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    ...Voici les étapes du projet : 1. Configurer le VPS pour qu’il puisse accueillir jusqu’à 4 sites conçu avec le CMS Drupal. Il faut que la configuration offre une grande sécurité et qu’il soit possible de créer des adresses email avec les noms de domaine. 2. Copier l’actuel site deux fois sur le VPS pour créer les sites et Ceux sont des clones de 3. S’assurer que les sites et fonctionnent aussi bien que le site English : Today we have one site hosted by OVH on a shared server. We want to migrate this website to a VPS hosting OVH Cloud 2. See below the different steps of our project: 1. Set up the VPS so it can accommodate up

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    Edition musique électronique S'est terminé left

    Bonjour, Je cherche quelqu'un pour faire de l'édition de musique électronique. J'utilise garageband. idéalement quelqu'un d'habile avec logic. Quantize, cut, effects, autotune, etc.

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    5 offres if 3. main color, screens to link, buttons 4. add firebase api for services like push notifications 5. copy paste json from the flux builder template if i change layouts. task for todays shift 1. Do an app from scratch with minimal details on the latest source code to act as an iframe for a website (talent Engagement) 3. Update and fork the mother source code flux store pro used for all clones 4. show me you can Merge updated code with 1. demo <change title spelling change make sure paid memberships pro works with out card on free membership which has already been resolved in the last update so i want you yo fork and merge 2. demo 2 having signup problems with firebase, update source code 3. demo 3 old source doesn’t work so lets salvage the images and api for...

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    Hello, I need a simple android application (much similar as OLX) with Firebase as Database and at the end The Profiles which have High rating should be on HomePage (High rating profiles are on top and Low rating Profiles are in the end of HomePage) with Help of Sentiment Analysis. The application is very simple, you should make clones of other similar applications i've no problem with that. All you have to do is making the application in same sense as High Rated profiles are on top, this functionality should only done with Sentiment Analysis. You have to make application with Java and XML but sentiment Analysis would be in any other language as you love to do. Other Details should be provided in chat, Thanks

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    Garageband arrangement S&#039;est terminé left

    Creating instrument arrangement for a garageband written music note

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    Saludos. Requiero el desarrollo de una app en Android ( a ser posible Kotlin ) bajo código abierto para simples modificaciones. El objetivo es "conectar" entre cliente-comercial. Por un lado el cliente tenga acceso a la realización de un pedido ( bajo historial / algo propuesto ) y por otro lado el comercial con su agend...notificación ( comercial ) - La propia app debe incluir una mensajería interna entre cliente-comercial y notificaciones en general ( ejemplo, ofertas anunciadas ). Ya se posee una base de datos, pero se pretende se elabore una aparte, simple, a fin de realizar pruebas con el desarrollador. Más detalles, contactar Conocimientos Se pide seriedad en cuanto al desarrollo y programación, propio y no "clones&quo...

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    We have an exisitng PCB that is designed for use with Mega 2560 pro mini (see attached drawing for layout as there are two different versions!) We are unable to get hold of the Mega 2560 pro mini due to the chip shortage. We have lots of standard arduino mega clones that i can use. The project is to make a PCB that will act as a sheild that will plug into our existing PCB with pin headers (designed for Pro Mini) on one side and on the other will accept a standard arduino mega. This will allow us to use a standard arduino mega in place of the pro mini without changing our whole design.

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    GarageBand Project S&#039;est terminé left

    ...your composition's TWO main musical sections (Verse & Chorus) with any additional contrasting sections (like an Intro, Pre Chorus, Bridge, Outro, etc.). As always, try to make these sections "flow" easily between your already established Verse and Chorus components. Once you have these additional sections added, you should be able to see a more established "FORM" for your song. Compose a GarageBand song project that meets the following minimum requirements: Your additional sections must be at least 4-8 measures long and contain a minimum of at least these 4 specific individual tracks: Melody (a memorable single linear line of scale-based pitches that are sequentially placed in rhythmic groupings and NOTICABLY DIFFERENT from the CHORUS)] Har...

