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    We have a fully developed Android Code base. We need an Android consultant who can do the following things for us- 1. Extensively commenti...things for us- 1. Extensively commenting in the code base (40%) 2. Find us bugs/poor practices used in the code base and suggest us best practices + Help us find security related loop-holes in the code base (60%)

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    ...need to create multiple derived variables which might use one or multiple variables from one or all of these tables. How will you do such processing without running query in loop for each derived variable? 3. What are the top 3 things to consider while processing data in production environment? 4. How will you handle if there is a hung query or process

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    Logo design S'est terminé left

    [se connecter pour voir l'URL] Looking for high resolution Different colours

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    I've been working on a pro...make up the remaining 50%. This is then run through the run expectancy function and we get the 159 outcomes and the fourth column is written letting us know pitch_1. So when I loop this the 159 outcomes will be drastically different from one pitch_1 to another because the balance changes depending on the pitch in question.

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    ...position="0" duration="0" loop="False" selectedIndex="0"> [se connecter pour voir l'URL] <text index="0" name="Colour">red</text> <text index="1" name="Shape">square</text> <image index="0" name="Object"/> </input> <input key="959aa79b-03...

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    a restaurant code in c S'est terminé left

    ...Include at least one while-loop (for example, at the very least you could ask the user if they want to run the program again, or include an input validation loop) Include a function that you wrote to simplify your code and allow for code reuse if desired. Include the use of at least one array (other than just a string), and use a loop to process it in some

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    ...integer to an Arduino. Pi plays "VideoA" on loop. Pi queries a MySQL database record once per second. If the value is “1”, the Pi plays "VideoB", sends an integer (“1”) via serial to an Arduino, and resets the value of the database record to “0”. Once "VideoB" has ended, the Pi returns to playing "VideoA" on ...

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    ...values. If regular expressions, search strings is a problem for you, better skip this offer. An exemplary loop can have over 180 different queries, but if the pattern is not met then the application should create a new pattern and add it to the loop (eg if you find similar products that meet the conditions of the new pattern). The application will also

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    Trophy icon HTML 5 Video Loop for Hero Image of Website S'est terminé left

    Our website is Our homepage has the following words: "Bed bugs can hide almost anywhere. Eliminate the bed bugs in your home by making one phone call (414) xxx-xxxx." We want to draw attention to the image behind those words by highlighting a few of the spots that bed bugs can hide. Bed bugs will hide: 1. in and behind the headboard 2. window curtain suppor...

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    wordpress php S'est terminé left

    Modify a post loop to add filtering and sorting feature controls to a group of posts.

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    we need help with if string conversion

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    Can you take the image attached and animate so that the spaceships are moving across the screen right to left (not too fast). I want...ground below as they move. After about 10 seconds one should be shot and explodes, like is shown. The animation should be approximately 45 seconds in total, but the ability to loop, so that it can be run continuously.

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    Project for Ravalnath B. S'est terminé left

    Closed loop engine system benefits

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    ...the interface card, and this is then shifted to one extreme. Having reached this extreme it is then shifted in the opposite direction until the other extreme is reached. The loop is then repeated. This should give the effect of the illuminated LED moving backwards and forwards across the 8 LED’s of the interface card (see figure 2). Whilst the LED is

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    ...they are doing. I am looking for two things: 1. Resolve the duplication issue and then explain what I did wrong so that I don't do it again. 2. Within the enlivenobjects foreach loop, only update the currently selected object(s) instead of looping through all objects. This needs to happen through the local storage variable. Again, it's important that

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    c coding () S'est terminé left

    The key here is 1) to properly use void functions, and 2) to properly use looping to process a data file. Think about which type of loop you should use. Your program will be creating an output file that is a report. Once again, do not use tabs or t in this program. When creating your data file, make sure that the first line of data is on the first

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    ...should be displayed like this: Tag 1 - Professional Product 1, Product 2, Product 6, product 8 (limit of 12 products per loop.) Tag 2 - Casual Product 10, Product 22, Product 16, product 18 (limit of 12 products per loop.) Something like this. So the Tags must be only those that are tagged inside a specific category. Let me know who is the smartest

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    ...current understanding of Human Anatomy and Physiology, and with the use of correct medical/scientific terminology, generate a 2-3 paragraph response with a diagramed feedback loop describing the physiology of the case, that indicates the systems of the body that are impacted and the physiology of that system which was impacted, include in your response:

