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    Hello i need a tool who can make a process window click in the background at a certain interval. Each Programm which needs to target is in a Sandboxie.

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    We have an existing Chrome Extension that is able to insert HTML/text from a library of snippets into just about any edit...(which could be a variable in a content or background script - hardcoded) can be placed into the editor with the equivalent effect to typing it yourself. Options may include injecting a script into the page via a content script.

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    A company is injecting capital into it's new business unit. Objective is to write a risk and profitability report. You must recommend: - what product(s) will be sold; - when it/they will be sold; and - the distribution channels through which it/they will be sold. You will justify your recommendations by considering: - profitability; - the risks to

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    ...make some on page SEO adjustments. We ran a site audit and see there are very simple changes that need to be made, mostly warnings. Here is example: URL Vulnerability: Injecting parameters in path is processed failed URL Vulnerability: www / non-www page redirects are not configured URL Vulnerability: 200 - Error page is incorrect URL Vulnerability:

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    I need bitnami banner removed from server via ssh or by injecting css to Instapage

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    ...etc. and the resulting lognormal graph is created. What to build: 1. Build Queue simulator in matlab 2. Get the measured loss probability using Active measurement ( injecting probe traffic) 3. Graph a log-normal distribution of the result for sample probe of 10, 100, 1000 packets. 4. Plot another graph for sample pulses at the probe sample value

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    ...this. But here's my source. I'll try and give you as much information as i can right here. Source: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] Now what this program is doing is injecting a .dll into a process changing the memeory. The application downloads the dll from my remote server, hides the file it downloads it in (to secure the dll better) then injects

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    this study address the issue wherein the attempt will be made to train computer to beat experienced traders for financial asset trading. This is tackled by injecting a deep neural network (NN) to deal with financial signal representation and trading by using two trends like, the learning concepts of deep learning (DL) and backpropagation .The deep learning

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    logo designer S'est terminé left

    my name is Helena and I am a cosmetic Injector(injecting botox and dermal fillers). I need a logo for my private business. Id like it to be fresh and simple and to the point.

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    Hello, I am building a website on Squarespace using the Marta template. I've created a shop page, with a gallery of products and an index of categories on the left. What I'm struggling with is that there is no option to organise the categories in a non alphabetical order (so for example, instead of the order shown, I would like the list to begin with 'Backpacks'). I'm al...

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    C# or VB.NET code lang...ready, it cut's the file from downloads folder to path "C:Windows" and after it injects it to process called "[se connecter pour voir l'URL]". About manualmapping and loadlibrary method's of injecting, I would first like to know what is their difference. I know this is very small and easy project/source code to make so keep it si...

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    We run some video processes on our website for assembling short clips into one clip and injecting some text using ffmpeg. This all works fine but there is a problem with the queuing, this needs to be fixed. We need the queue because if multiple processes run at the same time, the server gets overloaded, so the video processes need to run one at a time

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    ...experience as that will be my next step here. We will have to do a screen share walkthrough upon completion (or during) where you show me what you did. If you're just injecting a bunch of native Javascript or jQuery then I will not pay for that. I could do that on my own. I need Angular 2+ only. If you have to use something else, please explain why

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    I have good computer knowledge. I have sine good information to start with and just need help injecting and monitoring it. Will be willing to send an extra $250 on top of what the set price if someone actually knows what they are doing.

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    When Googling our website, there was Chinese text appearing in the search results a couple of weeks ago due to someone hacking and injecting coding within Wordpress somewhere. I had this handled 2 weeks ago by setting up Google Search console, checking the security of Plug-Ins, cleaning the coding causing the issue, and re-indexing the site. When

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    Trophy icon Negative pressure syringe S'est terminé left

    ...field, syringes are used primary to inject a substance into the body. A second use for syringes include aspirating contents out of the body or a tissue. Commonly, before injecting anything into the body syringes are inserted into the tissue. While inserting, providers pull back on the syringe to create a vacuum like suction. Here is an example

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    Hi, I am looking for a skilled coder to build a system for auto importing/injecting leads in Email Service Providers via webforms. The script must be able to add contacts to a webform on a website while make it look like an organic opt in. You should be able to have a list of email contacts in a CSV file and then be able to opt them into

