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    ...[se connecter pour voir l'URL] (the 1st option) it is used for customers to be able to edit a invitation template they have purchased and then download it so they can print. -I will need to be able to upload a template from illustrator file on the backend. -each template should have a unique id that i can send to them when they have purchased

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    Javascript/PHP CRUD S'est terminé left

    1.) Replace the “Copy” button with a “Print” button. The print button will print all of the data that the column has in it (see the “view” tab for a list of items). I want the printed output to easily fit on one page. 2.) When clicking the “edit” button the user is required to “save” and then “confirm”....

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    Javascript snippet needed S'est terminé left

    ...need two small snippets of javascript writing. First snippet: Sits on a web page and print out three times and dates: 1. the time and date at the top of the next hour between 0700 and 1900 (if it's outside these times, it won't print anything at all on this line). 2. the time and date at 8pm tomorrow. 3. the time and date at 8pm the...

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    ... CSS, Bootstrap (version 3.3 is preferred), Javascript, Jquery (version 1.10 is preferred), C#. Connection to DB with ORM Dapper or self-builded ORM. NOT ALLOWED languages and technologies: PHP, Node.js, ANGULAR.js, ReactJS and other js frameworks. Timing is very important! Please propose the time in which you can surely complete the project

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    Project Scope for Car wash Business: using Adobe BC Platform (JavaScript, JQuery, CSS, RESTful, SOAP and html) avoids using any programming language because the whole project will be hosted on Adobe BC. - App UI Layout as a POS system Build a simple Custom Web App and Admin App for car wash as POS: 1. Identification The cashier using windows tablet

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    ...To re-develop the current mortgage calculator. Running the underlying calculations on the server as opposed to the front end of the website as this is heavily affecting load time. Create an editable version of the calculator in order to rebrand and be used on partner’s websites. Section 1.1 – Project Specification Original project specification

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    Online recruitment plataform S'est terminé left

    ...the test i. Add receiver b. Send report when candidate finish test 9. Live test (publish test) a. Cut-off mark - passing score b. Test timing i. Opening time ii. Closing time iii. Time zone Recruiter 1. Live test a. Test name i. Invite candidates ii. Edit test iii. Report iv. View invited candidates v. Preview test vi. Delete test vii

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    I have some forms in PDF. The User must fill out the form, print and submit a hard copy. I need to have a Silent Save As function when a user hit PRINT button, the form is saved to a specific folder with the file name including date and time. The javascript must work in MAC and Windows version of Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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    This project requires an expert in Laravel 5.5 and dataTable (Editor), GitHub and JavaScript, who is available to be contacted between [se connecter pour voir l'URL] to 5 pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST). I cannot work with a freelancer that is only available after 4:40 pm (AEST) or only via messages, and have to wait for 24hrs for a response. Also, will require online

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    ...inserted into aspect ratio. It’s a proof print page where the customer will then check all spelling etc prior to the job going to print. My current developer who has done wonderful jobs for me so far is unable to fix this script created by another freelancer as he has mentioned it needs more complex javascript which is beyond his programming knowledge

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    ...that scrapes a list of websites in a csv file (e.g. top 500,000 Alexa sites attached), and checks if the website uses Canvas in the HTML (by checking for "<Canvas>") or in JavaScript (by checking for "createElement("canvas")" or "createElement('canvas')"). The code should output the number and percentage of websites using Canvas ou...

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    Custom Natural Language form S'est terminé left

    Hi! Im looking for someone with good javascript knowledge. I wish to accomplish the following things based on "Natural Language form". 1. Create a form with numbers and procent input values (6 fields of numbers). 2. Make simple calculation based on values and print on website in real time (no submit button). 3. Style the form to make it

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    Hello. I spend a lot of time creating and printing labels with ingredients in Norwegian on products I sell in my shop. I would like to automate this printing process, by quickly printing the correct ingredient label based on a barcode scan of the product. The program I need can be created on a webside, like some of the examples here: http://developers

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    Online Loan web application S'est terminé left read all requirements. Platform Details: Front End Web Page Design – HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Jquery. Front End and Back End Programming – PHP (codeigniter), JavaScript, Jquery, Ajax. Data Base – MySQL. Project details : A. Designing Phase – - Design Multistep Online Application Form for visitor. - Design Customer Portal

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    We use a software programme to print labels where javascript is allowed to do certain commands. We need to have the software to open a text file and write each time on a new line when the javascript is executed. Currently the script creates a text file and writes to a line but this is not correct. We only need it to open the file and adds new lines

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    Hire a node.js Developer S'est terminé left

    Part 1: Do some outside research on some of the internals specific to JavaScript. a)Describe what a prototype is in the context of JavaScript objects. How do they emulate inheritance? Provide a practical example. b) Investigate the new class syntax (tip: it was introduced in ECMAScript 6). What are the differences between classes and regular

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    Hire a Javascript Developer S'est terminé left