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    A garageband melodi S&#039;est terminé left

    Hi. I need a ”song” on garageband with a intro (could be the chordes from the vers or the chorus) vers, chorus, outro.

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    Music project in school S&#039;est terminé left

    I would need the following: A song that is made electronic for example with garageband or something similar The song is going to start with an intro Then the verse with the following chords: ||: Am | G | F | G :|| And a melody to that Then the chours with the following chords: ||: C | G | F | G :|| And a melody to that And then an outro and then it is finished The song is going to be for about a minute long.

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    Project for Zhannur Z. S&#039;est terminé left

    Hi Zhannur Z., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. I need help setting up garageband.

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    add-on hopefully for Inkscape or browser run application. That can take an SVG shape and randomly place a number of the shape clones (a number that can be specified) in the canvas of a specific size (that can be saved as an SVG or PNG). The crucial part is that the random placement needs to be controlled by an input image (greyscale) where clones tend to be placed more in lighter areas and less in dark areas, basically, it works as a density map. I have a general idea of maybe using an uniform Voronoi grid, where an SVG shape (or png if its easier) is placed on the vertex depending on the grey colour under the vertex (a probability really, the application randomly decides whether or not to place the shape depending on the grey value under the vertex, the lighter the more lik...

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    LAMP Stack Wordpress Eshop S&#039;est terminé left

    Hi, I am starting an amazon wholesale business and need an eshop to show wholesalers that I am in business. I am totally happy with clones or template monster or themeforest templates. In summary: 1. I have logo and need website color scheme to match the logo. 2. website is , domain name, SSL cert, and LAMP stack with wordpress support is ready. 3. Toggle products for US and UK pricing 4. Allow easy adding of amazon title / listing / products images (square) from AMZ to the website. I'm not fussy with the layout. As long as it looks like a wholesaler business that's fine. Sample sites Please let me know cost and time.

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    I am not looking for a person to create a software from scratch. There are similar digital platforms that are clones of what I need. There are already being sold on the market, I need someone who has access to Multi vendor e-commerce that has multi-level Level digital Platforms. I need a digital platform that does the following: 1. Multi-vendor e-commerce - unlimited buyers and sellers registration. 2. e-commerce must have app 3. i need my platform to offer different types of Multi-level compensation to allow me to select which options I want. I want it to offer me two options which admin can select from: • Generation Plan which is based completely on product selling and profit-sharing of the marketing business. I will have more than two legs. • Binary Compensation plan...

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    Trophy icon Photoshop a photo with clones S&#039;est terminé left

    I need a photo photoshopped in a nice way. It needs to look a bit like there are clones of ourselves behind us. A bit like the example. A bit vague, so it's not annoying, but it's still recognisable as clones. We like to have a cool business photo, so be creative! If needed I have multiple photos.

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    ...VMware Workstations for 2 years and half and has no issue at all, but since last month, it becomes so slow, that I can not even close it. It takes ages to close single machine. It always shows "no responding". I can not even restart my computer. I have to press the power button to turn on the computer. The structure of my VMware workstations is that I have one main machine and all the rest are clones of that one. And I have like 100 cloned machines. Some of cloned machines have been operated for more than one year, and they might have a lot of file and data. It might make sense they can be slow. But some new created cloned ones becomes slow as well which makes no sense at all. You can see the attached file, it has no response at all when i click different web tabs. ...

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    Code for UX interactive playlist. S&#039;est terminé left

    ...previous file. Another way to think of this is that each file will begin at a specific time from the beginning of the playlist. See This will help you visualize the overall structure of how the audio files will be heard as the list of audio files is played. The "" image shows how each file begins as the previous one ends. Essentially, this is a scaled-down version of Garageband or audio loop program. The critical element of this project is the timing of all audio files. Each must begin EXACTLY at the correct moment in time....

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    Lush clones logo S&#039;est terminé left

    we have cannabis cloning business called Lush Clones. We are in need of a logo. preferably the shape of a cannabis leaf made out of roots.

