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    personal development project S'est terminé left

    So - I want someone to re-write (re-phrase, re-purpose) all the content discussed below. The content is produces related to personal development I have 3 eBooks that they have to edit. the eCovers are in photo shop format (PSD), so this person needs to know how to edit photo shop files and how to make good book eCovers - The free lan...

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    ...maturity level. If you see the picture, you will understand how that matrix works. 4. There should be a backend (UI or config file) to add, update questions. 5. Each question should have answers respective to its maturity level so if user chooses option (a) as answer, it should be calculated pertaining to the response shown in the grid. 6. At the end of this

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    Please check the attached pdf for the details. Briefly - we are given a sql script with some data - design ERD for current database - normalize/improve the database according to requirements given in Appendix B and update ERD - write a report about the flaws in current database and details about how did you improve it according to the requirements mention...

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    My report is to show how the digital transformation help the companies to reduce their energy consumption . To do this I need to write 2 parts to start: 1) The first part will be for the digital transformation : Definition and presentation of the digital transformation. Everything about it, to understand and to know everything ...

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    I need a plugin for wordpress to leave reviews on different products. I will describe the steps as good as I can. 1. Visitor comes to website. 2. The visitor has an option to fill in their zipcode and or ordernumber in a form box (like where you put name or email normally) 3. Visitor selects from a dropdown first a category. Let’s say “computers”

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    Hello, Please read all details carefully. Budget of the project is 70 USD. You need to read pdf files for details. Here is the roughly details: There will be 2 characters. First one is football player. Second one is goalkeeper. These two characters can be same except these: Football player wears shorts (one color) Gooalkeeper wears tracksuit bottoms

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    This project is about to create a very complex website. All details about the project are in the attached PDF. Please read the documentation carefully. After you've done this, please write me a detailed report about what your idea is. How you want to realise it and what the estimated price will be.

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    ...around Drupal and custom PHP code to meet private and government client needs. We have been working to redesign the project for free and low cost cloud release. The project is built primarily in Drupal, MySQL and PHP. It is deployed on both Linux and Windows, and runs equally well on both. The images are deployed to VMWare ESXi server. This facilitates

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    40 offres to make notes on the Notification Center as widget app. There are some example: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] [se connecter pour voir l'URL] Before you will make a offer: - DON’t ask me for my budget! That my personal matter! - Make just one time a offer, if you have to update you offer like butget adaptation, you are out! - Tell me a realistic tim...

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    Topic: Multilayer Perceptron project Write a multi-layer perceptron project in the language of your own choice. This project can either be fundamental research OR research into an application 1.) present a theoretical treatment of the problem you came up with (this means math) and implement your solution by computer language of your own choice

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    ...assessment is designed to test your abilities in applying network monitoring and network management tools for identifying network problems in real-life scenarios. You should be able to demonstrate an understanding of the tools and techniques you studied in the lab sessions. Your report should critically review literature related to a problem or research

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    C++ refactoring S'est terminé left

    ...requirements html file and the attached code. You only need to do part 2 of the requirements file which you need to write a document on what needs to be refactored. The deadline is in **8 HOURS** THE BUDGET IS 30-40 CAD PART 2: Refactoring Recommendations: In Part II we want you to analyse the code provided, make a refactoring recommendation

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    write paper S'est terminé left

    ...this assignment is to comprehensively analyze one theory of communication and become an expert on this theory. You will also be creating a one-page handout of this theory for your classmates (which will help everyone in studying for their future comprehensive exam). Process: There are two parts to this assignment: 1) A written report (detailed below)

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    ...Bid without fully reading the project = REPORT AS SPAM/SCAM *** Dear All, Thanks for reading this project, please pay attention to this information as you "CAN NOT" use online websites, ebooks, etc.. for this project, but I can provide the PDFs and Books photos for you to use "IF" you do not have access to a Library in your city or universit...

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    ...analysis : How do these companies differ? Second analysis : What each company is doing that the other is not doing? Third analysis : Why is one company more successful than the other For each analysis :- 1. Presented in table format 2. Show all figures, percentages and totals 3. Do comparison side by side for both companies 4. Write a critical

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    Write a Report S'est terminé left

    Hi there, I need a report writer to write me a report on a simple & easy "How to let go & create space for what matters in 5 easy steps" PDF file.

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    Castor Oil Report S'est terminé left

    Please READ the attached PDF. If you don't find it let me know by messaging me. This is a research and written report project. This is NOT for doing the actual report. Having no idea how long it will take to research and write the report, give me your proposal for how long it would take you and how much I'd pay you. ...

