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    Subject: Data Mining Project Name: Multivariate Imputation By Chained Equation(MICE) Using R programming language In my attached file there are 20 datasets in which 10 data sets are compulsory to use and another datasets will give me extra points so you can find one pdf in that which describes which datasets should be compulsory. I need imputed missing

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    I need code that will draw a chart, similar to the attached document, from data for: Average strength of association between the 'target concept' (G. W. Bush in the example) and the Average valence towards the associated concepts (do people feel positively or negatively towards it), and Correlation amongst the associated concepts. Strength of association should be indicated using li...

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    I need analysis done in R in which analyze the dataset having the pollution of US and patients reported with respiratory diseases in US. In the end it needs to establish a relationship between Pollution and respiratory diseases across geography.

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    First I need a small project where I can produce my knowledge for clients benift and also for my benifit

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    I have some interference analysis forensic models that I need to convert into R. I learn best by examples so I would like someone to convert 2 macros (BuildReport, batchtri) into R as a starting point. The other thing I would maybe need is an overview of the R environment, composing, debugging, etc.

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    I would like to hire a programmer that could build a website that produces an interactive map showing points of interest based on data provided via a google spreadsheet - adress, title, desription, category. The data is meant to be constantly updated. Preferably using shiny / R programming. It has to include debugging, possible error codes etc. + a

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    hello, I got a dataset containing information about ships. I want to make a graph about how many ships there are on which days. after this it need to be interactable with Rshiny. send me a message this is a very small project. kind regards

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    My name is José Abreu, and i’m a PhD Student at Évora University – Portugal, in Managment. I’m working with the Latin American Financial Markets. I just find in R Studio the right test for my work – Fractal::DFA. But at this moment i need your help because we need in the test the Standard Deviation (sd). We need in the output right information about

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    Develop R script to generate the spatial file visualized based on lat, long, azimuth & radius as shown in the uploaded file "Output". Azimuth is the angle separation between cells/polygons. Need expertise in R, leaflet

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    Hi Dear, Greetings from Lasai Technologies, Position :: Software Design Engineer Location :: Redmond WA Responsibilities: 5-7 yrs of exp in - R code - SQL - Basic knowledge of data science models - Familiar is code management tools such as GIT -Statistical modeling experience

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    ...Data Scientist that can help us use our database better & utilize data to make smarter decisions. Looking for the following: - Be able to detect trends and insights - R modeling, machine learning - Database Administration (MySql) - Query optimization, knowledge about Data-warehouse and how to create them - Extra: Backend (PHP, Laravel) OR

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    ...Data Scientist that can help us use our database better & utilize data to make smarter decisions. Looking for the following: - Be able to detect trends and insights - R modeling, machine learning - Database Administration (MySql) - Query optimization, knowledge about Data-warehouse and how to create them - Extra: Backend (PHP, Laravel) OR

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    ...enhancements/adjustments and some additional PHP programs added to a PHP/CodeIgniter-based Multi-User SaaS site we have ALREADY created. This job/project should not take a good programmer long to complete these modules. Our in-house engineering manager - an ex-NASA software Engineer - has created an admin-style panel and front end for a SaaS site built with

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    Economics project, making a data analysis. The project should be simple for someone that knows how to code R, and should only take a couple of hours.

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    PHP and geolocation for phone

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    Tune the knn to predict factor variable using caret package and data splitting in R programming Many more such short assignments upcoming

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    Hello Coders, one of my costumer need a dashboard type program, to show the status of part moving thru the process of repair.

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    I have been trying to learn the probabilistic linkage library RecordLinkage through the following example: [se connecter pour voir l'URL]​ However I am failing to get the correct data for this example and was wondering if I can get help in getting the data and applying this library? https://journal.r-project.org/archive/2010-2/RJournal_2010-2_Sariyar+[se connecter pour voir l'URL...

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    i need to download stock, forex data from yahoo google or some other source and make point and figure charts in excel or somtething els

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    A Simple and classy corporate website with just a home page, about us page and a contact us page. Don't mind using templates or wordpress to do it. After approval to upload to ftp

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    I need code for R studio that will take a pdf and extract racer's names, their finish position and their winnings, create unique identifiers and put it in an organized excel form.