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    Building website clones S&#039;est terminé left

    Need a website developer to build clones of various luxury real estate websites. We will start of with 1 and can continue for a total of 10 websites over a course of 10 weeks. Must have experience in word press, luxury design graphic art and building preferably luxury websites. Must have a copywriter on board or access to one to take existing text and reword it. Website will be 5 pages, must be SEO friendly, have content management system, cross platform, google friendly site map, custom banner design, custom design home page, complete deployment, all browser compatibility, cms w3c certified html. Total budget for website is $300 per website.

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    100 offres Only the table sorting needs solution, everything else works. Tables are accessed by clicking on a map. I can explain everything in depth, I know the involved plugins and libraries. I can give you Wordpress admin acess. ~~ The issue I have: ~~ The HTML tables are inside of a Lightbox /JS library/, so my JS cannot attach EventListeners correctly, because this Ligthbox creates visible clones of the HTML tables, after it's triggered. Good thing is that: Every cell which should order the values in it's column has a specific class (.sort-table), you can use for attaching .Click. Also all the tables have same number of columns. Goal: 1. Initial table ordering by first column in ABC order when tables are rendered in Lightbox. 2. User can click o...

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    I've recorded some tracks in Garageband but need a music mixer/producer to mix it to sound like a professional sound track.

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    I am voice over actor who does audio books. I am voice over actor who does audio books. I want to be able to c l o n e my voice, so the AI can read the text for me in my voice or a voice of my choosing.

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    I made this in garageband on my phone with a acoustic guitar, and I wanted to find a sound engineer, who could help it sound better. I'm not expecting to sound like bruno mars, but I decided that I wanted to try hiring a sound engineer.

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    Garageband Recording Recovery -- 2 S&#039;est terminé left

    I have a recurring problem on Garageband on my MacBook Pro (2015). Every now and then after recording a podcast episode, I'll click "Save As," rename the file, and then click save. But then when I go to the saved file, it says it's only a few hundred KBs and nothing is there. I'll go back to the Garageband recording and I can see the recording and see the audio lines, but I get an error message and nothing plays. I need to recover the lost recording, but I can't find it anywhere on my computer or in the trash and I'm desperate.

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    Garageband Recording Recovery S&#039;est terminé left

    I have a recurring problem on Garageband on my MacBook Pro (2015). Every now and then after recording a podcast episode, I'll click "Save As," rename the file, and then click save. But then when I go to the saved file, it says it's only a few hundred KBs and nothing is there. I'll go back to the Garageband recording and I can see the recording and see the audio lines, but I get an error message and nothing plays. I need to recover the lost recording, but I can't find it anywhere on my computer or in the trash and I'm desperate.

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    Android developer -- 2 S&#039;est terminé left

    Looking for a talented android developer who can make clones of android app. more details will be shared with the selected candidate.

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    COMPARAÇÃO EM SITES S&#039;est terminé left

    Preciso de um software que busque, detecte similaridade entre sites, eu busco um programa para identificar sites clones. Gostaria de fazer as pesquisas no mínimo 10 site por vez, mostrando a probabilidade da semelhança.

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    PerfexCRM edit module S&#039;est terminé left

    I need someone who can edit Sales Modules with our request ( or you can clones sales module in perfectcrm follow my request. I will give you 2 file of excel to show it what I need to do with new sales modules. Please contact me when you have experience with Perfexcrm. i do not accept those who arent experienced with it. JUST WORK WITH FIX PRICE. I don't have more time for workers Thanks.

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    Research Paper-Scopus Indexed S&#039;est terminé left

    I would like few papers or select case studies in the area of marketing/finance/hr/ob etc as part of my PhD thesis. The papers should be of quality so as to be plag free and should be eligible for publishing in scopus indexed journals. No clones.

