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    I need a skilled designer to refine a GIF (of a Heron Bird) for my website. The current GIF (SEE VIDEO) features a brightly colored, rapidly moving bird that tends to overwhelm visitors. We aim to preserve its captivating qualities while making it more user-friendly. Requirements: Slower Movement: The GIF should move at a pace that feels inviting rather than hurried. Softer Colors: Opt for a gentler color palette to enhance the visual comfort for our audience. New Bird Icon: Replace the current bird with one that is appealing but less intense. The goal is to ensure the GIF attracts attention without being overstimulating.

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    ...peaceful scenes. The mood will suddenly change with the glint of a blade as it relieves the head from a set of shoulders and blood splashes the screen. The transition will show the party wiping blood from their faces as they charge forth into battle. It will individually show conflict for each character and end with Zyliana raising her mace into the air. The camera will pan up and an image of a golden heron will swoop down, another transition to a wisened tortoise enjoying the sun and a cup of tea, another transition to a murky swamp where a creature is clawing its way out of the bog as a set of monstrous white jaws slam down and severe the body into two, yet again splashing the screen with blood. The scene fades into red mist as the production is stated and the screen burns: A C...

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    Squarespace S'est terminé left

    ...Recruitment Service We are seeking an experienced Squarespace developer to create a polished 14-page website for our Helsinki-based executive recruitment service. You can develop custom features and implement On-Page SEO for a premium brand that targets high-level applicants and clients in Europe and the US. View our brand and website assets on Figma: Qualifications: – 3+ years Squarespace development – Advanced CSS/JavaScript skills – SEO optimization expertise ? If you meet these prerequisites, read more about this exciting project! As a premium service attracting senior-level candidates and clients, exceptional web design is essential. The

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    Sticker - Been A Minute S'est terminé left

    Sticker. Circle. 100mmx100mm. WORDING: Been A Minute 9-11 COLOUR: Background colour: black Been A Minute: white with a touch of red 9-11: red FONT: Been A Minute: In a strong masculine style (I don't know what program you are using but some ideas Northden, Portico Diablo, Saito, Mavericks, Grind, Visage Demolished, Stay Weird, Twinton, Board + Batton, Cyrus Highsmith’s original Heron Sans) 9-11: in the same font as the 100 symbol in iPhone emoji

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    Trophy icon Cecil & Mark Illustrations S'est terminé left

    I'm creating branding for my new business, which will center around 7 animal icons– Primary Items to create art for: * American Alligator (a young one, but not a baby); * Great Blue Heron * Bowfin Fish * Tilapia Fish Optional items to create art for: Largemouth Bass Fish Red Shouldered hawk Osprey Queen palm Tree I will need each animal to be illustrated in at least 4 poses. i will need a colorized version, as well as BW -- all vector art. (See Alligator Art Direction for the ideal art style I'm looking for). The animals should look anatomically correct, but stylized for brand identity. Animals should look happy, but not cartoonish. Artwork will be trademarked and used for a variety of applications, including retail apparel and posters, so please, no use of sto...

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    Memorial decal for my dad S'est terminé left

    I would like for someone to create an image that I can put on decals / stickers using these key elements: - Sport fishing boat - Jumping dolphin - Flying great heron - Steering wheel

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    "I've recently relaunched Heron Dance Art Studio, a business I ran for twenty years. It is based on an art journal that explores psychological issues related to making one's living from creating art. I describe it as "Art, Words and Retreats for Creative Outsiders". The business has 9600 opt-in email addresses and about one hundred paid subscribers. I launched it a week ago. At its peak twenty years ago it had 52,000 opt-in readers and 15,000 paid subscribers. The business model relies on subscriptions, donations, art sales and ultimately book sales. I'd like to begin working with a marketing person to grow the readership. I'm wondering about Instagram, Facebook, Google paid search, and paid ads on Reddit, Quora and other venues popular with cr...

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    Caldwell-Heron S'est terminé left

    Hi, I’d like to combine an element of my husband’s family crest with mine. This would combine a fleur de lis with a heron. I’d like it very simple and will eventually use the design as a brand for our animals. I’d like it to be made of metal - maybe 4 feet square. Does anyone on this registry make brands? It would be the symbol for our homestead. Thank you. Cara

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    ...FDA regulations. We do have three different size versions that need to be fix on two of the coffees and on one of the coffees. The next project is to redo our label on the Blue Heron Espresso Nicaragua Selva Negra and our new Guatemala San Marcos Manos Campinsinas coffee. These will need a front and back label with three versions for the front label and one to three versions for the back label. The differences on the back label are the UPC codes which the printer may be able to add the bar code at press time. . The look needs to be like the attached labels. The Blue Heron should have a drawing of a Blue Heron or a drawing of the Safe from Snares bridge emblem (image attached). For the Guatemala I have several ideas: The Quenzen...