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    ...have an existing R-Code which subsets a data frame from a larger data frame, then runs two models (GAM and GAMM), shows the result and plots them. I need somebody who writes a loop around that code which 1) gets 1 to 5 subsets of the whole data frame based on a factor in the data frame 2) calculates the models for 1 to 5 and and 3) plots the models 1 to

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    Viewing and Chatting. S'est terminé left

    ...a website (given by the user) preform an action based on an obtained value(s) (up to 2) Action can be 10 mins - 1 hour and requires monitoring of the original url. loop results. 4) Read a website (given by the user) obtain data (a time) Preform an action 5 mins before the time and waiting to complete the command. Watch original

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    ...connect to many linux IPs and insert/update 2 files. The 2 files, IP list and one config file are stored in a folder together with the .exe program. The .exe program will: 1. Loop through IP list and do the following(skip the IP if timeout>5 seconds, set in config file) 2. Insert or update file A 3. Kill a process then update file B(can't update without

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    This is very very tiny change so i can't pay more than 600 Change i need is Currently in my script there is no checkpoint. it should loop the process again only and only once a return url arrives, currently it is simply pausing for a specified time sleep then it starts whole process again... return url needs to be http://localhost/q2a/

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    Its a small work animation, you should be good in animation and the quality must be good. share me your works first. Heres the points: -3 seconds smooth video -detailed dirty horror environment (stagant no movement) -eyes blinking, blood dripping, book pages flipping -one monster filipino creature -high quality

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    I need a logo designed.

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    ...pinMode(stepPin,OUTPUT); pinMode(dirPin,OUTPUT); pinMode(enPin,OUTPUT); digitalWrite(enPin,LOW); pinMode(RelayPin,OUTPUT); digitalWrite(RelayPin,LOW); } void loop() { digitalWrite(dirPin,HIGH); // Enables the motor to move in a particular direction // Makes 200 pulses for making one full cycle rotation for(int x = 0; x < 800;

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    8 offres f(int n) if(10000=1) Write a program in C to sort an array using Pointer. Write a C Program to calculate the sum of maximum of 10 numbers. If negative number is entered, loop terminates and sum is displayed. (Use Break and continue statement) Write a function to return an array containing all elements common to two given arrays containing distinct

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    Write a program to create a list named students with 3 student names and print the second name using for loop in python

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    BTC bulk transfer S'est terminé left

    ...Please bid only That Person, who having experience on BTC. Note - need source code -------------------------- BTC Bulk Transfer one address to multiple Address at one time or Loop Base. From Address - Dynamic Multiple Address - Dynamic or Excel Uploading Admin rights to set Source BTC. Admin will upload Different BTC address from excel file. one click

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    I have a game written with visual studio that uses visual basic on the backend, ms sql as the database, and aspx as the webpage. You can view it at sklon...If you think you can fix this let me know. The file attached gives an idea of what we are attempting to do but does not do it well at all, and should likely not have been a loop in the first place.

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    ...[se connecter pour voir l'URL] We also have the api documentation and have noted which key values we need rendered to the page. Styling is not needed, just the expressions and loop logic. The end product is the sponsored ads that you normally see at the top and bottom of a bing search result. You can see an example here: [se connecter pour voir l'URL]

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    Hi there, I need a skilled option, auction module like ebay, LIVE auction module ( like bigotv ), whatsap blasting module and many more. 1) I need a proper document in word file to identify any loop holes with screenshots 2) Some recommendation if any 3) Some cool creative ideas if missing 4) Some important missing points Regards,

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    pdf(scanned) to png to text S'est terminé left

    Prefer c# solution to loop through all folder files, if pdf to convert to png, if image to do ocr and put text in ONE CONSOLIDATED file. To mention clearly licenses if any.

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    CNC Mill Machine S'est terminé left vertical CNC mill, made out of cast aluminum plates and T-Slot extrusions from Misumi and 80/20. Hiwin HGH20 rails, TBI Motion ground ballscrew 16mm and 20mm, Closed loop steppers or Servos. Some parts of the model (steppers, etc.) were create by other contributors. The Fusion 360 model has full working sliding components with joints. All fasteners

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    ...through trackside WiFi to connect with NASCAR fans at every level. Also included in the sponsorship package is press announcements, 15 main ad space segment in a seven minute loop on the ISM connect screens, social media campaign, presented by naming rights on the mobile app, full data and analytics of WiFi users, pre-race and in-race feature, 30 sec

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    ...class can still fit in that flex-grid to have width 100%. For every first item of flex-grid we keep randomizing and add class based on it. By default I will have infinite loop of post list in my site: <div class="flex-grid"> <span class="flex-item"></span> <span class="flex-item"></span> infinite flex item like above...

