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    need a research paper 4 jours left

    need a technical paper about generation of electricity from a bio reactor landfill. its should calculations and design

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    DOF analysis and aspen S'est terminé left

    DOF analysis on transient reactor and aspen

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    We're developing a new reactor that oxidizes weak fuels to power a gas turbine. The reactor is arriving in a few weeks. We've purchased the control valves, thermocouples, pressure transducers etc. We need a PLC design expert to put together the controls to make it all work. The attached schematic shows much of the process. We need to buy the PLC, set up the control panel . Our test l...

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    Reactor physics S'est terminé left

    Advanced physic with theory of reactor physics , differential equations related to neutron absorption

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    operational model S'est terminé left

    Cost analysis (including but not limited to): Operational costs Startup costs Environmental costs Comparison to modular nuclear reactor of similar power output to determine whichpower generation option Is more energy efficient Is more economically viable Is more environmentally friendly I would like the calculations will be about Analyze the energy conversion system of a nuclear power plant ...

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    Matlab ODE project S'est terminé left

    Hi, We are a company investigating plug flow reactor modelling using MATLAB. This small project should only take a professional 1-2 hrs.

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    Hybrid control NMPC - PID S'est terminé left

    Perform the hybrid control (NMPC - PID) of a propylene polymerization reactor in python language. The PID control has already been implemented.

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    create me a paper S'est terminé left

    A Boiling water reactor analysis

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    Project for Live Experts ® S'est terminé left

    Hi Live Experts ®, I need someone tutoring me to simulate a reactor & HEX in Formaldehyde production process in hysys

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    I need to convert a reactor model from visual studio to python/matlab and to do few improvements to run an optimizer

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    Hi, I am an MSc Chemical Engineer with 2 years of experience as a manufacturing Engineer. My aim is to secure a role in a larger chemical/pharmaceutical company. I am based in the UK. I am looking for a tutor who has experience in Chemical Engineering Design. The most important aspect is that teaching needs to be based on real-life case studies. I want to go through real-life chemical engineer...

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    I am looking for an experienced encoder (RCE Expert & Developer) that can patch a software to remove limitations. The program is based on Spanish language have skills to: Unpack Themida/Winlicense, Enigma Protector, [se connecter pour voir l'URL], ConfuserEx, DNGuard, .NETGuard, Beds Protector, .Net Reactor, [se connecter pour voir l'URL], PECompact, PELock, ILProtector, VMProtect, ...

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    Volume of a CSTR S'est terminé left

    The task is to determine the volume of a reactor, all parameters are provided.

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    Effect of heat in chemical reactions and reactor sizing and design. Looking to hire an expert on Chemical Engineering having at least Master Degree or PhD in Chemical Engineering with good skills in writing report. Only Experts on Chemical Engineering Should bid here. Suitable person would have a long term deal.

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    PIC (reactors and chemicals) S'est terminé left

    explain the concept of chemical reactor and ....etc

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    Hii.I need someone who can design a chemical reactor for pyrolysis of [se connecter pour voir l'URL] reactor will be used for laboratory use. The approximated height of reactor is about 50 to 60 cm. The reactor will be attached with nitrogen chamber to provide inert atmosphere. If someone can do it then message me.

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    Command prompt S'est terminé left

    ===================================== From: Lucas (HNIM/DESKTOP-6VLCFO4/[se connecter pour voir l'URL]<551cbefa87da583e>) at Thu Jul 30 02:04:03 2020 ------------------------------------- The command line is too long. [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------ [INFO] Reactor Summary: [INFO] [INFO] WSO2 IoT - Parent 3.3.1-SNAPSHOT ....................

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    My knowledge in matlab is limited and I need some help to optimise a 1D Reactor model code i am using to simulate this process. I have gotten the initial results of the model, but it takes too long to simulate and one of the requirements is to optimise it. I dont know how to translate what i have read in literature into the matlab code.

