Purpose: the blog's logo needs to be suitable for New Age Philosophy

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    21 propositions a quick iOS development project. We have an application written in Objective-C that needs a few additional features. The app is social networking app for those studying magick/shamanic anthropology. • Implement the messages screens (inbox , view message, and compose message) ([login to view URL]) • Implement

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    I have a database with various items. each item has a cell in the database that contains a URL of an image, which is located on a third party server. I need a script that will take each of those images, and save them in an optimized picture format (Whether .jpg or .png), will resize them according to a width that I define, and a matching proportional height, and will save them in a folder on m...

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    Looking for a writer to produce a short book (Approx. 14,000 words) covering Occult/Magickal instruction. MS will need to include an introduction, various spells (covering topics such as love, money, success, protection, etc.) and should include both 'white' and 'black' Magickal operations. If possible, some of the authors own experiences should be briefly summised as app...

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    ...jpg) what contain almost what we want see on home page. Not need remake all from scratch, get the info about blocks and conent from files bellow and using your designers magick create home page layout. P.S 1) name and logo in process, so leave it blank (placeholder) 2) produt pictures all have white background 3) pls test your fonts on cyrillic

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    ImageMagick users: I need you to write a script which takes a pdf (see attached image) which has 3 columns of 8 rows of equally sized & equally spaced images, and saves each of the 24 images with a unique_file_name.png. I will use VBA to call the script on a local Windows machine. The unique name needs to be passed to the script. For example, if I passed the name “example” to the ...

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    ...web server to AWS using the [login to view URL] We want a Micro LAMP Stack with Mysql to be created and then have FTP loaded along with PERL and some extra PERL Modules (Image Magick, Dat: CALC ) We also want to have sendmail installed. Initially we want to be able to load and test one website (HTML / PERL / MYSQL) which we will load, however we want

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    Need someone with good knowledge on php and specially image magick for a small project. Purpose of project is to combine png images and make into one. the net result image will depend on some parameters like number of images to be combined, placement etc.

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    This is URGENT! I have SSH Access and all other known requirements for this project. I need GhostScript and ImageMagick installed to my 1and1 hosted server. My new website will be built with Prestshop and one of the modules I have had developed needs both GhostScript and ImageMagick. I will need proof of both being successfully installed as the website is currently still under development an...

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    Hello! Need script or your option solutions. Look at attach image. 3 Steps In my opinion: STEP 1: Select section (Trending or page 1 url - trending+cit...trending+city) YP Select section (Caregory) my WP STEP2: Select City (or page 1 url - trending+city) YP Select City my WP STEP3: Push Button -> Processing.... --->Wow! Magick!

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    he task is to create a 'magicke ball' game where the user inputs either L or R (left or right) and sends the ball down a series of switches which are either on or off, the user then receives an output of 1 or 0 based on weather the ball reached the exit or not. IT HAS TO BE CONSOLE BASED The user can either input one Input and get one Output, or input a sequence of Inputs and get ...

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    I have a dedicated server running CENTOS 6.6 x86_64 and i need somebody experienced to install Ghostscript and Image Magick for a website i am building. Please only bid on this job if you have the relevant experience and not if you think you can do it. My budget for this is £40

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    ... PDF:API2 NET::FTP GD Parse::Excel XML::RSS Encode FastCGI DBI DBD::MySQL Image::Magick v6.6, freetype, libpng-devel PerlMagick ImageMagick-devel ImageMagic-perl openssl-devel perl-XML-Parser

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    ...task of fetching the image from s3, runng crop and resize and then putting it back. All works well but it can be a bit slow. We want someone to replace our usage of graphics magick with [login to view URL] this vips based lib which is said to be significantly faster. we need you to take our worker as is, make the changes, and then give it

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    Hello, i need someone to add effects to an image that gets generated on my website using IMAGE MAGICK. i need someone with experience in image magick and website implementation as well as basic coding skills. I want the effect on the image to look METALLIC, either silver or gold. Need it done ASAP

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    We have an unreleased iPhone app in a private GitHub repository that needs a few extra features implemented. The app is for ceremonial/Solomonic magick enthusiasts. Specifically, the app allows users to share their experiences summoning each of the 72 Spirits mentioned in the Lesser Key of Solomon ([login to view URL])

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    Trophy icon Facebook Profile Picture Ended

    Create a Facebook Profile Picture for Clothing Store using the attached file. Either use the glow, or regular, or make a ve...the glow, or regular, or make a version with each. If you can make it look good with the current cover-photo, that's a bonus! ([login to view URL]) Topic: Occult, Thelema, Magick, Esoteric, Clothes, Hand-Drawn Designs, Fashion.

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    ** PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE BRIEF - THERE IS IMPORTANT INFORMATION CONTAINED WITHIN IF YOU WANT TO BID ** This is a book which I own full copyright on, however I want to rewrite it so that the people who have stolen parts of it from the book and published it online have out of date content. It should be well written, by native English speakers as there are some items in there which require a ...

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    ...for duplicated page if generated (by checking the example I don't think is necessary..) I'm on a dedicated, perl version: This is perl, v5.8.8 built for i686-linux Image Magick installed: Version: ImageMagick 6.7.1-7 2013-09-05 Q16 h So, please: - see the attached code, with working demo, and with not-working version on my website - pm me

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    ...the user opens the camera, it will find the border of them(page detection) and take the rectangle shape from the image. You can use any open source library like openCV, image magick or GPUImage. Please if you have any experience about that, give an offer for that project. Before you take this project, you need to show a simple demo and send it as a ipa

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    I am looking to have an image editor built in javascript compatible with mvc framework. The image editor needs to support -Layers -Adding Multiple Images -Image Fi...Multiple Images -Image Filtering (brightness/contrast, saturation, etc) -Text overlay -saving to single image I am fine with the use of an image library, such as image magick.

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