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    Ronald Herron S'est terminé left

    I am trying to get a logo made that I can put on my clothing line. I would like the logo to be a bird, a heron to be exact.

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    Ronald Herron -- 2 S'est terminé left

    I would like to have a logo created for my clothing line that I am trying to start. I would like the logo to be a bird, a heron to be exact, as shown in the image provided. It does not have to be direct translation of the image, but something similar.

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    Heron Plumbing & Gas Ltd. -- 2 S'est terminé left

    Hi Shirel K., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. It is for a plumbing & gas company based out of Comox on Vancouver Island.

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    Heron Plumbing & Gas Ltd. S'est terminé left

    Need a logo design for my company Heron Plumbing & Gas Ltd. based in Comox BC Canada, I like just the illustrations of a heron standing on one leg with the other leg extended in a tide pool .

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    I am a fabric artist and I work off an image. I want to create an image by using a pic of a blue heron and arrange it in a background of water, grasses, etc.

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    Blue Heron S'est terminé left

    Want to create an art piece that includes the pic I have of a heron and audition a few background images that best suits the goal of the piece. Basically take the standing heron and move home to replace the once sitting in the greasy area. But agust the perspective.

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    Social Media Marketing Assistant S'est terminé left

    ...the project description before responding -- please detail your experience with Instagram marketing -- what projects you've worked on, the results, etc. History: I founded and ran this business for 20 years, then shut it down to focus on software development for hedge funds. I'm now reincarnating it (Heron Dance Press) with a narrower focus -- just innovation and creativity. At one time the business had annual revenues of over $1 million. It still has 15,000 Facebook followers (formerly Heron Dance) and I still have 15000 opt-in email addresses, although many of those will now be defunct or no longer interested. ...

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    Blue Heron S'est terminé left

    The edited image has been lost. I do have a Facebook picture of the edited image, and I have the raw file that I need edited to look the same. I have uploaded a pic of the edited image.

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    Trophy icon Help me build a logo! S'est terminé left

    I am looking for a logo for our band - The Apalachicola Sound. Would like the font to be vintage... like something from back in 1970 if possible. We are based out of Florida and sing rock/country music. Thinking a half moon shape but all ideas are welcome! I would like a redfish, an oyster, and a guitar somewhere in the logo if possible. Could also add reeds with a Blue heron or an alligator instead. Some wildlife in there would be great! I am interested in one plane text logo as well for printing purposes. I included our first album cover for reference.

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    I would like all citation to be APA 7th edition please use text book Applied Behavior Analysis Cooper, J.O, Heron, T.E. & Heward, W.L. (2020). Applied behavior analysis (3rd ed.). Pearson, Merrill Prentice Hall. please use the article is is attach

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    Project for Mst. Umme K. S'est terminé left

    Hi Mst. Umme K., I want the Heron Hardwood logo in high resolution files. can you ad company tagline- Stand on Excellence

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    Trophy icon Logo for Hardwood brand S'est terminé left

    We are looking for a unigue logo for our brand- named- HeronHardwood. We sell hardwood flooring and are looking for an original logo. possibly with icon of Heron bird.

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    For a mobile game in unreal Engine: We need to create some rigs for 3D model birds. Our birds will have theirs wings closed for the most of the time but they must be able to be animated for minimum movements (like scratch under wing). The Birds won't fly. All Controls will be FK. Only neck (for long neck like Heron) and legs will have switch IK/FK Controls. For more informations contact us.

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    Project for Heron A. S'est terminé left

    Hi Heron A., This might be an opportunity you’ll be interested in. it’s quick and simple. We’ve just launched our products and they are doing well - but we’re always looking to improv.

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    Trophy icon Fine Art Vintage Style Front Cover Drawing S'est terminé left

    ...) in our garden sitting at the table with a heron beside our water fountain. Second front cover is another one of her sitting with her friends having afternoon tea in our wisteria room. The photos would need some form of vintage border. Separate drawings of a vintage afternoon tea stand, Scones, Tea and Fountain. Files provided for reference: 1. Images of Duchess of Bedford, Anna Maria Russell 2. Our hotels garden/fountain and building 3. Heron which visits our fountain. 4. Wisteria room 5. Examples of Vintage Covers / Borders 6. Example of our afternoon tea stand 7. Example vintage drawings for inspiration Drawings required: 1. Duchess of Bedford, Anna Maria Russell having afternoon tea in our garden (flowers) by the fountain / heron with border 2. Duche...