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    Ebay Listing Expert S&#039;est terminé left

    I have a job for someone who can learn the job of posting selected Ebay listings in my stores, with a program that clones listings. This is a permanent job for someone who can learn the program & adjust the listings images, title & description, price, shipping accordingly. Prefer a Philippine worker. Job involves training & no auto responses will be looked at. Only eBay experienced listers need apply Pays $150 per week

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    All in one Podcast App S&#039;est terminé left

    I would like to design and build an app that allows multiple people to connect to the app and record a podcast through their phones. The app allows for GarageBand type editing and flagging parts of the recording to immediately jump to certain topics for editing. I need an iPad, iPhone, and android app that allows all phones and iPads to connect to the app. The audio files can be uploaded to all streaming platforms. (Buzzsprout, Anchor, etc like platforms) Here are some examples: 1) 3 guys meet up at a house to record a podcast. They use 1 iPad as the head host with the app and connect each individual phone via Invitation to the “room”. Each has their own headphones connected to their phones to talk while it records on the app. While recording, they start talking abo...

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    Looking for a website builder to design an airbb doppelgänge, with a few minor adjustments. I am not looking to reinvent the wheel. This is a straight and easy job for a competent web designer. For the person selected for the role, a facetime call is necessary to run through my expectations of you and the project and to also hear your feedback. The project time frame is 10 hours. I have seen similar clones online developed under 3 hours. Payments will be made in 4 sections. This WILL be an ongoing role for the successful applicant. I have been as detailed as I can with my expectations and the price I have set. Please do not waste my time if you have any concerns with the above.

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    SUPER URGENT Project We 1. A Form Builder 2. Photo Analysator (Basically recognizing dots, making vectors and calculating the angles and distances via OpenCV) Task 1: At the moment, the Form Builder and Foto Analysator are separate. We would like to embed the photo analysator in the questionaire which is build by the form builder Task 2: Copy the code of the photo analysator and make 2 slightly different clones Task 3: Building a foto editor where one can take a picture and add different predefined shapes (rectengulars, squares, etc.) which can be made smaller or bigger. Requirements click==7.1.2 Flask==1.1.2 OpenCV-Python>=4.0.0 gunicorn==20.0.4 itsdangerous==1.1.0 Jinja2==2.11.3 MarkupSafe==1.1.1 imageio>=2.0.0 mysql-connector-python >= 2.2.0 secu...

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    3d Video Animation S&#039;est terminé left

    ...kill him) 5) Doctor Rescue (Can revive anyone) 6) Jambol (He can jump from one planet to other) We need to capture 21 people and from their strong aura we will collect the dead person aura and make metal stronger than Indra. Which will reassemble earth and from these aura people will get lives. What are we waiting for? It's not that easy as Parallax is a scientist and he had maken our duplicate clones. Which he will send in every timezone, so we need to battle in every timezone. The thing is we will battle and battle till we collect these people in globser, irrespective to the number of time we need to battle Whether it is 100,1000 or even a crore time we need to battle to reach that person, we will battle, bring those 21 people into globser. So season is starting What ...

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    Hello! We have purchased a word press theme from theme forest. We want this theme to look like something we have designed. We have designed five pages, which believe will serve as a base for transforming the whole template. And we also want 3-5 screens to be copied/clones from another website (which is not controlled owned by us). Let me know if this budget is sufficient and you can do it in two weeks time. Thank you,

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    We need...models if needed. For more complex 3d models and UI we have our partner designer company. The style of the game would be similar to apple arcade games, probably with 3d models on “cards” but we might tend to go with regular 2d drawn cards (tbd) From the main screen, you should be able to see which cards you have opened. The game should be structured to have easily changeable assets - to create clones with diff. themes. We will also need various sounds and effects while playing - The developer should use the freely available assets besides the ones we will provide, and follow all license rights. The game should use apple/google services for daily, weekly, and total/hall of fame high scores. Deliverable means: maintainable code, which can compile for all p...

