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    Project Outline: I would like quotes from Authorware developers for a CBT project. The company is a manufacturing business in the North West of England. They would like to test CBT in their company and would therefore like a small prototype constructed to test on their shop floor personnel. The CBT would be run on Windows 98 or higher on high spec machines across their network or solely on a te...

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    Lock-down PC App(repost) S'est terminé left

    Our company needs a small app to act as a screen saver. This however will not be an actual screen saver but a simple application that will run in the background of any machine logged on to our network. The reason I say screen saver is because we want the ability to show different pictures (or messages if you will) of our company policies while the machine is locked down. Here are the attributes: -...

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    78944 Linux Server Migration S'est terminé left

    We are in the process of changing hosting providers and need to move from one Linux machine to another with minimal downtime. The move involves configuration of DNS, Sendmail, Apache, SSL, CURL, PHP, PERL, DBI, MySQL, etc...

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    Comparision of two large files S'est terminé left

    I got several large files from a few hundred megs to 1.5 gigs. I already have a program that splits the already sorted files into files named a-z/0-9 etc then using diff compares a to a and so on gives me the modifed,deleted,added. It's written in perl and i am looking for a faster solution. Right now the order is split file into small files then using diff it compares... Basicly its thee pro...

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    A Module (Preferred) or Component that will allow for administrative and monitoring tasks over a TCP/IP network. This includes remote control / remote viewing of multiple computers on the network, and would include and remote broadcast. Please note: In this specification, the monitoring machines refer to the machine performing the monitoring and controlling functions. The client machines refer to ...

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    I need an experienced Visual C++ 6.0 coder to modify an existing VC++6 library, namely the OpenH323 library located at [se connecter pour voir l'URL] What I need adding to the code is the ability to supply a password and the library to use AES encryption to send information. The encryption should run in 256 Bit CBC mode, using the Rijndael (AES) algorithm. The implementation of AES is your ch...

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    Delphi IUSR connection test S'est terminé left

    I need a delphi function that takes a database connection string as it's input and tests whether the IUSR_servername account can connect to the database using that connection string. It should also return the name of the IUSR_servername account. The database could be Access, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, Sygres ... and Windows authentication (where appropriate) may/may not be enabled. I don'...

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    78987 flash Programming job S'est terminé left

    We need a simple Flash game made - what it will do is it will have 3 playing cards being shown just as it shows in the slot machine game 3 cards. Now just below it - there will be a button - when a user clicks it - the cards should look asif revolving full 360 Degrees & changing - then finally 3 new cards should settle up. I need an interface where i can specify winning combinations & pric...

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    Utility to wipe out disks S'est terminé left

    Good day, I need a utility that will allow me to wipe out hard disks COMPLETELY. Requirements are as follows: -> Self contained bootable image (Bootable) -> Must be very fast since some drives are 40 + GB. -> Must support SCSI, IDE, etc. -> Must be easy to use. -> Data must not be recoverable. -> Platform Independent as when it comes to Intel based platforms. -> A readme file,...

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    I need a chat system for live support similar to [se connecter pour voir l'URL] but simpler Requirements: 1- Developed in ASP or ColdFusion (not PHP) 2- Web visitor clicks on "live support online" image and a chat window opens. Browsers based (Will consider Java applets). 3- The help support person on the web (can be in a different country) running Windows gets a notification. Prefe...

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    Classroom Manager Tool S'est terminé left

    We are a non-profit High School so as low as possible please. We would prefer it done in Visual Basic however other languages are okay. What we require is a classroom management tool it will have a Client Module (to be installed on a students computer) and a teacher module (to be installed on the teachers computer) for a details description of what we are after please see Deliverables below. There...

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    status report page for intranet S'est terminé left

    I'm working at the it department of a large company with a network that has many nodes. When a network outage or a service failure occurs, hundreds of users are calling our department, asking about the issue preventing us from taking care of the problem. We have an intranet and since the server runs on the local area network, it is always reachable whatever the issue is about... So i want to ...

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    Good day, I need a fairly simple application to extract information about the current machine. These are the requirements: -> Must be a Command line utility that runs in DOS. I.e. [se connecter pour voir l'URL] -f C:[se connecter pour voir l'URL] ( Log system information to the file ) [se connecter pour voir l'URL] ( Display information about the machine on the screen. ) -> T...