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    Project for Liliya D. -- 71795 S'est terminé left

    Hi Liliya D., I have another new project - Will and Sian Schofield 113 Heron Rd PULLENVALE see attahced a previous landscape plan - I have marked what I need the new plan to show - the pool is not correct on the plan so maybe google maps may help a bit - thanks

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    Project for Pascual G. S'est terminé left

    Hi Pascual G., I am working with Ruth Link, you are building our website on wix. I have paid for a premium site but it looks like maybe you have started a new one which is not premium? are you able to transfer over the premium site because it has functions that we will need, thanks Heron

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    Logo Design for Retreat S'est terminé left

    Need an artistic abstract logo design for a beach retreat rental called Heron Retreat. Need it to be clean, simple, but artistic and incorporate a blue heron bird since the name of the property is Heron Retreat. I looked around online and found one example I liked but looking for fresh original design.

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    Project for heron S'est terminé left

    I need a logo designed.

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    Heron with duckling in its mouth

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    Trophy icon Design poker chip S'est terminé left

    I would like to design a set of poker chips. I don't have a name for the chips yet, so feel free to create one. Ideas that come to mind are "Lake House Poker" or "Macs Poker". If possible, I would like to incorporate the idea of a lake house, water, and/or an image of a great blue heron (please see the contest files for photo examples, as well as a google image search with the word "great blue heron"). I'm so excited to see all the communities creative ideas!

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    Designs for heron S'est terminé left

    I need some graphic design.

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    Trophy icon Brand Name and Logo S'est terminé left

    We hand paint and design limited edition sweats. We launch new designs every month and it is first come first serve. Each design is only run once and will never launch again. We need a brandable name and logo to use on our websites, clothing, hang tags, etc. Some example brands we like are: Supreme Lovebilly Full Send All Saints Dior Heron Preston Gosha Comme des garcons Balenciaga Givenchy Off-White Stussy Vetements WE NEED YOU TO COME UP WITH A NAME AND A LOGO! DO NOT USE THE EXAMPLES LISTED! Domain needs to be available also! Looking for 1 or 2 words max 10 characters

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    Trophy icon CLOTHING ARTWORK S'est terminé left

    I'm looking for some artwork for my streetwear brand, it ...ON TO SEE OUR PREVIOUS DESIGNS. Please look at streetwear graphic t-shirt/hoodie/jacket design of inspiration on pinterest/google. Looking for some ORIGINAL artwork, can be as simple or as elaborate as you'd like. Get creative. Please look at established brands for inspiration, DO NOT COPY THEIR DESIGNS. ANYTHING SIMILAR TO THEIR DESIGNS WILL NOT WIN. JUST USE FOR INSPO. (Off-white, Heron Preston, Fear of God, Maharishi, Supreme, Stussy). Take inspiration from Korean and Japanese streetwear too. Winner will have the opportunity to complete a new project with us. Our slogans are: SEE MORE SAY LESS and ILLUSIONS ARE JUST ILL VISIONS (if you want to take inspiration from those). Good luck, can't wait to s...

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    Build me an app S'est terminé left

    Blue Heron Brewery - looking to build an application for our customers to view our draft beer menu

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    Project for Rocky S. S'est terminé left

    Hi Rocky S., This is Kaushal We have worked together before on that heron webiste. My account is lost so this one is new account. Do you want to work on wordpress project. Let me know, it's bit urgent.

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    Logo / Brand Design for Distillery S'est terminé left

    Need a Logo Design for Local Distillery, Private Issue Distillery. Want classy old fashion script and design. Looking to have a Heron with 3 main ingredients, corn, barley, and rye in front of it. Uploaded inspiration. Colors are Black, White, and Gold.

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    I need a logo designer S'est terminé left

    We need a vectorised logo based on attached image (heron bird)

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    Trophy icon Nordic birds (see listing) S'est terminé left

    ...birds diving, flying, sitting, walking, catching fish, be playful and fun/animals drinking, eating playing etc. Mood is light hearted/friendly/local, springtime. At least 6 animals. Most important animals here is snow owl and swan; these should be 2 of your 6 and have different positions. Illustrations are going on background from different post/competition Lake/air animals: Grey heron swan Common house martin Capercaillie male/female titmouse snow owl crow White-throated dipper duck woodpecker Eurasian magpie Sparrow Western Yellow Wagtail I also have these competitions going, feel free to join them: $150 Background for mystical lake serpent: $60 Land ...

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    Extend mural S'est terminé left

    I would like to extend an artwork so it fits within the dimensions of my wall. This will be printed to wallpaper. I require an artist/ graphic designer who can continue the landscape so it looks like a seamless extension of the current image, adding more trees and sky.

