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    ...commitments on our current front end developer. Looking for someone who is up to date with latest web trends and languages including HTML5/CSS3 (and older), Javascript, JQuery, Ajax, PHP, parallax scrolling, working with video content (embedded and as background full screens), CSS animations, SVG animations and someone who uses all good web practices

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    €170 - €255
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    ...(2) a Form that accepts data fields as mentioned in the table along with requisite validataion (3) PHP code to get parameters and insert data into the table (4) PHP codes to get parameters and update data in table (5) PHP code to get parameters and delete data from table A sample PHP page will also be generated and this will have a form on the

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    I'm currently running a webs...publish their services or instruments to sell to function as a marketplace. Current site is build with plain php/mysql + jquery/ajax/html/css. It has a login system - password recovery, basic user account, messaging system and a form/listing/detail for ads. I'm a frontend developer so this part will be covered by me.

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    €25 - €212
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    ...successful handoff of an HTML form to a controller, and then routed to a PHP server. The tricky part is the form is "encdata=form/multipart" and you must demonstrate the successful transfer of a file and it's associated form data. Use an Ajax call to make the initial request to the controller (e.g use the Ajax URL parameter to ca...

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    ...friendly. Data generated could be saved to form (save button at bottom of page) or via ajax. Range selection should be via click and drag and/or start & end click. This does not have to be new, custom software. An existing solution or edit of an similar solution is fine (so long as the solution licencing allows). jQuery or other JS libraries are fine. Does

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    I need a simple webform created that needs to post back to a SQL database, it needs to meet the needs of the spec and it need to be written in C# with jquery, Ajax controls Please get in contact for more info Many thanks

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    ...a map. Another example would be: [login to view URL] It should be Ajax driven, based on Select2 jquery replacement for select boxes [login to view URL] Location and Accommodation type should be multiple select dropdown, Keyword an input box, while Price

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    ...technologies, that could include web forms, MVC, jquery, css, HTML 5 and other useful technologies. Primarily, I am looking for a front end programer to integrate a jquery form builder, perhaps [login to view URL] or similar, into the admin area of the site, while the rendering of the form will be in a different area of the site. You may

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    2 Types of sel...(dropdown with all states, ajax populated depending on country selected) o city (dropdown with all cities, ajax populated depending on state selected) 2.) o country (dropdown with all countries) o cities (dropdown with all cities, ajax populated depending on country selected) just a simple demo form, no bootsrap, etc. jQuery

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    ...was sending it through a form to the next page and to a database. I now need to catch the information from the first database several times (different data) store them in the page so that client can see them in the page and then submit all the data through a form to the next page and database. I will need more Ajax/Jquery developpements in the nex

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    22 offres from database. I am using JSP/Servlet,HTML/CSS,Hibernate,Mysql and Ajax,Javascript/Jquery in this project. I also created search form for employee data by using Ajax Jquery,so it's very useful for you. Tools:Eclipse Language:java 8,HTML/CSS,Javascript,Jquery and Ajax,Json framwork:Hibernate Database:Mysql Server: Tomcat 8 Tha...

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    I´m a student but need help with a basic problem. I´m trying to post data with help of jquery ajax from a bootstrap form to my web api (c#). But when im pressing the submit button, nothing happens. Been sitting with this problem whole night. I think If you know how to do, it might only take 5 min for you to figure out. Im attaching the:

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    ...of what I'm trying to achieve: [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL] - I have a copy of this script btw. Many thanks and please

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    A simple 2 page form need to be written in php, And in the use of javascript (can be jquery / ajax /...) Users can draw their own signature, The signature need to be saved as and image (gif/png) And print (Example:"[login to view URL]") with the saved name in the next page

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    ...should be done using JQuery AJAX. •Moving from "Login" to "AccountInfo" will not change the page/URL. •The front-end will handle transitions between pages and workflow. •There is no need for workflow beyond Login or Create Account. •There is no need to handle back button functionality. •All display changes due to form<...

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    I would like a plugin or page template created which has a form wizard with only an e-mail address input on step one. And step two is a subdomain input. When the form is submitted, WordPress will create a blog (site) on the multisite network, register the user and then log them in to their site (subdomain) and redirect them to their home page user

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    Live search for a specific form filed to select from Json file using jQuery, AJAX. My website utilizes Java/JSP with MySQL. Detailed requirements attached. This should not cost more than $50 ;)

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    Objective: Learn Form Processing in Node.js and use AJAX to implement file upload. Also, incorporate “send–email” functionality using a REST-based web service. Develop a Node.js application that delivers an HTML page with a form for sending an e-mail with a file attachment. The form has a “Choose File” button to select the file att...