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    I want someone who is proficient in CFD fluent software to help me with creating a reactor( screenshot attached) and capturing the natural circulation process that takes place because of density difference. I just need the results of the natural circulation process that takes place and capture it. And some calculations that are input to the fluent.

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    Create an accurate 3D model from the attached drawings of a reactor vessel. The vessel is a ~6,000 gallon tank used in a chemical process. The resulting 3D model will be used in a 3D piping diagram. All details must be drafted accurately. Instructions: 1. There are two drawing sets: a. The set containing drawings "110887_1", "110887_3" and "110887_4" is the original ...

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    We are a electricity power company that needs a chemical or mechanical engineer to give us a proposal for the design of a metal hydrolysis vessel for production of green hydrogen from Aluminum plus base element and water.

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    A mechanical design to be used in a CAD machine-shop; detailed; and assembly drawings, specifically needed for fabricating the units. Two units at different temperatures. Looking for a mechanical design engineer with very high-temperature thermal design of industrial combustion equipment that requires refractory. This is for a new, improved combustion-reactor design, but it is not new or unique...

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    Software Security Expert S&#039;est terminé left

    Looking for someone who knows how to reve rse engineer and debug Assembly and C++ Programs and can unpack protections like .net reactor and enigma. Must have knowledge of different programming languages and be good at debugging. Must be able to teach the process.

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    I have the description of a reactor: - cylindrical vessel - two electrodes - membrane i need the CAD parts drawing and assembly as soon as possible 30-40$

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    modeling SO2 using MATLab S&#039;est terminé left

    want to get simulation of environmental problem such as SO2 capture from small project in fludized bed reactor (lab-scale) around 6 graphs change with parameter process

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    Training in BS Chemical Engineering, using Excel, Process Simulator, design guidelines, Hydroprocess Reactor Evaluation, Gross Margin, Net Margin using LP models

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    Muon catalysed fusion system S&#039;est terminé left

    I have a small project where i want to illustrate a reactor system, 6 muon sources surrounding a central gas container, heat pipe system, gas and two lasers with beam splitters into the 6 muon sources. want a 3d cad drawing of the system.

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    Prepare report based on the Dynochem utility( H2 has drawdown, Solid-Liquid mixing and estimate UA ). The calculation are already done and I need only report writing with results and design assumptions

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    Feasibility study to upscale a bench-top process for the functionalising short-chain polysaccharides to a modular test reactor built around IBC containers

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    Need an expert writer S&#039;est terminé left

    I need someone who is an expert in writing in the following topics. They should be able to compare, contrast, and give critical analysis in two pages doubles spaced. VIDEO DOCUMENTARY: “Stealing the Atomic Bomb” (USSR) [se connecter pour voir l'URL] “Equinox: A Very British Bomb.” (UK) [se connecter pour voir l'URL] “Israel and the Nuclear Bomb” (Isr...

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    Reactor design -- 2 S&#039;est terminé left

    Designing the reactor, the report must include both calculations and theory.

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    Energy Balance for Boiler -- 2 S&#039;est terminé left

    The details are below-: A mixture of benzene, air and hydrochloric acid is fed to a chlorination reactor (R1) producing monochlorobenzene (MCB) as the primary product and 1,2 dichlorobenzene (DCB) as a side product. The reactor operates continuously with a 10% conversion per pass of benzene while 1% of the benzene converted per pass combusts. The reactor operates isothermally at 250°C with al...

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    Deobfuscate .Net Project -- 2 S&#039;est terminé left

    I want to deobfuscate a .Net project which obfuscated by .NET Reactor (eziriz) and get the source code

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    chemical engineering expert needed S&#039;est terminé left

    I need one expert in chemical engineering who is well versed in Kinetics & Reactor Design

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    Project for Andriy M. S&#039;est terminé left

    can you deobfuscate a .Net project which obfuscated by .NET Reactor (eziriz)?

