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    We need a soccer event banner, intro and a application form to request tickets! The banner and intro and the form have to include the logo of the 2 topteam which play on the event! Also our logo have to be integrated! ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Deliverables must be in...

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    72853 SEO Project S'est terminé left

    I need to have my site increased rank in these four/five search engines - GOOGLE/YAHOO (uk search) AOL (uk search) LYCOS (uk search) MSN (uk search) I would like my site optimised for the following search engines. I need my listing to be in the top 10 for these keywords "win prizes" "win prizes uk" "raffles" "win stuff" "win stuff uk" "raf...

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    Billing software development S'est terminé left

    We require development of an existing piece of billing software for web hosts, specifically the addition of: - Support module (trouble tickets, possibly including email piping) - Payment processors (PayPal, 2Checkout, [se connecter pour voir l'URL], WorldPay) - Enom integration - Previous Transactions along with printable invoices (how much they paid and when) - Client Statistics...

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    I want to move from paper dispatch tickets to a web-based (apache) form (PHP) database (mysql). There are some functions I would want to add for the dispatchers to know if the tickets are closed or if they need more info from drivers. I would also want the owner/supervisor to have the ability to see (run reports) how many tickets were done on any given day/week/month by the driver/dispatcher...

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    We need a Tickets system and RMA Forms for [se connecter pour voir l'URL] Support Request: 1- Connect support [se connecter pour voir l'URL] to a tickets system Reference: HTML files attached 2-Automatic RMA Forms (auto-replay emails to the customers) Reference: HTML files attached Programmer Rates Required: Minimum 2 Rates (Average Rating: 10 out of 10 )

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    Support Ticket System S'est terminé left

    This is a trouble ticket system. What we need is a ticket system that will also handle all of our e-mails and allow us to create e-mail off of the tickets like the OTRS software does but OTRS lacks when it comes to entering calls from telephone conversations. We currently have an ASP ticket system in place now but i would like to have the ticket system written in php and would like to ha...

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    PHP Trouble Ticket System S'est terminé left

    **Background: This project is for an apartment complex, with 100+ apartments, this will be used for tennants to register, login, and report a problem, or file a complaint/comment. When the tennant registers, they need a confirmation email, plain text okay, stating they are registered. We will need a forgot pass feature, where they put in their apartment number, and the pass is emailed. Plain t...

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    Create Report S'est terminé left

    I will need a report in vb6 designed using the Data report and Without using the DE. This must be created through Using vb6 Code only( It uses an Access 2000 Database backend). The user will need to find information from three tables. He/she will input a range of dates onto a vb6 form, or click on a monthview control( not the calendar control) and pull up the information by each individual Employe...

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    We need a mySQL/PHP high volume system guru ASAP. Physical position will be in or close to Gothenburg, Sweden for about 1 week. We prefer swedish speaking people but english will work fine too. This person must be extremely good at handling optimization of mySQL, PHP and might need to develop some software in other languages such as C/C++. Please make sure you include references from ...

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    We are looking for an offline, Windows-based order and product management program to be used with our dvd rental site. The program should be open source, MS Access or VB-based. System must support barcode scanning and printing. The program should: 1) Batch upload product/inventory information, batch download customer and transaction information 2) Print disc jacket labels with barcodes on Eltron...

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    New Project S'est terminé left

    Ticket prices are based on the quantity purchased and category of seats: Seat Category Buy 5 tickets or less Buy 6 or more tickets box seats $50/ticket $40/ticket pavillion seats $35/ticket $25/ticket lawn seats $20/ticket $12/ticket -ticket price varies by category and quantity -sales tax is 4% -complimentary beverage coupons are issued at a rate of 2 coupons for every 3 tickets ...

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    Personal Project S'est terminé left

    Price Schedule Seat Category Buy 5 tickets or less Buy 6 or more Box $50/ticket $40/ticket Pavilion $35/ticket $25/ticket Lawn $20/ticket $12/ticket Ticket prices varies from category to quantity Sales tax is 4% Complementary beverage coupon issued for 2 coupons for 3 tickets sold Input - number of tickets purchased; category of tickets Output - when pressing the "c...