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    Win 2000 and Unix dbf file S'est terminé left

    I have an application that need to be created in visual basic. The customer has a Unix box with a dbf data base file on it. I have to create the application on a Win 2000 machine and it must do the following. 1. Go to the Unix box and open the dbf file. 2. Take a snapshot of the data in the file. 3. Export the data back to the 2000 machine. 4. Dump the data (SQL or what ever) into an Access databa...

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    Website backup software S'est terminé left

    For this mini project we require a windows based application created in Delphi which will connect to a linux server and backup specific files either to a local machine or to another webserver. It should be able to do this at specified intervals or specific dates. We will provide guidance on screen design, but we are also looking for someone with good thought processes who might even be able to ext...

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    genealogy program in Java S'est terminé left

    the genealogy program (already made)- but also need to add some use cases- to convert it to a [se connecter pour voir l'URL] interface implementing the MVC pattern. Provide the capacity to read and write a GEDEdit file accessed using an XML parser. The solution is provided in the zip file ## Deliverables A zipfile containing everything with the code required to execute the program. This mu...

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    Remotely execute application S'est terminé left

    I need to execute a program on a remote machine (that I have admin. privs on) without ever having to physically go to that machine. I know this is possible from using PsExec from PsExec remotely installs a service and then accepts commands from a console executable. I also would like it to run from a DOS Prompt, like PsExec and give feedback to whether everything was successful o...

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    79244 DVD Imager Program S'est terminé left

    To deliver a DVD to DVD imager program. Must make an exact duplicate of DVD under 4.7GB to DVD-R/DVD-RW/DVD+R/DVD+RW. Must be able to compress original DVD over 4.7GB to fit one standard DVD-R/DVD-RW/DVD+r/DVD+RW or gracefully split the DVD image to fit on two DVD-R/DVD-RW/DVD+R/DVD+RW. Must be free of third party code. Must watermark copies so as to ensure that copies of copies cannot be prod...

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    Remotely execute an application S'est terminé left

    I need to remotely execute an application on a remote NT/W2K/XP machine similar to PSExec from [se connecter pour voir l'URL] ([se connecter pour voir l'URL] ) except I only need to supply the path to run the executable from. No user or password would need to be entered because the calling machine would have admin. rights. I also understand you must create a service on the remote machine...

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    microcontroller -webserver S'est terminé left

    Requirement modified. Our importance is point 1 below. 1. Read video RAM of a machine with any OS installed . No software will be installed on machine . You can plug the device in a PCI slot or intercept signals running to monitor. Please make clear how you intend to do before bidding. The signal is in nano second range and it might be difficult to capture. 2. Device should have embedded web serve...

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    GoToMyPC Clone App S'est terminé left

    I am looking for someone to write an application just like [se connecter pour voir l'URL] where a small server is run on one computer and another computer can connect to it to view/control along with other features. I am looking for a java application that can be loaded from a web page itself. In otherwords, on gotomypc, you login, it verifies your info and then loads the viewer as a standalo...

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    Lock-down PC App S'est terminé left

    Our company needs a small app to act as a screen saver. This however will not be an actual screen saver but a simple application that will run in the background of any machine logged on to our network. The reason I say screen saver is because we want the ability to show different pictures (or messages if you will) of our company policies while the machine is locked down. Here are the attributes: -...

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    Help linking Java applet S'est terminé left

    I have a web page that includes a java applet. I need to recreate the web page so that it will run locally (on cd) the same as it does on the web. But I'm having trouble figuring out how to reconfigure the paths to the java files, etc so that they will run locally. Here's the web page:[se connecter pour voir l'URL] Attached are the java applet files (virtual tour images). There hype...

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    Credit Card Reader and Validator S'est terminé left

    I have a small home-run busines, which i am trying to expand. I am now taking payments via credit/debit cards and i require a program to check these details in order to prevent fraudulent transactions! I have a card reader, which connects through a serial port to my terminal. I need a program that will work with this machine to check the details on the credit/debit card to see if they are correct....

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    Website and Online Help Generation S'est terminé left

    PART 1 - I need a very small website designed for a new product that we are launching (An IE popup blocker). I would like to have pages for the following (not in this order - that is up to you): 1) Main Page - Intro to product and basic sales pitch. The main page should also have a way to enter the users email address to be added to our mailing list. 2) FAQ - Page to put frequently asked questions...