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    The task is to model a Grey heron (Ardea cinerea). The model is used in Unity3D and will run on mobile. Therefore the polycount should be relatively low. Polygon count: ~1k Maps: normal map animations: Flight, lift-off, land, idle More info here:

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    Trophy icon I WANT A NEW YEAR PARTY FLYER S'est terminé left

    PLEASE I WANT A FLYER EXACTLY OR CLOSE TO THE SAMPLE PICTURE FLYER INFORMATION ----------------------------- Lecda Montreal Presents Happy New Year Count Down Party Music • Food • Dance Special Guest : DJ Fondash Venue :1510 Heron Road Dorval, H9S1B7 Date: Dec 31 Time: 7pm to 3am Free Entry and Free food available

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    High quality model of a chair S'est terminé left

    Hi, I need this chair modelled and UV unwrapped in 3dsmax please. No texturing required. Please make sure it is true to scale and realistic as possible as it is to be used for visualisation. Thanks in advance

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    Trophy icon logo design S'est terminé left

    Similar to uploaded image, with: -white faded font lettering. -background colour of circle upper half behind word "HERON'S" red -background colour of lower circle behind word "BEST" blue -centre of logo a simple flying Heron bird similar to the $2nzd coin (also uploaded) with wite background. thank you

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    ...skill is applied, why the skill is important in a business, etc LiveCode Attorney Flask iMovie FreeSwitch Google Cloud Storage Typescript Adobe Illustrator Scrapy Rust Qualtrics Survey Platform Snapchat Weebly Swing (Java) CSS3 Instagram API Brand Marketing Material Coating Programming Bash Scripting Linguistics Telecoms Engineering MongoDB SQLite Android Wear SDK Content Strategy Heron Commercial Cleaning Web Services Git Microsoft Hololens Appliance Repair Building Design Pest Control Agronomy MeteorJS Adobe Pagemaker ARKit Event Staffing Installation Virtual Machines General Office Zendesk Cassandra Feng Shui Laundry and Ironing JD Edwards CNC OpenCV Virtualization Internet Security Sample skill: Keras Skill Description: Keras is an open source...

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    Project for Doomshell Softwares S'est terminé left

    I would like to buy your special manipulation of the glass with the blue heron wings with the shadow, ect….

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    What would it cost me for the following analysis & coding: please estimate cost to add metadata code to videos posted on & & The video metadata I’...metadata I’m looking for would be similar to that on page: Right now jjetspress videos are not indexed trying to use metadata to get them indexed Please include the cost to code canicalization where necessary on my domain. Also if I google “Earl Heron book signing” doesn’t come up in results Also if I google “Earl Heron” / doesn’t come up in search results but does in bing and yahoo search

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    Paper Guest Towel Design S'est terminé left

    I want a 30 x 40 cm guest towel design using the uploaded images. The towel is folded 1/6 and I want the Blue Heron in the middle (10 cm wide and 20 cm high) and the other bird below it. Same size 10 x 20 cm) This is 1/3 of the towel. When the towel is folded, one bird will be visible on one side and the other on the other side. Your job is to fill in other 2/3 (one third on either side of the birds) that will look like the ocean or similar. I attach a very poor docx of the sort of thing I need. I also attach a paper napkin of birds with the kind of ocean effect I want. I also attach a napkin a previous designer did for me -- I gave him the 4 sailboat images and he did the background. (He's now retired) The important thing is to get the line of the foam of the bottom bird to ...

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    Barcode Scanner: HERON D130 BLACK Project Details : We have a one bet Coupon and this coupon have one Barcode. (Attached on Picture 1) Our Barcode Scanner will work automatically on our desk, We’ll not touch to this Barcode Scanner. (But there is a Scan button on the this Scanner, We’ll keep this button with glue, when its scan one code, its have to send to reset command to barcode) When I Show this coupon to Scanner, It will scan the Barcode and It will write to basic Database. It will save it to database Daily and when I click the Print button end of day, It will Automatically Print Todays Scanned Barcodes. I will scan more of 1000 barcode every day and I will save it to my database. Same time I want to manage my old barcodes. (Like Access Databases, I want to...

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    There are 3 walls, all connecting so the landscape will continue through. All walls are 2400mm high, wall one is 8520mm wide, wall two is 2400mm wide and wall three is 2400mm wide, is aimed at kids from 0 - 5 years old. The words Heron Day Care Centre and the phone number 01942 202198 must be displayed in the middle of the main wall I am looking for a jungle theme the winning image must be in Vector, ai and PDF (or a scalable format) If you require any more information please ask

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    Trophy icon Create a flat minimalistic logo for business S'est terminé left

    I need a minimalistic brand logo designed for my health/wellness business. Criteria: 1. Have the name "SAPPARI" in all capital letters 2. Have a minimalistic original heron/crane bird design (not paper crane) depicting a flying heron with outstretched wings angled up facing to the right (similar to attached photo). 3. The heron/crane design will be centered above the "SAPPARI" name 4. The color(s) for the logo need to be visible on a black or white background (I'm thinking gold or silver) 5. The logo will need to look nice and readable in a small 1'' x 1'' size. I will need the editable source and vector files (JPEG, PNG, PDF, AI, PSD) with transparent background Thanks!

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