    Part 1: Do some outside research on some of the internals specific to JavaScript. a)Describe what a prototype is in the context of JavaScript objects. How do they emulate inheritance? Provide a practical example. b) Investigate the new class syntax (tip: it was introduced in ECMAScript 6). What are the differences between classes and regular

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    ...invited, let us thank you in advance for your time to review this project. We hope you have availability and skills to do the task. We have developed a workflow application in PHP and Javascript using JointJS Rappid Framework ([se connecter pour voir l'URL]) Now we would like to print or export the resulting diagrams. However

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    ...Mobile UI/UX, HTML5, JavaScript, Angular JS, Bootstrap and Kendo UI, using cross platform mobile suites such as xamarin, etc Objective - web and mobile application which developed are targeted for ios and android users to input/modify a personal data field to have the data available with them on the devices to be used at any time. - all the data

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    Press Releases for Versify S'est terminé left

    ...Selectable location, industry & tag listings Video Press release Spam protection on your email address Links in the press release body Distribution to search engines Numerous javascript, html & RSS feeds Customizable realtime/daily/weekly alerts Social media integration Your own Press Room Discounted distribution to news sites & journalists [se connecter pour voir...

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    I am working WITHIN an electronic medical record (oscar (freeware)) I am trying to write a simple appointment letter which takes the Oscar generated appointment start time and date and then brings t in t a letter to the patient It work it collects the correct data and writes a letter. HOWEVER at present it returns the date like this 2017-07-31

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    Print html to pdf y csv S'est terminé left

    ...ha de desarrollar en javascript, aunque no tengo problemas en que se realice con una librería en PHP. Yo he probado jspdf, [se connecter pour voir l'URL], pero no consigo que muestre correctamente los canvas generados. Lo que no se ha de utilizar: [se connecter pour voir l'URL]() En cuanto al csv, se mantiene unas array en javascript con los datos: eje...

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    Build an Online Store S'est terminé left

    ...Bull and building websites a great time. If you understand the concept of getting in the zone and creating something special, then you are what we're looking for. It's important that you submit a portfolio of website designs you have done. A strong website portfolio is very important to us. Don't show me your print work wow me with your web design

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    ...MasonSQL is a Mason ([se connecter pour voir l'URL]) based web application framework: - Apache, mod_perl, HTML::Mason, Perl, PostgreSQL, Javascript, Dojo Toolkit - It provides a collection of useful Javascript widgets for a web GUI. - A concise and an effective authorization of the default functionality is in place which can be easily extended to

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    Write some Software S'est terminé left

    ...requirement. You also should have some basic HTML5 knowledge, but it&#x27;s a simple page and it&#x27;s already done. You will be in charge of create validation using jquery/javascript. You will have to create an account in bitbucket in order to access the front end code. Once you are the chosen, you first will need to agree to our N.D.A terms formally

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    ...some port, for example localhost:/9000 and to have api for: /getlocalprinters /setdefaultprinter /getprinterparameters (paper size etc) /listprintjobs /deleteprintjob /print etc Also, i need to have installers for each OS, which i would downoload when my app detects that app is not installed on OS, also via some ajax request. When app is installed

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    Fullcalendar customization S'est terminé left

    This project is about fullcalendar javascript customization. You need to customize Javascript and css files in the existing project. 1. Background color change of the date In the attached file, "fullcalendar screenshot", I'd like to change the colors of date cells according to a given Jason result(see the attached file, "[se connecter pour voir l'URL]&qu...

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    On a PDF Form I need a button that will get a Field from the filled in form, add D...a PDF Form I need a button that will get a Field from the filled in form, add Date&Time then Save and Print 2 Copies. Also not hidden or locked JavaScript so I can in future edit if needed. Already have a form that will be sent with blank button ready for JavaScript

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    ...places, once using php and another time using javascript. What I'd like is to be able to take one of these svg images, or use similar logic for generating them, and create extruded versions of them as 3d meshes. they would look like coins with holes in them. I'd like to be able to save those object files in order to 3d print them, but also to view them with

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    ...WordPress best practices when creating this plugin :) ** Please comment the code ** Please code in English ** Please try and use *just* HTML/PHP/CSS (latest), rather than any JavaScript if possible ** Please use prefixes to avoid conflicts (or classes!) The shortcode will take a series of parameters: 1) path to PDF on server -- this is simply a folder/filename

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    TXT reader S'est terminé left

    In Python or Javascript given a path to a file share & a source control modified list number. Print out the build number, modified list, & time for all builds made from a modified list equal to or after the one specified <share root> Blds <bld#> customer

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    Please note: This is for a local position in Melbourne, Australia and cannot be done remotely. We are a software developer of commercial products for the CNC, Sign and Print industries and are seeking a web/software programmer to assist us further develop our existing websites, admin back end and online carts. The successful candidate must have

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    We are a software developer of commercial products for the CNC, Sign and Print industries and are seeking a web/software programmer to assist us further develop our existing websites, admin back end and online carts. The successful candidate must have the following skills and experience: • Have experience and work with the Yii 2.0 framework.