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    Dating App S&#039;est terminé left

    ...that looks a lot like a dating app (tinder for example). Ideally, it wouldn't require too much coding- for example, using a ready-made script, that is customizable. i would like it hosted on a platform that has a free plan to start out with, until you attain a certain threshold of number of users. I used to see this for other things like over a decade ago (freewebstore, forums, facebook/myspace clones, etc.), but haven't looked inot this recently. Even if they make it easy, I don't really feel like investing to set it up. I'd like to have someone do that for me. So i guess my first question is, what platforms do you know of that have this, and such a plan (because I have to evaluate startup costs and future ongoing costs once we attain a certain number of user...

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    Do you have any experience in the following Software programs? Ableton Live, FL Studio, Logic Pro, Reeper, Pro Tools, Cubase, GarageBand or similar. Currently our film production Team is searching for potential candidates to assist in the production of Music content for up and coming film projects we are producing for general and all ages Video content websites. We have quite a number of up and coming productions in the pipeline and are looking for applicants with experience in the above mentioned Software Programs. A small sample of our work has been included and is definitely not limited to just this - We hope to hear from candidates looking for ongoing, reliable and consistent freelance work. Thank you for your time and we look forward to speaking

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    Rotoscope effect and edit a video S&#039;est terminé left

    I'll like someone expert in After effect cause I wanted to make a profesional video with clones made by rotoscope and also some zooms With the song I can show examples

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    Project for Abservetech Pvt Ltd S&#039;est terminé left

    Hey, can you show me some of your airbnb "clones"? Thanks Best regards

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    Virtual Assistant needed S&#039;est terminé left

    Looking for a person who is comfortable with maintaining/updating Wordpress websites, can produce reports from various plugins, knows Elementor, can handle Excel, customer emails, MailChimp, and maybe even some audio editing for a podcast (GarageBand preferred). Should be Mac driven for sharing purposes. I would prefer someone from the Philippines, thank you.

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    Necesito una persona que sepa diferenciar entre sneakers (tenis) originales y clones para que vaya a ver que tan legitimos son los tenis que vende. Es en Colonia Juarez CDMX

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    Design Website S&#039;est terminé left

    Please read carefully . I want to get a website designed(Not created). So I am looking at bids from Graphic designers only not coders. The site will have many pages but many of the pages will be clones so not all pages have to be designed. Please quote your price , mentioning number of approvals and design iterations allowed. We are looking at someone who can put in good amount of time over a period rather than delivering something in 5-6 days.. (We are estimating design phase to last about a month). Output needs to be in PSD or HTML pages

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    Musical Instrument ios app S&#039;est terminé left

    Start to finish project to develop a musical instrument app using Audiobus to connect with Garageband and in app purchases to buy sound packs. Similar app is the Japanese Traditional Sound Pack which is installed from the Sound Library in GarageBand iOS. Please check that and let me know. My app is similar: it is a musical instruments with background environment. Mine is 1 type of instrument playing 4 octaves, so it's total 48 objects with 2 sound triggers on each object. Please send some example of your work and relevant experience or info why you can do this project. Thank you!

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    This task should take no more than 6min a page. Need to create 26 copies of the page. For each new copy: add a section, change 12 instances of council name change the URL of the page add to menu Here is page: All instances of "Banyule" would be updated with name of next council. The locations section {"We can provide design services in these Banyule City Council areas"} would be updated. Added to Permits menu in footer.

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    Please reach out to me if you have readymade mobile app and games which does not violate any kind of intellectual property rights and at good pricing.

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    Crypto Wallet App S&#039;est terminé left

    Am looking to develop Crypto Currency Wallet app similar to trustwallet com, or com, they have wallet features and uses core trust in github, I require to use available crypto wallet codes in github or any other ready-made clones, and modify it instead of building from scratch. -There will be list of coins linked with infira or any reputed coin api. -There will be swap using exchangly or any othet similar. - Users can buy using credit card. Please submit your proposal only if you developed the same, lumiwallet or trust wallet or coin paperika wallet

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    Flutter Dart Apps S&#039;est terminé left

    I need the some bsic flutter apps such as news,weather, chat box, dictionary, calculator and some game apps and some clones of social media.

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