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    Custom Dynamic ListBox OCX S'est terminé left

    ...above. . It should also support images and deciding how many items to show and how many to keep hidden. For instance, if the whole list is 8 items, I can choose to show 4 of them and add a directional arrow to prompt the user to expand the box for more choices. The "list" should generate a Click() event that can be handled via the Index or Key of the

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    ..."Banner and Contents" option, so 2 of these 8 are banner and contents section. The remaining 6 web pages are what constitute the possibilities of the "main" frame. Right now, clicking on a hyperlink in the contents section changes the "main" frame, and the links in the banner change the contents section. All I need is the links in...

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    Two parts: 1. The web-site (running on linux) should manage a usernames and password, so one page to login. 2. A database with usernames and pwd and match them and produce errors. 3. User shud login, than the web-site will speak their last WAN IP address. For this a different database (or table) with the username and IP address mentioned (this is updated

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    We need a toolbar that is more advanced then most. It must be dynamic and update itself off of a file on our server. It will have our logo which will be a drop down menu, a search box that will make a search and then some buttons that will link to URL?s. One feature of this is we need to be able to place the current URL of the page that the user is

    Dynamic Flash MP3 Player S'est terminé left

    Hello, We are looking for a UK Flash developer to create an MP3 Player. The design of the flash player is to be similar to the [se connecter pour voir l'URL] flash player. The basic requirements of the player are as follows: 1) Flash player must play an MP3 file saved on the servers hard drive, based upon the filepath passed into the player, i.e. d:/MyMusic/PlayThisFile

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    79896 Contents for Web Sites S'est terminé left

    I need contents for my sites which sell web site traffic. My sites are no different than other sites offering web traffic service. But need contents that grab potential customer. The contents should be very informative and need following sections: Homepage, How it Works, Resources (such as how improve to search engine ranking, other promotion techn...

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    I'm looking for an existing solution to the following or a professional Flash designer to develop a simple image viewer using Flash 5/MX and ActionScript. The image viewer will basically work as a scrollable dynamic gallery. The image viewer should work as explained below: ## Deliverables 1. Read a text file in the local directory (at the same level

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    Realty Dynamic Websites S'est terminé left

    i need an interface for multiple realtors to signuup login and input all their information. have them be able to input information about properties and then upload pictures. the pictures are going to be converted nightly. this is going to be a section off of: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] when they log in and upload thier photo's then it is put in the upload

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    Java Dynamic Pool Table S'est terminé left

    Java Based Graphical Pool Table. The use of the pool table will allow for a pool player to describe his needs from other users on our site by using a pool table to demonstrate the position of the balls on a particular shot that the user faces. This table will not be Dynamic in the ability to PLAY pool but in the ability to simply position and reposition

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    ...wrong idea of what I need so I'll try to explain it better. When you open Outlook Express, you have a list of emails for your InBox that has the Subject, Sender and the Received info. This is in a Listview control. I want the contents of the text in this listview. I do not want the email messages themselves, just the list that is in your InBox. And I

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    HI See enclosed picture. What u would like is a pice of javascrip that can generate this dhtml file. A row of 3 or 4 blocks in with and unlimited in height. Each block is draggable and if dropped on another one it will slide that othe one down and fit in place, the blocks that are below the one that was just dragged will also move up. ## Deliverables working exapmle full javascript source, deta...

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    Is it possible to create an [se connecter pour voir l'URL] file that shows the contents of a dir? Example on Apache webserver: Index of /test Name Last modified Size Description -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Parent Directory 11-Nov-2002 17:38 - faq/ 11-Nov-2002

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    i tried to access memory addresses for example (FCE71) address to read it's contents , i succeeded under win98 using various API functions , but i failed to access it under win2k , so please any one can help me??? ## Deliverables i can understand VB codes and VC++ codes ## Platform win95,win98,win me,winnt,win2k,winxp

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    IE Dynamic Toolbar S'est terminé left

    I need a dynamic toolbar. You can see this project at: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] The tool bar must come with an installer and uninstall program (or be completely uninstallable via Windows Control Panel) I require the source code and documentation. I would like to distribute this toolbar through my affiliate base, so I need the ability to append an identifying

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    Please, I need someone that can explain to me how can I get the total file size of all of the files listed on a ListBox (just a normal ListBox, it isn't a FileListBox). Please I need someone to help me on this. ## Deliverables I need someone to tell me how to do this or to send me an example accomplishing this. Thank You very much in advanced. ## Platform Windows-based OS.

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    Dynamic Image Generator S'est terminé left

    We need a VB project that can generate graphic images on the fly and save them as jpg/gif/png format. A UI would take the user's settings such as Text, text font, size, color, and other features, then allow the user to choose background colors, images, and other settings, then put the text and the graphic together and generate an image file as a result. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-f...

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    I have a site that i inherited using the Dynamic Layer Object code. It works in IE fine and in netscape 4 and 5 but not 6, after looking at the Dynamic Layer Object it is an old version, i need someone to amend the existing code to work with the new version which incorporates ns6. The zip file includes the old [se connecter pour voir l'URL] file the [se connecter p...

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    Dynamic Flash Project S'est terminé left

    ...to take the 'TOP' line and arc it lettering over top of the image). Basically it takes the two input text fields and the graphic and displays it in a Flash (or other) page. For Example: LINE1 GRAPHIC LINE2 The only modification from the above format is that LINE1 is 'curved' over the graphic (it follows an arc path). ## Deliverables Complete and

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    Sort Table Contents S'est terminé left

    ...again for DESC. Want it to go to same page, use HireDate (label [se connecter pour voir l'URL]) as default for when page first loads. Also need label or image to show above column that is currently "sorted". Maybe "down arrow", or "up arrow" depending on ASC or DESC. If you can get it done tonight, I will pay bonus, and for sure give you a...

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    Write a program that can be used to gather statistical data about the number of movies college students see in a month. Input validation: Do not accept any negative numbers for input. The program should perform the following steps: a) Ask the user how many students were surveyed. An array of integers with this many elements should then be dynamically

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    ...keyword(phrase) search for a particular table of a database. It would also be nice to have the keyword highlighted in the search results if possible but I can always work the javascript myself if I have to. In this same table, I have 9 fields of "status stages" that are populated with dates from a CFUPDATE that occurs in another part of the site. My users request

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    I like to get a database (Access) driven website. The scoop of work as follow: 1. User will first open an account with password, username etc. Program will able to prompt for duplicate user name or account etc. (unique user name) 2. User will login to buy phone cards (pin number). User will choose from $20.00 $10.00 different values phone cards. System

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    I need to acces a excel file embeded on my vb program to alter few cells, pass proccess info like Date, Labels, and process data like model, serial etc. ## Deliverables Complete source code of all programming work done ## Deadline information I have only one week dead time.

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    Dynamic Personal Calender S'est terminé left

    A Dynamic Calander of events. This is for a wedding regitry site. It must be created using ASP and a SQL 2000 Database table. ## Deliverables What needs to happen is that currently a couple signs on to their account and a session variable tracks their CoupleID until they sign out or leave. We need a VISUAL calander that has a SQL database of events

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    Dynamic SQL query builder S'est terminé left

    What I have built is an add on for something I already have built. I design an ASP code generator and I need someone to build an add on for me. I will convert the code to fit my own so I only need the desired functionality. I need to be able to pass in the name of a table in a given database and then allow my end users to build an visual sql query from

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