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    Web Developer Required S'est terminé left

    ...Requirements • Minimum 1 year of strong coding experience • Good programming skills and in-depth knowledge of modern HTML/CSS and Bootstrap • Familiarity and expertise in PHP and JavaScript • Hands-on experience of CMS based websites development (WordPress, Drupal) • Basic knowledge of Search Engine Optimization process • Aggressive problem diagnosi...

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    I am using JSON objects and want to print data in an ng-repeat and each time print a new Div: <div class="col-md-3 col-xs-3">...</div> So that I can dynamically put data into a carousel using one partial view Each of these divs will contain one tile in a bootstrap carousel that displays four per item. Currently I have it working but showing

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    ...Programmer - Ideally you should be familiar also with Javascript (or at best) Unity Javascript. REWARD: $100 USD Problem: POSTCARD App sends a MESSAGE, Friends Name, Friends Email, Senders Name and Senders Email into a MySQL Database, via Javascript - to PHP. Everything works - but 90% of the time - The RECEIVER NEVER GETS A POSTCARD (link) However

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    1. HTML version of a 2 page hotel blueprint (see attached photos) using tables/css. -must work on Chrome and Safari - we must be able to print the HTML to 2 A4 pages cleanly (ie when we cl -NOTE however that we should use 2 divs, 1 for page 1, and 1 for page to and then just be able to show and hide the div for the page we want. Alignment

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    Build a Website S'est terminé left

    Looking for some big changes to an angular JavaScript website we have got. 1. I need the facility to upload a product to my website inventory with the product photo in single colour, then change the colour of the product with click buttons (as in this example [se connecter pour voir l'URL]) Without the necessity to add new images for each colour

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    ...deploy shortly afterward. We're building a print document previewer where a customer interested in buying prints (e.g. copies, brochures, booklets) can preview the options (e.g. binding, stapling, single/double-sided) selected on their PDF. Scope =================== This project is for a fixed time frame (about 2 months until our demo). We'll

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    Hi freelancers! I need a simple javascript countdown for shipping. - Shipping time is every day at 13:00 except Saturday and Sunday. - When 13:00 has passed (except Saturday and Sunday), it must count to the next day. - On Friday after 13:00 it must count down to Monday 13:00 - On Saturday it must count down to Monday 13:00 - On Sunday it

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    Write some Software S'est terminé left

    It's an online test (coding challenge) to be taken in Javascript, It has 5 programs (mostly just create some function and print something that's been asked in the question). time:1-2hrs

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    I am looking for a JavaScript developer with audio analysis understanding to develop a system through which (1) a teacher can record an audio sequence (with a callback possibility to store it through a REST call) (2) a student can listen to the audio sequence (simple media player) and then (3) the student can record an audio sequence that he thinks

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    Write some software S'est terminé left be developed for Windows using Javascript. I am a backup company and use a backup software i need to take report data out through the api into a reporting application showing which backup is successful, failed, run out of time etc. I have about 8 reasons why backups can fail. I then need to print, once a month, a report per client giving

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    Django website S'est terminé left

    ...similar as [se connecter pour voir l'URL], [se connecter pour voir l'URL], etc. At this time we need someone to help with connecting the frontend with data base and partner´s backend. The frontend template is already ready (html, css, Javascript and Ajax), but maybe some adjustments may be necessary, as well as adjustments in the backend (print screen at...

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    Papertoy personalization S'est terminé left

    ...customize a papertoy then print it according to that customization. There are 11 characters, each with up to 10 variations. It has a history that is displayed in text and animation. It has an introductory tutorial way. There are 5 levels, where the player must build five papertoys according to a reference, the player can print the papertoy he/she wants

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    Hello, I am looking for a Javascript / HTML 5 / Wordpress developer who can make a Wordpress / WooCommerce plugin that will allow for customers to edit a template product in the browser (using canvas and HTML5?), save a PDF (on the server side), and download their creation (as a print ready PDF) after payment. The final deliverable will be a printable

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    we need simple windows software (mysql, php, html, ..) and APP (maybe: hybrid mobile app with eg. [se connecter pour voir l'URL]) to upload and print Images from Users-smartPhones to local Host in (W)LAN : Desktop (Windows) Software, key management service tool, APP, reports - Windows PC and smart Phones are in same LAN (Wireless) Storage Software for Windows-Desktop

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    Need Javascript that will get the user timezone and determinant if the timezone fit US timezone. This should work this way: user trigger the code > the user local time is saved to variable > the server local time saved by PHP (the server located in the US) to variable > check if the user timezone is in the range of the timezone of all US > if the

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    MY ALL PROJECTS S'est terminé left

    ...information about the clients of the organization. Role: Developer,Support and maintenance current of company applications, add new features. Skills Used: PHP, MySql, JavaScript, HTML, CSS. Location: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] Description: Nutan mahavidhayala wordpress website and create this website for the educational purpose and provide

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