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    I have three sets of data. One with historical data of people who donated to a charity. Second one has marketing costs by zipcode of the customer. The last one is a test data with different set of people, you have to decide who will donate in this list based on other data.

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    In a MySQL database process daily data of stock prices. Be able to detect anomalies, update the database and be able to extract data to Excel.

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    Need Expert in R to teach me how to work on some statistics problem

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    Potential future occasional projects for QA of databases and pre-processing data.

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    Programming an algorithm with igraph

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    URGENT! A simple R-code needed for the simple linear regression forecasting model including 1 lagged variable. Afterwards, measuring forecasting accuracy should be measured (goodness-of-fit of the model). The methodology needed to be followed is in an attachment. For an R specialist it should take a couple of hours.

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    I need a script in R to perform a correlation analysis, build a portfolio, opt. that portfolio minimizing CVaR and to test the portfolio strategy.

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    clustering and EFA

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    I need to setup this [se connecter pour voir l'URL] on my domain. All instructions for the setup is detailed here: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] Github project: [se connecter pour voir l'URL] Please ask any question if anything is unclear, I would love to help.

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    Need someone with RSTAN (the R interface for Stan) experience to write and execute a simple code for determining the sum of two Poisson probabilities (following a Skellam distribution) .

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    Create R-script to parse XML-Files and scrape node-content into a data-table for multiple pages, based on a list of pages. Time for completion: 6 hours

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    ...to know the scripts that you use in the analysis. A sample of the corpus is attached. I'm open to ideas about what sort of analysis is possible, I don't know very much about R. The names of the files are the dates they were written and I'd like to make this metadata. I'm thinking of comparing frequently appearing words in one month or one year to another

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    I have multiple projects that require analysis of data from a platform

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    Task Details: Analyse the provided corpus of documents from a corporate website. The intent is to get insights into their values and the things that matter to them w...with other organisations. The deliverables are a written report including visualisations and highlights/recommendations and working code, which should be included in a separate R file.

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    I want to build a prototype application for a network intrusion detection system (IDS). The program in R will use the KDD cup 1999 Data set to train the model and use the same data set test data to test for prediction accuracy. Training algorithms to be implemented will include: kmeans, Fuzzy C-means and Support vector machine.

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    Entwicklung von R-Algorithmen im Umfeld von Zuverlässigkeitsanalysen für einen Werkzeugmaschinenbauer. Es sollen vor Ort im R-Server Algorithmen zu den folgenden 3 Themen interaktiv erstellt werden: Algorithmus zur Bereinigung der Zählerstände, Berechnung der Zuverlässigkeit für rep. Einheiten, Algorithmus zur Früherkennung. Entwicklung findet zum

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    Statisticians who knows r programming can apply, need help with some work. Please bid if you can start right away and if work is good this will be long term. We need to discuss the task.

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    Statistical project with basic level statistics and data manipulation. Should be no longer than 100 lines of code. Focusing on regression and correlation analysis.

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    ODMAD outlier detection algorithm for mixed data. This algorithm calculates a score for categorical variables and a score for continuous variables. Based on these scores, the outliers are selected.

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    Multivariate statistical analysis in R Biometrical data analysis Multilocational data analysis

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    Looking for experienced R programmer to clean up my existing R code and write new code for a project evaluating sports scores and betting information. Sample data set will be provided and consists of series of professional football games with winning team, opponent, scores, and betting information such as spreads. Payment to be made on a per hour basis

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    i have a programmed an algo in R for backtesting however my windows crashes R and i dont know why. looking for someone to help me overcome this

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    Weekly we have thousands of data extracted from public websites, we want someone to design a program to cleanse and categorize the new dataset against our master database following a couple of rules (All datasets are in excel format)

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    I would like an online store with e commerce as well as the ability to changes categories and such; Google Events calendar and metrics uploaded; Easy to use Web Form Generator (submit to email and database); WooCommerce or something comparable shopping cart with table rate shipping based on price and flat fee for US and Canada, Free shipping for specified Winnipeg postal codes. Payment to be ...

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