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    73800 PHP Website S'est terminé left

    I need a website built in PHP. The site is goingto be UK based. It is going to be a sort of raffle site. Where people pay money through paypal and then are entered into a draw, the winner is selected at random when the correct number of tickets have been bought from each particular raffle. The raffles will be set into 4 cats. Bronze Prizes, Silver Prizes, Gold Prizes and Platinum Prizes. On thes...

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    Access Database Help S'est terminé left

    Attached is a reduced draft of a database I am working on for a school project. This database is basically supposed to keep track of all trouble calls related to system administration. I am looking for a way to keep track of personal information of sys admin, user requesting help and the trouble call itself. I want there to be a form related to each database and I also want a query to be able to u...

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    Phisicall Inventory Program S'est terminé left

    The project is to complement a bigger project that is already being finished. We will provide DB & Table structures, except for the rollback procedure. All coding must be done in PHP with MySQL. Since its a part of a bigger project please dont bid if you can't deliver in these language/engine. Timeframe is 1 - 2 weeks. Please see under platform for part 3 of the requirements R...

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    Theatre Online Ticket System S'est terminé left

    Requiring an online, PHP and MySQL seat reservation system including purchasing, payment and tracking using the PayPal IPN system. (However this code is already written and only needs to be integrated). The system does only need to be a backend as the design and frontend is ready for incorperation. Obviously, it needs to ensure that tickets are not sold more than once and that when, if succes...

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    74253 S'est terminé left

    We have a small problem with a ticket support software that we are using. When tickets/ posts are done via web form we have no problem with time. But when posts are done by email we always get one hour less :-( This email is handled by a perl script that uses POSIX to get the time and pipes the messages through CPanel. Would someone care to take a look at the attached perl script to see if time ...

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    Email Trouble Ticket System. S'est terminé left

    I am looking for an existing Email Trouble Support Ticket System. (I am not looking for it to be built, maybe it already has, and you are willing to sell at a discount) Here is a demo of the Email Support: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] Basicly your email is used as the support ticket system, rather then fill in the old form. you just send email too: (email) and the sys...

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    **If you are not familiar with what a Point-of-Sale system is for a restaurant, please do not bid. **This project is for a client/server restaurant Point of Sale system that can handle a variety of menus (unlimited) but will generally handle 4. It must be able to handle unlimited modifiers (or must be several levels deep). Must handle typical POS functionalities such as discounts, differ...

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    I'm looking for a company to provide a trouble ticket customer service solution to allow me to automate and organize my customer service tasks. I would like a company who already has one built as I would like to purchase immediately. I would like to see a demo immediately if possible. Must allow for users to submit trouble tickets, knowledge base, and admin control to close/edit tickets, sear...

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    Helpdesk Ticket System(ASP) S'est terminé left

    I require an ASP/MS ACCESS web based help desk for a web host to provide customer support. The help desk must have the ability for anyone to create a problem(Ticket) (there will be no login/paswords), the user would then be e-mailed a ticket number and URL where they can view their ticket. The user needs to be able to enter: Name (- Required) Account Number (- Required) Domain (...

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    74731 email management sys S'est terminé left

    Reposted due to programmer falling ill.... I have a site already with a cool admin system, I need a few modifications, this is the first stage. if we work well together you may do the 2nd possibly i have included the second stage as it may help with the explanation Send email system I require a system that sends out an email automatically to my users in my database (that have requested them) at s...

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    I want to bulid a website for users to buy lottery tickets over the internet. I live in Texas. so It will be easier for me to manage Texas Lotteries(we have Texas Lottery and Mega Million, these two are the must) the winners will be the one who come up with the best logics to make this feasible and come up with most options and kinds of lotteries I can sell over the internet 1)you will ...

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    Hello, and thanks for looking. My company is requiring a proprietary trouble ticket system for technical/software support type calls, as well as customer service. Would like this system done in PHP and MySQL (does not HAVE to be) and we need it to integrate into MS Exchange, so our support reps can enter new tickets, update them, etc, and it update the PHP system. A Knowledge base type module...

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    update [se connecter pour voir l'URL] -provide user login and password checking -member page to show user info - plan they have, billing info, upgrade products -form for submitting trouble tickets or presale questions to support -new order form, add more payment processors. (currently paypal, add stormpay, egold maybe others, suggestions?) -basically a whole new look for the site, i like the ...