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    I have an infection in a wordpress site installation that seems to be injecting some seo text into parts of site content through an exploited file or plugin. Have backed up and tried to clean up myself but havent managed to clear this or secure site so need help. Text is 'Want create site? Find wordpress themes and plugins.....' text on home page

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    We would like to automate the process of injecting calendar items into people's calendar without their input by Organizational Unit. Examples of the use would be holiday calendar for the entire organization or Mandatory meeting for Finance OU. We use Exchange Online/o365/Azure AD. We are looking for detailed instructions on connecting to EMC, how

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    ...all fake websites will be brought down by your docile bots which will not even respond to connections on the port below. Your Russian "angel" investor will take care of injecting links to the fake web sites in the Internet via blogs and social media so as to direct the best crawlers to your bots. You will get extra credit (20%) if you are able to

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    ...share a sessionID on a website (as once you have completed the Captcha once it will not ask you again for around 60 seconds) or to bypass the need for doing Captcha's by injecting into the webpage (but I do not think this is possible) You must have necessary experience, the main aim of this project is finding the way to solve the task, then I will

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    ...share a sessionID on a website (as once you have completed the Captcha once it will not ask you again for around 60 seconds) or to bypass the need for doing Captcha's by injecting into the webpage (but I do not think this is possible) You must have necessary experience, the main aim of this project is finding the way to solve the task, then I will

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    This is a simple application which autofills login form by injecting javascipt inside webview . The android code for same app is also available. All I want from someone is to port the android code to iOS swift 3.

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    ..."try on your site" feature to test our tool for our potential customers. For that feature we want to show a demo page for our potential customers' sites by http proxy with injecting our scripts. Proxy project will be a standalone "Node.js" project working on http(s):// Customer site url will be stored in a cookie (domain=*.mydomain

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    ...that I want to inject code into a running game. I need the following; * Kernel module capable of reading and writing memory from a process * Kernel module capable of injecting a DLL into a process * Reverse engineering of game DLL I also need someone to reverse engineer the target DLL to determine the best entry point to inject code, then write

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    ...of enhanced oil recovery of an unconventional reservoir (Heavy oil), in the video i'd like too see the reasons for using the EOR Method, the process of drilling/installing/injecting the chemicals into the reservoir, the combination of the chemicals i'd like to use, and the expected results from the method compared to the other chemicals, all the information

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    We are seeking a passionate travel copywriter to rewrite some existing 'lifeless' travel itineraries and injecting some creativity and WOW. Travel Itineraries are for South America, therefore knowledge of South American continent & culture is required and travel experience desired. We are not looking for traditional itinerary style. It needs to

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    ...of a frame. (see in pictures) Only Ionic V3 and not a smaller one. There must be a possibility to change CSS file of loaded website in frame (same us iframe - when injecting onLoad(){ and simillar lines) It all must be done without any plugin to the server or to the original website. It all must work from atleast android 4 and from ios 7

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    ...with the Wordpress API and OAuth Server for authentication. You will be creating an extension that authenticates against the Wordpress API and once authenticated will be injecting an application into web pages. In phase 1, The application will recognise what page the person is on and display options of related content from Wordpress Custom post types

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    ...The 3D model should be ready for mold making and plastic injection so experience with mold making and mechanical engineering is important. Because this will be used for injecting parts for holding liquids experience modelling threads is key because details like tolerances, angles, design of the thread, plastic type injected, etc. will influence on

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    SEO my Website S'est terminé left

    I have developed a new website and want a SEO expert to do the next steps in terms of injecting it to google etc.