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    Blind email client S'est terminé left

    I want a program that can be installed on a relatitly low spec win32 machine. The software needs to run in the background and allow a blind person to receive and write e-mails. Key features include: 1) Provide an auidable tone at a specified interval until all e-mail have been read. 2) There also needs to be an option of easily replaying a message and/ or marking it as read. 4) Message once read n...

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    WYSIWYG Label designer S'est terminé left

    WYSIWYG Label designer - This application would be an add on to our existing packaging machinery system run with PC-control. Label designer should allow for complete text control with hor/ver layout, size, color etc. I would like a form based design that allows the use of drag/drop graphics, bar code cap. and basic line or table generation. Printing should then be full scale to a printer with roll...

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    Basically, the purpose of this program is to minimize the amount of files downloaded from my web site to save bandwidth, and speed the install process for my users. For example, our company produces AdsGone popup killer from It's 2.5 MB. Probably 2MB of this file is dlls and ocx's that are on most target systems already. What i'd like to have is a tiny stub program ...

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    Overview of the requirement: 1. Create an XML tree view (from [se connecter pour voir l'URL] file) using server side script XML, XSL and asp (to be displayed like example 1). 2. Be able to update the XML file ([se connecter pour voir l'URL]), by right clicking on each node and edit the data in the right frame or div (like example 1) 3. Display the dotted lines of the tree (like example 2...

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    Reconfigure Linux network settings S'est terminé left

    This is project requires the coder to be able to visit Campbell, California. I have a co-location machine which has a network configuration problem. the IP address is not answering and the nameserver needs to be set up properly on a Mandrake linux machine. The GUI interface may not be avaiable, so the coder must know unix well enough to do the job from text mode. the whole operation will most like...

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    €27 - €45
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    Flash templates for our Ebooks S'est terminé left

    Looking for a flash programmer with GREAT Design Skills as well as Programming Skills to develop .fla templates to be used to compile various ebooks for future use. The template would be made for easy modifications and additions. Features In the templates should include: Update feature - remotely updates if updates are available Nested Links - to access sites and files online Optional Dynamic cont...

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    In the orginal demonstrator we specified: A MySQL database that is accessed by our client software across a network to allow system administrators to set who can perform specific functions such as saving files or printing using our software. Our client software queries the database through a web based form telling the database which user is asking. The database returns a text file containing the p...

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    Web based database. Breakdown. 1. SQL Database 2. ASP pages. 3. HTML 4. Provide reporting backup/restore/alerts and also a booking system for users to prebook a machine. Web based tool where users may enter and see a list of the machines that are in a test center and used to test requests by various customers. The users can go to the main page and see a list of all the machines. Depending on the c...

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    motor controller S'est terminé left

    I am using a Z-World controller that uses what the company calls "Dynamic-C32" language. As it differs somewhat from standard, this is making it difficult to follow simple examples in books such as Kernighan's. The project I'm trying to finish involves the Z-World model PK2200 controller. Very simple code needed to turn on output-1 when a button is pressed, and maintain output-...

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    JAVA, PHP/mySQL Project S'est terminé left

    I have some JAVA code that I need integrated into a PHP/mySQL environment. Currently the code is a servlet that launches after a URL is typed in the webbrowser. A login dialog starts that requires a username and passwd to gain access to the program. I need this functionality changed. Upon entereing the URL the login dialog should show IN the webpage (be embedded in it). and once the login process ...

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    Visual Basic Printer Quota S'est terminé left

    I have an VB6 application running on every one of several machines connected on a LAN. The LAN is a Windows LAN. All the machines prints on a shared printer (from print server). I need to place code on my application to limit the number of pages to be printed from that machine. No need for interfase, just the code with a variable to set the limit of pages to that variable. (I will invoke that func...

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    I have a program that runs in conjunction with MS Powerpoint. It works great across windows 2000 and XP but I have had some people complain about it running on windows 95 and 98. We found the problem to be within the installation itself and then corrected it. I need someone to test the installation of my program on a windows 95,98 and ME machine that are running MS Powerpoint. If you have all vers...

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    I need someone that can show me how to load an ActiveX Control without involving registry Access, let me explain: I ‘m distributing my Delphi Application which uses [se connecter pour voir l'URL] now if the end user doesn't have that ActiveX Control ([se connecter pour voir l'URL]) Normally one would register the Control using RegisterComserver() and then load the ActiveX Cont...