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    I need code for inserting data in mysql database and sending same data by email using ajax mysql php and phpmailer (smtp required ) and all that after clicking submit button on bootstrap form . MYSQL table: CREATE TABLE `stocks` ( `id` int(11) NOT NULL, `user_id` int(11) NOT NULL, `product1` int(6) UNSIGNED DEFAULT NULL, ` product2`

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    Need to fix a form but multiple instance of same. Mostly likely same cause. Data inserted not displaying records when clicking details. Also need to add list from a database and on click will show the details. Details already displaying but we need list. Test the application for any issues. Use case experience good. Insert data and make sure it

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    ...well as some Post functionality with search and wishlisting . I need functions that: POSTING: Based on a SubCategory selected in the Post form: - A checkbox drops down with AJAX/PJAX/Turbolinks/jQuery (some categories have quantities in posts that users buy and stock runs out, others are an infinite quantity/service. These values

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    ...things are working with ajax in one of the web-page. Therefore, there are a lot of jquery related errors and at some places older ajax method is used which is deprecated and slow. For example: After clicking Add Student button, then closing the form and re-clicking the Add Student button, it does not show form and generates 3-4 jquery errors. Here shows

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    Redesign of a website template built with CodeIgniter MVC Fram... - inputs boxes, select and multiselect boxes , buttons , textareas, - conditional inputs and input blocks - ajax functionalities 3) Web form validation : - client side using javascript(jquery/ ajax ) - server side validation (PHP and CodeIgniter )

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    ...(images should be provided by the client)  Send Enquiry form – Users can write on the forms.  Feedback form - Feedback of Visitors can be tracked  Separate Pages for all divisions with detailed description and sub links.  Advance XHTML / CSS Layout & Setup of Website (advanced JQUERY)  Photo Gallery  Interactive Google Map of Location 

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    I'm using CodeIgniter 2.1.4 with Malsup jQuery Form Plugin. I need a page where a user can select an image file from their local drive, enter a name for the image then click submit to have the image uploaded and the details inserted into a database. This should happen through ajax without the page reloading. My own attempts are giving the error 'You

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    ...developing it by myself. It is a bid payment system with no user registration. So there is no sign up/log in possibility for visitors on this app. The visitor should be able to see a form on homepage with : • proposal (string format) • email (email format), with a checkbox beside it : "Send me an email if i'm getting overbid." • credit card information fo...

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    I have a form which contains a field where the user starts to enter a name and I need a jquery/Ajax/Json script that will perform a auto complete from a MySQL data table. the important part is the result needs to contain two (2) fields from the data table, field 1: contains a company name, fields 2: contains the name of the company logo. The script

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    EXPERIENCED FRONT-END DEVELOPERS ONLY WITH RESPONSIVE WORDPRESS, RICH AJAX EFFECTS AND ANIMATIONS AND JQUERY EXPERIENCE. Total: 40 pages for populating (80% are very much the same pages) Total Templates: 15 Templates (for each mobile, tablet and desktop as hybrid responsive template) We have created PSDs with a custom theme with content for various

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    ...HTML, CSS, jQuery, ajax The basic requirements are: 1. Ability to list the Places entered and display in a grid view, outlining a summarised form where users can easily query to find the information. Take note that all properties of a “Grid View” is assumed but the presentation is different. 2. Ability to search / filter the Places 3. AJAX style dat...

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    A search form (input box) for a price comparison website. > Input box (form) in which user types keywords like: “iphone”, “adidas” or category names such “mobile phones” or “shoes”. > The input box will be connected to a mysql database which will have have fetched and stored the data from various xml feeds with specific vari...

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    TECHNICAL EXPERTISE ● MySQL, PHP5 ● CSS3, AJAX ● Linux, Apache ● HTML5, XHTML ● JSON, XML ● JQuery, JavaScript WordPress Developer • Build and manipulate WordPress websites • Edit and repurpose WordPress plugins in accordance to customers’ needs • Write and extend WordPress plugins • Perform quality assurance tests on all web projects • Obtain

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    ...Institutions website Platform: PHP , MYSQL , HTML, JAVASCRIPT, AJAX, CSS, JQUERY Clients: koustuv Group of Institutions. Team Size: 1 Role: Dev. + Maintenance. : Alumni @ koustuv Group of Institutions website is applicable for the students passout form this college giving information regarding Placement information

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    ...Client side scripting, HTML, CSS, jQuery, ajax The basic requirements are: 1. Dynamic aJax database queries that limit the information extracted to each page size. 2. Pulling information from MySQL JSON fields by using the A1QL. 3. Ability to query and display results in a grid view, outlining a summarised form where users can easily query to find

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    ...licenses that enable for use in close source / commercial products. Need skills in: • Yii 1.1 • PHP 7.0 • MySQL • Apache 2.2 / 2.4 • Client side scripting, HTML, CSS, jQuery, ajax The basic requirements are: 1. We require someone to code up a web page where anyone (no logged-in session needed) can enter a name of a City, Location, short descripti...