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    Trophy icon Coverpage design S'est terminé left

    ...of a document that i write to assess a property to see how safe it would be if there was a fire. I have attached a copy of a full report just to give you a bit more information, but just to confirm i am looking for a COVERPAGE only! Attached is the wording I usually include on the coverpage I would like the coverpage to have at a mi...

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    I want a book to be written based on my self talk video. [se connecter pour voir l'URL] Each Affirmation will be turned into a chapter. I have attached a document named "Possible Bullet points for chapters" I would like you to take related topics for each chapter and expand on them. Please also see the attached document "Self Talk": This

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    Write some Software S'est terminé left

    Hi all, I need help to develop a C ++ program where a user plays a slot machine. The code MUST!! follow the procedural paradigm (objective programming is not what I am looking for). The game involves the user depositing money which is then used to bet before each game round. When the game starts, 3 different symbols will be randomized into nine fields:

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    Data wrangling project S'est terminé left

    ...of following methods of downloading a dataset: Download a preselected metro area from Map Zen. Use the Overpass API to download a custom square area. Explanation of the syntax can found in the wiki. In general you will want to use the following query:(node(minimum_latitude, minimum_longitude, maximum_latitude, maximum_longitude);<;);out meta; e

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    Sales Rep Commission Tracker S'est terminé left looking to have a Web based program built that allows us to keep accurate track of multi level commissions that will paid to our sales reps. We will receive Purchase Order from a customer, enter some data into the program, it will then autofill in several areas and allow us to see what Rep will be paid what amount. The attached PDF shows a simple

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    Credible Interval project S'est terminé left

    Please write a report on the credibility interval. Describe what it is, how to calculate credibility interval, and the differences between credibility interval and confidence interval. For the report please use non-technical wording, so that it is easy to understand. When describing how to calculate the credible interval, please do it ste...

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    Please write a report on the credibility interval. Describe what it is, how to calculate credibility interval, and the differences between credibility interval and confidence interval. For the report please use non-technical wording, so that it is easy to understand. When describing how to calculate the credible interval, please do it st...

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    Using the process API S'est terminé left

    Submit a pdf file with the answers to all questions listed at the end of Chapter 5 (ARPACI-DUSSEAU). Format the report as follows. For each question, list the question followed by the source code of the program you implemented to answer the question. In addition to the code, also add a screenshot of the output produced by the program or experiment.

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    Project for yassershehab S'est terminé left

    ...potential 'rough and dirty' console project to act as a 'proof of concept'. The research revolves around breaking down 'annual reports' (that come as pdf documents') into their various sections. I would like to see if you can provide me the section headers and the text within each section. We will probably have to jettison some cont...

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    600 Word report on Java design Analysis of the design You DO NOT need to explain the code. However, you need to explain the design that is achieved by the program. You need to analyse 1. The GUI design. 2. Discuss as to why there are multiple pages, buttons, menus..etc and how do they contribute to the design 3. write about l...

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    Write a report S'est terminé left

    I need you to write a report for something. How to Enter the Global Business World? Your task: Form a group of three to four students and appoint one group member who coordinates your activities. You will present and communicate your findings to the whole class. Please discuss the following scenario: You and your partners have establishe...

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    Risk Analysis S'est terminé left

    RA3.PDF contains the scenario for the analysis. Read the scenario, run the analysis in FairU, and write a report with recommendations to “Dan Johnson III”. Looking to interpret and communicate the output of FAIRu to the stakeholders as well as your recommendations how to mitigate the next skimmer attack.

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    Project for dbuglab -- 3 S'est terminé left

    ...surveys on the people that walk in their store. They hire people to stand at the front of the store and ask the questions that I sent to you. Right now the stores have sheets of paper they write the answers on and they hire several people to compile the data from these surveys into a report that tells the store owners all the details of the compiled

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    1 offres purpose. We wish to upload sales, purchase, returns etc in the same to manage inventory and extract reports from the same. Some key features that we need are summarized as below: 1. MUST HAVE FEATURES: a. Upload data in excel/csv: There must a standard template for Sale, purchase, returns etc and we should be able to upload data in bulk

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    ...kingdom. You are required to write a report for either a real or a hypothetical company in an industry of your choice (for example - motor, entertainment, computer technology etc) that is considering investing in a European country of your choice. The report will form a PEST analysis of your chosen country, with reference to your chosen industry.