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    PHP/MySQL Backup/Restore Project S'est terminé left

    This is for SERIOUS PHP/MySQL programmers ONLY. It should only take 1 to 3 hours to complete. The code should work on a Linux machine with PHP 4.2.x and MySQL 3.23. The coder should be familiar with outputting a file to be downloaded by the user without having the file on the hard drive using PHP. The coder should be familiar with retrieving a file via a HTML form and parsing the file's conte...

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    need a page like [se connecter pour voir l'URL] it needs to be in php I need to be able to add templates quickly just by adding directories. /templates/’category’/ i want it to list the categories [se connecter pour voir l'URL] the directorys will be named like this: Food_and_Restraunt php page display will be ‘ Food & Restraunt ‘ so the page will need to chan...

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    Basic lpd application for win9x S'est terminé left

    I need a Basic Application to handle print jobs from unix bases systems. The program needs to accept LPD jobs, and send them to the appropriate windows printer queue. This is so that unix based systems can print over tcp/ip to the windows 98 machine on port 515. The port 515 is standard in the LPD RFC. LPD RFC = rfc1179 Here is a link to the rfc for LPD printing. [se connecter pour voir l'URL...

    €90 - €452
    €90 - €452
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    Windows NT, 2K, XP event viewer S'est terminé left

    The premise behind this application is simple. It is views the events on Windows NT, 2000 and XP machines either locally or on a remote machine. The remote machine does not have to be on the same network so this should work over TCP/IP. I imagine that an event server will have to be created to run on non-local machines. Events should display much like they currently do in MMC but with a few small ...

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    RPC questions S'est terminé left

    I need these following questions to be ansewred : 1. One way to handle parameter conversion in RPC to a server is to have each machine send parameters in its native representation, whith the other one doing the translation, if need be. The native system could be indicated by a code in teh first byte. However, since locating the first byte in the first word is precisely the problem, can this actual...

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    €27 - €4521
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    Linux file read and writing S'est terminé left

    I have been having such a hard time getting some sort of spam filtering to work on my machine, that I think I need to start doing something my self. under /var/log/ in the file messages it looks similar to this. Jan 26 10:37:55 kingserv identd[18713]: Connection from [se connecter pour voir l'URL] Jan 26 10:37:55 kingserv identd[18713]: from: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] ( [se connecte...

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    Photo Upload Control S'est terminé left

    Our company has need of an upload control that can be used to send pictures to our server. This control will need to be simple to use, fast-loading, and customizable by us. This component needs to provide enhanced features for users on Internet Explorer. Please see the attached file for further specifications and information. Thanks! CLARIFICATION NOTE: This control needs to be a client-side Activ...

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    Dialing Utility S'est terminé left

    1-Agent / 4-Line System PREPARATION: · Import capability ACT!2003. · Assign customers to groups. (i.e. CactusJack's Clients) · Be able to create custom scripts to guide me through the call. · Build form letters, faxes and emails. · Create voice files to leave automated messages. CONTACT: · Want to use a dialogic or pitka board so my computer will rapi...

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    Ok please read carefully at what I am looking for... I want to be able to pull data from a MicroSoft Access database with specified fields which in turn will put this information where specified on html pages. This information inputted into the database will all be unique for instance each one will have a page # and ID #, once we have completed entering the necessary information in this databa...

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    Intelligent Email Extractor S'est terminé left

    Hello, We need somebody to build and intelligent email extractor. The software should consist of a client-side and a server-side admin area with database. CLIENT SIDE-------- The extractors features should be similar to this extractor: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] (Please download and try ). This extractor should: ... support Windows XP design. ... be superior than the one offered by MadWeb...

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    1/26/2003 open bid JAVA-corba S'est terminé left

    This homework will give you a chance to write a small distributed program using CORBA. Although your finished product should work when the processes are run on different systems, to keep things simple you may test it on a single machine. The basic idea is to produce a simple system, consisting of three processes, which manages a single auction. The first process is the Manager process. It keeps tr...

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    I have several albums in snapfish and ofoto and would like to download the photos from them. Create a script that will ask for a username/password and then automatically surf the weg site and download the albums into folders on locally, saving each jpeg file as it goes. I don't care if it's windows to my local machine or linux to a web hosting box - just want it to work. ;) ## Delivera...

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