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    as...[remote] attribute for ajax validation is working fine if [login to view URL] is used. If jquery 3.x is used, then it does not work. We need to use higher version of jquery, but it breaks the mvc [remote] attribute validation. I need some solution so the username realtime validation checking via database happens if it exist and prevents form submit.

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    Create a 1 page HTML table with ability to add/edit/delete from 3 MySQL tables. Using bootstrap, PHP, MySQL, jquery ajax to avoid page refresh MySQL Tables products (id, product_name) suppliers (id, supplier_name) supplier (id, products_id, suppliers_id, price, unit, unit_type(grams,kg,millilitre,litre) Html Table List the cheapest supplier

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    Need to create a well designed cross-platform registration form to collect user details. Must be mobile responsive. Must write to a table. NOTE 1: User enters number of children. Depending on number that user enters, the next entry fields will appear. If user enters 0, then no fields will appear for child age. If user enters 5, then 5 fields will

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    I have an employment form that is in word format, I need an HTML version of that form with the ability to email the form to us to an email address as an attachment html css Ajax Jquery

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    ...button on my website stopped responding with user clicks. The admin of the site says it is javascript proble and a jquery problem. 1. Admin must set ticket purchase price for event(s). After admin sets price and submits event data to the form, user on main site navigate to event search page. If user want to access video of event he must click button. This

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    ...skyscanner. It should show the aggregated results with filter options through API integration of hotel, booking and other major sites. Our mobile application will have a main form to enter travel details and the required algorithm will find the prices offered by all the sites and shows the results as comparisons. In addition, it must have a blog feature

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    ...update more than 5000 browsers within 2 sec using SSE technic. Our current script use Ajax which might overload our server in future. We are not sure what will be needed to implement SSE. Our Senior Programmers has written all code using Codeigniter + jQuery . We will need script which can show demo where we will put some message and it should

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    Insert and display Form Data and Image Into MYSQL Database Using AJAX jquery y PHP

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    Modify the script "Star rating system with jQuery Ajax and PHP" the CodexWorld "to accept only one vote per IP per day (even after refreshing the page) and allow the modification of the vote through an admin panel. Implement this in a CMS (I have). Setting one form to break line with <p> </ p> instead of <br />

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    Our site uses bootstrap modals to display an upload form. The modal normally works well, but if we do an AJAX call to reload some data on the page the next time a user opens a different modal it can't be closed. There is no error message, the close button just doesn't do anything. To duplicate the error: - Go to [login to view URL]

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    ...Specification: - You must add the user BuddyPress profile page for doing to-do list (/members-/user/checklist/). - The plugin must be in the form of BP_Component for BuddyPress. - Store list in the BuddyPress profile field. - Ajax requests using ajaxurl & hooks of WordPress (checking with wp_nonce). - You must write the functions: list query (get), create list

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    ...basically allow customers to create bookings for a defined number of people too. Admins should be able to Create bookings manually for any vendor mirroring the frontend bookings form your customers see. Customer email notifications * New Booking: Emails are sent to the admin when a new booking is created. * Booking Confirmed: Emails are sent when a

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    We need to build plugins to jQuery DataTables of such a type (source of DataTable is AJAX): Filtering system which will work based on definitions like: [ { text: "Name", placeholder: "Name", type: "string", targets: 0 }, { text: "Total Amount", placeholder: ...

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    We need to build plugins to jQuery DataTables of such a type (source of DataTable is AJAX): Filtering system which will work based on definitions like: [ { text: "Name", placeholder: "Name", type: "string", targets: 0 }, { text: "Total Amount", placeholder: ...

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    We need to build plugins to jQuery DataTables of such a type (source of DataTable is AJAX): Filtering system which will work based on definitions like: [ { text: "Name", placeholder: "Name", type: "string", targets: 0 }, { text: "Total Amount", placeholder: ...

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