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    **CRM/Help Desk Application for Tech Support Company Note: The requirements for this project have changed! Please see below.** **Changes have been made more narrowly defining what our company needs! See attached files for detailed outline.** **Please only submit a bid for this project is you can meet the requirements below and the requirements outlined in the attached files. ** **If yo...

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    75329 raffle script S'est terminé left

    Features: Issues numbered raffle tickets in a secure way (if a person buys one ticket they get one ticket, no refresh allowed). pay systems payment integration web based administrative interface detailing start date end date and/or when maximum entries have been reached. "pick winner" function to notify winner and raffle administrator. The ability to run more than 1 raffle event a...

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    We have an old service ticket program that creates service tickets. We are upgrading our accounting program to use the same service ticket data. The old program uses a .dbf format for its database and the new program uses an sql database. Both programs hold the same accounts but with different account numbers. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable fo...

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    I want to create a 3d first person shooter game. The game will be displayed on a page vertically divided in 3: 1-the map 2-the actual doom like game 3-some textual information I have ressource on hand that I can use for all the designs and database programming but I do not have the flash or shockwave ressources. I know I need to find someone with some source code already developped in order to mee...

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    This is a repost due to some misunderstanding. I require two banners 468x60 to promote a ticket site not yet launched. The banners need to include the logo: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] The site allows you to win cars holidays etc by buying tickets. I was thinking something similar to the following A car as the one on [se connecter pour voir l'URL] drives across the banner then the t...

    EasyTicketShop - ASP S'est terminé left

    We are making an online shop where people can buy tickets. Much of the work is done, but we need you to do some of it, such as making the shopping cart work, adding some administrator functions, and maybe connecting to worldpay for processing ($40 bonus). What's done is written in clean and good .ASP code. Databases are .MDB. For details of what you need to do, please see the .zip f...

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    VBA excel/access S'est terminé left

    This is a very simple project. I have an Access database which store the employee time spent on each troubleshooting issue. I need to run a query to get all the tickets which were updated by a specific technician for a specify date, and I have to run and format it in excel. The query is going to be SELECT full_name, work_time,category, task_task, wo_number, hours_worked, mileage, parking, descript...

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    Boxoffice Sales S'est terminé left

    I need a PHP/MySQL sales system that allows a user to select from a choice of tickets (could be more than 1 type) which a customer wishes to buy and then to pay for them via a variety of different methods (cash, card, cheque). It should be possible to order tickets but not pay for them then and there. All sales must be tracked (price, ticket numbers etc) and a daily summary of how many of eac...

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    weekly email system php S'est terminé left

    I have a site already with a cool admin system, I need a few modifications, this is the first stage. if we work well together you may do the 2nd possibly The site is [se connecter pour voir l'URL] ** Send email system **I require a system that sends out an email automatically to my users in my database (that have requested them) at set intervals i.e every week, once a month, or on an...

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    Array of Structure S'est terminé left

    Creat a project to keep track of concert Tickets sales by your club. Ticket prices are based on seating location. Your program should calculate teh price for each sale, accumulate teh total Number of tickets sold in each section, display the ticket price schedule and print a summary of all sales. the form should contain a list box of teh sections for seating. Section Price Orchestra 40.0...

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    I have a singles dating website that requires a facility that allows the user to enter details about themselves and then this information is used to produce an A4 sheet of credit card sized tickets which they can cut out and then use to gain entry to our events. I'd like the system to also log the details people give so we can see how many people apply for discount tickets as opposed to how ...

    €181 - €271
    €181 - €271
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    Specifics: web-based form allowing registered users only the opportunity to renew their season tickets for our Broadway series. Each user: -has unique ID and password -has option to keep same seats -has option to keep same series (date/time attending) but request a different section -has option to change series and section -has option to add or remove total number of tickets in t...

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    Online Help System S'est terminé left

    Online Help System required with following features: 1. Real-Time Chat (Text Based) Like LivePerson. All features that are commonly used on such software. 2. Audio & Video Chat for the interaction between visitor and site administrator. 3. Customer Support System which includes: FAQs, Issues/ Support Tickets ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in ex...