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    ...videos/photos/hotspot icons, wireframes/storyboards/H5P content) provided For start let's say we need 2 scenes, bot of them would need: 360 photo or 360 video on continuous loop background with 4 hotspots (to open a video with video controls/image/H5P content and to jump between scenes) It would be great if you could give me a price for developing

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    ...As the KEY will also need to be embedded in each file (within ACID) you will need to understand music well enough to know WHAT the root note of each loop is. We mention this to avoid confusion as a loop which starts with the note "A" does not mean the KEY is "A' - It could be in many other keys. If you feel unsure of your ability to know the key for

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    PHP Email Template Class S'est terminé left

    ...message (template body) Will need a function such as: function sendEmail($templatename,$userid,$attachments=''){ try{ $mail = Mailer::createFromTemplate($templatename,$userid); foreach attachments $mail->addAttachment($attachment) $mail->send(); }catch{ echo failure } The create from template should take the template name provided, lookup the template type

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    Data Entry Clerk S'est terminé left

    ...highlight financial anomalies, track spending patterns and prepare for increased profit in the future. Apply to work with us today! Work at the cool new Do Make Create Space with Loop. About DO CREATE MAKE Do Create Make is a co-working space designed to allow aggressive start-ups to flourish. Providing a platform to engage and stimulate creativity, to

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    ...setting up a custom javascript variable that does a forEach loop to pick up each instance of the question and the answer on the page. Within GTM, I can use a Dom Element variable to bring in a question and then another for the answer, but I only get the first question and answer---it does not loop through each. I'd like help from someone with a knowledge

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    ...all calls to the webservice using buttons to be easy to debug. There is two buttons.. One that creates a infinite loop that sends request and waits for response for 120s. The other button sends data that will trigger the infinite loop. Attached is the RestSharp function that calls the Web-service. This function works perfect in the Win-form test

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    We want to accurately position a table for a machine as shown in Figure 1. A Traction drive motor with a capstan roller possesses several desirable characteristics compared to the more popular ball screw. The traction drive exhibits low friction and no backlash. However, it is susceptible to disturbances. The parameters are given in Table 1. The drive uses a DC armature- controlled motor with a ca...

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    Software Developer S'est terminé left

    ...Responsibilities: Full-stack development of Case Management Systems (front-end to database) Implementation of business requirements Unit testing, documentation and feedback loop with the project team Qualifications: Graduate of a university or college computer science program Experience with full-stack JavaScript development with a focus on Node.js

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    Create an Animation S'est terminé left

    We are working on an exhibition for University and I need an animation to be on loop in the stand. ~ 2 mins long, info-graphic type animation. Need help with all of the asset creation and final animation creation. Art styling similar to: [se connecter pour voir l'URL]

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    i want to create a graphics for a tv show as follow The graphics package that your team need to prepare are: · Ope...are: · Opener · Break · Report & Social Media Post GFX design · Screen look · Lower-third Strap · Bug logo · Background loop (for general use) It is tv...

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    ...code provided must be compatible with an Arduino Nano. - Only one channel of the 3.5mm Audio Jack needs to be measured (no preference). - Frequency should be returned within a loop and processing should take no more than 0.250 seconds. - All parts must be readily available (e.g., Amazon, SparkFun, Adafruit, Tindie, etc). - Final project will include the

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    Trophy icon YouTube Lofi Anime Background S'est terminé left

    Looking to hire someone to create an anime scene or short loop to be used on a new lofi YouTube channel. I will post some references so you can see what I am refering to. [se connecter pour voir l'URL] [se connecter pour voir l'URL] I am just looking currently to see if anyone is capable of completing this ,but if you

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    ...list repeat themselves in their same order when edge items (front/last) are visible on screen when scrolling. This should create a fluid/smooth/continuous infinite circular loop scrolling effetct. Normal Scroll: The ViewGroup should stop scrolling when the edge views are visible on the screen. If all the items are already visible on the screen (like

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