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    Deobfuscate .Net Project S&#039;est terminé left

    I want to deobfuscate a .Net project which obfuscated by .NET Reactor (eziriz) and get the source code

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    UnPack .Net Reactor S&#039;est terminé left

    UnPack .Net Reactor

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    Research task to look for published work relating to neutron radiation testing on paraffin wax. Looking for ageing effects and any physical changes, perhaps to melting temperature or thermal expansion properties. Radiation exposure levels shall be in the order of MGy (Nuclear Reactor/Power Station levels). Paraffin is used as a neutron shielding agent in nuclear facilities so there should be plent...

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    matlab script S&#039;est terminé left

    The project is about a Matlab data for chemical reaction kinetic, for a flow tube reactor. a substrate (asphalt binder) which contains photocatalytic TiO2 on its surface will be exposed to NOx and its efficiency regarding photocatalysis will be modelled. similar to this modelling, but with another reaction: [se connecter pour voir l'URL]

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    python program S&#039;est terminé left

    Your plant has three mixing reactors, each reactor volume is 100 liters. The running cost of mixing reactor is 0.6 QAR per 1 minute. The mixing time of the components depends on the liquid level in your mixing reactor and is described below: 0-20% 10 min 20-50% 16min 50-80% 24min 80-100% 26min In order to produce one liter of your hand sanitizer, you require the following ingredients: • Propa...

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    PID for Fixed Bed Reactors S&#039;est terminé left

    I need a PID for a Reactor Area in Oligomerisation Chemical Process

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    Code for VOIP Phone System S&#039;est terminé left

    I am looking for a parallel code to be written to the phone systems prisons use for inmates to call out. They are usually prepaid phone systems. An example is GTL. Can we use the phone system and charge a cheaper rate?

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    Carbon monoxide oxidation,CO+12O2→CO2,occurs in a catalytic reactor at temperatureTp= 550(unit: K) and standard condition for pressure. Thereaction occurs inside a spherical pellet of radiusRp= 0.175(unit: cm). The carbon monoxide diffusivity isDCO= 0.0487(unit:cm2/s). The concentration at the surface of the pellet iscCO,S= 0.6647·10−6(unit:mol/cm3). Treating the oxygen concentra...

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    build up arc reactor S&#039;est terminé left

    I want a arc reactor with lights. This is famous device. I want exact model as shown in video. I will give you link of making arc reactor . I want arc reactor exactly as shown in video without minor changes. You made exact model as I like it, I will give you extra money . Video link :-[se connecter pour voir l'URL] This is screenshot of video of making arc reactor. Please made arc reactor as ...

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    I need chemical engineer S&#039;est terminé left

    Chemical Reactor Designer Reactor specs 400 degree Limpet coil and Working Pressure 0 to 5 bars max

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    Simulation of CFD S&#039;est terminé left

    We are from an IT consulting firm and an online tutoring company One of our client is looking for an expert to assist in Simulation of CFD based Simulation of Chaotic Reactor for Sustainable Biodiesel Production using Waste Oil from Offshore Facility.

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    1-2 hours to complete 3 equipment mass balance -cstr reactor in series -flash drum -amine contactor and regenerator

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    We need four technical drawing for our spherical reactor made of stainless steel . Draft drawing is attached, detail briefing will be given thru chat to the selected freelancer. You only need to deliver for drawing i.e base on the file 1,2,3 and perspective view of file number 1. Drawing for glass condensor is only to be put at pipe number 5 in the picture 1 for the perspective view,. The glass c...

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    Bio-diesel reactor S&#039;est terminé left

    Stress calculations ANSYS simulation and report finite element analysis Pump calculations Fluid Dynamics Alternative designs and efficiency calculations (dimensions) Evaluation and final product + CAD drawings

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    EBSILON Professional S&#039;est terminé left

    I need a model to be build for Analysis of nuclear reactor ( Boiling water reactor)

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