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    Simple Database designing S'est terminé left

    Design a database from conceptual E-R model to the real database in Oracle environment. From this project, you can practice your knowledge and skills of database designing, including:E-R model design, relational model design,creating tables in Oracle, setting constraints and active database rules (triggers), firing the triggers, issuing different DML operations (such as insertion, deletion, update...

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    **4 number quickie ticket printing program** the program is to print via a 80 colunm epson thermal printer tickets displaying sets of numbers. program is to print all the combinations of 4 numbers between 1 and 12 (495), on 99 tickets game 1. if tickets sales continue then game two is automatically started and another set of tickets will be produced. the program will be able to recog...

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    raffle ticket program S'est terminé left

    Raffle ticket program. a program that will produce tickets in either single tickets, or multiples of five and ten tickets. via a 80mm thermal epson printer. The ticket serial numbers are to be consectutive and will give report of start and finish numbers on a closedown report. value of tickets and name on tickets to be set at installation of software. programing to run in MSdos and windows. ...

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    We have a web based help desk product and I would like to be able to offer canned graphical SVG reports for standard things our customers like to know like: Number of tickets by status Number of tickets by type Number of tickets by customer In both pie and bar chart. There are many more but this would be a good start and we could d the rest of the reports as followup. So this is a to...

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    In need of an experienced VB .NET programmer, the program is a simple Ticketing system for School Events (BasketBall) It is designed for employees to use while selling tickets over the phone or in person. It needs to have a VB .Net front end and an access database containing the listings of games / times / whos playing ect. Please CONTACT ME ASAP. PHONE IS BEST ## Deliverables 1) Complete and f...

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    Java Application S'est terminé left

    **DO NOT READ OR BID UNLESS YOU HAVE A GROUP OF 4 OR MORE DEVELOPERS AND YOU NEVER DID ANY APPLICATION SIMILAR TO THE PLATFORM OR TECHNOLOGY WE DESCRIBED HERE.** Details are avilable on attached File We are looking for upto 6K-7K for right group, we can make other arrangement later, if you want to bid low here Project Requirement: 1. Business Flow: Customers order bus tickets through ...

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    [se connecter pour voir l'URL] clone The script I need involves 2 things. The front end “answer their own question” script, as well as the backend help desk. Below are the details of what I am looking for on each. 1st – For the front end, I want it so when someone comes to my support site, they have the option of picking which department th...

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    Theatre Tickets (version 2) S'est terminé left

    I am looking at setting up a ticketing system to host a number of sales ventures for multiple venues. I must be able to have WAN access for the database and be able to change the IP address with relative ease for the remote systems. Have one hosted site to host the database of patron databases, purchase information and event information including theatre seating charts. Seating charts should be ab...

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    Need a .dll that can be imported in to Visual Basic. The .dll needs to have a function to connect to America Online, and bridge the connection with Visual Basic, so VB can be used to send/recieve data. Small business project in developtment for a few months, need this .dll to finish our automated messaging system to keep track of orders, and keep tickets flowing. ## Deliverables 1) Comp...

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    ASP helpdesk report module S'est terminé left

    Build a ASP based reporting module for a web based customer service solution. The reporting module will be based on our existing pages and have the same look and feel. The reporting module will have visually appealling and easy to understand pie and bar charts to describe the following information which is stored in a MSSQL database (this information is all in one table in the database and is easy...

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    Daily Paycheck Program S'est terminé left

    We are in the temporary staffing industry who pays most of its employees on a daily basis(some weekly). I need a program that will allow me to: 1. Add/Edit Employees information including skilll codes, salesman codes (for Commission reports), etc. 2. Add/Edit Customers information including workers comp codes, billing codes/rates, a jobsite table, etc. 3. Add/Edit Work Orders. This ties empl...

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    I buy and sell event tickets in the US. I buy them from Ticketmaster and then turn around and sell them to customers throughout the US and Canada. I have heard of programs that can be developed to get into the onsales for events in advance of the general public. I have also heard of programs that can notify me if tickets suddenly get released for shows or areas of the venue that were previously so...

    €27 - €4513
    €27 - €4513
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