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    Some malware has been put onto our server via a MODx install. The malware is injecting code into our htaccess files server wide. This has broken two MODx sites Site 1: MODx Evo 1.2.1: Home page works but other pages do not Site 2: MODx Evo 1.0.1: Home page errors Both sites need to be cleaned, fixed and upgraded to the latest MODx stable version

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    Project for jasonsio S'est terminé left

    1) default settings when the app is closed or uninstalled 2) autoupdating from web host 3) injecting ads through installing extension only to Chrome with constant checking if it's installed or not

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    Trophy icon Business card S'est terminé left have logo, picture of me and number up the top. "I am a registered nurse with ten years nursing experience - five of these years I have been specialising in cosmetic injecting. I enjoy improving my client's confidence through cosmetic treatments and aim to enhance my client's natural beauty by gradual, subtle treatments. I look forward to meeting

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    iTunes LP Development Guide v1.0: Any Expert on injecting EXTRA content on {{{ iTunes}}}, such as Bio, additional Artwork , Music videos. Mainly hoping to enhance my content on iTunes music Store. the attached is a sample of what i want to accomplish , you must be able to create a video of the process if possible.

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    Malaria report S'est terminé left

    I need you to write a report for s...AJIMOLA afolabi .Am writing on a malaria report. What is malaria , malaria is a deadly killing illness it can be contacted when a female mosquito bite you (Anopheles) ,then injecting a virus called trypamonomiasis into the body which fights with the body white blood cell causing a break in the illness to the body

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    Write an iPhone application S'est terminé left

    ...location to help patients find dispensaries close to them. I would like a link to link patients out to an affiliated doctors page. We will also need to integrate a way of injecting ads that I create for businesses in Arkansas I think this can be easily outsourced. I can wire frame a lot of this with complete descriptions of each page moving forward

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    App Design S'est terminé left

    ...location to help patients find dispensaries close to them. I would like a link to link patients out to an affiliated doctors page. We will also need to integrate a way of injecting ads that I create for businesses in Arkansas I think this can be easily outsourced. I can wire frame a lot of this with complete descriptions of each page moving forward

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    Write some Software S'est terminé left

    Runtime Application Self-Protection Implementing below: [se connecter pour voir l'URL]

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    I need to inject a .NET process into another process ([se connecter pour voir l'URL]) The original .NET process is run as a service. The result need to be excellent and very stable. Let me know

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    ...should not be detected by the game Option 1: You should be skilled in Javascript and physics, you should not get into the [se connecter pour voir l'URL] Web, and run the bot without injecting script. Option 2: Desktop program that knows OCR technologies and physics formulas for shots, this would be impossible to detect. The great job is to adapt the aimbot

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    ...programmers respond. This project is to create a Windows 10 unsigned driver that will inject / Manual MAP a dll (plugin) into a game process. The reason for kernel level injecting is due to the anti cheat software blocking create remote thread, and blocks getting module handle with their own driver. I want to manual map, and not a direct dll injection

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    ...set up mesh vertex and index pointers and update them directly from the array being pointed to in c# in Unity 3D. I already have a set that works with one mesh, and is injecting multiple meshes into the buffer, it crashes when I use more then one mesh however. I need it though to able to set up multiple mesh pointers as well as update them and I've

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    I need a Linux Security Expert. There are hackers who are injecting my sites, posting specious scripts and sending emails through those scripts. I need an expert who can make my server secure. Need someone who can working immediately and I can trust him for future maintenance.

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    i want to inject a cookie to a php page to authenticate a stream

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    Short film producer looking for animators to help produce and create a 6min short animated silent film. Please refer to the picture a...picture ahead. If you have the ability to create that kind of animation don't hesitate to reach out to us. Looking for an artistic mind who can add value to the projects by injecting his own passion and creativity.

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    Other S'est terminé left

    ...feeding the loads. This means that the initial value of the battteries will be discharged. During the night the batteries will be feeding the loads and also they will be injecting power to the grid. ...

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    I have a closed source Windows Program that I would like to get the C++ Source Code. It has VM Protect. I am not interested in injecting code to crack it, I am only interested in getting C++ Source Code. I do have some (a small amount) of Open Source Code that is used in the Program. Price is negotiable and I will pay extra for quicker service

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    Firstly, this is a simple project for someone who knows how to do http and ssh injecting. Firstly please read the following: I need the Australian SSL and working setup to get free data on my android phone. 1. Watch this video, it explains the whole process [se connecter pour voir l'URL] 2. I need the exact same thing, but

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