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    vhdl expert need with board S'est terminé left

    ...assembly attached doc is the task In this attachment you find many files inside. first one call it assignment 2 this I tried to write some code and added many files maybe help you in your work. also you find two files PDF first one call "Lec_Microprocessor_Design" inside this file you can see final design for the assignment that in page divided many

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    Do some Excel Work S'est terminé left

    ...experience person to work on important data entry for us to add products to our Magento eCommerce websites. We will provide you a detailed manual of how to add these products. You will work by yourself most of the time, but will be a part of the team and will report regularly to your manager. MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS - you have added products ...

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    Customer Support S'est terminé left

    ...are a London-based Telco who sells advanced services to predominantly small UK businesses and we are looking for an organised and responsible support agent, who is tech-savvy and can guide customers through our products on our website. There is a clear and simple process that you will follow to help customers solve their problems. All support will

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    ... I want to develop tool that is analyzing a website urls for Seo Purposes and shows the results. The exact demo what i want, is Exactly this tool, Exactly. [Copy Past] - here is the link: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] + Every report can be downloaded as PDF, you can see it in a demo. It will ask users email address and send pdf report to...

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    ...(http:// [url removed, login to view]), which has lot of very interesting research modules with active development from many compiler communities across the world. You will also use it for the next couple of mini-assignments. It aims to give you some familiarity with LLVM’s C-family frontend Clang ([url removed, login to view]). More specifically

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    understanding LLVM and CLANG S'est terminé left

    ...communities across the world. You will also use it for the next couple of mini-assignments. It aims to give you some familiarity with LLVM’s C-family frontend Clang ([se connecter pour voir l'URL]). More specifically, this assignment asks to you to do a study of the AST, IR and options of the LLVM compiler. • Download LLVM: Obtain source code of LLV...

    €8 - €20
    €8 - €20
    0 offres need to have followings: Our clients are groups of students arriving from different high schools and enroll for our overseas courses, therefore parent, head master need to sign our legal documents which consent us to organize the study trip. Each school is a client, each client has got many students whose parents and head master need to sign our

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    Data Visualisation Assignment Overview: Create a data visualisation using Pandas libraries in Python, write a short (4-5 page) report describing the dataset(s) and the process you used, present the visualisation in a screencast lasting no more than 10 minutes. The visualisation should illustrate a point, answer a question or otherwise tell a story

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    ...point font, including bibliography) Objective : The key objective of this assignment is to critically assess the rationale and outcomes of a specific development project. The goal is to arrive at a deeper understanding of a particular development issue of interest to the student, and a better appreciation of the interplay between policy objectives, stakeholder

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    ...Database connection - Login - Sales report - Add customers - GPS Admin user will need: - Add/remove users - See each users sales report - Add products & prices - Export report to PDF. Still unsure if the admin panel should be web or mobile based. Please give your price and how much time you will need to develop this project. Add th...

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    Racket Programming -- 2 S'est terminé left

    ...instead of iteration constructs like do. Be sure to test your functions on various cases, including empty lists, simple lists with no sublists, complex lists, etc. Some of the problems can be answered by just typing expressions into a Racket interpreter and transcribing the results. Feel free to use DrRacket to check your results, but, even though you might

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    ...which must be integrated to our charity organization website. The features: 1) We get donations time to time, we need to have a system to record those attaching a receipt. For example: ABC donated $20 dollars, now we should be able to create a income record, enter which company donated, when, who received the money and how much etc also for proof

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    ...DESCRIPTION CAREFULLY! WARNING: THIS IS NOT AN EASY JOB. BE PREPARED TO WORK HARD. I need a virtual assistant that I can send tasks to and have them done QUICKLY and PROFESSIONALLY. If you take five hours on a task that should take one, you're fired. Don't read that harshly, but I don't want to overpay for things. If you make me money, I'll make you...

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    To propose robust concept drift detection approach that balances between accuracy and time for detect concept drift (robust approaches that yield a balance between incremental learning and forgetting) this is my Requirements 1- basic approach to change detection in data streams uses two sliding windows over the data stream. 2- We want the guarantee

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    I am looking for someone with experience to write a sports media monitoring report in PDF. The media campaign has already been conducted, all I need is a full report on where the campaign has been published, how many times and what territories with links of each publication. Full details will be provided later. Please contact ONLY if you have

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    Write a Technical Report S'est terminé left

    I am looking for someone with experience to write a sports media monitoring report in PDF. The media campaign has already been conducted, all I need is a full report on where the campaign has been published, how many times and what territories with links of each publication. Full details will be provided later. Please contact ONLY if you have

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    Do some Excel Work S'est terminé left

    ...instructions on how to take a .pdf report, and use the information to use the mail merge wizard in word. I need someone to write the instructions for me to where I can do this myself in the future. I would need to follow your instructions and do it and see that the results in the mail merge wizard are what I am looking for. the f...

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